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Divina Enema lyrics

Vii Wooden Ladle

Original and similar lyrics
(When he had so spoken, I beheld the Angel, stretched out his arms, embracing the flame of fire, and he was consumed, and arose as Elijah. Note. This Angel, who is now became a Devil, is my particular friend. We often read the Bible together in its infernal or diabolical sense, which the world shall have if they behave well. I have also The Bible of Hell, which the world shall have whether they will or no.) SLEEP DEPRIVATION THEME: Sleep and then you will see, As you even can't imagine yourself As sometimes all of the things Overturn upside-down... Oh, my dearest! They seem to be real And all of them - I mean those people are sheep who do not differ from one an another Sleep and then you will see... Have a look at your dreams - They are burning in flames Like the rags torn asunder. And under you feet... Can't you see dying days? You cannot leave Your sweet sleepering chamber Nobody minds, That's only a dream. It's high time to go ahead to bed... Nothing yet... Almost done, Two-faced devil's child, Rise and cry; Nobody won Anyone, And lost this one either... Having arrived from the other side, Forlorn in silent pride . Mist and disease do exist in your dreams. Strange flames are waltzing so beautiful now Under your feet And on your way home; There is no need to cure: They are your sick overture Before you go insane at all. Autumn flames stole your dreams... Dancing flames stole your soul... Nobody minds if you fall asleep. Sleep if you can, Sleep if you will. Sleep if you see the bright light next to me. Sleep if you dare to watch my surprise. Sleep 'cause I don't care Haven't you heard my nice lullabies! THE WOODEN LADLE THEME: Some people only need in food and want to muck Some of them got to live in fight and have bad luck Some of them born with a silver spoon in a mouth And the others with a wooden ladle... You'll have seen as... Shall we be fighting with the sin Has spread abyss as endless sea? You mean us: It won't touch me Even if I follow all these fools... Some people have got to drown and die In seas or in a glass of wine And if you share their way - You will have got the most of attributes. Dominion do we need? Not quite... Oh, you had better listen to the rustle of the silent days. Watch as poor mankind does make a million ways - During its countless nights and days Caught in a trap full of deadly haze. - It always does search for itself. Betray! Don't give them another chance anymore. Let them disappoint themselves more and more Let them drown in bloody sea and stay on the shore. - They yet wanted all the cares and got them all! What have you got in a mouth - in a mouth of yours Who knows of this delicious one tell me - I can't suppose Let me look at this one in a mouth of yours Perhaps it sounds great and looks so fun... I suppose You cannot stay outside the death. First one that's looking very sad Don't try to be a GOD Therefore you cannot be a GOD, Poor mortal whore You will have known it very soon Who gets a ladle or a spoon Why did you get your wooden one And who had thrown it into your mouth. Nobody did believe this: Thou art not a GOD. The thoughts of thine with thy wrath are falling apart Because of idiotic ae thou dost keep in thy mouth... With ladle thou wert made... Thou shalt not become the devilkin before it is too late. Thy wooden ae doth make thee weep It doth not want thee to eat or sleep - It doth make thy path pass away Thou art getting paler day by day... Try to appease thy angry daemon and keep him in thy mouth Feed him by thy flesh and thy bones far more than usual Thou art poor mortal whore... There is wonderful place - there is beautiful place Keep your temper - you are not to be in a maze There is haze of oblivion - wonderful haze There is wonderful place for your future remains. SLEEP DEPRIVATION THEME: Sleep fast and do not be afraid: When you will have awoke You'll be rich and mighty as before, Mad sea alike thou winna know Of thine shore, poor mortal whore! Sleep and then you will see Dark and bottomless sea, Sleep and then you will buy Hidden essence of thine. Come along side by side Next to your filthy pride. Evil demons of time Will have not passed thee by. Wonder I if you'd mind Dying now in a sleep? You are poor mortal whore. You're degenerate sheep! Sleep and then you won't see As the hollow - eyed darkness comes. Sleep and then you won't see As the blind moon is arising, Sleep and then you won't see All of the sudden cares, You even do fear To think of them again and again Sleep and then you won't see Sleeping grim entity If the nightmares of yours Not suffocate you before. You are poor mortal whore. You won't wait for salvation Whilst you have your nightmares And sleep deprivation Sleep and then you will see Two faces of GOD!!! Well, it's time to reveal our forces and might You don't know how to manage him who has arrived You have done all the screaming already and now Wring your hands in despair and o don't ask me How Am I t' stop it? - If you leave off rowing it will Stop of itself - What are you to reveal? So the boat of yours was left to drift down the stream So you're desperate one's left to drift down the stream Lo the blade of one of the oars got fast in the Water and would not come out again And the consequence was that the handle of it Caught you under your chin thus got under your feet!

Your Day Will Come

KASEY CHAMBERS "Rattlin' Bones"
It's a long long way to home again, Carryin' a heavy load. Wake God's child before the dawn, Pure as a pot o' gold. And when you go to sleep at night, Tell me whether demons come And drag you down with both hands To where it's hotter than the burnin' sun. How far can you run? When the darkness falls around me, I can hear the wind blow. Wailin' through the pine tree, Ghost of a troubled soul. Everything that goes around, Comes around in time. Don't wait on redemption, It's never gonna take your side! How long can you hide? [fiddle solo] Blackbird on a high wire, Afraid of what he saw. Named their only witness, He won't sing any more. And when you go to sleep at night, Tell me whether demons come, And drag your soul down below How far can you run? Soon your day will come! Soon your day will come!

Globus Hystericus

THE AGONIST "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind"
What says the Tree to his friends the Rocks? When he lives and breathes they sit and mock? And he grows strong, for centuries long, but one he dies and begins to rot. “We will last intact this way! And you my friend, will soon decay!” “But I can breathe -- am commensal; the shade, the fruits, the nests on bough. And if with this, my time finite, I'm glad to have spent it doing right.” But Rocks prefer to simply sit. To gain none, lost none, just exist. But nary should an ocean rise, they'd become sand and disappear with the tides. When trees ignite a cyclical life, from plant to animal to Earth and back; whom, even when their roots are ploughed, have left exponential impact. And so, the greedy human kind, to conquer trees tall, mountains high, erects gigantic splinters of steel that shame forests, make mountains to kneel. And progress spreads like moss on a stone. Evolution dictates that men are prone to outdo those that came before. “You see? We'll last forever more!” We improve what nature made. We'll challenge mountains, transplant lakes. There is no confirmed master plan. We do it just because we can. But foolish is the one who complacently thinks himself King because when Time erodes the past what remains are Nature's things. Quite Shakespearean duals, those between parent and offspring are! As Chronos devours his Son, Gaia to mankind so starts. Metal rusts, cement crumbles. To err is human, not divine. Prayers are so intently mumbled when proud man is forces to decline. Steel, concrete, technology may stand intact for centuries, but faces with wind or flood or quake, like toys will crumble, bend and break. I say with actions what you do with words. For we're the moss; the Earth -- the stone, so let us do as did the Tree. For silence will long be ignored, and action recognized quickly. We won't outlive our generation but our impact surely will. This -- the Rocks' humiliation -- when they witness we are still alive in what we've left for others, like Nature gives, so selflessly. So pay respect to out true Mother and take your rank amongst the Trees.

I Can't Go to Sleep

[Ghostface Killah] Technique is ill son, watch how I spill one Peace to Biggie Tupac Big L and Big Pun Havoc on the streets of Staten, snitches House niggaz children watch as they produce the same pattern Somebody raped our women, murdered our babies Hit us with the cracks and guns in the early 80's FOR THOSE THAT MURDERED ME SHALL STAND BEFORE GOD TO FALL AT THE HANDS OF FATE, THEN OUT COMES THE ROD Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back.. [*record run backwards*] What the fuck is goin on I can't go to sleep Feds jumpin out they jeeps, I can't go to sleep Babies with flies on the cheeks, it's hard to go to sleep Ish bowled two sixes twice, I couldn't go to sleep Aiyyo we deep in the stairs, we carry () guns () got, hit up with the big shit, bam-bam Stop at the cheeba spot, then pass the leak spot So past y'all niggaz again, you took a cheap shot Not knowin FUCKIN WITH ME, you get your meat chopped YOU THOUGHT WE FELL ON OUR FACE YOU NEED TO BE STOPPED CALL ON THE CHARIOTS, CALL ON AN AMBULANCE YOU BETTER SMILE MY NIGGA, YOU ON CANDID CAM Gangsta broad, these be the laws, walk with big balls Nigga motherfuckin eunuch, I even take which was yours I'm the nigga that made you man When your rap wasn't doin well, I'm the nigga that gave you a hand! [Isaac Hayes] Don't kill your brother, let's love each other Don't get mad.. cause it ain't that bad Just be who you are.. you've come so far It's in your hands, just be a man Get the jelly out your spine! Cobwebs, out of your mind [RZA] I can't go to sleep, I can't shut my eyes They shot the father of his moms, killed him seven times They shot Malcolm in the chest front of his little seeds Jesse watched, as they shot King on the balcony They spat at Marcus, Garvey cause he tried to spark us with the knowledge of ourselves, and our forefathers Ohh Jacqueline you heard the rifle shots cracklin Her husband head in her hair, you tried to put it back in AMERICA'S WATCHIN, BLOOD STAINED INK BLOTCHES MEDGAR TOOK ONE TO THE SKULL FOR INTERGRATING COLLEGE WHAT'S THE SCIENCE SOMEBODY THIS IS TRICK KNOWLEDGE THEY TRY TO KEEP US ENSLAVED AND STILL SCRAPE FOR DOLLARS Walkin through Park Hill, drunk as a +FUCK+ Lookin around like, these +DEVILS+, I'm ready to break this world down They got me trapped up in a metal gate, just stressed out with hate And just, give me no time to relax, and use my mind to meditate What should I do Grab a blunt or a brew Grab a two-two and run out there AND PUT THIS FUCKIN VIOLENCE IN YOU I can't go to sleep, I can't shut 'em son.. I.. [Isaac Hayes - overlapping RZA at the end] Don't like the game, nigga use your head You should be callin the shots instead The power is in your hands.. Stop all this cryin, and be a man

Playerz Night Out

[Featuring E 40] [Anyway it doesn't matter much how you feel you know what you got to do I'm here to do it how about you?] E 40: Our age five years old we were young bucks scrubbin' each others backs in the bathtub Babysitter would send you to bed but she would make me stay up so she could give the young playa some viscious head uh early symptoms of time of nightway gigantic factor from the Caukenis bitch tamer some had it all though but less unfortunate you had an alloy spoke Mongoose and I had a Huffy You owned a green machine three different lunch pails I had a go-cart that I built from a bunch of used nails We grew up in the church together nigga sunday school Now I heard you off into jackin nigga that ain't even cool I used to be conned, racked, fucked around, and ripped bad barking up on the wrong tree talking about runnin up in my past Niggas have hateful thoughts but they stop me from strivin suckas be shakin salt all in his gameful so find some fools be gettin crossed victims of 40-ness man all that drama you come with I swear you on some shit Whether it's morphine or cocaine Doja or doggfood they had these marks for Tre and Max fuckin off my high breakin rules you got ya P's mixed up you ain't no pimp you's a forty I spit for major mix while you make tapes for ya homie and then you work up tha nerve to speak fair words The pimp, a traitor, we instigators that's why I wrote this verse for every youngster with his mind on his meal Young playa just chill and take a look at what these fakers call real nigga I trust no man, cuz man will let you down every time that's why I take it upon myself to thank god in every rhyme cuz I've seen better times and I've seen worser days when some of my so called friends wasn't around when I ain't have a verse to say I quench my thirst today with righteous thoughts of mine cuz righteous thought of mine will leave mark ass niggas far behind I seen it every time they come and go That's why I drop to my knees and ask god to distinguish friend from foe and what do you know by the time morning comes I can see the light and then I'm thanking god once again for making everything all right he made it tight and now I'm back up on the scene countin' greens straight from H-town to New Orleans New human beings puttin it down like a mic or not replace the slot open up shop we 'bout to make it hot Stop with ya devilish doins because ya devilish doins will only bring forth ya ruin Friend or foe, you just will never know Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold playa hatin is everywhere I go Friend or foe you just will never know Listen I'm tryin to tell you my nigga to watch cha back and trust few Cause ain't no nigga gon watch ya back for you like you When someone is broke and down and out without no clout it's rough At least you know who you can and who you cannot trust see let me explain myself and clear up the point I'm tryin to make don't want no bustas around me playa hatin or actin fake don't ever be wantin nobody to get to close I don't know if it's effects of from the marijuana that got me more than trippin see nowadays tha nigga be rollin' thick with hella loot but if my loot was gone would I be all alone? See, my partners who used to ride with me and smoke that dank, and fuck with hoes would they be them same niggas if I didn't have shit to roll? Maybe they will, maybe they won't who is to say what a nigga will do who is to say if you help someone it's guaranteed that they'll help you see what I'm sayin, listen to me and see if you can dig this Smilin' faces replaces friends when people recieve ends Now all of a sudden I'm actin funny because my moneys loaned But there was no drama when I was livin' at my momma's home But I'm not tellin' a nigga nothin you don't already know personal business, you got to watch who you friends is I'm thinking about hard times freeing my mind who in the fuck goin be my crutch? Holdin me up, helpin me out makin sure that I stay in touch Where do I sleep, who do I turn to? When I be low on my cash who am I down with when fifty niggas be talkin bout kickin my ass? Who is my friends who is my foes? Who do I ask, when I want to know somethin about somethin but I don't know nothin my ignorance be keepin me out in the cold Who do I call when I'm in need of a ride? in somebody elses car How do I get from point A to B if B is just to far? Where can I get a loan, where can I use the phone? Who's goin to give me the permission to make a decision to come up in they house and live when will I drive a BMer takin my clothes to the cleaner How can I know will I forever be payin my dues, will I forever be singing the blues? Where will I find a shoulder when I be wantin to lean know what I mean? when I be needin some justification stuck in the fuckin same location who is the friend that is helpin me? who is the busta thats hurtin me? who can I trust? will you be there when the goin is tough? Will I be hangin with dick in the dust? Who wanna share my load when it's too heavy to carry? or will I go crazy pullin the load alone? constantly gettin my hustle on when will I finally see, kinda suspect or even actually know Who is my real friend thick and the thin? and who in the fuck is the foe? Friend or foe, you just will never know Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold playa hatin is everywhere I go Friend or foe you just will never know...

Gopher Guts

AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts; Poolside; 0 for 1 and don't forget spoons twice Lukewarm folgers; mold on his moonpie Rooms in his home that dissipate into fruit flies Suicide lane wide load ride looting in the wake of an amicable marooning My duty go from moving in packs to sharing food with a cat. [To Moms:] "it's me, I accidentally sawed a woman in half." She said "I'll keep you in my prayers, " I said "I need to hide a body, " she said "ok honey, talk to you on Friday." Apparently we share a common plasma so the growing disconnection doesn't matter. according to the blood-and-water chapter. weird Who wrote the blood-and-water chapter anyway? probably some surly dad; only child, 30 cats. Looking for a way to reconnect with an averted past. Except it doesn't always work like that Today I pulled three baby snakes out of moss and dirt; where the wild strawberry vines toss and turn; I told them "you will grow to be something inventive and electric; you are healthy, you are special, you are present." then I let them go Oh You were sitting at the gate awaiting spirits and provisions I was privy to a headache over pirouetting innards In the mirror sweating pictures; who's there: simian or lizard? As it were there is a disappearing difference In ambition and material; Antiquated gentleman outlaws reduced to a ferris wheel of vitriol Move as a godless heathen; black gums, tooth gone, bootleg 'Yukon Cornelius' I'm a... that's better, here we here we go. disenchanted face printed on a zero-dollar bill Got a little plot of land where authority isn't recognized, contraband keeping the core of his Hyde Jekyll-ized Check! nevermind a misanthrope vying for affection to the wretched sound of mysticism dying It is something he must handle on his own; the wind blown way, wanna win? don't play Today I pulled three green frogs out of leaf and bark where the grape vines climb a convenient barn; I told them "you will grow to be something tenacious and exalted; you are mighty, you are gracious, you are lauded." then I let them go Oh I have been completely unable to maintain any semblance of relationship on any level I have been a bastard to the people who have actively attempted to deliver me from peril I have been acutely undeserving of the ear that listen up and lip that kissed me on the temple I have been accustomed to a stubborn disposition that admits it wish it's history disassembled I have been a hypocrite in sermonizing tolerance while skimming for a ministry to pretzel I have been unfairly resentful of those I wish that acted different when the bidding was essential I have been a terrible communicator prone to isolation over sympathy for devils I have been my own worst enemy since the very genesis of rebels Today I pulled three ghost crabs out of rock and sand, where the low tide showcased a promised land. I told them "you will grow to be something dynamic and impressive; you are patient you are gallant you are festive." Then I let them go Oh (On and on and on and on...)

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