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Dem Franchize Boyz lyrics - White T

Pink Tee

Original and similar lyrics
PERSON SAYING>> Reporter:Let me just say something ,Are you gay? Cam:Not at all Reporter:Ok,So like why do people feel like you keep reinforcing that over and over? Chorus: Yup in my pink tee Yup in my pink tee yup in my pink tee What, in my pink tee Huh, in my pink tee Yea, in my pink tee What, in my pink tee Huh,in my pink tee yea, in my pink tee what,in my pink tee Huh, in my pink tee *Verse :I look in fruity in my pink tee Weird in my pink tee People think that i go both ways in my pink tee I look sweet in my pink tee Funny in my pink tee Got a purple thong to go along with my pink tee No drawers with my pink tee Look lame in my pink tee Forget a female i get a man in my pink tee repeat verse again.. *Verse :Step on the scene lookin lame with an all pink shirt. Why i got this pink on when im black like dirt. All the men flirt, i even got a pink hat Girls wanna holla, but i don't want none of that I want me a man in a pink shirt too. So i can kiss him on the cheek and say that's my boo how i wear a pink shirt and still feel like a man why i get aroused when i see Killa Cam *Chorus: Cause im fruity in my pink tee funny in my pink tee Forget a female i geta man in my pink tee >>>Repeat-this chorus again Repeat 1st VERSE(after when they say Huh,in my pink tee..) PERSON SAYING: This has been a P.S.A A public street annoucement from Charlotte Mainly Guy No grown man should wear pink You look stink Pink is the color for newborn baby girls Would you let your son wear pink? If you own a pink shirt take it outside and burn it Real men don't wear pink And if you like gettin some next time you about to get some See what color the inside of that something is That will show you That pink is for MEOW

That's What They All Say

Graham Parker "Heat Treatment"
Em* 322003 (Gmaj6) INTRO C slide up to D (repeat) D C G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D (*RIFF) G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D (VERSE) G Em* C G You think you've got a head for heights Be careful, babe, you might fall G C D You think you know all your rights But you're at someone's beck and call G Em* C G You think you've got life on a plate But it's harder to eat than to play (CHORUS) C D G C Am G (*RIFF) You're in the race You've got a place But that's what they all say (VERSE) You wanna stand in the working man's shoes And have someone step on your head You wanna bruise your skin on my teeth But you just bite me instead You wanna come down and check out my level But something stands in your way (CHORUS) then (*RIFF) (BRIDGE) Bm C Bm C Standing in the rain You pass by, don't even remember my name Am D But baby, baby, this ain't no place for fame Am D And it ain't the street, it's the gutter you've got to blame (VERSE) Well, you think you are a real rough diamond 'Cause you can stand to the test You think if you got a car to climb in You will shine out the best You think your jewels aren't made out of paste Believe me they're looking that way (REPEAT CHORUS) then D C# C G (INSTRUMENTAL-a verse and a chorus) then (REPEAT BRIDGE) (VERSE) You think if you got a hall of mirrors You will see every way You think if you buy a piece of tomorrow Someone else has to pay You think if you can pin someone down They won't get in your way (REPEAT CHORUS (twice) then C D G C D G C D G That's what they all say, baby That's what they all say


VERSE ONE: There's a brand new sun Hanging in the sky today It's been there every morning When I pull back the curtains And open up the shades It hit me without warning Maybe it's my point of view But everything has changed since I met You CHORUS: Now life is sparkling And love is glistening I'm finding everything Looks a whole lot brighter Not a day goes by Without a clear blue sky And You're the reason why It looks a whole lot brighter Na na na na na na VERSE TWO: The clouds of the past Do their best to block the sun Casting shadows But the light of Your love Makes the darkness turn and run And I'm standing in its glow It's like nothing I've ever seen It's like the sun is following me (repeat chorus) Na na na na na na (x3) (repeat chorus) Na na na na na na (x3)

Who You Came To See

(1st Verse) Dwamn Everybody's off up in the place Like Dwamn Women throwin' booties in my face Like dwamn Am I teccanina you can bet that I am Down for wham bam thank you mam Like dwamn This is for all of ya'll killers Who buy my records supporting all my dogs When I'm in your town Can I pub crawl with ya'll Go back home with your Silky drawers baby doll Exodus insanus nocturnus Never your clan cannot learn us Ya'll dead cold and I'm a furnace With hella hot burners I vibe like no other man when I'm in another land Use a rubber band I don't love her man Bell till I bail ride till I die Yes I'm that gang related nigga yellin' why Haters find it hard for them to see How hard nina be Tell me who you came to see (Chorus) TechN9NE TechN9NE Been on TV been on CD's Who been that mystery What's my name TechN9NE TechN9NE And what you gain from me Is pain from me Tell me who you came to see (repeat 2x) (2nd Verse) Bout to bring it back boss doggin' boss ballin' bigger than beitnam We brop bombs On the boulevard Bickin' it With my biggas bubblin' bouncin' Big bootie blacks and blonds Ronnz from Berlin all the way To Don Juan's Kansas City's me front lawn One man beyond bomb Come with crazy shit Get your ass on the dance floor You lazy bitch In order to bring the bread cream in I got to keep them heads ringin' You trip and you's a dead demon No spread semen leavin' Groupies on the bed dreamin' Her newlywed steamin' With the infrared beamin' Do I have to get my gun For this punk spit one for this punk Villain I ain't bought To have ta run from this punk I dump Nigga what I keep it crunk And cranked lumps in banks Your girl's getting' pumped and spanked Who you aim to be Who you claim to be Do you aim to be Insane bane with me Can you hang with me Man claim strange with me Dangerously Then tell me who you came to see (Chorus) TechN9NE TechN9NE Been on TV been on CD's Who been that mystery What's my name TechN9NE TechN9NE And what you gain from me Is pain from me Tell me who you came to see (repeat 2x) (3rd Verse) You better blow that shit out If it ain't greeny green Better throw that shit out Kind of funny How I come nina stun niggas Out of money Then I run with a gun trigger Get us in a club killer When I am in it Women give us love with ‘em I'm a damn menace We keepin' it hot Don't cock the glocks If you came to make it hop You're at the spot drop We smoke weed And we drink rum up teccanina Sex we don't stop till We bust nut teccanina Ain't no change in me Ain't no sugar veins in me Ain't no petty kiddy games in me If you're with me And ain't ashamed to be Flamed with me Tell ‘em tell ‘em Who ya who ya came ta came ta see see (Chorus) TechN9NE TechN9NE Been on TV been on CD's Who been that mystery What's my name TechN9NE TechN9NE And what you gain from me is pain from me Tell me who you came to see (repeat 2x) German Track

She's Miss California

TALK: California...that's where I saw her I learned to love her CHORUS: She's Miss California, hottest thing in West L.A. House down by the water, sails her yacht across the bay Drives a Maranello, Hollywood's her favorite scene Loves to be surrounded with superstars that know her name VERSE I: She's a rich girl from the top of the food chain. Lovein' material things, kinda lonely, till I met her at the Grammy's. Ten million a diamond ring, she invites me spend a day on the Jet Ski's at first it didn´t mean a thing, then she told me, I'm the one that she searched for, it was hard to believe REPEAT CHORUS: VERSE II: In a couple of days she had me a bracelet made from Harry Winstons place. Went horseback up to the mountaintop, showin' me the land that she got. Well it´s all right, but something else is on your mind, looking past all that shines. Now the tears are running through, all those things are nice, but that's not why Im here, I will wipe away your tears, simply by just loving you... REPEAT CHORUS: 4X's TALK: Como esta's senorita. Yo' we got Pretty Pras up in here, we got Dante up In here and its on like that. That's right. Thats right. Now all y'all cats that's talkin' That jebreezy. Please stop it, Man! We cant take it no more. Now tell them cats where you from baby! C'mon let 'em know... REPEAT CHORUS: 2X's

Sink The Pink

AC/DC "Fly On The Wall"
Put your gear into fire Lay your bullets on the ground Turn your head to desire There's a woman going down She said she'll rough you up, all the way And she gonna spit you out, count your days She says choice is yours, casually So why don't you do what comes naturally CHORUS: Sink the pink, it's all the fashion Drink the drink, it's old-fashioned Gimme water, gimme wine Gonna show you a good time Sink the pink Sink the pink Got a fever runnin' high Give you wings to make you fly She school you like a fool She make you break the rules She wanna get a shot, hit the spot Then I'm gonna rack 'em up, get that hot She said make it good, satisfy You know that woman got [Dallas ¦ jealous] eyes REPEAT CHORUS Solo REPEAT CHORUS

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