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David Sylvian lyrics - The First Day

Jean The Birdman

Original and similar lyrics
He gambles on the Sabbath He's pulling at the mane He thrashes on the horse's back Ambition is a bloody game Horse doesn't want to jump The river looks too wide Well he faces every hurdle With a nervous state of mind Stay with me, breathe deeply take three paces back turn and make a full attack The gods are laughing And they're tugging at the reins But he's taken to his wings And they hit the bank Heaven may stone him But Jean the birdman pulls it off His finger's on the trigger His eye is on the clock He doesn't give the game away And quickly fires the bullets off Six hearts cut short Still dreaming they're alive Run'round in dusty circles Like an absent state of mind Who hunter? Who victim? God love America He surely doesn't love him Hitching out of nowhere Lands in traffic knee deep A chance to stave the morning off And get some sleep Heaven may stone him But Jean the birdman pulls it off He wears a crucifix His mother left to him It's wrapped in chains around his heart Rusted and wafer thin Don't count on luck son All the angels sing Don't need to check a weathervane We all know what tomorrow brings Life is a gamble from Coyotes with the mules Life is a bullring For taking risks and flouting rules Who needs a safety net The world is open wide Just look out for card sharks And the danger signs Heaven may stone him But Jean the birdman pulls it off

The Smoke Of Her Burning

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day"
Earth and sea cower from my screams As I climb into the skies Atop sins towered heaven high for me From whence I see no reason why I should not smite with vengeance And hurl thieves down from paradise For storms before were as nothing more Than a breeze next to this night I am Methuselah of the Tribulation The Moonchild come to harm A riot of stars shaken from their station The choking smoke of Jerusalem burning Six vices become wrath And though half-blind with ravening Like Phineus now I see The end declared from the beginning Love won through my defeat But now I fear I will never peer On Her radiance again I shall glimpse instead, the slurried red Of faces pressed to bloodstained panes Betrayed and played by God Who alone but He Scapegraced and goated me? Now I wish to piss on His parade Angels, clawed with burnished wings Still loyal, kiss the seal Bent on knees and harrowing Promise overkill Know that you shall die like whores And the cries of your writhings shall rise To please their Lord... So before the sword Side with me in slaughter I am Methuselah of the Tribulation The Moonchild come to harm The spoken horns of desolation Drink the pouring of my fury Those darkened waters spur The brink of war as my judge and jury And rapist executioner Our time is short, the horsemen ride A foul-breathed chora howls, besides Damnation and a day has passed This divine right to genocide Weld the gates to heaven shut The abyss leers in hissing ruts Unhilt the black grimoire of death Inscribe all names that God has left I lived the drams of nymphs and men But now the nightmares come again Now the nightmares come again...

The Flower That Shattered The Stone

JOHN DENVER "Rocky Mountain High"
(Henry/Jarvis) The earth is our mother, just turning around with her trees in the forest and roots underground. Our father above us, whose sigh is the wind, paint us a rainbow without any end. As the river runs freely, the mountain does rise. Let me touch with my fingers, and see with my eyes. In the hearts of the children, a pure love still grows. Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone. Sparrows find freedom beholding the sun, in the infinite beauty, we're all joined in one. I reach out before me and look to the sky, did I hear someone whisper, did something pass by? As the river runs freely, the mountain does rise. Let me touch with my fingers, and see with my eyes. In the hearts of the children, a pure love still grows. Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone. Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone.


TLC "CrazySexyCool"
A lonely mother gazing out of her window Staring at a son that she just can't touch If at any time he's in a jam She'll be by his side But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much But all the praying just ain't helping At all 'cause he can't seem to keep His self out of trouble So he goes out and he makes his money The best way he knows how Another body laying cold in the gutter Listen to me [Chorus] Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and lakes that You're used to I know that you're gonna have it your way Or nothing at all But I think you're moving too fast Little precious has a natural obsession For temptation but he just can't see She gives him loving that his body can't handle But all he can say is baby it's good to me One day he goes and takes a glimpse In the mirror But he doesn't recognize his own face His health is fading and he doesn't know why 3 letters took him to his final resting place Y'all don't hear me [Chorus] I seen a rainbow yesterday But too many storms have come and gone Leavin' a trace of not one God-given ray Is it because my life is ten shades of gray I pray all ten fade away Seldom praise Him for the sunny days And like His promise is true Only my faith can undo The many chances I blew To bring my life to anew Clear blue and unconditional skies Have dried the tears from my eyes No more lonely cries My only bleedin' hope Is for the folk who can't cope Wit such an endurin' pain That it keeps 'em in the pourin' rain Who's to blame For tootin' caine in your own vein What a shame You shoot and aim for someone else's brain You claim the insane And name this day in time For fallin' prey to crime I say the system got you victim to your own mind Dreams are hopeless aspirations In hopes of comin' true Believe in yourself The rest is up to me and you [Chorus]

Sam Stone

JOHN PRINE "John Prine"
Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the morphine eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back. Chorus: There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothin' I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios. Mmm.... Sam Stone's welcome home Didn't last too long. He went to work when he'd spent his last dime And Sammy took to stealing When he got that empty feeling For a hundred dollar habit without overtime. And the gold rolled through his veins Like a thousand railroad trains, And eased his mind in the hours that he chose, While the kids ran around wearin' other peoples' clothes... Repeat Chorus: Sam Stone was alone When he popped his last balloon Climbing walls while sitting in a chair Well, he played his last request While the room smelled just like death With an overdose hovering in the air But life had lost its fun And there was nothing to be done But trade his house that he bought on the G, I. Bill For a flag draped casket on a local heroes' hill Repeat Chorus

Where Was Heaven?

WU-TANG CLAN "The Swarm"
Intro: Shit, sometimes man I just, get stressed out I be like damn yo, I wanna go over here and smack a nigga up you know what I'm sayin' Crime Syndicate shit though niggaz know us Know what I'm saying my peeps put me on For real ... shit's fucked up yo You know what I'm saying religion's all good But where was heaven Yo Verse 1: An ordinary cat from outta projects Since I was younger though Mom raised her children Pops dipped a long time ago In my mind I see flashbacks I had no fancy clothes Skinny, ugly, notty head nigga crying with a snotty nose Even though my father neglect he pay the child support Hadn't seen him all these years I hug his ass in court Always saying I'm coming to get you and I be waiting to Holiday and birthday presents was never coming through 'Member at the age 13 I started smoking weed Hangin' out wid cats that was older start to run the street Dropped outta high school selling drugs, impressing chics Spent most my cheddar on gear My man was buying whips New York, Jamaican, Miami niggaz Flooded Virginia quick Cause signing work only if buying pressure was high as shit 'Member when I first got hit I seen the iron spit 50 cash bend in one corner bleeding where pellet hit My man Shawnny Hill doing strong Slug burnt through his lower back side Cracked his spine exit his arm Lost him twice on the hospital table And when he died I cried my eyes out I couldn't take it (damn damn) But the same things continued to happen Niggaz got bust I'm a kid with a grown man's mind turning corrupt Playing innocent infront of my elders I was running with them cats that be robbing to awkward (man tell 'em) If my name was up in any type trouble My moms would tell me Just like you brothers into some shit go get a job or something Just a little bum on the street Not working hard for nottin' Scratch I made whenever pumping I'm here to offer something Making sure the crib stay tight For real I weren't no dummy Simmy where you gettin' this money I wash a car be lying Saying anything 'sides drugs selling My sister seen me on the block Transact with fiends saying I'ma tell it Growing up was hell no doubt I wonder where was heaven (women singing in the background) For real though, Always look for that place call heaven, It's never there, I seen my man's an' 'em gets.. just get blasted on the block, Know what I'm saying I go in the crib I got stains all over my shirt Know what I'm saying And my mom's knew the type of shit I was going through Cause I was a project kid Verse 2: Now I'm a grown man Still It's like life dealt me the wrong hand Cat's that was my man be frontin' Or either found dead Sound said incarcerated just turned a new dad Remembering them long ten months from slengin'crack bags Mom put me out with the quickness Carry your black ass I'm still coming back to the crib Oh so you back here Ma I jut came to holler to see how you doing Nothing's changed after all these years Still hustle for some gear Smoke weed, still drink beers I tell you from my heart Yo, times I'm like yeah (women start singing again) I wonder if heaven has a place on this planet I'd find it right there. Just a kid though, All I wanna roll wid

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