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David Ball lyrics - Amigo

Just Out Of Reach

Original and similar lyrics
(V.F. Stewart) Love the runs away fro me Dreams that just won't let me be Blues that keep on bothering me Chains that just won't set me free Too far away from you and all your charms Just out of reach of my twp empty arms Each night in dreams I see your face Memories time can not erase Then I awake and find you gone And I'm so blue and all alone So far away from lips so sweet and warm Just out of reach of my two open arms That lonesome feeling all the time Knowing you can not be mine Dreams that haunt me in my sleep Vows that we could never keep Too far away from lips so sweet and warm Just out of reach of my two open arms

Vampyre Kiss

Inkubus Sukkubus
Fall into my arms my love And dream sweet sinful dreams Where no-one is ever who they seem Let me be your darkened angel Surrender your love to me Embrace the nigth for all eternity Let me hold you, open up your love to me Feel my caresses, open up your heart to me Where in this life would you find a lover like I can be I will destroy you, open up your soul to me Feel no fear my love For we were meant to be as one Is not the moon much finer than the sun? Let my cheeks be stained By the yeilding of your heart And never more need we be apart Fall into my arms my love And dream sweet sinful dreams Where no-one is ever who they seem And while my crimson lips Are still moistened from the kiss Share with me such unwordly bliss

Keep On

JUNIOR DOCTOR "Clumsy Words And Bad Pickup Lines"
Lately I've had a hard time trying to fall asleep And I've tried everything from medications all the way to counting sheep But I just end up creating a crippling addiction To things I swore I'd never need - oh I laid awake in bed last night through a thousand dreams And I began to think that everything I want is so far out of reach But then I looked at you and knew my dream was lying right here next to me So I say We keep on dreaming of all we can be And I don't have much, but I have you So let's keep on dreaming, and I'll keep believing Because I know that dreams come true And my proof is that I have you Now I try so hard to be good company But sometimes my ADD gets the best of me So busy trying to reach the stars That I forget about the flowers at my feet Then something makes you laugh And I quickly remember that you are all I need Cause your smile lifts me up whenever I am down Your eyes, they ease the pain from when I've hit the ground And the truth is my dream was always you And baby you're the reason I know dreams come true Yeah I'll keep on, cause I have you

Another Time, Another Place

AVALON "Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics"
I've always heard there is a land Beyond the mortal dreams of man Where every tear will be left behind But it must be in another time Oh-oh-oh There'll be an everlasting light Shining a purest holy white And every fear will be erased But it must be in another place Oh-oh-oh [Chorus:] So I'm waiting For another and another place Where all my hopes and dreams will be captured with one look at Jesus' face Oh, my heart's been burning, my soul keeps yearning Sometimes I can hardly wait for that sweet, sweet someday When I'll be swept away To another time and another place I've grown tired of earthly things They promise peace but furnish pain All of life's sweetest joys combined Can never match those in another time Oh-oh-oh And though I put my trust in Christ And felt His spirit move in my life I know it's truly just a taste Of His glory in another place Oh-oh-oh [Chorus]

In My Continental

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
[CHORUS] In my Continental Splinter off the mental When you want the best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose True love from the first kiss Spread it on the surface Sit back and watch the progress [VERSE 1: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, how can I learn patience? Planted in the middle and outside of your nation Take the care to build a familiar foundation Speak to the youth that keep the truth sacred Free the, free the good inside your heart Your neighborhood, it needs you to travel with your art From New York to Cali, some day they'll all know Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago Now I've come a long way from the younger days When I used to look up curse words in my dictionary If life's a game, gotta choose a side to play If I gotta pick a position I'ma pick missionary I've had a little bit too much to think tonight But it's cool, I be alright, just make sure that I keep travellin Your reactions only reinforce the previous thoughts You'd feel the distance even if the bridge was collapsin Well, kudos and props and every hollow desire That you could conjure in an instant that it takes to breathe I got my Duplos and blocks and Lincoln Logs for when it's time to build I wait patiently for them to catch up to speed (And I'll be) [CHORUS] [VERSE 2: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, show me what you know now Load up your van with musicians and go south Visit Atlanta, Memphis, Tulsa, Texas Plug in the decks, check the mics, fight the wreckage Keep the, keep the motive in your movement Let em know where you come from and show them how you do it Children are the focus, give em one to grow with Learn em how to take they minutes, turn em into moments See, nowadays cats think they on some next And they sacrifice they voice just to go over heads If I felt as if I had somethin special to tell Why would I work against myself and hide it under my belt? I used to try to lace the phrases with magic tricks Every paragraph needed translation attached to it They saw the style, respected the craft But all I did was confuse em, would try to get em to laugh Painted pictures in the primer, no one got the pulp Found the humor, the anger and the insult Why should I waste any oxygen Tryin to find the in-between-the-lines that they get lost within? I'm out there for the craft, for the cause The laughter, the applause, the passion for the flaws The fact that I'ma draw some heads to what I'm feelin Lift em all up until they try to touch the ceiling Come on and reach the, reach the masses won by singular They hold you and they smile when they feel what you can bring to the Culture and sow it, cultivate the flow with Breath control and he kept it whole, be- Cause piece by piece the picture turns to puzzle If you lose a few those that remain change into rubble Freedom is a word not heard from those that own it Can't fix the machine if you don't have the components (And I'll be) [CHORUS] Cause we're not from this planet We come from somewhere else And you can't understand it Cause you don't know yourself But when the time is right Our path will be unveiled Till then you seek your light While I sit and bite my nails

Screaming In Digital

QUEENSRYCHE "Rage For Order"
(Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Geoff Tate) I am the beat of your pulse The computer word made flesh We are one you and I We are versions of the same When you can see what I feel Don't turn your back on me Or you might find that your dreams Are only program cards Your mind is open for me Open for intake of all propaganda Your Eyes see now what to see My eyes see only the programs you give me I'll teach you to laugh and to cry They're really the same you'll see All of the why's in your life Are under my control Feed me more lines I will try to tell you all I can Before the light you must know what lies Behind my screams I can't tell you all I know Am I the son that you've always been wanting There's more to me than what shows Are you my father The one that was promised Hush now, I'll give all you need to know and pre-live your dreams for you You're a good boy Freedom belongs only to those Without video screens For eyes and mouth You have no voice To be heard my son No one can hear when you're Screaming in Digital I'm not your slave You can't control my emotions No Father, please let me keep learning Can't you see I'm human Can't you tell I'm not your slave Oh Father no Please don't keep me from dreaming Oh can't someone hear

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