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You’re telling me it’s over now It’s like you turned the volume down Now I can’t even hear a sound. Looks like you’re about to leave Now it’s getting kinda dark to me Cuz that ain’t something I can see. It’s like I’m getting worse everyday Girl I’m breaking down. Got my heart on the floor And I can’t feel it, Everything’s numb. [Chorus] Now I’m senseless Got no feelings left. My pain won’t let this heart beat in my chest, Now I’m senseless. Why are we doing this? I’m so losing it, oh oh, senseless. Feels like I lost your love Since I had to give you up. And now I’m so outta touch, yeah. The other day I smelled your scent, It came across like punishment A bitter taste is lingering. My senses have seemed to escape All the feeling’s gone. I'm cold and I'm lost no direction everything's numb. [Chorus] Think it smells like rain water on the floor but I don't know coz I'm so gone. I can't even see tomorrow comin up cant even hear my self scream. cant even fell anything I would die to love you if I could coz girl I'm so senseless.


Hmmmmmmmm......hey yea, [Verse 1] Kind of like a summer's breeze, you do exactly as you please, drop a brother to his knees just for fun. I think it was the first of May, girl I can't forget the day, right then and there I knew you were the one. Do you think that possibly, you could spend your life with me, cause girl this love is growing, and it's hotter than the sun. [Chorus:] I get a little bit crazy baby, everytime you call my name my heart beats a little bit faster, after, you are in my arms again. Can't try to fight it, won't even try to hide it, emotions falling down like the rain, I can't find the words to explain it, ain't it, crazy how i fall, everytime you call my name. [Verse 2] It's kind of like a work of art, you shot an arrow through my heart, even though we're worlds apart I can't deny, it feels like your apart of me the finish and the start of me, girl you are the heart of me, and that's no lie, did I mention that I love you so, and I just want the world to know, if I could you know I would write your name across the sky. [Chorus] Crazy, crazy... Evertime that your close to me, I lose control of my sanity, everynight, everyday, every word and you say, girl do you know you put a spell on me. [Chorus] Crazy, Everytime you call my name, I don't know what to do, I'm so in love with you.

Get Me To The Church On Time

ANDY WILLIAMS "The Great Songs From "My Fair Lady" And Other Broadway Hits"
Happy Heart Artist: Andy Williams (peak Billboard position # 22 in 1969) Music by Hans Last and Words by Jackie Rae There's a certain sound always follows me around When you're close to me you will hear it It's the sound that lovers hear when they discover There could be no other for their love CHORUS It's my happy heart you hear Singing loud and singing clear And it's all because you're near me, my love Take my happy heart away Let me love you night and day In your arms I wanna stay, oh my love Feeling more and more like I've never felt before You have changed my life so completely Music fills my soul now, I've lost all control now I'm not half, I'm whole now with your love CHORUS Repeat CHORUS with La-la's Repeat CHORUS with La-la's and FADE

What Have I Got To Lose

I started to write you a letter the other day Didn't know exactly what I was going to say And at the last minute I threw it all away Cause I didn't think you1d read it anyway And I'm the kind of man who1s glass is half full But I'm a bit torn from the strings you pulled And since I already felt a bit abused I thought to myself What have I got to lose Cause I can't fall much further down And look what I've got to win If you would only hear my heart Yesterday I actually tried calling But that was after six days and six nights of stalling And I thought about everything that we've been through All the different places that we went to The times we hurt each other, sometimes we meant to Trying to make up with flowers that I sent you But now I'm at the crossroads and it's time to choose And I guess I just figured, what the hell... What have I got to lose Cause I've already come this far And look what I've got to win If you would only search my heart and see what's deep inside Don't want to go to sleep cause I don't want to dream I always wake up with tears it seems Can't blame it on you so it must be me I'll beg for forgiveness if that's what I need to do Cause I ain't got nothing to lose I've lost the one thing missing from my life But look what I1ve got to win If only I can get you to hear my heart What have I got to lose When all I've lost is the everything that I need And look what I've got to win If you'll only listen, listen to my heart


[Intro] Whoa Let me tell you girl Whoa whoa whoa Hey here I go(Here I go) [Verse 1] I know you heard men saying time and time again That they would rock your world and change your life But I cant blame them cause you make a nigga wanna get involved wanna get them drawers when Im gonna put my bid in and get at you No disrespect but I want it as bad as they do The only difference is they look out for themselves But Im doing it just to hear you yell yeah [Chorus] ooooooo that's gonna be the sound girl when its going down ,Your body saying ooooooo Don't have to say my name girl im just glad you came ,So u can say ooooooo In the morning ooooooo In the night You say you want it and O always hitting it right ooooooo You cant be mad at me Im just aiming to please Let me hear you scream O [Verse 2] Girl come on over and let's get this thing crackin You'll be surprised when see what O's packing Cause im young but im ready Tryna get hot and heavy, Turn you out if you let me(yeah yeah yeah) Girl Im gonna take you somewhere that you never been Show you something's that'll make you want to show your friends Have you so weak that you cant even say a thing But that's ok all you gotta say is [Chorus] [Verse 3] O is for that overtime I'm putting in We'll go for hours take a break and go at it again Girl I'll work my way from A all the way to Z But trust me babygirl O is where you wanna be couldn't believe me when I tellin you Im not tryna tell you what to do cause when it's said and done, The choice aint mine it's really up to you Just say yes, Don't fix your mouth to tell me no Drop that bottom jaw 4 me And just say ooooooooo ooooo ooo ooo o ooooo ooooooo oooo uhhhh wha wha wha wha wha o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o let me hear you say ooooo in the morning o in the night you say you want me oo oo o oo o oo oooooooooooo [Chorus] Let me hear you say O when im hitting it Let me hear you say O when im getting it Let me hear you say O when you come to the door Let me hear you say O from the bed to the floor Let me hear you say O when its all going down Let me hear you say O when you cant make another sound Babygirl let me hear you scream O Babygirl let me hear you scream O

I Won't Say I'm In Love

(Meg) If there's a prize for rotten judgement I guess I've already won that no man is worth the aggravation that ancient history, been there done that (Muses) Who'd'ya think you're kiddin' He's the Earth and heaven to you Try to keep it hidden Honey, we can see right through you Girl, ya can't conceal it We know how ya feel and Who you're thinking of (Meg) No chance, no way I won't say it, no, no (Muses) You swoon, you sigh why deny it, uh-oh (Meg) It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love I thought my heart had learned its lesson It feels so good when you start out My head is screaming get a grip, girl Unless you're dying to cry your heart out Oh (Muses) You keep on denying Who you are and how you're feeling Baby, we're not buying Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling Face it like a grown-up When ya gonna own up That ya got, got, got it bad (Meg) No chance, no way I won't say it, no, no (Muses) Give up, give in Check the grin you're in love (Meg) This scene won't play, I won't say I'm in love (Muses) You're doin flips read our lips You're in love (Meg) You're way off base I won't say it Get off my case I won't say it (Muses) Girl, don't be proud It's O.K. you're in love (Meg) Oh At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love

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