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Darzamat lyrics

Secret Garden

Original and similar lyrics
I saw the tree at the night which with his colour was killing the most sublime feelings in me and the rain led me by the furthest corridors of the dreams to show the pearls of people's minds to strip the symbols it was so long ago when the flashes of lighting were listening to the scrteam of the thunder staying in an eternal trance I don't cry looking at I don't understand the fear I climb the clouds of mysteries finding the relief, finding the lost feelings surrounded all around with immensty drops esteeming over all the taste of life it's misteries secrets and moments of trances I am swimming across impossible to preform confessions to perish stripped naked among an ugliness of conscience finding my shadows which still coincide in the beginning and the end

Soon She Will Run

JONNY DIAZ "They Need Love"
She sits and stares through a window pane On a rainy august day Her strength is erased from years gone by And her hair has long been grey Her company is the memories But even those decay Her children were gone the moment that Her mind began to fade But through all the fear she dreams of a home That she's never seen but soon she will know Soon she will run on fields of green And never wake up from her dreams Embrace with joy the mysteries Of beautiful that she's never seen Soon she will run (he) Big brown eyes and messy hair Little boy wild confined to a chair The cancer has spread and there's not much time He's struggling through eight and hoping for nine He waves to his friends as they play in the yard Love can be soft but life can be hard Run and not tire for his life's just begun And for so long he's battled and finally he's won Over pain and the fear that for so long he's known Oh but peacefully now he is headed for home

You Need A Savior

Made a friend last night, or you thought you did Had a drink, had a talk, took a drive Shared the night, gave up part of your soul Now she's gone and you're a little less alive Shake it off, never let your feelings begin Butyour defenses are down and the fear is closing in Chorus: Yes, you really need a saviour Somehow you've known it all along Yes, you really need a saviour You know you've heard it for so long Yes, You really need a saviour Someone to come and lead you on You need a saviour You need a saviour It's time Told yourself today just for your own sake What was lost wouldn't cost anyway Life's a one night stand, this time you'll win The up and down, life-long game that you play Shake it off, never let your feelings begin But your defenses are down and the fear is closing in

I Wanna Die

DARK LOTUS "Tales From The Lotus Pod"
[Monoxide Child:] Now that I'm dead and gone Look at me I'm floating like the breeze With my roots strong like trees I'm filtered in your memories Holding a candle light vigil Saying a prayer My name is graced Buried with the paint on my face I put the chase up long enough I live the lifestyle wrong and tough And now my life span's up I give a fuck I'm about to run it in the after life And hopefully they put my soul in the butcher knife [Shaggy 2 Dope:] If I was to die It'd make a lot of people happy No funeral possesions No plot at the cemetery Finally I can be alone in my own world The wagons come take me away from the killing fields If I was to die Would you finally shut your mouth Understand what I am Understand what I'm about Like curse Place me up high on your pedastil I'm about to find out (SHAGGY IT'S TIME TO GO) [Chorus x2:] I wanna die So I can see the otherside I wanna die So I can fly (Take Me With You) I wanna die Take me to the otherside I wanna die So I can fly (Take Me Away) [Violent J:] I wanna die Maybe I'll get angel wings So I can cut them off Cook them up I have some helly wing dings I'd take my hallo off Get myself a ladder Hang it on the wall Maybe you'll think it's a gold record Death Everybody follow my hearse Why does everybody always gotta go and die first Before their homies are missing them Family members kissing them Everybody even enemies stop dissing them I want to die So I can haunt my buddies Stand behind them in the mirror with my eyes all bloody Stick my long, black, cold tongue all in the ear And be like, 'I'm only playing' And disappear I wanna die And have everything answered What happened to my father Why was I a bastard What is thunder Is it really God bowling And nightime's a blanket And all the stars are the holes in it [Chorus x2] Jamie Madrox: Your answers are unneccesary You understand Never question the emotions Of an unstable man I got the petals of the Lotus And the pedal to the floor Following a black hearse In the rain through a thunder storm Never once did I invision Me being stuck in such a situation He made decisions And now his spirit levitating I can see him waving at me Through the window of the hearse He's crying blood It all stops and it gets worst [Blaze Ya Dead Homie:] Ashes to ashes Dust to dust At least that's what I was told When I was on the come up Been to the grave and it ain't no joke Resurfaced to the earth with the spirits I envoke Cut down in my prime When my block got hit Now I'm riding in the back of a hearse and shit Darkness, pitch black Never seeing no one And the devil got his darkest demons Riding shotgun [Chorus x2] Take me away Take me with you Take me away Take me with you Take me away [echo]

Where Are They Now

Outside the sky is water color grey Newspaper says to look for rain today No one around for company And so I turn to memories to pass the time away Each face that flashes back to mind Seems as it was untouched by time I can't recall quite all the names Each one is precious all the same How strange to think How many friends Were lost somewhere behind Where are they now How I miss those companions Who walked the canyons of the night By my side Where are they now Like so many crazy dancers We live only for the answers in a song But that was long ago Where are they now When love was new and wonderful There was no word impossible The future we saw with our inds Was something of our hearts design Between today and yesterday Life came between us all Chorus

The Pay Back

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
Minolta devil expousure wide lens view Check for dentals and niggaz next to push tha Benz through You know the glow iced out rings long dough Spandex Mossino hoe bitches lettin they ass show I play the game took plenty paper still remain the same Asian name beval length chain lettin my piece hang Domestic no more crime play but still connected It's ethics calculated steps through geometrics Ways spinnin double Shades of base linin 97' expidition Disflavored all tha trimmins Travel light push tha LS on casual nights Have you ever puffed tha tallas weed pipe That shit will have you right I roll dice tryin to deforce from this cold life Used to sell coke on tha strip now I hold mic and plan soon to pack an vacate so were in Cancun Escape to a cozy estate filled wit mad rooms ?? too many foul niggaz time to turn it up Push it by the buck and shift gears burn the clutch Cause it's like this for these chips I strike swift preciseness Precious jewels a life thats priceless I payed my dues and through it all I never trade my shoes Cash rules new crews who made the news We all for paper I guess greed is just a second nature Indeed shots an ?hebock? on weed to escalate ya Some mostly touch along the line crossed up I took tha short cut puffin on blunts bustin off nuts The night type love dime bitches and night life Casino dice sexy strip Dancers and white ice I seen the movie most of you niggaz couldn't move me Truly it's like a 6-shot ruger against an ozzie So bust ya run or cock back bust your gun but I fake none I remain like the sun bless tha stong livin Intellect an long vision connects in prison and real niggaz wit recognition so respect the mission volume one Second addition the next dimension Dotted line sign your deposition

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