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DARRYL WORLEY lyrics - Hard Rain Don't Last

Hard Rain Don't Last

Original and similar lyrics
Hard Rain Don't Last (Darryl Worley/Rob Crosby) Girl tonight it's pouring down on us It's been building for so long Yeah, it's dark I know but don't let go And don't say our love is gone Chorus: If we hold on till the morning I know this storm is bound to pass That ol' sun is gonna shine again tomorrow Hard rain don't last Girl we tore it up, made a mess of it Left the pieces on the floor But if we forgive and get through this We'll be stronger than before Chorus Everything's gonna seem brighter when the sky clears We'll still be loving each other after these tears Chorus

No Good

Lynch Mob "Lynch Mob"
Got a nasty disposition,always lookin' for a thrill been attacked with every bar stool,and never paid my bill sellin' drugs inside the school yard,in every nightmare that you dream I'm always in and out of trouble,I'm the fear inside the scream (Pre chorus) Don't second guess me baby,hang out with me I'll make your head head spin round take my advice and listen,cos I'm lyin' and cheatin' and beggin' and screamin' so look out! (Chorus) No good,will ever come from lovin' me,no good,I'll never treat you right,no good,forget about your worries baby,hold on and get ready to ride. I'm in the evil in the bible,go to church but never pray I'm a sister with a habit,I'm a preacher never saved I'll stay out late and come home early,gonna rain on your parade I'm the finger on your trigger,better watch what you say (Pre chorus) (Chorus) Solo Ooooohhhh yeah Filthy reputation,I'm the tears your gonna cry got a glove box full of warrants,I'll abuse you 'til you die (Chorus) (Fade out solo)

The Way She Loves Me

When I hear my baby calling A simple motion, a look in her eyes And I'm helplessly falling I'd give all of somebody else For any piece of her heart that's left She knows me better than I know myself Chorus Let me tell you 'bout the way she loves me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show I'm crazy about the way she loves me Ooh, I want the world to know Yeah, yeah, yeah Came close to letting this train pass me by Just like a fool, second guessing I could've spent my life wondering why I didn't cherish the blessing But I know, she'd come my way Lonely nights would have been okay I have her promise that she's gonna stay Repeat Chorus Nobody else could do me so right A breath of Heaven in my darkest night I'm gonna hold on with all of my might Repeat Chorus

All Money Is Legal

Amil "All Money Is Legal"
All Money Is Legal [Verse 1] I'm on the up and up to hot to touch nigga The narcs couldn't stop the rush Smuggled in the package tight I'm 98 a gram leaving attics nice I get 5 you don't get half a mic Been known to cut ass for the added hype And I pop too much shit to be the marriage type Get spoiled even when I'm not acting right Can't nobody come with the style I bring? Piece hanging on the chain just a dangling Motorola 2-way so the cell don't ring Crush R B and I don't even sing No reference and no pro tools Till I'm up in my hersh I'm a show and prove Got up in the game and made my own rules Put heat on the reels until I blow the fuse Chorus All Money is Legal Baby And what, and what All Money Is Legal Baby What 'chu thing, what 'chu know abut this All Money Is Legal Baby The higher the price The hotter the rhyme [Verse 2] Amilliyon doper than heroin Shoes got to be Gucci wht the fresh pair on Spend up doe til its damn near gone Lay it down get spins all year long You know I run through them papers quick You know I rock them glaciers sick Chilling waiting for these shares to clear I'm the only hot bich you gonna hear this year You know I ass kick with no practice Any joint I'm on automatic classic Niggas pay me just to do ad-libs And I move the crowd like I move to Saks Fifth If I'm a gonna flash rocks then I'm a stash glocks If I'm a gonna talk shit then I'm a walk it All money is legal now I'm with Hov, Bleek and Sigel now Chorus [Verse 3] Give me my cue and I'm ready to roll Take a little ghetto celebrity stroll Floss with the minks to heavy to hold Baggettes be whoa, I gets me doe I'm an uptown swinger With the light blue on the pinkie finger Amilliyon 'bout to shake some ass I'm crack packed in till it break the glass Keep crates of papes, in the steel encased safe Watch doe accumulate like real-estate And you know I gotta keep tricks up the sleeve Leav'em bankrupt with blue balls till the dick bleed Save all receipts write it off quickly If I'm a ball I'm play up in the big leagues Never fold when the pressure come You could put Amil up against the best of 'em Chorus x2

Ex Girl To The Next Girl

GANG STARR "Daily Operation"
Verse One You know I used to be a player fly girl layer and a heartbreaker lovemaker backbreaker but then I made a mistake yes I fell in love with this ill chick sweatin' me for money my name and the dilsnick my homeboys told me to drop her for it would be to my benefit she used to say I'd better quit hanging with those derelects romancing is my thing but I can't swing with no scheming hoes wherever my beema goes you know that I'm driving surviving in the 90's is a must so I trust that everyone listen up as my vocals give thrust I bust my rhymes first never chasing a skirt do much work while other suckas need more time to rehearse now back to the ex-girls, ex-lovers, ex-friends it made me mad to find that she was only after my ends she phones me and goes on about her new life now I wish she knew right now I think she's busted let's discuss it when I was with her no trust, just fights just the he-say-she-say and the neighborhood highlights bow I got my new girl or as I say my baby doll but I'm still gettin' crazy calls, my ex-girl's got balls don't wanna play the field cuz I get lovin' at home base don't gimme no long face just exit with a grace you and I are the past, c'est la vie, much respect girl but now you're my ex-girl cuz I'm on with the next girl Chorus Next Verse Two she had much loot liked to buy me fresh-dipped gear liked to have me near cuz of my svoir faire the time we shared was brief cuz I needed relief from her high-classed antics and all her conceit now she's crying wolf and I like don't wanna hear that I told her the bear facts when things started out she wines and she pouts about how I did her bad yo but she'd tried to buy me even tempt me with the hiney I fell for a sec cuz the clothes were real fly I could almost feel I would give into her whims her thoughts were erratic, sporadic, crazy in nature I told her hey look I can no longer date ya Tried to pimp with bank and fell short, your ship sank many thanks for the time and the watch and the link you and I are the past, c'est la vie, nuff respect girl but now you're my ex-girl cuz I'm straight with the next girl Chorus Verse Three you saw my mom in the supermarket and gave her your number you asked how's my sister then asked how's my brother didn't ask about my father cuz you know he ain't like ya every time I left for your crib yo he'd really get hyper the advice he used to give me makes much sense now I can't believe I used to let you break my confidence down you used to ask me why the hell did I wanna live in Brooklyn? you messed up my flow although you were good-lookin' yes darlin' was fly and this was the problem cuz back in the day she had me scheming and robbin' to get her things to wear so when she went to the club all eyes were on her and me I just bugged caught in between felling proud and feeling more like a sucker had to go undercover, get away, find another been in Brooklyn 9 years and been around the world too I've seen so many fly girls and I knew just what to do I went from ex-girl to next took my time with each one and you know they still love me so stop jellin' me hon went home to see mom and I saw you at the bus stop must I stop? nah I think not you and I are the past c'est la vie, much respect girl but now you're my ex-girl I'm out with the next girl out... Chorus

Distant Water

David Wilcox "Home Again"
from Home Again .............................................. It's like you pass to me this bitter cup So I can take a sip And I know that it's likely gonna burn But never mind the taste of it I take what I can get It sure is a hard way to learn I mean look at how I sip your cup of nasty Like I'm lucky for a taste to quench my thirst When love creates an optical illusion I'm gonna see it just the way it was rehearsed Chorus If I was dying in the desert I would see shining on the sand True love, like distant water On dry land I liked everything about you, except the way you treated me But that didn't seem to matter much at first I longed for you to fill me Like a wino loves his drink But every time you filled me with a thirst Chorus 'Cause I was looking for a goddess who could save me So I played the worshipping fool The colder your kindness The more it convinced me You're just that cool Now just look at how I sip your cup of nasty Like I'm lucky for a taste to quench my thirst When love creates an optical illusion I'm gonna see it just the way it was rehearsed Chorus True love like distant water On dry land .............................................. Â David Wilcox, all rights reserved

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