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Dar Williams lyrics - All My Heroes Are Dead

All My Heroes Are Dead

Original and similar lyrics
You gotta admit Life magazine made 1968 look great, My father said it sucked, everybody died. All the troops you couldn't save, no one knew how to be brave, He said sometimes you were afraid to turn your radio on. It was enough to make you quit that peacenick scene. Well I heard about leaders, yeah I hear they're no longer around Cause peace was abandoned, and bravery hanged in his town. And they passed down a sentence For building on the beauty of some dream. All my heroes are dead, I got them in my head, saying Never again, never a war, no more fighting. So I'll stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I'll carry the light, follow the dream, I'll remember. The '68 convention was a singing the times they are a-changing, Well I guess they a-changed back. Oh I miss those peaceful folk, love and humor when they spoke, hey Phil Ochs you still sound great, should've stuck around to hear it. They say that compact disc makes songs come true. But Phil I never expected that I'd miss you like a friend, Cause I never expected that we would be marching again. And the soldiers of peace would tumble from this life as in a war. All my heroes are dead, and all the books I read, Said This is greed, this is wrong, fight your war at home . So I'll stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I'll carry the light, follow the dream, I'll remember. So back to the present passion, romance, love, or simply put a lack thereof. Shall we go on? I don't take it personally, it's our post-modern history, You know since Nixon was impeached it's just been hard to commit, So we cast our allegance left and right. But I always believed that our souls would come through. So I never expected that you'd take her home with you. And I never detected, how hardened and not sorry you could be. Don't you know? All our heroes are dead, we got ourselves instead. And oh my friend, all your lies, they won't do you. You gotta stay true to them, and they'll come home again, I miss them too, I miss them too, you know I miss them More than I love you.

Tell Me Now

I know it's all over, but I think of you and all that we had Thought we were forever, but I'm missing you It makes me feel bad Sometimes in love you know you'll make it Then someone comes along at night and takes it. Was it for real, or did we fake it? I ask myself, and I don't know so Tell me now - is it me you're looking for and Tell me now - is it true she loves you more I felt so lonely, and I have to say The world fell apart I watched you coldly, but when you left today, It rained in my heart Maybe in time I will forgive you Tell me the truth I might believe you I might be a fool, but I still love you And are you for real, I don't know so Tell me now - is it me you're looking for and Tell me now - is it true she loves you more You were the one that was meant for me My lover my life my destiny, but it's over now And it's all because of you All of the things we were meant to do Till we were old but nothings new Coz it's over now and it's all because of you.


JOHN DENVER "Seasons Of The Heart"
(Geyer) There are dreams that sail away to sea, dreams that stay at home. There are dreams in need of company, and some that stand alone. There are dreams that stay inside all day and never see the light, and if dreams come true, I swear to you I'll dream of you tonight. In a corner bar the local star destroys a passing chord. His sits behind a mason jar and dreams of his reward. Then he takes his break, he counts his take, a dollar buys a beer. A quarter of his life is gone, what's he doing here? Now times are hard, the old backyard is covered in cement. The people seem afraid to dream and dreams don't cost a cent. There are dreams that stay inside all day and never see the light, and if dreams come true, I swear to you I'll dream of you tonight. And if dreams come true, I swear to you I'll dream of you tonight.


[Her] Nights spent succumbing to the brilliance of Blackeyes, feeling the warm embrace of your hand, memories like salt on a wound, dominate my new found spirit land. Seeking wisdom in the darkness hovering helplessly around our pain crying with absence of real tears, like a child born in vein. I can no longer bear to watch you cradling my form. Wrenching out bloody drops of desperation's futile storm. Welcome to the Willothewisp my love. Deaths arduous game. Mocking times insanity foreshadowing years of reign. [Male] Oh my perfect princess, hard and cold as stone. I shall trace your lips with crimson. I'll protect you; they can't have you to bury, to leave me. Slay all who dare touch my pretty doll, it will be bloody paradise, a misanthropes ball. [Female] I hear you and beseech you, find a way to understand. Kill them for my body and be left with grains of sand. Do not waste your life in vain, protecting that which feels happiness nor pain. Willothewisp my love, is forever now what be. Willothewisp my darkened darling can not be taken away from thee. [Male] I feel your essence all around me, and see you dead on our floor. Realize it would kill me to see you dragged out like a rotting whore. The dead are not theirs to take, fuck their reality. I seek revenge. Fuck their stupidity, your death will be avenged. My princess is not their dead slave, to tear apart and fit inside a holy lonesome grave. [Female] Ahh! You torment me with endless worry. A doll is what is left of me, to kill it, insanity! Wake up live your life. Do not waste it in my name. [Male] No! Why? Your body comforts me. Please understand. It is a Willothewisp my love, but at least I would have command. Help! Help! Ahh! I can not take this, my heart was black to all but you, and now you're dead. I need you in any form. I want you. Separation is what permeates the fear of death. Ahh! Ahh! Come back! [Female] My essence is always with you. Hovering over you and what was I of my love and perfect self, I never meant to die. It's all right, do as you wish. I want my body to be with you. [Male] I see them coming, my pulse quickens, my long blade smiles. Get away from her! Bastards, pawns! Die, you are worth nothing, Die!! They are dead as well, now bags of worthless flesh. How dare they try and take you, Ha! Ha! Ha! We are free together. [Female] You shiver like a broken child before me, clutching my cold hand wet with tears, you kiss my hand and lips, and I feel nothing. [Male] A presence looms about me, whispering like morning dew. My perfect death doll princess, I stay here forever with you. [Female] He has won my body, but now he is insane. I reach out to dry his tears, only to find I am like wind to rain. [Both] Willothewisp is torture, deaths arguous game. Willothewisp is hidden boundaries, foreshadowing years of pain.

Rush Hour

ANI DIFRANCO "Ani Difranco"
rush hour and the day's dawning the rain came and pushed me under the awning the puddles grew and threw themselves at me with every passing car i'm shielding my guitar and there were some things that i did not tell him there were certain things he did not need to know and there were some days when i did not love him he didn't understand me and i don't know why i didn't go he said change the channel i've got problems of my own i'm so sick of hearing about drugs and aids and people without homes and i said, well, i'd like to sympathize with that but if you don't understand then how can you act i expected summer to be there in the morning i woke to the alarm but she was out of arms reach sneaking out on silent thighs that were spent and sore from the hot nights that came before he said i looked for you i don't know why i said i was wearing black so you could see me against the sky take your big leather boots and your buckles and your chains put them on a downtown train i expected he would be there in the morning i awoke to the alarm he was still in arm's reach but his body was just a disguise his mind had wandered off long ago you see in his eyes love isn't over when the sheets are stained in my head there remains so much left to be said make me laugh, make me cry, enrage me but just don't try to disengage me

We Belong With The Dead

Inkubus Sukkubus
It's too late to turn back now For we have slain the Sacred Cow For paradise we are bound We were lost, but now we're found As the razor cuts the wrist Rejoice for Heaven's love has kissed The icy blade shall lead the way Don't you cry and don't you pray We belong with the Dead (2x) Come and sleep eternal sleep Don't you fear and don't you weep On a chariot we shall ride, all the way to suicide You took me up, you dragged me down Now my soul is quite unbound Don't you try to change my mind To sense and reason I am blind We belong with the Dead (4x) On the ferry to the Underworld Round the blade our fingers curled Let me give you your release In my love and in my peace We belong with the Dead (10x)

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