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Dag Nasty lyrics - Wig Out at Denko's

Dag Nasty

Original and similar lyrics
I just wanna ride so drive I don't care where we're going to just go just drive I don't care if we ever come back here just drive I wanna lay back and close my eyes just let me close my eyes don't' hold my hand it makes me afraid don't hold my hand it's too late for that I can see your head I can see the fire just close your eyes fear is the law duty is pain shame is necessary to grind the edges from our minds our minds she's hurting now she let the smooth taste fool her now when she opens up her eyes her head's on fire she wanted to be a fly on my wall she thinks she'll see me change but I don't change at all and you wouldn't have to walk on water if you could just swim like the rest of us if for once in your life you just close your eyes put it in perspective

Sleeping In My Head

E-17 "Resurrection"
You've been, you've been sleeping in my head Tossing and turning in my bed I've been thinking I really like the thought that You've been, you've been sleeping in my head You're all that I've ever wanted You've been in my head I'm hooked on you, do anything you want me to Although you're just a fantasy I wanna make this dream come true I know you'll never let me down Cause in my mind you've always been around It's only you I see, cause when I close my eyes You're right in front of me Girl you look just like a beauty queen Straight out the pages of a magazine The way you wear you hair, you make me stare The very first time that I saw your brown eyes I just fell in love and I couldn't hide What I have instore for you, don't let me down Say you want me to If I was to take you on a ride Take a journey into paradise Would it change the way I feel Or would it make my love for real Everytime I close my eyes I get this feeling deep inside That I don't want to lose , got to face the truth I only know I need you in my life I really want you, I got to have you

Don't Close Your Eyes

KIX "Kix Live"
Whatcha doing out in the night time Why'd ya' call me on the phone Your mama can't solve your problems When's daddy ever get home So you did your little move and cried In the middle of a suicide Don't close your eyes Don't close your eyes Don't sing your last lullaby There's no one there to hold you No one hears your scream You live life up and down your nightmare's are your dreams I know it's lonely when your hanging 'round Don't ya' take it lying down - no, no Hold on - Hold on tight I'll make everything all right Wake up - Don't go to sleep I pray the lord your soul to keep Don't close your eyes Don't close your eyes Don't sing your last lullaby Don't close your eyes Don't close your eyes Don't sing your last lullaby

Close My Eyes

JORDAN KNIGHT "Jordan Knight"
I live my days with the nights that we spent all the love we shared, i put my heart on the side for a while knowing you're not here, i tried to cary on to face the fact you're gone, but i need you, so i close my eyes Chorus: Close my eyes and i dream about you, i close my eyes i can almost feel you in my arms again Mornings remind me of showers and talks in the soft sunlight, evenings of passion and cries of joy hold your memory tight, you've been away so long, i sing so many songs about you, i just close my eyes (Chorus) When i close my eyes im a kid again, i can think about the time we became best friends, and we played in the park did'nt have a care, thn you smiled at me and i knew right there, i would hold your hand it would be the start, of a promise that no other love would steal my heart, now the pain that looks like you i just cannot wait, but when i close my eyes it's a better place No one really sees, you're watching over me, and i hope you feel me watching over you, and we can go to sleep, i pray the lord will keep you in my dreams, when i close my eyes (Chorus Repeat 2x)

Three Mississippi

I used to believe that things would change but here we go again Riding a spinning carosel, this circle never ends This kitchen table, has seen it all before These walls are tired of stnding, can't hold us anymore. Chourus: One Mississippi I close my eyes Two Mississippi I'm begging you that we can still survive Three Mississippi no looking back we're done for good and I know that I won't change my mind Oooh yeah Three Mississippi is where I'm at tonight (end chourus) We're all out of second chances and all out of one more times There's not a word we haven't said nothing we have not tried My bones are aching from the weight I'm holding now I took all that I'm taking, I'm breaking... breaking... down CHOURUS Hold my breath Close My eyes Goodbye~~~~~~ Whoa---- (CHOURUS) 3 Mississippi 3 Mississippi

Show Your Ass

J-KWON "Hood Hop"
(feat. Eboni Eyes) [whispering] TrackBoyz. [J-Kwon] Come on..yeah Come on..yeah Come on..yeah Come on..ay [Verse - J-Kwon] Call me, I'm the man You need a hand boo I got a couple hundred grand Dayton's on ya feet, diamonds in ya piece And I like the way ya ass move to the beat You a freak, that's summin you can be Keep playin' wit me, then I gotta hit ya peeps The girls love me, 'cause I'm from the streets In the bed, I'm goin' thirty at least Show-Offs on the cap, plus her ass fat It's so big she gon' let me hit it from the back Not knowin' she a rat, she suckin' on my tat I gotta rub her, so there's nuthin' wrong with that the weed hold that, the blunt roll that And when you give me head, please don't hold back Where your eyes at lickin' the Kodak And when I'm finished, then you comin' it's yo pack Now.. [Hook - J-Kwon x2] Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' [Verse - Eboni Eyes] I hops out the Jag, pocket full of cash Wish your ho would try to jump like she bad Jeans fittin' tight, weave fittin' right The way I feel my ass make the ballers blow they cash Step up in the party, sippin' the Bacardi Betta watch your man cause I'm feelin' kinda naughty I'm lookin' to my left, over to my right I head to the flo', time to get this bitch hype Niggaz in the place, all up in my face Somebody touch my ass I might have to catch a case Don't let the face fool ya, I'll give it to ya Peel a right hand jab like Zab Jooda I say what I mean, mean what I say You wanna fuck wit' me, you gotta pay like you weigh No shame in my game, if you cannot hang Get the fuck up out my face and let me do my thang [Hook - J-Kwon x2] Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' [Verse - J-Kwon] Gon' hit the flo'...gon' hit the flo' Well I hops out the 'Lac, diamond in the back You can tell by the way I made 'Tipsy', I'm a mack Show-Off in fad, Show-Off the fact Give me a Coupe and several hoes, I'll brag Yeah I got a grammar, some say it's country But the truth is none of y'all gettin' money I tried to stay humble, but her ass rumble Give her the ball, guaranteed she gon' fumble [Verse - Eboni Eyes] Skin tight denim, fat ass in 'em I can tell by the way he lookin' at me I can pimp him This nigga herre lame, he got no game His shoes ran over wit' a fake ass chain Never big spenders, on my agenda Get him to surrender, colder than December I'm rockin' my stilettos, box of Ameretto's Before the night is over I'ma probably have to check hoes [Hook - J-Kwon x2] Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' Show your ass, gon' hit the flo' [J-Kwon (repeat until fade)] Show your ass

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