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Count Raven lyrics

Within The Garden Of Mirrors

Original and similar lyrics
All the sorrows mine Spitting on all mankind What is this thing called love A disgusting thing we all know You made love to another That night I cried In lust You cheated me That night I died You say You're sorry That You love only me But that night when You did it You weren't thinking of me That night I died Been dead for 15 years Nursing my hate tears I'm sorry I didn't know But my hate is always slow One side of me loves You and keeps going on The other side says no way, this is only wrong I cannot live in this uncertainty Love hate that struggles over destiny That night I died I'm living in unharmony Sitting watching my TV Oh God! They say unfaithfulness doesn't mean a thing How come that my hate keeps my growing? Listen! As old as creation, This thing was sent I'm the history, Past present Listen! Past present Only death will set me free Living is a mad reality I'm blind I can see Please ends this misery This eternal prison I feel I've done my time I want to get out now make You all mine Fear that I will one day end the beating of Your heart How could You forget, Til death do us part One night you're going to die And I will cry

All I Ask Of You

Andrew Lloyd Webber "Phantom Of The Opera"
No more talk of darkness, forget these wide-eyed fears; I'm here, nothing can harm you, my words will warm and calm you. Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears; I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you. Say you'll love me ev'ry waking moment; turn my head with talk of summertime. Say you need me with you now and always; promise me that all you say is true, that's all I ask of you. Let me be your shelter, let me be your light; you're safe, no one will find you, your fears are far behind you. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night; and you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me. Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime; let me lead you from your solitude. Say you want me with you, here beside you, anywhere you go, let me go too, that's all I ask of you. Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime. Say the word and I will follow you. Share each day with me, each night, each morning. Say you love me ... You know I do. Love me, that's all I ask of you ... Love me, that's all I ask of you.

Love Of A Rolling Stone

BONNIE TYLER "The World Starts Tonight"
You hate old Chicago in the Wintertime When the cold wind blows right through ya And you said it ain't no fun You called west, a dream come true Then one week it got the best of you On a path right in that Oklahoma sun Swore if this day ever came There'd be no strings, no playing games Misty eyes and sad goodbyes to say When love is gone why try to put a finger on what happened When somewhere down the road it slipped away (chorus) All I ever wanted was a baby in my arms A wedding ring and a simple thing called home All you ever gave me Was a look down some old highway The sky above and the love of a rolling stone I remember when you told me That you'd always be a drifting man And you didn't need another hungry mouth to feed Well, I won't bring a child into the world between roses And a thorn and the sight of a tumbling tumbleweed One day you may miss me But I hope you don't feel guilty Go chase the sun until your dying day But inside me there's a second little heartbeat that goes with me And the one more thing that happened on the way Repeat Chorus

Peace, Prosperity And Paper

Chorus: All we want in this life Is peace, prosperity and a little paper Objects that seem greater But I'm sure well over come when we illin on a drum (repeat 2X) Verse One: Q-Tip We in a world that places heavy emphasis on money synthesis Y'all can be my witnesses That a fella fascination with money has grown To the point that he will shit on his own We got to have it y'all, its not a Spike Lee cinematic A piece of paper makin niggaz get dramatic But the money doesnt come automatic Gotta motivate ourselves to go and grab it We got to get it yall, in an orderly fashion Some cats go about it with too much passion We got to mediate our greedy levels Cuz the lust of currency can have us sleepin with the devil Gotta recognize it, realize the power that this little ma-huckin piece of paper will devour Man can be greater than the thing he creates See, I'ma do my thing and see how much I can scrape Yo I'd rather have respect than money, no doubt But listen to me y'all, I want the mass amount That the Sesame Street Dracula cant Count So that I can give my people when that thing surmounts To higher levels.. of being.. so when I'm MC-ing I hope to see you there steady G-ing (say word) But the only way we can truly reach that goal Is finding true inner peace and prospering souls It's like that Chorus Verse Two: Phife Here comes your royal highness, one of Queens finest Believe me, honest, you know you can't stop it Come on son, never leave your mic round me True MC for real ask my man Shaheed Strictly focused on what Im in this rap game for Not for fame and screwing every whore after whore With all that AIDS stuff going round Tell me how that sound Rather hit the studio and hear some beats that pound Now, dont get me wrong I love honeys galore But see hip-hop's my bread butter Cause that's what I get paid for See this is what I wanted Allah helped me to get it And if the beat is wicked You know Malik will rip it From the bottom of my heart Thats where the love starts The love for breakdancing My love for the art And with this love I do hip-hop from the soul A real MC, who never sweats how many copies are sold Yeah I want to go gold, platinum, uh-huh etceteras But why put out some wackness when no one will respect ya Im staying true nuff respect to those that paved the way From Bambaata down to Shah; that be my DJ With out my peeps I dont know how the hell Id make it, word Sometimes I feel that my career is headed for the curb One love for the lendin hand and giving all your help Believing in me when I didnt believe in my own self The Abstract with whom Im always making rugged tunes Kid Hood restin in heaven, I hope to see you soon I keep things hot and this year they're even hotter Big Mu and Shah, one day I'll take my shahada Out Check it out! Back To Search Browse All Lyrics Voting: Rating: 0.0 0 votes Rate this song! A Tribe Called Quest! Vote for A Tribe Called Quest! Other songs by A Tribe Called Quest A Tribe Called Quest CDs


Crimson Glory
She awakens from a dream to a silent roomWhere shadows speak of memories Another sleepless night, Afraid to face the day It seems so long ago she shared the loveShe feels so deep insideHer love will never die, But still she feels so lonely... Lonely in love Lonely in love She wakes up to another dayWith everything going wrongShe wonders where she would beIf she had never seen his faceShe turns on the radio, But it's playing that same old song She's pouring another drinkTo drown away the memory of it all She can't wait another nightTake another dayShe doesn't want to be Lonely in love Lonely in love There's a feeling she can't explain That no one can understandShe just needs to get away But there's no where that she can go Tomorrow's so far away She's longing for yesterday If she could just turn back time She wants to leave the world behind it all She can't wait another night Take another day She doesn't want to be Lonely in love Lonely in love Lonely in love Lonely in love The night will fade, the sun will shine A new day - Lonely in love And light the way for you to find New love

O Holy Night

LEE GREENWOOD "God Bless The U.S.A.: The Best of Lee Greenwood"
Oh holy night! The stars are brightly shining It is the night of the dear Savior's birth! Long lay the world in sin and error pining Till he appear'd and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn! Fall on your knees Oh hear the angel voices Oh night divine Oh night when Christ was born Oh night divine Oh night divine Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming Here come the wise men from Orient land The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger In all our trials born to be our friend. Truly He taught us to love one another His law is love and His gospel is peace Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother And in His name all oppression shall cease Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we, Let all within us praise His holy name.

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