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Count Raven lyrics

Until Death Do Us Part

Original and similar lyrics
A new time has come, a new time is here the one from the pit has risen and soon he'll make us fear This is the time yeah this is the time now listen to this song I'm gonna tell You a little story foretold by the prophet John It started after the war when Israel got their land It was the new beginning for today's modern man Foretold two thousand years ago, now we know it's real They've ruturned to their land on Silverbirds with wings of steel The year is 1989 the news shocked us today the Berlin Wall has fallen as many Germans prayed Revolution in the Eastern block we can't believe our eyes It's not the usual situation of the average media lies True Revelation that comes to every nation True Revelation that comes to every nation The future that is coming up holds new hope for our World All will say PEACE NOW and weeping won't be heard Then a young man comes out of Egypt, he'll unite the Middle-East a fair politician our new holy priest The World will be amazed What an incredible man! he'll confirm the alliance, all religions will shake hands There will be one economy and we will all be free No more creditcards that he can guarantee The system that is coming up will really end this hell A mark on hand or forehead or You can't buy or sell True Revelation that comes to every nation A new Manifestation the chosen aggrivation This is the future that You look into and there is nothing that You can do His next seven years will really be something else, Y'know People will be stunned and say: Way to Go! Now all is good and everything is fine, at last we will have some peace of mind Relax and take it easy in your seats and count in the number of the Beast True Revelation that comes to every nation It'll shake the foundation, in fact the whole Creation Hear me now, all people, this is what I say: If Your heart loves the Lord than You will be O.K. In this time of knowledge and love for our world, for Mother Earth we all fight, our voices can be heard The World will be a better place, East and West shaking hands In front of a Worldwide Government we all have to stand Yeah, soon we'll have a fair world and things look better for You Then along comes the One - You know who True Revelation the Final Tribulation True Revelation Gods Manifestation


We've got the afternoon together We've got the evening and the night So let the rain pour down, don't worry Stay here with me and hold me tight Never more scared to face the morning But I'm not afraid to fall in love Look in my eyes and show your feelings We've got no more time for acting tough I want to learn so much about you I want to know the way you live I want to take your heart in passion But I want to give all I can give Stare at the clock so time goes slower Try not to even close your eyes I'll lock the door and lie down with you And we'll make some dreams and fantasize (chorus) Is this for real, are you feeling Something too, it almost seems Love is too good to be true We'll make this last (end chorus) I'll go to sleep tonight just shaking After I sing this to myself I'll spend the week making my living Making me put you on a shelf But I'll think of you with every moment And it will brighten up the days And then the weekend I will see you Mile after mile I'll make my way (chorus)

I Know

FIONA APPLE "When The Pawn..."
So be it, I'm your crowbar If thats what I am so far Until you get out of this mess And I will pretend That I dont know of your sins Until you are ready to confess But all the time, all the time I'll know, I'll know And you can use my skin To bury your secrets in And I will settle you down And at my own suggestion, I will ask no questions While I do my thing in the background But all the time, all the time i'll know, I'll know Baby-I can't help you out, while she's still around So for the time being, I'm being patient And amidst this bitterness If you'll consider this-even if it dont make sense All the time-give it time And when the crowd becomes your burden And you've early closed your curtains, I'll wait by the backstage door While you try to find the lines to speak your mind And pry it open, hoping for an encore And if it gets too late, for me to wait For you to find you love me, and tell me so It's ok, dont need to say it

Paths Will Cross

JOSH RITTER "Josh Ritter"
This is it my dear old friend Our paths it seems are at an end for now Though in time we floated free We're are pulled by separate gravities to ground But it's clear in the way we part With our hearts together but our hands apart And it seems so hard to begin Best friends we'll always be Though your road don't follow me I know our paths will cross again Time has turned her face from me And spin spirals fancy free I flew With nothing but the dawn to see And now I've got my memories of you Well the road is windi' and road is hard And there's no telling just how far Or how many letters I might send One day you'll walk with me Against all probability I know our paths with cross again Time is like this fast freight train You gotta ride, you can't remain behind And all your friends are on separate tracks And some of them and some of them they won't look back to find The one place we all have known The one place we can call a home The place where each of us began Sure as that day rolls around When the road back home is finally found I know our paths will cross again Now my home is in a far off land Where love and time have made their stand against me And that's probably where I'm gonna stay It's probably where they'll marry me some day But after all is come and gone And after every songs been sung there Comes a thought I won't defend Sure stones are left unturned And on the streets where home fires burn I know our paths will cross again

Easy To Slip Away

Peter Hammill
My, friends, I never really thought you'd go, but, then, we know that's the way it happens here. Now time is like cat's cradle in my hands: we gather up the strands much to slowly The refugees are gone... they take their separate paths, obliterate the past: figures in an ash shroud. Susie, I guess you're on your way to be a star, but I don't know where you are: the only time I seem to see you is on T.V. It's so easy just to slip away... Mike! It's a year or two since I've seen you... I might have dropped you a line if I'd had time or the will. It's my fault too; I play a hermit's role of cars and stages, wages, supersoul hardly ever seem to get outside these days. So, dear friends, as we grow on we feel to grow away, can only live in the hope that some day it will all return. It's so easy just to slip away...

Throw Ya L's Up

LL COOL J "10"
Uhh, hot, fire, hot, uhh [Chorus] L!!! Who bring you the hotness L!!! Yo, you don't wanna start with L!!! Forever keepin it locked It's now time to rock with - L!!! - throw your L's up [LL Cool J] Don't ever underestimate the Jack the Ripper Be clear, every time he reappears, it's sicker Listen here, the mind expanded, the vision is slicker I'm long range like a miss-ile, many styles to getcha Tear ya out the frame so the hood can get the picture But I'd rather break bread, kick knowledge and get some money witcha I'm willin and able, to smooth pounds out like Witch Hazel The legend is real, I'm not a fable Captivated the screen, I'm Queens' Clark Gable If it ain't a joint, bet your label, don't put it on the table I'm out for the moolah, throw better hooks than David Tua Who's the nicest (L, YOU ARE!!) [Chorus - repeat 2X] [LL Cool J] You don't want it with L, b'ship cats'll get banged out Put your flow throw a filter boy - shake the old slang out 23's in the building, watch my tongue hang out Makin MC's scatter like multiple shots rang out Day one since I came out, they can't put the flame out My temp seizin, perfect reason to blow the game out Skatin off in the Navi, naw baby you can't have me But I know cats will pay for that 'n lace ya - yeah, gladly Warning, young rappers, you don't want a career Y'all wanna keep goin platinum, y'all don't wanna disappear Stop boppin backstage like you causin me fear Cause you startin to get on my nerves, and that's a problem The vet's in here [Chorus - repeat 2X] [LL Cool J] Tension on the mic, halftime highlights L Boogie bangin on 'em, jumpin through the skylight You stand corrected, I'm hot, so get it riddight I'm just spittin, when the middick is gripped, I spit it tiddight Aight Oh, these various rappers is so hilarious Who put the mic down but y'all ain't qualified to carry this Your, tracks are garbage and bars are miscellaneous So, throwin your joint at my car was spontaneous Oh! I can't take it, why, must they fake it Flows is fully dressed, yours is butt naked Forever I will be, the one they came to see Blowin mics in half baby, who else could it be but [Chorus - repeat 4X] [LL Cool J] Uhh, I'm so hot (yeah) We so hot (yeah) Uhh, uhh, you so hot (I'm so hot) Uhh, uhh, feel it hot (yeah) Uhh, uhh, are you hot (you make me hot) Uhh, uhh, I know I'm hot (oooh) Uhh, uhh, are you hot (yes I'm hot) Uhh, uhh, I know I'm hot - feel it! (yeah)

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