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Count Raven lyrics


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A young man starts a revolution Something must happen today He thinks he's found a solution He gets carried away Darkness coming, best get ready System closing, remain steady today Media enters with confusion Government that makes a state They have the same solution Problems are solved with hate Children dying, burning, screaming It's not real, I am dreaming The madman from Waco Just how mad was he? It seems that they just wanted to make an alternative society Can you look the survivors in the eye and still believe the media lie The Devil wants no one to be free In his pretend democracy Questions soon began to rise Who's responsible for the fire The outside says Suicide The inside says the F.B.I. Bodies lying all around Blood is screaming from the ground Demands revenge from both sides From those who let them die


I do believe it's coming don't dread it's approach the only preference we might have is that I hope to see it could start with an invasion or maybe it'll come from fire the bomb's so boring I wanna see some blood There'll be people in the streets I mean the ones that live in houses I wanna see 'em screaming Holy mother sweet jesus I may seem a bit morbid but you totally can't deny 'cause when it hits I'll be laughing and you will start to... cry young and old and middle aged domesticated creatures as well there are other ways to look at this than a state of living hell as your friends, relatives, and acquaintances perish in catastrophe just think of it as the best movie you'll ever hope to see it's got action, violence rape is there too starvation-- whole nations and it's all for me and you it's got everything you wanted this admission is free there's only one catch-- it's compulsory.

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MXPX "Let It Happen"
So many unanswered questions about those who hate so much Most of which are mislead most of which are untouched They resort to violence to forcefeed their fascist views All we see is blood stained boots for no real reason on the news Is there ever a second thought that slips on through their mind That this is sick and wrong that this is so unkind No tolerance for ignorance that's the way it should be I'll try not to judge you but I know there's two sides to see There's much more to me, why can't you see There's two sides to see

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