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Count Raven lyrics

The Dance

Original and similar lyrics
Silence in the air, people are nervous, everyone is in fear This is the day the earth stands still, the sinners they must beware All through history people have tried to solve its mystery And today you have, can you still tell me that you don't believe I don't believe my own eyes I see a door it's open to paradise I see a new star coming in the black sky And I know that I am never gonna die The earth it starts to tremble as it draws its final breath A bodily chain reaction just like a man when he's near death People running scared, something siniter's in the way It's not science fiction, this is the final day Cosmic laws they cease today This is the return to beginning of time And there is a new world coming out of Orions belt And the strangest presence I have never felt The signs been in the fields so long You wouldn't believe it, you couldn't receive it Talking of the Kingdom come You refuse to see it, best is to leave it It is right in front of your eyes Hatred increasing, nature is leaving Our course was locked in suicide since the foundation No more grief and tears The shock waves start to ease down as our senses coming to The preparation has begun for the old world and the new Imagine people from the past and the future in the same place The four horsemen, the four dimensions, the same space

Dear Mrs.

JOHNNY CASH "Man In Black"
Dear Mrs though we've never met I know very much about you I know that you've got hair that shines like the morning sun You've got eyes that hold the blueness of the sky And of the deepest sea on a clear day and a smile that has a sparkle of a diamond I know that because I've heard him say those things about you These're the thoughts and the words of a man Who spent many heart breaking years behind prison walls The father of your children the man who worshipped the very ground that you walk on He had a picture of you Mrs it was old and faded and torn But you could tell at a glance that he never exaggerated in his thoughts and visions He never left his cell without first checking to see if he had your picture with him He was a young man when he first came to prison And he talked a great deal about you but as the years passed he talked less and less And during his last year here I don't believe he ever said a word to anybody He had the appearance of a man much older than he really was He walked with his head down and his shoulders saggin' And the walk itself seemed to take a great deal of effort He never received a letter or had a visitor while he was here in prison But never did he stop looking and waitin' Every day at mail call you could see him standing close to his bars With the look of a child awaiting a reward Even after the mailman had passed his cell his pleading eyes would follow beggin' As always he'd feel of his shirt pocket and then just stand there Staring at the emptiness and as always I could Somehow feel the lump in his throat And the burning in his eyes you know Mrs like just before you start to cry Well I thought you might like to know that they buried his body today Just outside the prison walls They buried him there because nobody cared enough to claim his body You know there was even a couple of old convicts there that actually cried No not because they cared for him but for what he died from they cared for Loneliness every prisoner knows loneliness but some know it more than others The man that they buried today had died many times Every day he waited hopin' and prayin' for a letter or a card Or just a note or anything to let him know that somewhere out there Somebody cared for him That assurance never came and today he died Mrs He died from loneliness starved for love a love that nobody ever wanted You see no man woman or child is immune to the need of love or to be loved No matter how terrible his crime might have been The death he died from today was more inhuman But his suffering is over now and he's resting in a pauper's grave in a prison suit And in his pocket is an old torn and faded picture of yes of you Mrs

Adventures Of ...

Above The Law
Chorus To the people thats been locked away for a while Keep your head up To my peoples thats been strugglin all their life Never give up (No never give up) To my people that are lost along the way I'll never forget (I'll never forget) Live your life the way you have to to get ahead With no regrets I used to run with straight cap peelers Hardcore killers To the people next door I wasn't nothin but the dope dealer Stayin up all night to make ends meet Ya, cuz livin in the ghetto ain't cheap And ask me do my momma know a thing - hell nah Cuz she gon be the first to turn me into the law I got tired of seeing the drama on her face All stressed out and depressed tryin to keep the place So I worked odd job after odd job for the man But that didn't even get my ends close enough to shake hands Im stressed out right about now So I hooked up with the homey from the streets to put it down He said you make 2 G's a drop Nigga don't be flossin about it or your ass sure to get popped Thinkin to myself I'ma do this for now Come up and blow up and move moms in the cut I'm doing about six drops a week I'm knowin niggaz from everyhood - partner it's all good I'm in school tryin to live out moms dream Outsell y'all and make a bomb ass smoke screen Locked in the game doin my thang like Bruce Wayne Tryin to ease momma pain and stop the rain I thank God I never been to the pen But if I had to I'd do it again Y'all better ask somebody (Phone rings) What's up man, this is Vin man -yo what's hapnin man I got some drama with some old playa haters -ah man, that's why you was blowin me up man? (-stop through) old horny ass, I'll be there in a mintue Like G's we roll with the ass rocked Like G's we roll with the tops down Like G's we coast til homey past the post Cuz yo we finna get fucked up I say uhhh kick the ? and uhhh Can you fell my illustration I'm thick for the penetration No hesitation I step to a f blowin the dust off her shelf I'm kinda horny - I just bounced from the county So if you don't mind me absorbing the womb Hit it smooth then slide out the room After making you assume the position Now I'm in the twist after goin on a mission Gotta spit at my homeys though - you know my peoples Yeah the ones in the hill plus the folks in the hood - we all equal I was talkin to my partner the other day We was sitting in the mall parking lot He was bout to serve three chicken wings He said shit ain't changed, homey, shit ain't changed So uh, strap for strap even though I rap Ain't know way in the hell I can watch my own back So I got my brother on the right and my brother on the left One in a khaki suit, the other one well dressed Hit you ass like the stealth - Above the Law Too much caviar, put holes through ya, lick you thorough your radar See I'm pistol whipping clicks with my lyrics I'm on a cheddar run so my family benefits I through the videos on the table for my young ones Let the maid know that I'm out - y'all I'm on one To meet with some real conglomerates on the street for some heat Then we smoke baby, then we drink baby Now my homies, I love my Cali scene It's the real thing, its the real thing


BEASTIE BOYS "Hello Nasty"
Words comin forth like water from the tap Clap tracks line the spaces places papers people stack Back track through the minutes when the thoughts went insane I pulled the picture off the cover and blew out the mind games People say this is the playlist of the void non-bound But I can say this is the plainness of the peace I've found It's not the sorrow or the pity that we hope to dismantle It's the cast of past dice lighting both ends of the candles Scandelescent in the means I have dreamed on the schemes Reunited in the times of such picturesque scenes Can I get a witness to testify Open your eyes realize electrify Electrify So I plan and I scam and write it off on my taxes It's times like these I'll just go with the decisions of the masses And to the crowds who've come before with their profit massing ways To the greed that fucked it up and brought it down to today With pain I stand sane and remain holding strong Whilst all around me those who clowned me are now drowning by the throngs It's illogical the actions that are typically displayed A set back ain't all that much problem to invade So I will glow like a lantern on a new moon night I'll fight violence with these hands that weren't built to fight But like a furnace burning coal my goals are bound to burn in flames Whether achieved or dismantled by the agendas displayed Can I get a witness to testify Open your eyes realize electrify Electrify

Project Blowed

Aceyalone "Accepted Eclectic"
Yo this goes out to hip hop world wide. Straight from Leimert Park, California, los Angeles. Yo, everybody in the hip hop struggle, in the life Struggle, makin' a name for themselves, makin' history, makin' a change. Yeah all the project blowedians, all the tape Slangers, all the record pushers. This goes out to everybody doin' it on they own Livin' Legends, C.V.E., Hieroglyphics, Likwit Crew, Global Phlowtaions. Project Blowed what's the code I been rockin' mics since I was 12 years old I was born in the jungle, the concrete slab Where people take any and everything that they can grab Some niggas chilled on the block, but chilled in the lab My project was to blow you up and break you off a slab People are strange, and people are bad But the gift of gabrier was something beautiful to have It started at the good life, house of the first sightin' We snatched raps out of they mouths when they were biting There was nothing more exciting then to serve and perform On Crenshaw and Exposition God was born He said please pass the mic to whomever is tight Me and the Fellowship took it and we held it for dear life The Inner City Griots, the wild, the style, the crew The ones they got their styles from, but claimed They never knew Already...Yeah The underground source, which everyone Eventually feeds from. Influence the industry in a round about way. What up to Dilated peoples, O.M.D., Pharcyde, Jurassic 5, Erule, Hobo Junction What's up Saucey, what's up Trend, Medusa Manifesto, Hip Hop Clan. Well the parties jumpin', the Blowed is packed And when a crowds like this I'm ready to rap But before I can bust a rhyme on the mic I gotta serve you in a cipher just to ear my stripes The scared battle dog, with the underground catalogue Fuck it, tryin' to make the world a better place Instead of duckin', still tryin' to make the ducktes Make the knowledge rain down in buckets Make a little somethin', and tuck it, just to give it away Build a work shop round where I stay Some people got the love, but they don't know the way Some people know the way, but they don't know what to say And I'm the sensei I greet'em from far and near Better watch the light in your eyes, a stars in here Leimert Park's very own Aceyalone The one who made the whole world come off the dome Up at the Blowed What's the code Yo I'd like to send a special shout out to Ben Caldwell Much respect, thank You for everything you've done. Richard, 5th streets, World Stage - Billy Higgins. Much respect due to the Watts Prophets. The Last Poets, and all the other poets out there Much love What's up A.K. Tony You ever seen a rapper with fire in his eyes Wired up off the bud smoke tryin' to fly Rap, rap, rappin', rhyme, rhyme, rhyme Leimert Park and 43th turn into a landmine B-boy's tryin' to flow they rhymes, and b-girls Lookin' oh so fine My man Bad Drew gots the fresh designs And Cheatum got the sound set bangin' from behind 5000 boomin' watts, KAOS network state of the art Audio-video, filmin' and editin' , capoieria and meditations Computers and telebeams, at the workshop every Thrusday night Where we give the new definition to open mic I hope y'all don't mistake glitter for gold While we doin' it, and puttin' it down at the Project Blowed What's the code Yo, special shout out to all the god love, and all the Energy out there, Positivity all the righteous men and women. Yo, what's up to my homie Djinji Brown, Diamond D, Black Star, De La Soul, Organized Konfusion, Common, Bahamadia, KRS-ONE. There's a whole lotta people out there I respect. Project Bliz-ni-iz-no...puttin' it down.

Set Me Up

PROJECT 86 "Drawing Black Lines"
Right in front of me dropping another game Now I watch your face as your eyes look down Away from my glance Backstabbed as I hear the cracks drop smack I count the ways your little whispers swell to greet my daze Underground, so down, your scene above me But now I see so clearly I'm not down, I never could be And it's long past time for me to show you Speak my mind in response to your condescending way Of placing me below your feet 'It's not what you know, it's who you know' But all I know now is you live for the show' Smiles in my face with smirks in your eyes And I understand what it means to be 'Legit' in your eyes, not I Nor none of my 'attempts' to be on the inside I'm not down, I never could be And it's time, this time I'll show you Set me up Knocked down Knocked down from your clique, you Understand how you rejected me I look at your face and weep for your 'scene' So I ask myself what needs to be said What now, what light can I shed As I battle to fight down the angry thought That's swelling to escape my head So it's plain as day and you can see that I have a right to explain my self to you So don't look away or turn away or laugh away Because your 'scene' is dead today We can't bring ourselves back down to this level Because you are no better than me Down with all that took us away from standing as one and living as one Am I so different from you that you cannot dispel with your status and look at my face Am I so distant from you that I cannot break free from this stereotype today Am I so separate from you that you cannot regard me as equal and clean this stain

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