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Count Raven lyrics

In The Name Of Rock N Roll

Original and similar lyrics
Marie Kelly must die Her accusations we deny Free masons are involved Jack the Ripper's mystery is solved A young Annie Crook has marriage plans A certain prince is the man The Royal House does not approve A catholic and a local too Secretly she was put away A mental hospital and there to stay There it didn't matter what she'd say They wouldn't listen anyway Marie Kelly you were truly one of a kind Blackmailing the Royal House, you freely spoke your mind In doing what you did you were an enemy of the State Five dead prostitutes a waste of time to investigate Marie Kelly you just wanted your friend to be free That it meant you'd lose your life, that you could not see We fear death and darkness my friend that's why we need a legend Marie Kelly did die Honour her and live and stop the lie

Block Royal

JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
Hey yo Carl Blaze tell Screw we did it B R. [Chorus:] If you never ran Never will Sit up in the can Wait it out Never squeal Then you Block Royal. See that the team is fed When it gotta go down You aim beam at his head Then you Block Royal. It ain't easy being a rider But I guess sometimes you Just gotta do wha you gotta. We're not guaranteed a tomorrow But when you royality on the block you dyin with honor. Who practically own your jeans Play up in X-Bar and deep with Prostyle and Camillo we rep hard. Screw army B R, B R, B R, Don't tool on me We are, we are, we are More than a million strong, who want what Hey Carl Blaze just pass we tight already you can get stomped up. I'm usually calm but I took to many losses last year, I swear I'm fitted call Akon up. My Senegal Africans get ta clappin fa niccas yea, Sit em in ya anthem get it crackin and disappear. We ain't a CLICK, we ain't a GANG, we a FAMILY We're in New York, we're in L A, we're in Miami. We definitely in New Jerz Where plenty of murders occur So just splurge When a nicca says Yo datz ma word Free Flav, Cessa, free Jo Lo, free Umph, Mike My, free Joe Joe. [Chorus] Who V.I.P up in Exit with tha bottle slouchy. Ain't let us up in Lotus so we tore down Roxy's. On tha side of tha booth with Enough See I'm buggin I'm drunk Shorty ugly but her booty is tuff And I stays after ass I have ta have sumthin with a bounce Like a track from Dre at Aftermath. Somebody said let's slide to Ringside, It's poppin a 2-Tone Inside with dat wakatezee they watch out. Clockin tha way we move Rockin tha crazy jewels But God forbid they should plot We'll be poppin with eighty-two's. They don't call him A K fa nuthin What you thinkin bout He'll lay sumthin down in New York And take the Lincoln out. All the way down ta Sweets get a shape up and eat Call Big Joe walk right in y'all been on line fa weeks. Dennis line tha freaks so that V I's packed So I'm probably lyin When I tell you that I'll be right back. [Chorus] [2-Tone:] Yo Joe E Z I told you Screw saw it Carl Blaze repped it You already know how 2-Tone feel about it Now everybody gonna feel it. Heavy Hitters got us, All Pro got us, We run around ownin tha clubs with Hitless. New Life is fammo (Big Joe) we don't even know what a club line looks like. When you Block Royal you walk right in. How many people? What you mean how many people? 2-Tone plus seventy-three. Yeeeeooooowwwwwwww [Joell Ortiz:] Yeeeeooooowwwwwwww

Friend Of Mine (Remix)

KELLY PRICE "Soul Of A Woman"
Ron I.- yea Kelly, you there? now listen baby I got your message I'm just confused I don't understand everything but I'm on my way over there to you now you stay on the phone and tell me everything that went down Kelly P.-see I was the one who picked her up when so called friends let her down Ron I.-uh-huh Kelly P.- and I was the one who took her in when that fool put her out, Ron I.-I know a true friend in deed you see I was there when shit was goin down Ron I.- you know I know but she betrayed me I caught her with him comin in from outta town Ron I.- you what? tell me... Ron I.- awww shit (chorus) wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y Kelly P.-I wanna know Ron I.-why baby wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y Kelly P.- Now I put my trust in him I can't believe he slept with her behind my back I went out on a limb I even covered up to keep his thing in tact What he had in me was sumthin real thats so hard to come about But he betrayed me, there was a photo and some laundry that I found tell me... (chorus) wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y Kelly P.- I put all ma trust in you baby wh-y-y Ron I.-ohh wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y wh-y-y Kelly P.-(She was) she was my best friend (through what eva, what eva) roll with me through thick and thin (my homie, my homie) sistahs to the very end, and I-I-I (can't believe it, can't believe it, can't believe it) He was everything to me (evrything to me baby) Now out the door he's history(Oh now you gotta go) You couldv'e had everything and I-I-I (can't believe it, can't believe it,can't believe it) Ron I.- No no no no no no no noooo Kelly P.-Why why whyyy ( can't believe it I can't believe it) Ron I.-Kelly let me call him up Kelly P.-No no no no Ron I.-And just talk to him Kelly P.-there's nothing to say cause it's too late....ooohhhhh Ron I.-I know it but it's the principle about the whole thing I'm your godfather and I can't stand for nobody to hurt you baby Ron I.-So just call him up Kelly P.-No, I don't wanna, I don't wanna Ron I.-Call him baby Kelly P.-uh-unngh Ron I.-Call him right now Kelly P.-I'm callin, I'm callin, I'm callin Ron I.-Call him (ringing) R. Kelly -Hello? Who's this? Ron I.-This is Mister Bigg R. Kelly-How you doin Mister Bigg? Ron I.-What da hell is goin on ? R. Kelly-What you mean whats goin on? Ron I.-Kelly's tellin me that you're sleepin wit another woman R. Kelly -Just because she sees me wit her doesn't mean I'm sleepin wit her Ron I.-Well if ya not sleepin wit her what da hell you doin wit her? R. Kelly -Damn I could be just talkin to her Ron I.-Or you could be just sleepin wit her Now son, man to man, we both know tha game R. Kelly -Yeah but whats that got.. Ron I. -...Wait a minute now you know all about heartache and pain, Kelly P.- I don't want him no more this is my god daughter and I'm just tryin to protect her heart Kelly P.-(don't waste your time) Ron I.-you may have been a moon to her, but to me she's the stars Kelly P.-(why why why) Kelly take this phone... (wh-y-y until fade) Kelly P. She was my best friend you were my husband oh but I don't want you no no no mo, said I don't want you no no no no mo See you shaped and molded be what you wanted me to be She was the leaf in your vine but I was the root to your tree oooohhhhhhhhhh


DEL AMITRI "Waking Hours"
Don't get so distressed If the good life won't arrive You've been reading S.O.S. When it's just your clock reading 5:05 And why are you so possessed By the thought that she got free And why are you figuring who's the best When just your luck ran out and she chose me We do not lie side by side and mock the thought of you And I don't take her hand and ask Is this what he used to do? 'Cos I just want to free her from Your jails of jealous dreams 'Cos at least a house when it's empty Stays clean I won't pretend That I was simply swayed It was a two way thing not a Three day fling No secrets kept, no truth betrayed And here's the house that held The nightmare that went on And you're sitting there wishing you'd never been born With that self-inflicted crown of thorns We do not lie side by side and mock the thought of you And I don't take her hand and ask Is this what he used to do? 'Cos I just want to free her from Your jails of jealous dreams 'Cos at least a house when it's empty Stays clean I won't pretend That I'm the saviour of the innocent and bad But put two withered old blooms in a couple of rooms And they'll behave like lunatics and crave what makes them sad So here's a card that says Happy twenty-second birthday and I wish you were dead And here's a house that held a bevy of devils and an angel as well And you want what I've got When all I've got is guilt And a room that won't stay still Filled with pockets full of crumpled up money and a mantelpiece littered with bills 'Cos at least a house when it's empty Stays clean

Mary's House

Fried my brain before my time. Looked around at all the beautiful people. And then my arm turned red... And all I saw was my blood just rush away. Hid the needle with a smiling face. Going down just to find my mind... To lose it in a pile of waste. Went on down to a merry-go-round. Chased myself into a vertical hideaway. And then I fell to the ground. Someone, please, please, Take me back to Mary's house... To push it with a needle again Don't tell my momma... She was my only friend Let me out... I want out of here. I refuse to break my hands again. My best friend is an emergency. And its Mary's fault.. That's what she said. Plenty of nights of knotting pain. Take a drink and help me anyone. Oh I have lost all shame. Was it fun? Who will take me back to Mary's house? To push it with a needle again. Don't tell my momma.. She wouldn't understand. Let me out... I want out of here. I refuse to break my hands again. My best friend is an emergency. And its Mary's fault... That's what she said. I am Mary's house. I beg you to stay. I am Mary's house. I beg you to stay. I am Mary's house. I beg you to stay.

Breaking Free

Gorilla Biscuit "Gorilla Biscuits"
Mourning for what? A lost friend I don't need. I never pressured you to live the way that I do You're tied for last in a one man race, You shoved your views in my face. I don't like it! Why does shit like this tear friends apart, apart - a flip of a coin, that's what you are We must work together and I'm working hard To see the good in everyone I'll see that justice will be done It's my lifestyle that you slag, once my friend now just a drag, A fuckin drag I'm breaking free of friendships dead, I need your fucking guidance like a hole in the head. You look to me for sympathy, you had your chance, now let me fucking be, Let me be I'm Breaking Free

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