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Count Raven lyrics

Childrens Holocaust

Original and similar lyrics
So sorry, it got out of hand Sometimes it happens, You understand The prisoners broke free, inside of them was our experiment Like LSD to go public it was never meant Now we must, immediately close the file All accusations, the usual way, we must deny The shadow minds, gathered around the Pentagram They always fight, a war, on our planet grand Angel of death has come this way to stay Using his forces, its resources, to spread the decay The knowledge of the facts, are kept in the dark A disease You can't see, still it's in Your body heart Panic buttons are pushed around the world There's no solution, still they pretend like they never heard There is no safe sex condoms won't save You Tell me brothers sisters, what are You going to do Now the world is entering a sad state We see no difference between true love hate Angel of death has come this way to stay Using his forces, its resources, to spread the decay Children of love arise Now's the time to use all understanding Children of God arise Now You've got to move faster than lightning To help these people out, all minds are set We pay no attention to those who haven't caught it yet This is what really makes me ill To prevent it to go further, it seems to be no will There's only one way to go right now You don't like it but listen anyhow Give those people a country, help them build it well Work this out or we will face global hell Angel of death has come this way to stay Using his forces, its resources, to spread the decay

Angel Of Death

SLAYER "Reign In Blood"
[Lyrics Music - Hanneman] Auschwitz, the meaning of pain The why that I want you to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that cleanse you of your life Forced in Like cattle You run Stripped of Your life's worth Human mice, for the Angel of Death Four hundred thousand more to die Angel of Death Monarch to the kingdom of the dead Sadistic, surgeon of demise Sadist of the noblest blood Destroying, without mercy To benefit the Aryan race Surgery, with no anesthesia Fell the knife pierce you intensely Inferior, no use to mankind Strapped down screaming out to die Angel of Death Monarch to the kingdom of the dead Infamous butcher, Angel of Death Pumped with fluid, inside your brain Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes Burning flesh, drips away Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil Frigid cold, cracks your limbs How long can you last In this frozen water burial Sewn together, joining heads Just a matter of time 'Til you rip yourselves apart Millions laid out in their Crowded tombs Sickening ways to achieve The holocaust Seas of blood, bury life Smell your death as it burns Deep inside of you Abacinate, eyes that bleed Praying for the end of Your wide awake nightmare Wings of pain, reach out for you His face of death staring down, Your blood running cold Injecting cells, dying eyes Feeding on the screams of The mutants he's creating Pathetic harmless victims Left to die Rancid Angel of Death Flying free [LEADS: HANNEMAN, KING, HANNEMAN, KING, HANNEMAN] Angel of Death Monarch to the kingdom of the dead Infamous butcher, Angel of Death Angel of Death


Yin "Beggining Of The Ressurection"
verse one Yin i don't need no aid from bloods n crips without mercy i unleash apocalypse it s the death the raid(death raid) people of the earth begin to fade everywhere i go everytime i flow i stay the same as a maruauder in the depths of death i'm not a fodder why even try! no one can stop apocalypse its everyones path and jesus' wrath yeah yes i'm the heir,best prepare, life i won't share,you can't be spared i ain't gotta be a gansta,just to run up and shank ya,i'm young out of control insaine in the brain,i can't be tamed not many of you know my name, i'm not procastinating, and when i say apocalypse its not exagerating,i hit like car clision you worthless like behind bars in prison, see lets clash, when i scare ya mind like a rash,'so when i put ya in my dimension, you besta gain tension,i'm a monsta the devil,my flow is higher than any level from the ashes i'm known as a rebel in my face no one revels,i don't fall in love i stay magnetic in the game repelling shame and attracting fame pulse so hot you cant restrain,my flow is raw you can't sustain,put me in shackles on my feet,you betta catch a fleet cuz when i'm free its APOCALYSPE!! chorus you don't know when it comes blowin faster than ak guns i'm in with APOCALYSPE you don't know what is gon do flames to water i'm the APOCALYPSE verse 2 in my brain i don't feel pain i thro bo's wit electrical flows wants some more drop to the floor fear you desire i'm layin a heated fire 99 ways to make 2pacs gheto gospel so i'ma find 6 million ways to die it possible,me a soldier who takes sin upon his shoulders,ain't afrriad to die its no lie when niggaz cry yin i'm the caine yin thats my name its the beggining of the end i'm 1000 niggaz strong no emmotion to show, cuz i give death,i'll rob ya soul like grand theft,you got guns but affraid to use them,dealin wit me will but ya bones display in a british museum, heheheheh yin i'm commin up main east coast orlando chorusx2

Presents From The Poison-hearted

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day"
Reigning at the feast of Phantasia Heightened pleasures were endeavoured to bow Before My coronation and vocal aspirations To rule this fool creation fallen ‘neath Me now I knew deep eyes Of a distant Christ Were scarred from afar under starry lustre Sighting my recitals on the rites of vice Perverting Virtue Enslaving grace Behind the glittering mask of pride Saving face finding thorns to pierce His side Desire, the fire Spread hell throughout my soul And higher the wire The more I sought control Straining from the leash in exultation Head to the wind to breathe with ravenous lungs The global scent of fornication A writhe of many vipers deciphering tongues I whispered schemes to dreamers then To pursue an Eden That screamed of me supreme again As my world bloomed So too the moon Through Adam to Seth,Enos,Cainan Mahalaleel and Jared blew Perverting virtue Enslaving grace Behind the slippery guise of lies Saving face making waves to drown their faith Messiahs, pariahs Aeons reversed the two Thus higher, their sprites The more cursed grew their roots And suffering… I swept cruel seas On the galley of the shadow of death A fist in the cunt of the spread horizon A kiss for the sun risen red once dined on The coast of Menses Discharged from celestial wombs A first degree murder of ravens Followed in fugue through the crack of doom The Goat of Mendes I set regime In the galley of the shadow of death Angels in raiments As pure as coal Taking their payments In tortured mortal souls A bold direction The abyss edge But on cold reflection One they warmed to nonetheless As they preyed the paths of the righteous Through the myth of thistled orchard floors Bearing gifts of plenitude, for The apples of the Lord were rotten to the core Temptation, My ambassador Attila, Herod, Pharisees and Nero All begged of Me for more Down dark steps of history I waged a war with a Heaven I could not see… Beyond My wildest fantasies Throwing sixes over deadly sin I traded those who played to win Skin for precious skin… And that that wormed within Staining the reams of revelation Etching ever-afters in accursed verse The limpid rags of resurrection From papal parapets were to dirt dispersed Desire, the flyers Spread Hell throughout their souls And higher the fire The more I held control

Young Offender

NEW ORDER "Republic"
Pictures of an image of a person who could not be blamed You are a colour and you are a number We need a sanction to see one another If I keep my distance in the season of this slender hell It's because of the need to live off one another Go home young offender and stay undercover We're busy running out of time (Whatever it takes, I will make you mine) I'll take the future from your hands (All the things I've ever had, I can make the perfect crime) We're strong, we do our thing Let the world cry, watch the birds sing Give me the freedom, I need to recover Words cannot heal, when a line is your lover Wind howls in my chamber like an angel (like an angel) You are a colour and you are a number Go home young offender and stay undercover


The first angel is the atmosphere Second is a part of you The third's the wings of death The fourth angel takes your soul Fifth shows you the paradise Sixth angel brings you new life The seventh sends you dreams Eight show you the right way The ninth angel judges over you The last angel sends pain and agony The powers of darkness in battle with the humane You soul forever caught in hell But I saw the angel fly The good will triumph The angel of death sent to do evil Army of hell The danger of the darkside Angel of wisdom and faith protects your soul Like a marionette in the wind, a toy of the mighty I saw the angel fly

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