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Cornershop lyrics

Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky Iii

Original and similar lyrics
Reporting damage it is soft rock shit The TSB Rock School The overgrown supershit The super models well they can't get enough of it The overgrown supershit Against the GTX It is rugged GT Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III Lesson 1. The A&Rs are in it to the hips The overgrown Supershit (3x) Yea, the overgrown Supershit Who spent the Rock School In the rock pool Miami beach Chicks with dicks Who's testing when it's Ed that's flexing The overgrown Supershit Yea, the overgrown Supershit The overgrown Supershit Yea, the overgrown Supershit Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III Sheepskin shoes tend to run the industry Lesson 2. Cop the groove Lesson 3 is to ignore 4. Round 5 going into 6 I understand guns in the A&R office 7. we're cooking with Amitabh Bachchan 8. it's a real heavy weight 9. we're rocking New York time 10x10 It's like St. John said The overgrown Supershit (2x) Yea, the overgrown Supershit The overgrown Supershit Message from the wreckage It is soft rock shit TSB Rock School Overgrown supershit The super models well they can't get enough of it The overgrown Supershit Ohh ohhh yea yea Yea, the overgrown Supershit Ohh ohhh yea yea The overgrown Supershit Ohh ohhh yea yea Ohh ohhh yea yea

Slide And Rock On

REDMAN "Dare Iz A Darkside"
Intro: Yo, this blunt is for all the niggaz that was in the holdin pen with me in central booking Welcome to the system [Ha ha ha haaaa! Yeahhh! Motherfuckers! Coming to you live from Newark, New Jersey] [Hey Redman would you roll that blunt and get me fucked up] Fucked up [all night] all night [Hey Redman would you roll that blunt and get me fucked up] Fucked up [all night] all night [Yeah! Coming to you live, straight out of Jersey, motherfucker] Verse One: Rock on, rock on, yo here comes that Funkadelic I come wtter than Purple Rain, I bust brains, the funk Doctor Spock, got the glock, now I'm smokin out your sess spot I rock from here to Bedstuy, I hit the spot like XY Who is that nigga that's comin six billion feet I roll my funk and find tone even smoke up blues with 18th Street I cut massively with sneaky styles like Dick Dastardly Look at the letter-coated afro like my man Shaft would be The new vroom, crisp like chicken and Chinese food I'm just like The Whispers here to put you in the mood [Jumpin Jersey] Yeah you heard me, got more family than the Partridge Roll the red carpet for Red from here to corner markey You're tryin me, I'm a menace of society, right [Yo yo they killed your style] Yo yo, I ain't lettin shit ride Droppin the verbs and nouns, antonyms and homonyms Covering my dick, plus I'm diesel like all of them Chorus: Repeat 2X Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on [somebody, help meeeeee!] Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on [You gotta rock on] Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on Rock rock on, you gotta rock rock on Verse Two: My momma used to tell me turn that shit the fuck off So I had to play like Foxy and get off [get off] My shit was thick I bought a clip then cocked my own grip at honeydips Cause moms made enough loot just to pay the bills with, beeitch Selling bags from uptowwwwn Me and Lester put our money together now we got the block locked down 31 to local A-Train's, Hoboken I took the back way, New Jersey transit cops were open I'm hopin, that they don't go inside my boots Cause we had everything, from jewelry to thai-one suits And ClienTEL, I'm drinkin Ballentine L in hell So Redman rock well before our record sell Then my moms crib was jacked by the jealous [And if ya ain't come back] Is what the base-head used to tell us [Yo fellaz!] Our whole scheme sinkin like boats Cause Les mixed biz with pleasure when we shoulda stuck to lactose But every good thing comes to a end With no ends, on the block, sellin weed again My moms tried to make me go to school, I just didn't listen Got locked up, now I'm all in the system, listen Chorus Verse Three: Whassup! I tickle your putty-cars with my loonie raps on groovy tracks, I make new jacks catch convulsions like groupie acts From my city I spread it all like Jiffy It's a mystery, my spliff be live like 145th be I mold like clay, and roll dice just like Andrew I stay strapped just like bamboo, my crewsa got mad handle Whatever, the weather be, I got mental telepathy So throw your bombest rapper and watch me intercept MC's I keep my car underground just like the Lords Even though I'm known, like all the four wheels on the course So let me pull up to your bumper like Grace Jones Cause my shit be WAY off the hook like pay phonesssahh! *dial tone*

Good Mourning

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
Good morning, Brook-nam Another stop... on the train (wake up... wake up... wake up...) We come to a stop that everybody got to make... Whether you local or express [Talib Kweli] What's the meanin of ghettofabulous Not ridin the back of the bus I'm a revolutionary antagonist Some playas is mad at us for just doin our music out of love Some underground heads is hatin cause we have fun at clubs I'm probably on some government list for my rhymin You a fool if you don't think they already tapped your line Medicine is big business so my remedies is herbal It's music is for the people so we Reflection Eternal Listen, you hear the difference between science and science fiction We blow it out like if you leave on every appliance in the kitchen at once; still rolling kind bud in Cuban blunts On the corner watchin how kids comin to Brooklyn for they fronts Niggas run past what they need chasing after what they want Fuckin chumps, you walk down the street and get jumped Brooklyn cats like to bubble out of town no lookin back When you a ghetto chef you mastered the art of cookin crack Some get caught sleepin on the Mother City so when they go They come back as tales of niggas we used to know Never looked up to see the stars in all they heavenly glory Just straight ahead cause the peripheral is buildings with mad stories Not floors but dramas is played out, shorties get laid out like respect and fade out like TV sets into the banks of our memories (let it be) we'll never forget you Lyin on your deathbed askin for God to bless you [Hook: Talib Kweli] Good mourning, good afternoon, good night What have you done with your life Everybody time comes to be embraced by the light You only scared to die when you ain't livin right, man I'm puttin up a hellafied fight {*Hi Tek scratch: Stay awake to the ways of the world *} [Talib Kweli] I need you all to be clear on exactly what I'm sayin With your attention span I understand that I ain't playin You mistaken if you somehow think it's just me you facin Starin me down while your enemy is standin adjacent My heart is racin but I know just what I stand for We chasin death carelessly like +Jessica+, I +Care Moore+ Who said, Just because no one can understand how you speak don't necessarily mean that what you be sayin is deep In case you die in your sleep you ask the Lord for a blessin Sometimes they sneak up so quiet that the silence is deafenin You'll never know who the assassin is until it's your time to go Your life is flashin, askin for forgiveness but you move too slow Now the people that you love bear the pain that you once harbored You was livin for yourself so you could never be a martyr Life is hard, death is harder; you somebody baby father Someone's lover, son of your mother, somebody brother Somebody nigga, now your spirit in the air like a whisper Hearin your name mentioned when we pourin out some liquor The days go by quicker and the nights don't seem to differ It's gettin cold, so I shivered and asked my soul to be delivered [Hook: Talib Kweli] Good mourning, good afternoon, good night What have you done with your life Everybody time comes to be embraced by the light You only scared to die when you ain't livin right, man I'm puttin up a hellafied fight {*Hi Tek scratch: Stay awake to the ways of the world *} [Talib Kweli] Yo, the time come for everybody.. It ain't somethin you can really prepare for Yo, yo, Mad Duke, rock rock on and Curtis Mayfield, rock rock on and Grover Washington, rock rock on and My Aunt Hazel, rock rock on and Big L, rock rock on and Freaky Tah rock rock on and Jerome Green, rock rock on and Slang Ton, rock rock on and We celebrate life.. {*echoes*}

A Day At The Races

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Akil] Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those with musical talents, uhh Read it in bold print, we holdin it down Lick a shot, hip-hop when we in yo' town Uhh, master blaster sound Freak the future far from here and now With style, release increase the peace, uhh Bubble with the beat 'til they feelin the heat in the streets Now each one, teach one, reach one, young gun On one, listen to the warrior's drum Beatin up the block with the ghetto hop that knock and make you wanna crash the spot And unlock explode (BOOM) the alpha and omega code With drum rolls and old soul, we uphold And foretold to scores of six years ago Fast flow from G. Rap to Kool Moe Supasyllable, major to the minimal Every individual, bounce to the tempo yo Lungs collapse and raps be trapped in The only way to make it happen, jaw-jappin, fast rappin [Zaakir] Yo, I'm the hot dog that run the hottest monologue In star poetic inserts and yes y'all s My speech is like holding two glocks apiece The outreach that rock police The super adventure men portend to put somethin in bitches Win when we write, the Emmy winner get hyped, off any printer And I came to get it (HIT IT) Like Operation PUSH, operate the tush Black octopus of soul, in inter-planetary patrol I planted my gold, and low and behold It's the brother doc, ready to rock-rock Don't stop Hobbes, I known like the lumberjack chop chop The wordsmith, I write in block letters of cursive Curse my circus, serve this surface And watch how the brother fet over The fly Cassanova with the frankencense odor [Percy P] Bear witness To where riches'll make career bitches share pictures When the ears get this ya brainses software'll glitches Splatter your brains Leave scattered remains of matter and stains That'll explain how you was battled and slain I get rude and go, to your show and use a row of fans to BOO and throw you off 'til you lose your flow A pro mean like Joe Greene when I blow theme Put your whole team on pause like cold cream Then show laughter when I flow faster, your hoe haveta go after her weave from the breeze when I blow past ya I'm dapper plus ghetto and just pedal When the dust settles we left in the rubble the crushed metal Nurses with hearses sealin conversed with lit purses Spit fire, make you first to bit, try me Like Osama, odoma', I'ma cause trauma And homicides when I collide I get kamikaze [Big Daddy Kane] Kane baby, walk hard, the p-jects On streets of Brooklyn I'm a crew of D-cepts On streets of L.A. I'm a whole E-set On tracks with Jurassic I be the T-Rex Still that Gucci dressin, still that coochie pressin My pimp game smooth be-gets 'em I don't use discretion; cop tends to be stressin Fuck explainin it, who's he testin? Finsta perform all physical forms Leave your ass shakin like a Mystikal song Please Dumb, what type of shit was you on? Cause man to compress a nigga mean One less a nigga (uh-huh) All I want is my niggaz all recruitin a slimmy All I want is my liver all polluted with Remi Duel with any, bring it, I face-off Son you out your league like Jordan was with baseball [Chali 2na] Yeahhh, your majesty, word flash photography Third class economy, blade slashed your artery Nerve gassed anatomy, blurred past dramatically Herbs hashed, my word splash packed agility Never predictability Manouvers of mind fully designed cause I'm true to the rhyme We do the sublime, crackin yo' backbone Attackin you wack clones Vernacular right and exact, capital rap zone that come back verbal assault rifle (ahhhhh) We fight like Stokely Carmichael Nope! We just like you We broke and ain't no tellin what we might do Ain't no joke Provoke the right to reverse to seek mercy with the King Asiatic and Percy P Ain't heard the worst of me, until your chest 3-D Spit venom and burn your body like a STD [Marc 7] Put a 20 on the next brother steppin to me wrong I mess around a lick cause you done cheat on my theme song This might seem wrong, but this is a mean song Crushed like King-Kong, and just like ping-pong Back and forth, I spit knowl' and toss, it's time to floss My verbal affirmation is to always go off When syllables slide you'll be enjoyin the vibe When consider it pride, it's J5 When another deadly medley, camera action yo we heavy Aim steady slash machette Mazeratti engine ready Good and plenty don't be petty count the fetti and we jetti OFF to another city where we do our nitty grity We wild like Serengeti, tear it down let's seek and set it Get ready, for the ride, verbally hand-glide Write and stay tight, mission's in sight Murderer worldwide the stage is yo' knife

Proceed Iv (Aj Shine's Proceed Without A Pause)

Here we go Heh heh here we go Heh, heh heh, heh heh, heh here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, here we go Heh heh, heheheheh, here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, here we go Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh, heh, heh heh heh heh, heh, heh heh, heh, heh heh *fades* Verse One: Malik B I can make you dance, I can make you shout The scripts in the scroll turned the whole party out Inject my lyrics in a sec with dialect Why accept, because it's from the highest eye and depth Rap extrordinaire share me never ever See through because I be true, Malik's together Intox your cells till your brain vein swells *gunshot* claim terror when their never parellel Once I have a hunch that there's MC's that front I just crunched a whole bunch, in one big munch I always stand firm, under any term My actions never squirm cuz my tracks is perm Have a tendency to defend this MC My residency is simply in sensei I makes it vivid, on different continents of earth I pivot It seems extreme and exquisite but ask it is it My style is like a cat from a seventies flick Talkin jive as he strut with his afro pick Or a predator, just before he stalks his pray When I talk this way, I do dismay See you're puzzled, now how I think you're trying to juggle My mind is like a nine M double, now there's trouble The Roots bring you styles and all types of creed I sign off but I shall proceed Chorus: I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the mic (4X) Verse Two: Black Thought Yo, we could get fly, we could get fly We could get fly that's the anthem of my crew not to glorify still it's sorta high Troubles of the world bring tears to my eye wonder why my man, can't vaccinate, y'all know the fate Similar to the way I'm a disease on tape Within a world of hate many mics I *gunshot* To escape Metropolis is such a violent state I spill words over pages, styles over phrases from the world's different stages for crowds of different ages Though not a nova, you witness like Jehovah Now *gunshot* beg for lyrical plague to pass them over Right right n----z is like stick up kids Doin bids you got caught, enter the Black Thought I interface with bass when I communicate Crowds I elevate, to a higher mindstate of rap thinking, see musically the Black thinking rhythm therefore, I give em what I'm giving, therefore I give em what I'm giving that's the hardcore The Roots'll keep it real for sure, and I shall proceed Chorus: I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the mic (7X) I shall, proceed, and continue, to rock the to rock the to rock the... Representin, the planet, West Oakland The A-to-the-J, dip to the dollar, the sign, the shine Watch the Heat, Productions Red Hot, and Cool, youknowhatI'msayin?


JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
[Verse 1:] This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views On the game of H-I-p-h-o-p We terrorizing you misfits These wack emcees got the game twisted We don't give a fuck about your rings and your chains Your four-dot six Range Or Frankie B jeans I came in the game motherfucka was deaf to the bling Jay Elect reign supreme over everything Meet the heavenly man mics in my hand I rip 'em Brrrr-ha stick 'em ha-ha-ha stick 'em Wack rappers we vick* 'em And leave 'em for dead For spittin' that wack shit That they see in they head Mufucka' [Chorus] [Verse 2:] The last dragon, carrying weight like Oprah Redeemer of Abnoloima and san koufa I mash out more posses than Billy and Fame Sucka emcees rock ice but they really in flames Eighty-five think they free but they really in chains Talking that big willy looking silly and strange Earthquakes and rain, hail snow locust and bees All of the above is caused by the dopest emcees Back day I used to rock Adidas open with Lees Windmill on the cardboard and close with the freeze Silly suckas [Chorus] [Verse 3:] It's War with The Dragon, visit your day see god, Spar with apassion, this is your day swing hard. As I spark your imagi, nation it may seem odd, This world is crazy hard, but it made me god, Rock with the blastmaster of rock with a rap masters, The Notorious BIG and 2Pac were the last Pastors. I gotta grab the, torch and lead the flock to the pastures, Return of the Jedi, who stud-eye-d under the master. Jakes wanna creep me, The eighth B60 defeat me, I'm feelin leepy, Homeland Security breechy, They can't compete B, my Third Eye vision is 3D. Saw you with Mouson, cuttin civilizin the BC, Rappers a misfit, cheap trick covered with lipstick, Yappin about free me, going plat with the... War with The Dragon, I'm here to clash with the beast, Harass the Police, in the process of establishin peace, FOREVER.

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