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CHRIS REA lyrics - Shamrock Diaries

Steel River

Original and similar lyrics
I was born and raised on steel river I see it all like it was yesterday The ships and bridges they were all delivered From Sydney harbour to the Cisco bay And I met my love down on steel river We served our dreams and spent our childhood days In rainy streets we'd kiss away the shivers And hide from fear inside the latest craze Dancing to Motown Making love with Carole King record playing And oh how I loved you Say goodbye steel river Ten thousand bombers hit the steel river And many died to keep her running free And she survived but now she's gone forever Her burning heart is just a memory And I ran away from life on steel river Luck or not I gladly took the break The odds were low the chances nearly zero A chance it was I had to take Say goodbye steel river They say that salmon swim in steel river They say it's good to see them back again I know it hurts to see what really happened I know one salmon ain't no good to them They were born and raised to serve their steel mother It was they taught and all they ever knew And they believed that she would keep their children Even though not a single word was true Say goodbye steel river

Proud Mary

TINA TURNER "What's Love Got To Do With It"
Left a good job in the city Workin' for the Man every night and day But I never lost a minute of sleepin' Worryin' 'bout the way things might have been [chorus] Big wheel keep on turnin' Proud Mary keep on burnin' Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans But I never saw the good side of a city 'Til I hitched a ride on the riverboat queen [repeat chorus] If you come down to the River Bet you're gonna find some people who live You don't have to worry 'cause you have no money People on the river are happy to give [repeat chorus]

The Day I Was Born

EMF "Cha Cha Cha"
Wish me luck I'll take anything this world can throw me I'll love it and leave it and Kiss the world goodbye you see I'll travel my journey With a suicide pack I'll be free Hello, goodbye, the best of luck I'm gone From the day I was born I lived my live to the full Tried everything once Now I'm ready for more Now I'm ready for more I'll think of my live The days turn from months, to years To nothing I didn't think, I'd have the guts To go with it I'll think of my friends The people I hate and the people I never got to meet Hello, goodbye, the best of luck I'm goneFrom The day I was born... Etc So good to see you But now I'm movin' on Been good to be here But it's gone on too long It's good to see you... So good To see the back of you Where you ever misunderstood? Did anyone say you have to stay? Think of the happiness you bring Think of the day you were born Remember my family yeah Keep my habits clean you see I'll bless the beggar's dog If god blesses the trees Stay out of trouble you know Keep the cream on the cake Take no ones word for nothing Thank you goodnight Best of luck I'm gone From the day I was born... Etc [chorus]

Jackson & Travolta

[Intro:] Where all the good songs have gone WCBS FM [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Rocking all green outfits, the budder look like Sun Chips Suck my son's dick, we in the street like a bum's shit Bury me on Kissena I'm riding low like a centipede in the Beamer Million-dollar belt, precious facial features Acid in the fucking headband, get the bedpan I'm shitting on myself, and you're the one who gotta clean it While I lay there, just to get some Ray-Bans? Shit 800 dollars just for play pants Don't try to touch me with those AIDs hands Raise my performance fee to 80 grand Hipster bitches, they pussy smell like seitan I'm glad I ate lamb Smoke something Got me fucking... Got me hot in here, man Fuck, bitch, ah Shit, yo [Verse 2: Action Bronson] The kid caught herpes from the Rabbi Yacob from 165, with the bad eye Drug deal transportation was a cab ride Displayed on the mantle was a brass lion Mass from Ireland, give you a casket to lie up in While an Asian man play the violin He was taught from age 2, never miss a note Brought his sister in the bathroom to shit the coke out I cop the Audi with the poke out 700 thousand dollars at the smokehouse Drugs in my lungs, fuck [Bridge: x2] Fast money 'til we die, peep the resume Hang-glide into the boat, get my cheddar notes Keep the shotty in the leather coat Motherfucker, better know [Verse 3: Meyhem Lauren] Many nights I shot dice in the drug den My raps permeate from a thug's pen, and love when I think about my purpose in life, keep soft mouths slurping precise These bitches love us We named Pit Bulls after hard liquor (Hennessy!) Turn the knife in the wound, make it scar thicker Shit, we still wear jean shorts Veteran, playing these mean sports What up Dab? This ain't boom bap, homie it's doom rap And your career shit couldn't compare with Bronsoline and Laurenivici, write fly rhymes and sky dive from Mount Fiji That's word to my parachute Old money still flows, last chapter loot Firearms and novelty beverages Keep drama riddled with hemorrhages We good though

When She's Gone, She's Gone

BROOKS & DUNN "Steers And Stripes"
Saw an old friend last night I hadn't seen in a couple of years Stopped in Galatoire's had a couple of beers Talked about the price of oysters, the coach at LSU Then like I knew it would the conversation turned to you He had to go and I looked at my watch, it was 1:45 I headed down canal, the quarter was coming alive A man on the corner told me that Jesus is coming soon But I was lost in the music and the crowd and the smell of cheap perfume It's not good for a man to be alone But a women needs someone that she can count on And I walked down by the river in the cold gray dawn Love is like the Mississippi When she's gone she's gone The line was long at Caf¨¦ Du Monde so I walked out on the pier Thought about all the winds and turns and mistakes that got me here Might as well try to change the course this old river takes Than to go back in time when you were mine, pretend it's not late It's not good for a man to be alone But a women needs someone that she can count on And what I'd give to go back but the current's just too strong Love is like the Mississippi When she's gone she's gone Repeat 2nd chorus Yeah she's gone


It's been so long Since I've seen you My old friend I remember your eyes How they would shine Those crazy times When you and I Fooled around I remember the time You fell in love Didn't know how To say goodbye To your baby And you made me take The goodbye note Around And that little girl She cried and cried And she asked me if I knew exactly why You'd gone I told a like I said you felt She'd be much happier With someone else But then you'd do The same for me Remember when We stayed out late We'd cause a fight But we would never stay To the end I loved you then I love you still You know I think I always will You're a good friend A good friend To me Who was it Who came for me when I was Stranded in the bad man's land Who was it Who put up bail for me when I was So desperate to get out Who believed with me That I was not guilty Who gave me beer when I was thirsty And who gave me twenty-five dollars to hold

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