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CHRIS REA lyrics - Espresso Logic

Soup Of The Day

Original and similar lyrics
Well she thinks she's looking so cool She thinks she's great but she's just a fool What awful lack of class makes this kind behave this way I look and only think of one thing to say Soup, she's just soup Soup of the day She's thin around the waistline Thin around the brain You see this type so many times Time and time again How could they really think They'd be treated in any other way Everybody's looking and everybody say Soup, she's just soup Soup of the day Well you'd think they'd know better That behaving in this way They think they're being clever But I really have to say You'd better think it over You'll regret it one fine day When the circus party's over And you were just soup of the day She's just soup Soup of the day

What's On My Mind

KANSAS "Leftoverture"
Well you told me that I was just not the one, And you left me standing out in the cold It's been a long time and I'm so much better now That I'm looking back and seeing it all And for the first time there's no pain in my life Though it's a long hard road that I've gone We had a good thing and it made me a man cause I know [Chorus] You got me goin', pardon me my feelings are showing I'm only saying what's on my mind Well I found you or maybe I found myself And I think we knew it all of the time We fit together just like a lock and a key And we opened up each other's minds Yeah, I was laughing 'caus there was no room to cry There was too much growing to do We had a good time and it ain't over yet 'cause I know [Chorus] You came from nowhere and you just jumped in my life, And I know it never will be the same You made me love you and now I'm home once again No, I never want to leave you no more 'Caus I'm attached to the better half of myself And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be You filled an empty, you fixed a bad broken heart, and I know [Chorus]


J BOOG "Back Yard Boogie"
[Verse 1:] Listen well It hurts when the only one you love Thinks about another guy and that’s all she can think of She tells you that she loves you There's no one else above you yet shes spending your dimes wasting your time and she still cant live without you Well well at times she thinks everything's ok But my feelings up inside are tired of our lovers strife Days I go without her Starting to care less about her Lies after lies just killing me inside Start a new chapter in my life [Chorus:] Shes crazy she says she needs me in her life and more So crazy, girl what you really crying for Shes crazy, she never wana see me runnin through that door Just thought I let you know that I'm off to let you go [Verse 2:] Well every time she thinks about me, emotions getting lazy She's getting kinda crazy Burnin up yes feeling kind of hazy I have to tell my lady if she loves me or she hates me Love a blanc now sipping on some wine wondering if she thinks shes running out of time, for me to be the one for her but me know me cant think coz me know me not sure [Chorus] [Verse 2:] [Chorus:]

Act Of War

ELTON JOHN "Ice On Fire"
This ain't no battle honey, this ain't no fight How come you take it so hard when I stay out all night If I take a drink, is that against the law And if I have a good time, do you call that an act of war Well you better believe it boy, this house is your home I didn't build it up for you to live here on my own And if you think it's easy to forget about me You'd better think twice, you'd better believe it's an act of war We're living on the front line you and me Fighting on this battleground of misery Oh go ahead bring on your artillery And we'll make this an act of war Give it all you've got 'cause I'm all dug in Keep the punches coming I can take them on the chin Winner takes all, let the best man win And we call it an act of war Well I'm a man of convenience I work a long hard day After twelve long hours ain't I got the right to play If living together is getting in the way Then I call that an act of war Well if that's your game then honey two can play I'm going on the town tonight and have some fun my way Ain't no way baby this girl's gonna stay I call it, I call it an act of war And it looks like time ain't been on our side If we could turn the clock back We might survive this act of war

Just One Kiss

ADAM GREGORY "Adam Gregory"
i woke up got outta bed looked in the mirror and my eyes were red thinkin' where were you last night mama called from downstairs you better get running or you're gonna be late so i took a pair of dirty jeans from the laundry pile grabed the milk and the cheerios i wolfed it it down in a minute or so saying we're gonna talk tonight well, chill out, let it go it's no big deal mom but if you say so i'll do a little better next time i'll cut the grass and wash the car for twenty dollars from the peanut butter jar and just one kiss, bye bye! you don't pay the bills and you don't pay rent your friends come over and you let them in then you eat out of house and home sweet home of mine, that's right i looked at mom as she shook her head and said hey mom i'm gonna make my bed well, "you just ain't no son of mine", mamma said thanks mom can i borrow the car our little lak sure helped a lot i'll have it back in the parking lot without a scratch this time well, chill out, let it go it's no big mom but if you say so i'll do a little better next time i'll cut the grass and wash the car for twenty dollars from the peanut butter jar and just one kiss, bye bye! i turned the key and i backed up slow with merle haggard on the radio put it in drive and i let it go squealin' out of sight well, chill out, let it go it's no big deal mom but if you say so i'll do a little better next time i'll cut the grass wash the car for twenty dollars from the peanut butter jar and just one kiss, bye bye!

Get Fly (What If Jesus Forgot To Put You On The Guestlist?)

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Chorus: repeat 2X] They want us to fight, but we just want to get high Work all day, all night, trying to get fly When I get some money I'mma buy me some time I can't fight your war until I'm finished with mine [First Verse] I used to be mad at the government Redirected some of my anger towards the mothership Trying to guess which living hell sleeps under when the grand scheme plan keeps all these people wonderin Why we still runnin in place frustrated? Pride is mistaken for hate, it's upgraded I got a little breath left, let's suffocate it Point at the epiphanies and call 'em all drug related The time I spent with my life on bent Trying to find the friends inside my head Must have disengaged every phase and stage Of of my I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming of age My unofficial autobio Will be accompanied with tips on how to smile 'cause I've found that when they don't see you frown They never know that your a threat And they don't sweat you when you came around So who's going to be my next door savior? Step up to your neighbor, and do me a favour Take off the mask, let it all collapse Empty the pack and watch your wings grow back [Chorus] [Second Verse] Society becomes jealousy, intimacy becomes intensity Say it with a smile like it's meant to be And all of a sudden, "boom", American family And I can tell when your mad at your past Because you tend to take the turns just a little too fast And I can tell how you push your foot on the gas that you already knew that you was gunna finsish last Slow it down and take a little time To look up at them clouds with the fake silver lining Up in a tree knowing damn well you never reach the top But you don't stop, you keep climbing Well okay, it's settled No more nights in this weed and thorn infested meadow Uh-uh, from this day forth, only forward I pedal Get the memo I'm cutting the strings Gepetto Shuffle the cards and let's argue Rooted in between the computer games and cartoons Stop and watch us all get lost Between God and a shot of scotch, let's get fly [Chorus]

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