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CHRIS REA lyrics - Deltics

The Things Lovers Should Do

Original and similar lyrics
Standing in the half light, wondering if you can There stands the priest of sinners, consolation in his hands Though he prays he won't need it, he keeps it by his side Waiting for the face up and the answer in her eyes All while the music's playing a backdrop serenade There's only one point of view To be doing the things, things that lovers should do Disco-queens in dancestep, moving face to face All tangled up in neon don't think it's some disgrace The blue western denim, the East Coats razor edge The European fashion, the leathers and re-threads All while the music's playing a backdrop serenade There's only one point of view To be doing the things, things that lovers should do

Rolling Thunder

Aw man Smoking in that rocking chair Ah My past life I was a Rabbi Now I live the fast life Drugs on standby in the circle by the campfire Telling stories of yesteryear Pull out the pocket mirror just to check my hair Hit it with the comb again The rap Dennis the Menace with Dennis Rodman in Venice inventive She took a bump then started dancing like Elaine Benes The big chain sway like I'm playing tennis One man team, about to win the pennant Now you can tell by my pendant that I'm protected Direct descendent in the blue and orange Lexus watching 'Se7en' Land in Dublin Pull me in the room and ask if it's resin I said no they sent me on my way with blessings I trained a dolphin to let the slammer off like Dolph Lundgren That's if your mouth running You'll get your cow something I'm rare like a fucking Asian playing hockey My ocean view is due to Papi Bitches call me Rodney Bought my bitch a present hope I don't spoil it 'Was is it baby?' Face to face toilets Toyota with the spoiler Ace of Base boiling I play ball like Billy Hoyle Now I need a Sidney Dean to help me start this brothel in the Philippines I stay in Flushing like I'm Dillon Gee You ain't gotta open up the comic book to figure who the villain be It's me doing perfect dives in the Sicilian sea You know I like my bitch with a Brazilian V Bumping Bobby Brown Cry when I'm not around She always hold it down pound under the seat In that all white Jeep Sleep, that's if you wanna I be schwitzing in the sauna It's better than the piggys blissing on the corner Come in the crib every night, and I kiss my daughter Same lips spit on the lawyer [Spitting noise] We out It's me Always Forever

Shades Of Scarlett Conquering

JONI MITCHELL "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns"
Out of the fire like catholic saints Comes scarlett and her deep complaint Mimicking tenderness she sees In sentimental movies A celluloid rider comes to town Cinematic lovers sway Plantations and sweeping ballroom gowns Take her breath away Out in the wind in crinolines Chasing the ghosts of gable and flynn Through stand-in boys and extra players Magnolias hopeful in her auburn hair She comes from a school of southern charm She likes to have things her way Any man in the world holding out his arm Would soon be made to pay Friends have told her not so proud Neighbors trying to sleep and yelling "not so loud" Lovers in anger "block of ice" Harder and harder just to be nice Given in the night to dark dreams From the dark things she feels She covers her eyes in the x-rated scenes Running from the reels Beauty and madness to be praised 'cause it is not easy to be brave To walk around in so much need To carry the weight of all that greed Dressed in stolen clothes she stands Cast iron and frail With her impossibly gentle hands And her blood-red fingernails Out of the fire and still smoldering She says "a woman must have everything" Shades of scarlett conquering She says "a woman must have everything"

96 Bars Of JME

JME "Boy Better Know - Derkhead Edition.3"
Big up my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister, skepta Hold tight wiley Boy better know See I got bare labels phoning me but Cash point ain't showing me no love Everyone's got my tunes on their phone And the cd in the pc at home Is packed with all of the tunes I've done But my wallet ain't saying one You think I'm making mad p All right! My money is angry with me It took me five years to get 10 A to C's But in five days I get 10 AC's Somebody out there please tell me What I'm'a do with my uni degree? I don't want a job Blud I swear down I just wanna be a big mc Or something along them lines Swear on my life Music means so much to me Getting a degree to me is like a plan B It will mean so much to my family But understand me JavaScript makes me wanna swear like Plan B I know it'll come in handy I stick with it even when I get angry And I'm not on my own I got a brother in this music game like Brandy He knows how much music means to me We're just trying to make money legally I know guys that'll creep in your house Go upstairs Open your safe and steal a g That sounds like quick p to me But still I travel on c-c And WAGN And Silverlink Everything's not what it seems to be You think I'm stupid Move on Stereotype me I'll prove you wrong Ask anybody that knew me ages ago They'll say I had my head screwed on Yeah JME that guy he's cool Trust me blud, he went to my school He made me a ring tone once It was like Eskimo mixed into Oldschool To this day, I still ain't changed JME, music in his veins Same face, same deranged Thoughts coming through the speaker each day Mum still shouting turn down the bass Bredrins lounging around the place I don't smoke but my room's smoked out Can't see my hand in front of my face As if I'm in a time capsule My pockets are still filled with shrapnel Only difference, some of it's Euros I've been travelling, capital to capital I've been nuff countries I swear One day I'm a write them all down If you turn the clock the back 2 years I don't think I'd have even left town But still I used to make hits I was blessed with a lyrical art The other mc's, they weren't shit But they come like lyrical farts And they stunk, I used to hate them See nowadays I rate them Not cause I think that they're down But for simply sticking around The bars are right, they're like red bull Trust blud, I got a whole shedfull Yeah sometimes I can be a hot head But more time my head's cool When I'm a hot head I don't get lyrical I get serious, lyrically physical I start shouting stuff like derkhead And people think it's really cool In the mc rank I'm a piss take Yeah blud I'm way before fifth place JME, everyone saw his face See now I've got about four mixtapes Trust me I know you're playin em And all of my lyrics you're sayin em Even your girl says Shuhut your mouth There's no escaping it's blatant Yo blud man better know No one test with the dibby dibby flow Flow round here on the mic I'm a pro Professional in the game and you know All this war and clash is trash I'll make a tune or bore some gash Don't get rude I said don't get rude Or I will singe your tache Yo blud stand over there Dare you attempt to swear Swear down I'll burn your ear Ere what blud you know I don't even care All this push out your chest is late I did that in 1998 Don't get rude I said don't get rude Or I will phlegm in your face

Star Inside Of Me

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking (Suzy Q)] (A staaaarrr) Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh One two, one two (Is inside of meeeee) One two, one two Uh, uh, uh Nod ya head, if you want clap ya hands to it It's just music, you feel like it dance to it Uh, uh, come on [DJ On Point - talking over Intro (echo)] Name of this record right here is called Star Inside Shout to Dub B on the beat Let's go [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] If you feel like I feel it's all love, what up? Now throw ya motherfuckin fingers in the air, (oh), yeah Mr. On Fact, here to do it like on fact, this ain't about rap If you ain't come to feel good, we gonna do it without you Too low, turn the music louder, yeah Turn the music loud in here You understand that what y'all about to hear Feelin myself, homie what? See I'm a leader, won't show me up Nah, see they won't slow me down, won't slow me up Sky's the limit, 'til I die and I'm in it But that's not the case tonight Pop a case tonight Like whatever you want do, it's okay tonight See 'cause all of that salt we gon' shake tonight Now bring the break aight [Chorus - Suzy Q - w/ ad libs] I'm just tryin to be me 'Cause there's only one me Strip away materials and seriously These things don't make me Nothin can break me I shine because a star is inside of me [Verse 2 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] I write Mood Muzik, know a lot of you ain't used to Jot my life on wax, I'm puttin you through it No lies, it's all truth to it Do the music 'cause it's (inside of me) (okay) Fans wanted the real, I went and gave it to 'em I'm not a street nigga, nah just relate to 'em I just relay through 'em Show the way to 'em, never fake to 'em, that ain't (inside of me) (hold up) Don't be afraid, show the World who you are Go and show the World you a star (you could) Reach to the stars, go ahead show the World that it's ours And then the World'll know that it's (inside of me) 40 acres and a mule to, 40 K's on the Mueller See I'm just thinkin of ways to get my dudes up They use to say we was losers I beg to differ, that ain't me, now [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Break - Suzy Q - talking] Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe Give it to 'em Joe (You got it) [Verse 3 - Joe Budden (Suzy Q)] They say if you don't stand for nothin, you'll fall for anything 'Cause of that there, I see the whole game on the ground Watchin what works, we all chasin a hit Instead of takin a risk, so we changin our sound now Now we all chase jewels, big trucks and income All that and then some, chase whatever trend come (but) At least 'til the trend's done (but) But that don't change within none (yeah) And I'm not sayin to not have a Benz son Rings that shiny, whatever things' timely Those things help to unwind me (but) But naw those things don't help define me Aim at the basics, aim you can make it 'Cause even when the whole game seems tainted I'm a star without the chains and the bracelets 'Cause that fly shit is (inside of me) [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Outro - Suzy Q - singing] A glow is comin from my heart Open yours and find a star (Hey!) ... (Hey!) [DJ On Point - talking over the end of the Outro (echo)] Shout to my nigga NYCEO Can't forget my nigga D.C., Central Station Out in Long Island DJ On Point, Joe Budden, Mood Muzik 3

I Made A Choice

[Verse 1:] Alot of us walk around with a face full of frowns and We don't know why Why things never change, why it always rains, And who's to blame. Always getting in trouble, Its a never ending struggle. Tangled and tied up and bondage feeling so hopeless and wounded, But theres a day I gave my life to you [Chorus:] I made a choice, to be with you. It was the best thing anyone could ever do. I made a choice, to be with you. And I promise if I die I will be true. [Verse 2:] Alot of us gotta deal with things that we live with, We don't know why, Why things get harder and harder, darker and darker, Where is my father? Tears keep on falling, is there any joy that's coming? Was bout to drown in depression but intercession was my weapon. I'm glad I gave my life over to you [Chorus] [Hook:] I was called by his name Humbled as I prayed Looked for his face and found his saving grace. He took my hand and gave a second chance. Thats the day I gladly gave my life to you [Chorus] I made it, I made it, I made it, made a decision [repeat] To separate us from the love of god

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