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CHRIS REA lyrics - Deltics

Don't Want Your Best Friend

Original and similar lyrics
She's got her independence in a hard fast way She's got me chasing shadows with everything I try to say Some say she's far too quick, some say she's slow to learn But all I know is she gave me love that left afterburn And its fire feeds me I'm hungry still So baby listen now, I'm at your will But I'm not a flower on your windowsill Don't want your best friend Don't need a Godsend Don't want your new trends I want you She's got a silver sabre with a diamond shine It's not an ego-trip just her frightened way To keep you blind Shadow dancing, nowhere fast You got to meet me half way Girl if it's gonna last I remember that first night I dream of it still I want that feeling and I want that thrill I've always loved you and I always will Take me home

The Dance

Barbie's Cradle
Would you be interested in dancing with me? And maybe tell me all your dreams Talk to me like you would in your sleep Don't censor anything Cause i wanna hear everything There's no innocence left to spoil You can swear she's not a little boy We'll fly tonight so far away Where they will never find us Use your wings and i will run fast Cause that's what i do when i'm not afraid We've got it made up in our heads We don't have to wait for anyone or anything Go anywhere we desire So close your eyes become blind From the world listen instead to the girl She'll tell you why she chose to fly And you're left behind Just like me alone and free We can smile when we've filled the void And treated the burn But until then i believe We're gonna have to learn To discard any disguise we're using Yes it's hard and it's never amusing

Bone 2 Pic (Wit U)

ANGIE STONE "Black Diamond"
Ali Shaheed, on the mix Kickin' it with Angie Stone Uh, Take it back, take it back Tell me what is up with you Heard you got a brand new crew Spending money like you rich Tryin' to keep up with your bitch Seems somewhere you lost your soul Cuz you forgot the debt you owe Left me hanging out to dry But all the time I'll tell you why [1] - Cuz I got a bone to pick with you Ain't nothing new under the sun And I got a talk to have with you So baby, if it fits Then wear the shoe Now baby I tried my best to see I'm stackin' the odds at one to three I'm givin' the benefit to you Meanwhile I'm losing all access to you And baby you played me like a fool Caressing me softly with a boo You're feeding me lovin' lies for food I'm waiting for one moment of truth [Repeat 1] You don't like this love I'm givin' Boy don't fake the feelin' Keep it real with me You're living too fast And all around you's movin' slow, so slow It's better to keep it cool Than blow it just for show So hold onto love if you can remember it And somewhere you lost your soul Cuz you forgot the debt you owed You left me hanging out to dry But all the time I'll tell you why [Repeat 1] Baby there's something you should know Whatever deed you plant will grow But nothing will interrupt it's flow You only get out just what you give Together it's not all negative Beware of how you live See it makes no sense to me, babe [Repeat 1 until fade]

Girl's Best Friend

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
Jigga man, Swizz Beats History in the making, part three Lights out ladies! [Chorus: 2x] C'mon here baby, you drive me crazy (to all my baby thugs) Don't want nobody but you my baby (and all my ladies sing) Hold me tight and call me your lady (say it louder) Let me scream your name [Jay-Z] I took ya outta Jacob's in clusters Busters they wanted to rush us Love the way you sparkle when the sun touch ya When you blush you turn blue if your grade is right You can light up the whole room, turning day from night When the summertime is in and the tops are down With you around my neck we lock the whole block down (that's right) It took shortsleeves and loungin' to understand The reason they call you ice, everybody freeze Ain't a pendant in the sun who can shine like you And that platinum in the charm who can blind like you The direct reason why niggas do they crimes they do I used to snatch the necklace right off them reckless fools Guess I was jealous that they was so next to you So I devoted half my time to invest in you The other half was spent on protecting you Cause you belong to me, now sing ya song for me C'mon [Chorus 2x] [Jay-Z] I'm often with you so they wonder bout the juice I got I took you from the projects and an abusive pops From the bottom to the top The skateboard to the drop From the nada to the Prada I got ya like I got ya From the first time I put you round my neck and locked ya It was then I knew everywhere I went you'd follow Soon I spent every dolla you became my habit other brothers vice was smoke, mines was carats The more checks I got the more I laced my crew The rocks got bigger, watch face got blue Tricked a little bit, shit I lace my Boo Fuck it, my mistress I laced her too Cop my jewels twice, like deja vu If they ever met in the mall, it's ova ya'll Just the way I do, and either way you win I mean the thugs love ya when your girl's best friend [Chorus 2x] [Jay-Z] And the wedding band you love In the gold chain you thug Sometimes you given just because And the tennis bracelet means they want relations Know that they wanna fuck the only reason they give you up In the hands of goldiggas you never enough Rings, things, just never enough With me and you together gon shine to the end I mean the thugs love ya but ya girls best friend [Chorus til end]

Few Like You

Birgit "Few Like You"
Some need the best seat all the way up front They need excuses to tell you what they want I don't need charity, I can do this on my own But sometimes I long for someone Like you Some girls are playing, ooh they're easy to pass by Not this one, there's perseverance in my eyes We could be close, I guess we should So take a look and listen good I need a man, I need a friend, I need a lover And you need me, I can see, we need each other And I have loved so few Like you, so few Will you give in, when I give up Let's take a chance, let's take off It's simple and it's plain Finally in love again There's no way I'm gonna stop I need a man, I need a friend, I need a lover And you need me, I can see, we need each other And I have loved so few Like you, so few And I can be strong too And I can see right through And there are few, and there are few like me too I need a man, I need a friend, I need a lover And you need me, I can see, we need each other And I have loved so few Like you, so few I need a man, I need a lover and you need me We need each other, we're hard to get But we don't bother, don't bother Like you, like you, so few, like you ooh


Bloem De Ligny "Zink"
I want to get my baby Done for the day He's much nicer than I am And quicker than slow To get down to my nylons Lay all your armage on And learn I give up I learn you How to use your tongue You're mine wacked cold You are now the only one Who knows where I am Gonna get up to myself And watch Then, my baby When I get When I get When I get home Call me hard my baby Is why I cannot refuse He's much nicer than I am And crazy bundle When I will call Catch a crow You get your ??? You know what ??? You'll ,you'll, you'll be gone Silver when I come home. When...where... ....

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