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CHRIS REA lyrics - Dancing Down The Stony Road

Heading For The City

Original and similar lyrics
All my friends packing up, Loading up their Volvo's And their pick up trucks Going down the road, To try their luck So spin that dream, Go heading for the city Roll that dice, Say a prayer, Light a candle for me When you get there, Win or lose, We're heading for the city Well I got a problem hear what I say They're telling me I got to move away I was happy here, They tell me I can't stay Now whats screaming rain is heading this way For those who sleep and choose to stay The game they didn't know They had to play So win or lose We're heading for the city So roll that dice Say a prayer Light a candle for me When you get there, Win or lose, We're heading for the city

Emancipated Minor

ANI DIFRANCO "Red Letter Year"
Emancipated minor Well directed, brilliantly casted Riding a Greyhound down to the city With her fake I.D. and a hell of a little hand basket Little game of seesaw, then he came to claim her And then a sordid line formed behind him Reproductive system newly activated She participated in nature's plan, she participated And I can't say I envy her, I don't think I miss it Wrought iron cobwebbing over thin windowpanes The city seducing you on tiptoe to kiss it Don't think twice, just roll the dice, roll the dice So she attended the dance classes and she learned the little dance And she tried the high heels but she couldn't bring herself to prance All the while a faint ticking in the silence between the songs Just south of her gut two tiny time bombs And love comes in many forms and for each she would yearn Hungry as a student, hunger to learn Every flavor of person, every species of intent With the body pulsing at the center detent But all the good graffiti got painted over in time She watched the last faceless chain replace the last five and dime And she wondered if the only noble thing Ain't to just to get a big garden and plant it in the spring Kiss the city goodbye in some big graceful gesture And focus on the moon's groove, groove with the moon Focus on the moon's groove and groove with the moon Focus on the moon's groove, groove with the moon And I can't say I envy her, I don't think I miss it Wrought iron cobwebbing over thin windowpanes The city seducing you on tiptoe to kiss it Don't think twice, just roll the dice, roll the dice Roll the dice, roll the dice

I'll Light A Candle

I spend my time today Just thinking of you My heart and my mind Are filled with missing you I can't wait for the moments When you finally back in my arms So for now while you're not around The thought of you keeps me warm I'm wanting for your touch And you're kisses are real in this I hope you come home soon But until then this is what I'd do I'll light a candle (To say that you can hold) Just to let you know (Just to let you know) That I've waiting so long for you to hold me Tell me that you will stay (Stay with me forever) I'll light a candle in the window All because of, [Keith Martin] Just the thought of you Gets me through my days You constantly in mind In every single way I can feel you touching my dreams I don't want to open my eyes Just to know that you're waiting for me Makes me feel warm inside Its only time That keeps us apart But in the moment We'll be face-to-face and hard to hide I'll light a candle To say that you can hold (Say that you can hold) Just to let you know (Just to let you know) That I've waiting so long for you to hold me (Figure that you baby) For you to hold me (For you to hold me) Tell me that you will stay (Tell that you'll stay) I'll light a candle in the window (Light a candle yeah) All because of, [Agnes] There's nothing that I tend to know That you coming home [Keith Martin] Don't you worry girl You won't be alone to long [Agnes] When the morning comes and I see your face Right next to me [Together] We will make it last forever Don't ever leave To say that you can hold (To say when you come home baby) Just to let you know (Just to let you know) That I've waiting so long for you to hold me (Waiting so long for you to come home baby) For you to hold me (For you to hold me) Tell me that you will stay (that you will stay with me forever) I'll light a candle in the window (Light a candle) All because of, Come my way I'll light a candle (Light a candle for you) For you to coming home (Coming home with me baby) That I've waiting for so long for you to come back and to come back home And we all be back inside with me I'll light a candle in the window Then become my way

Eric's Bar

Racoon "Here We Go Stereo"
Let's stay in bed, no better yet Take my bike and go outside 'Cause if! don't and stay inside Then I know I'll lose my mind Thought I was dead, buried and left All! did was take a breather Tied to the bed so I could stay out of trouble for a day Yeah right, no way This is home, this is roots This is where you're understood Take your bike and leave the car Going straight to Eric's Bar 'You're on your own' was on the phone It's too hot to stay inside, he said So get your shorts and find a smile Let's go grab a beer a while, just for a while We ramble on, humming a song, we don't mean to hurt no one We blow our nose in the dresscodes They don't even see us run with our worn-out sneakers on Take a dive, skinny dip, it's okay to lose your grip, feel the breeze, cool the brew, giving Kimberley the lip You never have to lie, never have to fake, never lose your fun, never have to hide away These people know you well, they will not kiss and tell, never have to run, never have to run and hide Chorus

Windows Down

KING LIL G "AK47 Boyz"
[Hook:] This that a-k mob shit Ridin' round with a boss bitch Moet sippin' Faded off of that boss shit [Verse 1 - King Lil G:] Rollin' through the city Its amazin', bang Never gonna see me With a basic, bitch Never gave a fuck about a hater, no Girl you wanna kick it Better keep it, low Low, low, low My eyes so low Throw money in the sky Falling down slow-mo Black hoodie on With the hat to the back South gate city Put it back on the map I rep it too hard Like wicho's back Keep the memory alive Like wicho's back Lookin' at my homies Where the weed smoke at? And I'm coming through your door Like the repo man Ski-mask on Better tell me where the money at Came up Now tell me where the honey's at Tattoo's on her face My description Garbage ass rappers I put em on a hit list All you pussy boys Should hold hands together While me & my team Get cash together And I hope you muthafuckers Stay mad forever Better take a good look You ain't at my level Late night dinner With italian broads Calling bitches other names Cause I'm handlin' broads Mexican boy Trying to make it to the big leagues The words out Now my ex-girl miss me [Hook] [Bridge:] We ridin' through your city Rollin' with the windows down Smoking on that loud Blowin' on a pound [x2] [Hook] [Verse 2 - Young Drummer Boy:] I ride around in my new whip Flexin' with my new bitch My shoes white like cool whip My goons keep that tool equipped I walk around all cool & shit Bitches acting like who is this D.b. from that mob click And I'm always smokin' that bomb shit Smokin' weed on the couch (couch) She got a blunt in her mouth (mouth) I got a p on my hat (hat) I'm always reppin' my town (town) Yo all my soldiers stay ready (ready) They want that So they cop that And all my women look good Small waist with a fat ass They already know what I like I only shoot I don't fight I smoke out the wood pipe And I stay blazin' all night That's that a-k That a-k mob life Always keepin' it on sight I break em off with that act right [Hook] [Bridge x2] [Hook]

How To Be A Carpenter

So you want to be a carpenter, do you? Well it takes more than a hammer, boy, you're gonna need blueprints and a will to build, and... Straighten your cap! you look like you've been through a war. Wipe that grin off your mug, you got a sturdy frame? Sluggish posture just won't cut it. You're gonna need schooling, and, and, and take notes! And god if I catch you yawning again you're gonna regret ever asking for my help, And dammit you gotta hustle, this is a slacker-free zone And, where's my pencil? go get your hard-hat, here's a nickel, go get us a ruler and a saw and a drill and lots of graph paper... [Verse 1] Yo I used to have a rope ladder but tattered were the rungs, I strung it from the highest willow, trying to hug the sun. The seventh level buckled and I tumbled from the summit, Now I'm back to re-climb and this time light my cigarette from it. My stitchin division to vision warfares numb enough to soak suddenly in a bullet bath and skip stones in the morning as I, Lie in color phantom tantrum explicable, sit and pull the petals off wild flower patches, Magic happens! Behold, pity the lowlife parish. Doom City barracks left remorse coursed on a horse-drawn carriage by the torch of Polaris To the Badlands, where every bridge collapse right where the crowd stands, Where the witches are fireproof and every preacher's a madman. Frigid be the appleseed demeanor towards the bay where the landshark Parliament swims When they pause to polish they fins. The better brains will preach the village through the city square to the light, heavy and middle-weight integrate, Slept with sticks and stones in my pillowcase. Ooh my bomb's light simulator picks barnacles off the tugboat belly Left my spirit home in a shoebox in case I die. Got a rugged smoke-green halo floatin' inches off the swamp, Had that phase when the devil tree contacts a sparkle in my eye. Now step back from the reservoir and let the settlers drink, Salvage all priorities and iron out all kinks. My house ain't made of bricks and straw but never has it crumbled, Cuz I stitched the brain's rigidity with symmetry, Come visit me, It's fascinating. Now here's how its done, I'm only gonna show you once, So pay close attention, hear me now or hear me never, Glue your little eyes to the diagram, See the plywood, the nails, the glue? You work every inch, Your domain and you must treat it well. Keep it clean or it'll swallow you whole. Where's the T-square, hand me the pliers, now dammit, oh this will never do! You have to want the castle, Head Up, shoulders back! Be the materials, know your limits only to break your limits. Are you listening? God dammit boy, pay attention! Try it again. Little bit more juice this time. Try it again. Yeah a little bit more elbow grease this time. Try it again. Concentrate, a little more focus this time. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. Try it again. You're not doing it right, here now, yall watch. Try it again. Stop sulking, I'm the example, for real, Watch. Try it again. I'm bout to make it easy for you yall, just Watch. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. [Verse 2] [?] stinging the hunt The hunt dispatched a pack of wild dog silhouettes, All sulking by the skyline, focused with a bonus hunger pain, My sincere addiction imbalance stems from a vintage grimace slap to the mug of Ancestral branch camped on the vessels. Yes and I abide, the laws of the hidden desert survived, And every peasant presenteed it on the crescent less deprived. With the exception of pleasant finale binges on the great endangered interests of phantom brigades slaving to save that princess. I double the negative, to no avail, no promised benefits, just delegates peddling pairs of negatives, With magnified magnanimous appearance sandy sinners in opinion shut. Now what of the madness fragments? Stagnant. I oughta make a vision sing my twix cling to your pigeon wings, Vision militia indent benders, we've flooded Hell's kitchen sink, Walkin' eye civility simpleton citizen mixers to kiss the sky in unison Sinister city-blistered corporate rule-igans. All I really want's a nickel to feed my little pigs. [?] Big Dick three cheers to the product. Consumer populace feed but never dreamed of the process When a slanted advantage point sort of makeshift criminals date rape the hostage, Dream away the blame pain, yeah but it seeps through the cracks, And drips from the ceiling and smells the rich scent of my tracks. All I ever really wanted was a jungle, and a jungle I got, See it ain't the vision it's the plot that makes me stop. Try it again. I don't want to. Try it one more time. I'm not even interested anymore.

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