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CHRIS REA lyrics - Dancing Down The Stony Road

Ain't Going Down This Way

Original and similar lyrics
I see the morning light - come screaming thru my room I fel the devils eyes - and smell his cold perfume THere is no mercy here - Ccould not be a darker day But I ain't going down - I ain't going down this way Oh I know your face - I've seen it a thousand times In my darkest dream - I have witnessed every single crime You think I'm joking - I'm wet with fear But I've made up my mind today I ain't going down I ain't going down this way  Chris Rea Jazzee Blue/edel

Get Your Way

JAMIE CULLUM "Catching Tales"
Dinner at eight, that sounds fine, I suppose that means you'll turn up 'round nine. Bought a bunch of flowers, just for her, She says the burden's on the receiver. I opened the door and you walked in, (Sniff) The scent of wild jasmine. The room, seemed to freeze in time, My regular table will be just fine. Radiant and elegant, you might be But your concentration is so go-lightly Both of your eyes reflecting the moon, You really think you own the room. [CHORUS:] So What Game Shall We Play Today? How About The One Where You Don't Get Your Way? But Even If You Do, That's Okay. So What Game Shall We Play Today? How About The One Where You Don't Get Your Way? But Even If You Do, That's Okay. Try to pick it up, reading the signs, It's turning out to be a real good time, And who'd have thought that entertainment, Lies in the winter of your discontent. Now, sit at the table, face to face, Queen takes pawn, check or checkmate! I feel your foot brush against my leg, I'm not that easily led. You flutter your eyes and you toss your hair, I have to say that it is kind of unfair, Let me tell you baby now what's in store, You win the battle, but I'll win the war! [CHORUS] This has been fun, I suppose, Although my feelings are all juxtaposed, But truth be told, I'm as fickle as hell, But gentlemen never kiss and tell! [CHORUS]

Deadly Melody

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Masta Killa] As we return, to the 36 Chambers The RZA, the GZA The Ol Dirty BZA U-God, Chef, the Ghostface Killah And Meth, Rebel I soldier for the foreclosure Don't forget about the Masta, yo Motherfuckers halt, when my Colt, start stompin Thunder, strikes your land with a jolt Your stamina level is low, like currents from the volts of relentless punishment that multiplies At a speed that the naked eye can't die-tect the infantry, peep the weapon-try as I bomb atomically Stagnant they stood surrounded and astounded by this total square mileage of violence that I brung I've not yet begun to stung It's the ethics, the rigorous training methods of the Abbott, incite overseas to opposition Penetrates then infiltrates Breakin down your resistance Leavin competition defenseless, Masta Hip-hop antagonizer, dumb deaf and blind civilizer with the silencer [U-God] Psssh, yo Pile-driver Tut boulder face blow Hulk Anger rap book causin chess blade smoke Minds the trunk, punk, elephant gun poke Jaw-breaker humanoid vice-grip, choke Face the inferno, maestro, pull it Pipe hard slang, bite the golden bullet Never, sold my soul Golden Arm cold stinger See me on the streets address me stone bringer Ease away, freeze back, feedback, play out in sweet action packed rap Bite it, stomp on a beat Posess hollow head battle teeth Tony Atlas Wu status, now, wisdom to the masses [RZA] Cock back my tongue like a hammer, my head is like a nickel-plated bammer, spit forty-five caliber grammar At the speed of wind makes you bleed within Crack your skull, without penetratin your skin Reign of champ official, Wu scamp with black pistols Spent the weekend programmin fat tracks at Camp Cristal [Method] Home on the range, rebel with a pen writin critically acclaimed scriptures that do you in Mista, Meth, Hot Nickels Say my shit holding my Sex Pistol, deal me in [RZA] The bewilderin killa bee quickly sting ya I ain't gotta life one fuckin finga Make sure to God I reef turns on the ringer We duckin the subpeona Fatal Flying Guillotine machine from Medina [INS] Check the 150 millimeter, heater as it blows holes [duo] through your fuckin speaker [U-God] Makin you weaker creepin inches centimeters [GZA] Fifty caliber street sweeper Shots from Shaolin that go to Masapeaqua [Method] Things'll never be the same, after this one Ghostrider spit flame, lay back and twist one Recognize the Gods came, for one accord For one mind and one cause, that's the shit Son Play them crows out position You might hear me but you don't listen Competition come and get some on Red marker still bleedin, through the paper of his sick premeditated, murder caper [Street Life] I walk with the Shaolin strut, burn a dutch Watch Street eat em up, cold crush, bumrush Spot rusher get touched backed up handcuffed Y'all niggaz can't FUCK with us [Ghostface] Pass me the black velvet embassy suite killin me Spell it Maxi Priest caught me in the days up on Delancy Street Stand solar, deadly vengeance with a crowbar It's like the dreads worshipin Jah, so ha-lo-ha Pineapple crushed 850 swerve it with a rush Plush the Canola Range spittin off the roof, holdin my change Yo it's ragtime, universal 12 Monkey mind It's like, stalkin through your airport [*BZZZZZZT*] with a chunky nine [Street Life] The undervolt Staten New York Blood sport gun talk holdin fort back, take em to court (Method: One time) It's the burner Shaolin bound facedown you gets murdered Roadblock shell shocked, stretched on a back block Yo it's warfare when you ring here, slugs fly through midair Landin thugs in wheelchairs from the slugfest Keeps the iron, where the head rest, for the conquest Subway, wordplay ricochet through your projects, crime pays Matched up in a staircase, in a dark place embraced by the trey-eight, I'm in so deep I can't escape These crime situations, I stay in man formation And shot echoes through the ghetto locations y'all remain P.L.O., slam cats like Bam Bam, Bigolo Throw a flow like Nomo relate like Fidel Castro I be the great all pro, hangin MC's by they logos My street journal reacts and blaze like an inferno

A New Hope

Five Iron Frenzy
Amy's going back to school today, elation, jubilation streams from her face. Did the halls smell of gunpowder still? What made the human heart dark enough to kill? A new hope, where is your freedom? A new hope, cast off your burdens. A darker world lies behind this one. Cryptic it hides beneath perception. We all saw it on that day, stunned we stood stuttering. What did the news say? A new hope, where is your freedom? A new hope, here is your freedom. Peace fills us by hope we steer our dark hearts salvaged. We live without fear...

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