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CHRIS REA lyrics - Chris Rea

Loving You

Original and similar lyrics
The night was black with thunder The streets were wet with rain Another day goes under A little bourbon will take the strain And I'm waiting for my take-home French fries She smiled and said 'take me away' We always laughed but I think she means it But I'm dreaming my life away Loving you Loving you the way that I do The weekend cars are leaving In a spray of wind and sound The bar-talk, make believing And the drinks go easy down It's back to the all-night take-away She says 'Here comes the man of my dreams' We always laugh but I think she means it And I'm spending my time Just loving you Loving you the way that I do

If The Rain Must Fall

JAMES MORRISON "Undiscovered"
Oh life can be strange Good and bad in so many ways And in time you will find That things are not always what they seem Well I've got something to say But you might laugh, joke or run away Couse I'm awkward and nervous Sometimes I don't say much at all But if the rain must fall If I lose it all If the world comes down and takes my soul If the sky turns black And there's no no way back It won't matter much to me If I had you And all I need is your love That's all I need All I need is your love Oh well dreams can come true If you know inside you really want them to Or you can sit you can wait You can leave your fate in someone else's hands Oh but I, I want you And nothing else can make me feel the way you do So I'm waiting, I'm wishing That it's me you'll be holding tonight and every night


WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Raekwon] Hang glide for my nigga Tical Yo, word to God we run this whole shit Son (no doubt) Right that's my word, guaranteed you're dealin with the invicible (no doubt) That's my word, Persian legacy one time, one time Check the science of the black man Stationary niggaz, have fun on this right here Yo Shorty cross your arms Gonna rock niggaz to sleep this year Blade thrower, sword swinga, killa bee ringer Rocky road roll dark greener Cream fademas, name your God Ukarema Shout out Medina, federaloes Noxzema Me jury cleaner, Million Man March screamers Rae Cartegna, cut your joint Wolverine The lonzina, wrapped around the wrist, law seen her How I got that yo, threw out the macker named Gina Bust a shot, seen her, it richocheted, tapped Tina Now I'm out, lampin in Korea with Talima We moseyin, sweatsuit Adidas, best believe I got the black heater little joint, probably Moschino Yo Bobby Robby whattup, Max tried to follow me Sadaam loungin, clean up collect, like the laundry It's time yo swerve like the Nike line Windbreaker Laker throw a jump shot scrape her Statuary yo floatin that snatch-uary Aiyyo, blow a hole in your limo, weed pass the dutch [Inspectah Deck] Yo this is MC wizardry, killa bee invasion Men of respect, blessed with wisdom of the ancients My words are blatant, lacerate necks for statements are launched like lead projectiles, straight out the basement I suplex your rap, left ruined like the Aztecs Parasites, double edge dice your larynx My hip-hop, swarmin team locked inside the detox Under key flock, it's like b-block and E-glocks you're ill, your trail end thoughts are frail I strike the cypher, and let one survive to tell the tale Of my state of grace, I raise the stakes on snakes Knock em off like the big eights for takin up space Never did fear em, stick em with the truth serum Who sent em, arrest em before my charge is ended Designated hitter flows with the transistor Kinetic globes light will then shine, burns your retina Urban journal, plus eternal broadcaster Before and after, I be self lord and master [Ol Dirty Bastard] I be the Ironside, get touched, with the chloride Take walk with the Nine Finger bandits worldwide Shaolin hillside, full of homicides FUCK you dissastified the double dyed black brown I advise [U-God] Yo, box talk sequence, powerhouse kickout Eyes dusty, wet, butt-naked with my dick out I'm direct, golden best, golden chest is blessed Scarce chapter, snatcher batcher went to fresh It sound farfetched, mountain men that be rich You get buckshot, dumb be clapped, mummy wrapped and stitched The Jeffrey Dahmer Notre Damer sing the song the strongest Brute force bullethole straight through your chorus Shank you with the think tank, harmony cake cut A can of ass whoopin flurry shake, break you fucks Struck, love crooks, why for lyin hooks Chef cocaine cook, a marvelous book This deathbent doctrine, paper for the youth what remains, a saber-toothed tiger in the booth [CappaDonna] Last night, I took a trip down to Crown Heights Fast life, females are trife, stay tight I detect that parasite, satellite RZA beat makes me wanna fight get hyped, come to do shows My slang sound write secretary type Backflip on the mic, I'm the poor black man workin hard for the grand, I understand clear Don't fear, peep my new gear it's different from yours My style drop like jaws, you see me on tours Don't you wait to say peace, the kid from the street put my technology on the track, just then the core attack Wu article CappaFive, CD attack but my talk stage live killa beehive Bermuda my life angle, rectangle gold fronts Bring the gold dangle, never make me throw darts Check out my arts, when I release my smarts Hot like Pop Tarts, aim me at the charts

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