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CHRIS REA lyrics - Chris Rea

Do You Still Dream?

Original and similar lyrics
Do you still dream of summer nights The endless roads between the distant lights Do you still find yourself On strange and long highways Drifting into unknown phase Do you still dream of summer days The sunlight dancing on white rolling waves The everlasting taste of innocent desire The atom splitting of its fire Do you still dream? Do you see that tunnel showing any sign of light Does fear still wake you in the night Do you still dream?


ALIZEE "Une Enfant Du Siècle"
Dream always and all ways I don't know where I'm going. Looking for the limelight (bright) I can't recall where I've been, In this long long white night Find a way and away I don't know if I should... Burning waves of ecstasy... Oui... Stairs, lights, music, sweat Scares, frights, panic, threat


JETHRO TULL "Heavy Horses"
The leaded window opened to move the dancing candle flame And the first Moths of summer suicidal came. And a new breeze chattered in its May-bud tenderness --- Sending water-lillies sailing as she turned to get undressed. And the long night awakened and we soared on powdered wings --- Circling our tomorrows in the wary month of Spring. Chasing shadows slipping in a magic lantern slide --- Creatures of the candle on a night-light-ride. Dipping and weaving --- flutter through the golden needle's eye in our haystack madness. Butterfly-stroking on a Spring-tide high. Life's too long (as the Lemming said) as the candle burned and the Moths were wed. And we'll all burn together as the wick grows higher --- before the candle's dead. The leaded window opened to move the dancing candle flame. And the first moths of summer suicidal came to join in the worship of the light that never dies in a moment's reflection of two moths spinning in her eyes.

On The Verge Of Darkening Lights

warming rays are shadowed by threatning clouds while hissing winds create the oddest sounds linked to the power and speed of a beam. ion is cast to this strange and fake scene forced into isolation struggling for lightl ion rises to slowly take up the light man's on the verge of darkening lights condemmened to destruction's everlasting nights the memory of golden age's heavenly powers slowly fades books of wisdom's highly honoured knowledges have long been smothered

St. Elmo's Fire

Brian Eno "Another Green World"
Brown eyes and I were tired We had walked and we had scrambled Through the moors and through the briars Through the endless blue meanders. In the blue August Moon In the cool August Moon Over the nights and through the fires We went surging down the wires Through the towns and on the highways Through the storms in all their thundering. In the blue August Moon In the cool August Moon Then we rested in a desert Where the bones were white as tombstones And we saw St Elmo's fire Splitting ions in the ether. In the blue August Moon In the cool August Moon In the blue August Moon In the cool August Moon.

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