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CHRIS REA lyrics - Auberge

Looking For The Summer

Original and similar lyrics
Look deep into the April face A change has clearly taken place Looking for the summer The eyes take on a certain gaze And leave behind the springtime days Go looking for the summer This ain't no game of kiss and tell The implications how you know so well Go looking for the summer The time has come and they must go To play the passion out that haunts you so Looking for the summer Remember love how it was the same We scratched and hurt each others growing pains We were looking for the summer And still I stand this very day With a burning wish to fly away I'm still looking Looking for the summer

Half The World Away

Capture me with your charms and die here in my arms Before I have the chance to set things straight. Lay there in the cold. Leave me growing old. And then I wonder if time might wait. You had it all - is that such an awful game for us to play? Why throw it all away? You had it all; now I'm dying to say Goodbye to love. Goodbye to love. Goodbye. Goodbye to love - will I never had enough. Goodbye to love ? goodbye. Where did you plan to go, buried in sand and snow? I need a kiss to know you're not asleep. With love like a sacrifice to the hell that is paradise. I hope eternal life will come so cheap. You had it all - when all comes to all. That's not a fair exchange. Well. You didn't want to change. You had it made - and I stayed - 'cause you couldn't bear to wait. I would battle with the fates just to see your face. Or even take your place; it's such a dreadful waste.

Love Tap

Barnes And Barnes
l flew to the coast To play guest to her host In a scene too bizarre to believe She accused me of lies And she blackened my eyes When I told her that I had to leave She said it was a love tap But I felt the pain A love tap She'll do it again Oh I feel like a mess And she's torn up her dress Now we must change our violent ways She scratched at my face Put my nose out of place Now I'm stumbling around in a dale She said it was a love tap But it hurt so bad A love tap It made me sad She said it was a love tap And I wonder why A love tap It made me cry What will become of this love Yeah


World Of Smiles Berlin Pleasure Victim I'm thinking faces changing pictures come to mind try to change the subject sensation stare reveal me, still i want to know capture time in a photograph well i say how do you do shatters my mirrored view if only your lie would disappear why don't you plaster your face then i just might believe i'll crack you open, smash you down i repeat your mad charade this s. r. game you play's a freeze indifference greetings and smiles you've got yours now i've got... mine i've got to swallow your pride shallow men hear no rhyme furniture shifts as you walk by why don't you look in my eyes what do you see in there plastic melts in a world of smiles i'm laughing hurt me, hurt me, now the joke's on you satisfy your conscience stop talking, stop talking tear me open and leave me here to bleed cut me up, cut me down to size

Get Your Way

JAMIE CULLUM "Catching Tales"
Dinner at eight, that sounds fine, I suppose that means you'll turn up 'round nine. Bought a bunch of flowers, just for her, She says the burden's on the receiver. I opened the door and you walked in, (Sniff) The scent of wild jasmine. The room, seemed to freeze in time, My regular table will be just fine. Radiant and elegant, you might be But your concentration is so go-lightly Both of your eyes reflecting the moon, You really think you own the room. [CHORUS:] So What Game Shall We Play Today? How About The One Where You Don't Get Your Way? But Even If You Do, That's Okay. So What Game Shall We Play Today? How About The One Where You Don't Get Your Way? But Even If You Do, That's Okay. Try to pick it up, reading the signs, It's turning out to be a real good time, And who'd have thought that entertainment, Lies in the winter of your discontent. Now, sit at the table, face to face, Queen takes pawn, check or checkmate! I feel your foot brush against my leg, I'm not that easily led. You flutter your eyes and you toss your hair, I have to say that it is kind of unfair, Let me tell you baby now what's in store, You win the battle, but I'll win the war! [CHORUS] This has been fun, I suppose, Although my feelings are all juxtaposed, But truth be told, I'm as fickle as hell, But gentlemen never kiss and tell! [CHORUS]


KANSAS "Audio-Visions"
(Steve Walsh) I remember when I saw your face I said out loud she's out of place She's summer's child and still she feels no freedom Your hair was long and so was mine when we were young I felt a kind of magic Did you feel that for me (Chorus) I thought that you would understand you thought that I was in your hand Now's the time when I can't stay not even you can change the way I'm a loner I remember when I saw your eyes I said out loud I realize That beauty often hides a heart that's hardened You tell me now you use them all they love it best before they fall Collected like a flower in your garden (Chorus)

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