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CHRIS REA lyrics - Auberge

Every Second Counts

Original and similar lyrics
Every second counts That's what he says Every second counts Every single day All through the night time All through the day time Can't let your world pass through and into my way Every second counts He can't slow down Every second counts See him spin around He's chasing his shadow He's racing the wind He tells us to follow Where the ice is so thin I hope you're holding on I hope you're holding on 'Cos every second counts

Nothing To Go On

ANYA MARINA "Felony Flats"
Someday i'll wake up on the sidewalks of the moon With a Polaroid of that old saloon Where we fell in love over a long-forgotten beer Ghosts of your laughter, a song in my ear The ghosts of your laughter, a song in my ear A wise woman told me that my soul’s wearing thin €�oh your heart sounds like a violin” Falling headfirst over a long-harbored fear The ghost of our love’s like a song in my ear Ghost of our love’s like a song in my ear Silence silence I’m over you Silence silence I’m over you Silence... So listen, listen This one’s for you La la la la la... This time, this time, this time I’m through La la la la... Do you ever get the feeling you just woke up to your life And for one brief minute everything’s right This time, this time, this time I’m through Nothing to go on but blind hope and so I’m just holding my breath that it’s true Got nothing to go on but blind hope and so I’m just holding my breath that it’s true Got nothing to go on but blind hope and so I’m just holding my breath that it’s true

Abandon All Hope

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
Aesop Rock (Aesop Rock)... [x16] Is a love such as that which I exhibit for my practice The factor which then amalgamates debates with straight-jackets and robes, Huddled in brackets that blacken the average globel Xenophobe, loathe to modify the fly?, feel this... I carve a notch in my wall for every stall every fifth mark slants diagonal to symbolize your downfall! Drunky peasants, honor the shifty Megatron presents Slug a bolt one ceremonies of merit turned blood sport (Uh) Voted hella high seas, I freeze your mega dumb company Pumpin' out wise beads like, fly sneak-attacks on dry leaves DUNCED Crooked rumors turn zoomers when rookies talkin' Bad seeds blossom the wookie walk, hawkin' Let a sucker drift, I lift up every stone prone to find the point at which repellent signals ultimately bind When a pack of style mimics, see my brains target the cluster I advance clutchin' the mic like, bully to knuckle duster And a scent, your riddles yield a little plastic blend Fuck a badge, light a bonfire, dance a jig around a pig Figurin' yea, I'll lend a plan on leaked fame trackers Using only the finest in post-modern terrain mappers Once my brethren disperse... My God, you'd think the heaven's touched the earth then Thirstin' a perch on a bursted curse But I don't, confide why to choose me. Bored, lasso down Polaris, let the glow amuse me OK I lay me down to sleep, creepin' a slumber under red skies, Heads splittin', straight sippin' a drip of dead vibes... It's red tides from here, stop and smell analog hell, Clenchin' a stench of burnin' logics and a child with yearning optics... Now someone's approached the roach, shaking like snow-globes Other sort safety in numbers, other's flows got towed under (yeah) Still another took a turn and crashed and burned while others flee But there will never be another starvin' marvel like me See, there's a time when... rhyme and... Pain combine can't even manage to tell what the swell is, like Picture your imagery embellished with the hellish aspects of the swarm's forlorn facets Soul crafted fat cats, burrowin', left perennial tenants discouraged in Discussin' my four-season flourishing, Uh! Surgeon purging poetic lead poison Poised, in ploys to leak a little bit of moisture on your pride I'm a, animated style machine in a veening faulty production fueled by nicotine suction From ducks in my carnival to vipers in my garden You flash identify bottom genus species and class start to chuckle... Buckle the architecture til it fell through. Kill the survivors, then raise the dead for shock value By the time the pending settlement's fully negotiated (yeah I'll...) I'll have put aside a few to get myself situated So like sadly, my style spooks juveniles like "Boo" Radley Radically we consume the Colonel Kurtz in our platoon soon enough That's one bluff call, toughens the searcher Stuttering, emerging, gutter urchin, bursting I live for the moment of truth when Big Willy rapper ackgnowledges failure and states 'Goddamn my shit is trash' 'It's time to let go', the tin man bangin' upon his chest to hear the echo: 'Heartless kid, hollow compartments' Be we the people of the united, starving artistic Militia keep movin' in order to form a more perfect union I'm clueing into the poison panoramics brewed in panic situations It fucks a little with my brittle gift I tell myself 'Stay' (Stay)... up high make a mockery of sun, and moon, and star 'til they hand over the sky My de luxe is, fluxes, pivots to where the crux is Invade the town while village elders holler 'Who the fuck's this?' He hip a cats, agravated trudge through the muds Quickin' ones, plots thicken like, coagulated blood Rugged serpentines climb, pebble the rock Let your pretty, pink cloud nine expectations please you not I'm, Ae-fuckin'-sop Rock, mic bizarro. Proper application of the soul by my standard. Candid once position from which instigations spawn And man, I plan to die with a mic in my hand, it's like... Abandon all hope y'all, abandon all hope, it's like Abandon all hope y'all, abandon all hope...

Second Wind

DARRYL WORLEY "Hard Rain Don't Last"
Second Wind (Darryl Worley/Steve Leslie) There's an old friendly breeze that blows in the Gulf of Mexico Somehow it always knows when I'm feeling low So I'm gonna anchor down and wait till it comes around Leave the rest of the world behind, yeah that's how I'll pass the time Chorus: Till I catch my second wind, get back up and gain control again Find the strength I lost back when you stopped loving me I guess I'll just stay out here until I know the coast is clear Sit and watch the tide roll in till I catch my second wind There's a peace in the way I feel when the water's still And as long as it's calm out here I've got time to kill But as soon as it starts to stir I'll lose track of the way things were Float away on the open air, but I'm not going anywhere Chorus

Always Find The Time

KYLIE MINOGUE "Rhythm Of Love"
Always Find The Time Written: Stock Aitken Waterman, James 1a: You're the first thing in the morning And the last thing at night And I'll always hear you calling You're always on my mind 1b: I don't want no-one but you, ooh ooh And I don't need a second string I don't want a share of you, ooh, ooh I wanna be your everything CHORUS: Sunrise - as long as you'll be mine Midnight - that would be just fine Rain or shine - it wouldn't change my mind I-I-I-always find the time 2: Look around me I can always see your face There's a feeling that's surrounding It's in every move you make All the other guys I see, ooh ohh They don't get a second chance Funny they don't interest me, ohh ohh I don't give them a second glance CHORUS: CHORUS: 1b: CHORUS: (repeat fade)

Wide Eyed

Guiding her into dream time Following lights in her eyes This living behind's got her frightened So I'm here and I'm working all night How is she not breaking down? Oh God I feel her shaking Try as I might to provide her light In the end it's she who's breaking I'm holding the choice as she grows life from it's stem Is it better to say not now when I'm trying learn: yes? I'm dreaming of bouncing feet and your motherly smile But when you're sleeping so far away I can't feel what's inside How am I still holding on? Oh God I hope I am holding She'll try and describe what my strength provides but I fear my strength is failing If I could change my mind I would change What's the change for the better For a child who learns not to cry? And to the boy who relies on his anger: You'll survive but you won't feel exchange And why all these doubts? And what are all these doubts? I see in her eyes that I'm holding her fine but all I'm hearing is doubts Even as water's crushing over my head And the rhythm that I would slow is picking up it's pace I'm learning from older shames as I'm watching them die And I'm still hoping to see her smile in the morning when we wake Now that I am waking up Oh God I hope I am waking Though I'm overwhelmed at times I find that I'm less afraid of change Change all the time I'm still finding what's sure and not getting lost in my mind I know I can try Needing my own But still getting lost in her eyes And hoping it's time Wide eyed I get wide eyed

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