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CHELY WRIGHT lyrics - Never Love You Enough

One Night In Las Vegas

Original and similar lyrics
(Chely Wright/Brad Paisley) Flight 709 pulled up to the gate An hour and 45 minutes late And of course our connection was already in the air Spent a day of our vacation in Chicago O'Hare And like musical chairs at the baggage belt We were the last ones standin' there when nothin' came out Looking back now on our string of bad luck That just wasn't our day but you know what? That one night in Las Vegas Lyin' there with you Was well worth everything that you and I went through And so it goes, our life's been that way Puttin' out fires, takin' it day by day And look at this year, it's been our hardest one yet Just when we thought it had gotten bad as it could get You got transferred to Denver, I stayed behind Put the house on the market 'bout went outta my mind And your dad got sick, I've never seen you so scared We almost didn't make it through the year But that weekend in the mountains In a cabin all by ourselves Makin' that one memory made up for everything else Oooh me and my insecurities You and your stubborn pride If we've learned anything it's there's no winner when we fight So this mornin' in our kitchen After talkin' all night long We finally stopped tryin' to figure out Who's right and who is wrong And when you hold me like you're holdin' me And I kiss your tired face We know we took the long way here But wound up in a better place Baby one night in Las Vegas Or one weekend in the mountains Any moment we're together makes up for everything else


(Sara) Somethin happens when you touch me I get open, and my legs starts quivering This sensation, emotions take control of me Its a temptation, i dont knows whats come over me (Babs) Yeah baby, tonights the night Ima ride that thing like a motor bike Grab my waist and hold it tight, im not frontin You think i bought a box of Lifestyle for nothin Please i got blunts you supply the weed Im the best so baby keep yo eyes on me Its about time i get mine nigga im ready And sex aint the bomb if the girl is sweaty (Chopper) Listen ma, we been chillin out for a minute And right now im in the mood to straight hit it We know enough about each other, i been patient Look, but every nigga got his limits Im tired of waitin, i feel like tonight is the night To get Bucky Ball naked and make love all night You aint gotta worry bout me bustin in quick seconds I can handle mine plus im young and energetic, you ready *Chorus (Sara) Toniiight (Babs) Yeah daddy i know you want it cuz its extra tight (Ness) Yeah mommy im gon make sure its extra right (Sara) Ill Be your Mary Jane, it aint a game, ill get ya high, toniiight (Babs) Im a bad girl and bad girls do bad things (Ness) And im a bad boy so girlfriend do your thing (Sara) Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da (Fred aka Miami) So hurry up ma show me a sign I been peepin ya all night And your alright The reason im starin im comparin Some things we may have in common And tell ya comin on our plane to Bahamas I love how you abuse the charm You got a Bad Boys tellin leave them fools alone Any place that you stay i can move your home Im talkin shoppin sprees for weeks in Rome We would import 4 in the mornin we gone Off to Paris to meet Sean I cant dissapoint Mr.Combs But first i need the number to your phone *Chorus (Sara) Somethin happens when you touch me I get open and my legs starts quivering This sensation, emotions take control of me Its a temptation, i dont know whats come over me (Ness) You aint gotta act boogie or be all uptight Tonights the night E.Ness will put up a fight Best sex you ever had in your life If it turn out right fuck around gettin married tonight Rock that hand off a one night stand Hop in the van goin honeymoon in Amsterdam Tomorrow mornin we gon drive back home And smoke a lot so we can be in the twilight zone (Dylan) I wanna have you in the kitchen, put up on the dresser Throw you in the closet then undress ya Treat ya like a one night stand give ya the pressure Make you hit high notes like R&B singers will ya Chorus x2 Toniiight, uhhh HEYY, Toniiight, ohhh uh, yeahhh

Spring Water

La the Darkman "Heist of the Century"
[Intro: Raekwon] Yo. Yo. Yo. Yeah, No doubt. No doubt. That's my... 1997. That's my word. That's my... that's my word. That's my... that's my word. [Raekwon] Yo, yo, yo, up in the Hilton, buildin, playin outfieldin The black 90210 cat was chillin Then spottin this, somethin like fabulous with ice on Fly night's on, fitted up with fly tights on Starin at me, approach a God, represent right Peep this, James Bond, BM look tight Delightly, that I could see shorty liked me Politilly, [nigga], get it right g [La The Darkman] Day plannin, jump up, watch the landin Stay cool, fannin, polly, eatin salmon At the grill, reminise over who got killed And if they were here today, pa, how would they feel? Sun shinin, jet past the block, cats rhymin See King Gunner, he gained cream this summer Rolled up a Dacari, blessed my man Marvelous, wally rocker, lex, 450 land [Raekwon] Yo, the barbeque's bangin and my sons look charged up What up? Fresh cuts buildin when we rest up Team is righteous, fresh cologne on, probably roll on Some next club, no slag, throw my gold on Info, like a hotel, phat, she got stacks She's a big girl, cover girl laced, wig curl Goin through the struggles of life is trife Get your things right, maybe one day you'll be rich wife [La The Darkman] Yo, picture good days, young, no bills to pay I can't 'til I grown, that's what all kids say Came a long way, cashin checks, duplex to lampin on planes, rockin 5 g chains Well known, just bought moms a new home Check shorty on the swing, playin the cellphone Lookin lovely, green sundress, no stress Nails look fresh, painted to impress It's only love [Raekwon] Yo, yo, son, that's my word Connect dots with all live [niggaz] in the world Start some thesis, exiled, long releases Though we got family there with little nieces Six a crash with king Nike Air, yo Rockin them new Wu glasses, lace my lab, kid Magazinin', swim, watch, long dreamin Peace, I'm out, golden globe rapper low-keyin [La The Darkman, (12 O'Clock)] Yo, Cuban linkin, lampin at the park here drinkin Watch the seeds play here free, mind thinkin Birthdays, presents, learnin, readin lessons Nine God year, livin in impressions Splashin, La medallion flashin (Son, talk your jewels 'fore you jump in the pool) Aight, du', I stay blacked out by the leaf Cuz I eat to live, not live to eat Sayin peace, Nah'I'm'Sayin?

Night Shift

[Verse 1: SPM] Now spread the word I got them bricks on the dead end streets And watch them jump out boys Cause they rollin ten deep Creep crawlin the night Ya know the deal In the muthafuckin Hill We all strapped to kill Chill hittin licks in the wind that never ceases Mad cause they askin me for three dollar pieces How the fuck I'm suppoesed to come up Of a shy move Run up on a twenty and get yo ass an ice cube It ain't nuthin why you bumpin in yo Cutlass Jus understand the roughness Never cut for the gutless Cause it's do or die You ask Who am I I was a heartbreaker ever since junior high Eye of the public The Brown be a suspect So the streets taught me to be loveless Causin rawkus In a dope fiends bucket My two favorite subjects were Shut it and fuck it [Chorus: SPM] The night shift Young hustlers workin grave yards The night shift Street soldiers workin grave yards My nine be Beside me Tonight we Work the night shift My nine be Beside me Tonight we Work the night shift [Verse 2: Pimpstress] It's yo midnight mistress Playa named Pimpstress I keep it crunk handle AH on my business Queen of the click Fiend for my shit I'm sucked and corrupt Sixteen in my click From black and mop You can't crack my style Playa hatin bitches make me crack a smile Tonight With whoride In the moonlight My feria ruka sound like the fuckin chula Fools die Fuckin wit my feria Daddy steaks wanna marry the Emperiala Nina Ross, Mary Jane, Ms. Cocaine The three devils brought us deep in the dope game So strange True G's won't change Close range Left ya boys wit no brains Street zombies Takin out posses Dangerous hobbies Jus call me [Chorus: SPM] [Repeat 1x] [Verse 3: SPM] Alone in my home Cock my gats I'm known for my dope so I watch for jacks Keep out burglar Come on in Bring all yo men let the games begin Pumpin em in the cheek man I Hot shots comin out my banana Got plans like Santa Anna Got balls like Tony Montana Trick or treat Feel my heat Hear my muthafuckin drum beats Don't believe the tales from my hood Come see This ain't no joke you can smoke This ain't no wonderland I kick this shit so you motherfuckers understand I pop mine With a glock nine Blow that head off a muthafuckin stop sign Be the one never You come I come better Bring yo umbrella I bring the rough weather Pleasure one pleasure Choppin up chedder Ya whole crew get done by one fella [Chorus: SPM] [Repeat 1x]


DJ Mendez
Carneval Carneval – All night long En mi Corazon (1.) Carneval – Can't go wrong Que quente conmigo (2.) Careval – As long as we live and breathe Y va paya, paca (3.) It's on the Latin flavor, go tell a neighbor now Perdon, I'ma take you on a ride with me (4.) Don't you worry ‘bout a ticket, you can ride for free Clamate, parate, just smile with me (5.) Esta noche you will get a little wild with me (6.) It's a global thing, everybody's shaking Black, brown to Asian to Caucasian Y yo, y tu – no segregation (7.) There's a party going on, here's your invitation This is for real, you will belive Esto es real y tu versa (8.) ‘Cause it knocks you off your feet in a single heartbeat Carneval – All night long… I'm so glad to be a part of this All day, every day I put my heart in this Soy el unico que pone la cara aqui (9.) Och till och med svenska kan jag ta er dit Can't stop still gotta lotta bars to spit Uh, and you don't know? Hey, baby I started this This is for real… Carneval – All night long… Ahora mi gente – Left to right, side to side (10.) Escucha a Mendez (11.) This is for real… Carneval – All night long…

The One That Got Away

Allister "Last Stop Surburbia"
you left a guy who told you where to be and when i was with a girl who tried to sleep with my best friend we both took comfort in each other's messy lives finding warmth on that cold november night we swore it'd be years before we brought that on again days later you said that we should be more than just friends i let my guard down cuz the feelings were so strong but acted stupid and thats when he came along CHORUS: its been so long, i should just move on there's other fish in the sea but i keep hoping you'll swim back home to me we'd sneak out and go swimming late at night you're one of few who can say they've seen me cry you've got my quirkiness and awkward sense of humor we shared simpson quotes and started made up rumors if night turned into day you'd hide me from your mom i could never fight with you cuz you were never wrong this time especially the blame is all on me if i'd not screwed things up i wonder where we'd be CHORUS: it's been so long, i should just move on there's other fish in the sea but i keep hoping you'll swim back home to me one day for no reason i broke our date so you made other plans that day and that's when you met him and why you're still with him today it's been so long, i should just move on there's other fish in the sea but i keep hoping you'll swim back home to- i'm just glad i got a chance to know you you'll forever be the one that got away

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