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Cheech And Chong lyrics

I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog

Original and similar lyrics
I was driving around in old Mexico I got lost I didn't know which way to go I was confused it was late and I was in a fog I ran over the taco bell dog I felt that smush and I said Oh Mama My lowrider crushed that little Chiuaua I pray for forgivenes in a synagogue I ran over the taco bell dog If I get caught they will put me in a cell with twenty locks Unless I can pin it on Jack in the Box I'll be whipped then beaten, and then I'll be flogged I ran over the taco bell dog


All Living Fear
the car wasn't locked, it was tempeting fate. my friends and me, we'd stopped out late. nothing to do, nowhere to go, put the car into gear, hit the open road. karl at the wheel, driving too fast. we told him slow down, but he didn't hear. saw you to late, no time to stop. nowhere to turn, I knew you were hurt. no, nobody said it would be easy, I know. no, nobody said it would be easy. I can't forgive myslef and no one else, for what we've done to you. please, will you ever belive me. I'm sorry more than words can say, wish it didn't have to be this way. outside the theatre, no one was there. the doctors had finished, where were you now. they said it was bad, had to see for myself. no one to stop me, no nurses about. you looked so pale, I felt so scared. you were hardly breathing, the monitor said. your pulse to slow, your blood pressure high. I prayed to god that you wouldn't die. the time it went by, the pain you still felt. the doctors weren't hopeful if you'd ever walk. the law came down heavy, though it wasn't enough. karl just got a ban, while you got a crutch. I vist you often, you say that were friends. I still can't help feeling our love will not mend. emotional scars that you try hard to hide. my own sister crippled, a careless joyride

The Day I Die

H-TOWN "Imatations Of Life"
This is how I feel on that ending day of my life yet I am not afraid so I want you to enjoy my eternal vision Verse 1 16 chariots I'm the one that carries me away filled with the people that I love while death embails me away 6 paul barers burnin' in a suit white in gloves on the hands to salute 7 ministers to pray me a prayer for the ones Ive treated unfair mama dear by my side while I go to the grave the one to come and say that I gave this will be fine on that day on that day that I die I want the dickon on that day I want my mama to love and say I want my mama to stand right by my side while I take that heavenly ride I want Dino, Shazam, GI and be by by my side while I go to the grave I want the little ones to stand beside me I want every one to know that Im gon be fine one that day I die Chorus? Lyrics By Dee-Dee Verse 2 I pray to be ready that day I pray that God take my soul away hold me in his bousom all night long hold me tight hold me tight for eternity I also pray when I leave they take also care of my family ,my little daugter, my children that's all I needed to know will they do it for me the day that I die Chorus? Hook: I say I like to know I say I say I say I like to know he will save my soul he will make me grow on day I leave this world and I want to know I say I like to know that day that I die

Twenty Years Late

AARON LINES "Waitin' On The Wonderful"
Hey mom I know that it's late, hope I didn't wake you Yeah, everything is O.K., just needed to talk to you Today I had one of those days But I didn't call to complain Just to say everything that I didn't for all of those years You were a taxicab driver, a nurse and a maid A waitress, a cook and a shoulder to lay My head on to cry on, when nothing was going my way You knew every answer without cracking a book And I took for granted that I had it so good And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say Thank you I love you Twenty years late It's funny how time passing by can change your perspective A little while out on your own can sure make you think I don't know how you did it No I can't find one spare minute The days run together but I don't remember you Ever letting us down You were the judge and the jury when I did wrong Been my biggest fan from my very first song The gas in the engine that always kept me moving on A seamstress a counselor and the one referee That could cold stop a fight between my brother and me And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say Thank you I love you Twenty years late I'll let you go now But I hope that you know now how I feel Thank you for making me the man I've become I love you and I will always be your son Mom that's all I called to say Twenty years late

Home Within Your Heart

David Wilcox "Underneath"
Too tired to sleep, too angry to pray, too far down to get back up, too lost to find my way. Who knows what happened, I'm too confused to say, and too far gone to turn back now; it's too late anyway. I don't need a clever confidant to try to soothe with hollow words, I've heard them all. What I need is just to know I have a home within your heart. Just hold me close. A few words will do. We don't have to find the answers now, it's enough to be with you. [chorus]

Beyond This World

Jungle Brothers "Done By Forces Of Nature"
Breakdown... Round and round, upside down Living my live underneath the ground Never heard of and hardly seen A whole lot of talk about the Red, Black and Green So dirty you didn't wanna deal with it So funky you didn't wanna got with it But that's alright, no problem, cool Sent to the Earth to educate the fool Waiting around for my shell to crack After that you can't hold me back Looking out for the danger signs Jungle Bros bringing forth a change in times Left, right, some ask from which angle Straight up the middle, reality's the riddle Sending a message to the old and young Confused about where I come from What planet? What channel? What station? AfriKa from the Zulu Nation... Confused, no landing, no understanding But I knew not to give what life was demanding Found a new tab, thought I'd take a grab Tired of brothers who feign to backstab Beating a bigger drum, better days will come And if they don't come, I'll get up and make some First you crawl before you walk First you think before you talk I found in life that you wear a hard hat Protect your mind and bad things will stay back Vultures flocking around on corners Snakes slide through our law and order Years slip away and I get older Leaves hit the ground and it gets colder My heart pumps faster so I get bolder That's when I ask my brother to...take over! My mellow, Uncle Sam! (Ladies and gentlemen, live from the Planet Rock we have the J.Beeeeees...) You see some listen but still don't hear Some seem far but are real near I climb a mountain to reach a kingdom And if they're willing, sure I'll bring them Think to the needy and then to the greedy Rely on the heaven and earth to feed me Move to the motions of the moon (Take out your shades!) Cause the sun comes soon To plan my day I look at the sky I see rain and I still ask why... Broke the airwaves, trying to make waves Finally came through but came in mono Frequencies I kept on fighting Satelliting what I was writing Three years, finally got through Came through in stereo... So hello everybody and how ya'll doing? We gonna say a few words and keep on stepping People watching to see what we would do Live on air you heard us say to you: The city's a jungle and we are the brothers This so-called King Of The Jungle will run for cover All of your minds have been set into a trance So instead of fighting out our problems... We order ya'll to dance!

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