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Charles Ray lyrics

Seven Spanish Angels

Original and similar lyrics
He looked down into her brown eyes and said say a prayer for me, she threw her arms around him, whispered 'God will keep us free', he could hear the riders comin', he said this is my last fight If they take me back to Texas, they won't take me back alive. Chorus: There were Seven Spanish Angels at the Altar of the Sun They were prayin' for the lovers, at the Altar of the Gun. When the Battle stopped and the smoke cleared, there was thunder from the throne. And Seven Spanish Angels took another Angel home. She reached down and picked the gun up that lay smokin' in his hand. She said Father please forgive me, I can't make it without my man. And she knew the gun was empty and she knew she couldn't win. But her final prayer was answered, when the rifles fired again. Chorus. Chorus with Ray.

Upstarts And Broken Hearts

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here"
- Lyrics / Music: Dropkick Murphys (Casey, Barton, Kelly) - I once met a young girl filled with fire, That saw through my front to this shell of a man She knew I'd be a handful from the start, This strong willed woman had an angels heart The holes in these wings don't allow me to fly So you'd better brace for a life of pain, And if fate is the path to this better life Somehow I feel you'll never see the faces change Chorus: Through thick and thin, She stood by you She held the key to my broken heart I look back and wonder, Sit and ponder. How I could have ever neglected you. For the blood soaked soil on the old ball field, I gambled on a hand I wasn't ready to lose But if the tables were turned and I faced the troubles, Tough times and struggles I put you through I'd of been there as you were through hardship and horror My life and my love are pledged to you. Chorus: Remember the nights she waited and wondered, fused to a myth that it had taken it's toll. But this Godless man has mended his way, Never again will she be alone. I remember it well, Still I always knew that she was destined to be my bride This woman had pride, She was full of life. I could see the passion in her eyes. She thought she found a man, But she fell for the devil An evil monster in disguise. Now I'll honor and obey, Forever stay. True to you, my Irish rose Chorus:

Forever Everyday

Lee Ann Womack "Something Worth Leaving Behind"
I knew this kid, his name was Michael He was only four years old We sat on a rock and started talkin' And he told me things I didn't know He said yesterday he was an Indian And how he played with buffalo Well, I got a sense that he had been there And he made me really wanna go Chorus: Remember waitin' all year for December Thought God was cryin' when it rained And that the stars were fireflies Dreams were real and big as life It was forever everyday I was tuckin' in my little girl She held my hand and we said a prayer I prayed, 'Bless Grandma with the angels.' And she said, 'Hey Mom, she's standin' over there.' Well, I couldn't see her but I don't doubt it Maybe 'cause I'm older and less wise What if Heaven's all around us But only seen through children's eyes (Repeat Chorus) They say when you're old you're a child again But do we have to wait 'till then (Repeat Chorus) Forever I knew this kid his name was Michael

Paper Angels

JIMMY WAYNE "Jimmy Wayne"
After every day-after-Thanksgiving sale the malls just ain't complete Without a bunch of decorations and a paper angel tree There's artificial smiles on artificial tree limbs Saying what she'd love to have and what to buy for him Well I hope Maggie likes her new winter clothes and her buggy with a baby Doll And maybe Tom'll smile in his new Nike shoes when he shoots that Basketball I can't help but wishing that I could so more But not just while I'm shopping in the department store CHORUS: Paper angels you're in my thoughts and prayers No matter where you are right now remember God's right there He's asking all of us to help take care Of his paper angels everywhere Going through the mail almost every afternoon I see a Mom and Dad's Worst dream There on the back of a money-saving ad to get my carpet cleaned Height, weight, hair, eyes, date missing, and DOB A child's name, a picture, and the words 'have you seen me?' CHORUS His documented bruises fill a folder in a file She's a second grade self-portrait drawn without a smile And every town is littered with this kind of debris We've got to stop this madness and it's up to you and me CHORUS

It Hurts Like Hell

Like a warrior that fights And wins the battle I know the taste of victory Though i went through some nights Consumed by the shadows And was crippled emotionally Somehow I made it through the heartace I escaped I found my way out of the darkness, kept my faith Kept my faith (Chorus) And the river was deep I didn't falter When the mountain was high I still believed When the valley was low It didn't stop me I knew you were waiting Knew you were waiting for me With and endless desire I kept on searching Sure in time our eyes would meet And like the bridge is on fire The hurt is over One touch and you set me free I don't regret a single moment Looking back, when I think of all those disappointments I just laugh, I just laugh (Chorus) So we were drawn together through destiny I know this love we share was meant to be

This Must Be Heaven

When I was much younger It used to happen every night I had a dream about a city dressed in lights And there were friends of mine I saw them time after time But I never knew their names And darling I swear I saw you there I know it sounds insane Sweet dreams of a child forgotten so easy I needed your smile to bring it all back to me I see all of my life as the road that brought me here Must be something went right I just know when you're near (Chorus) This must be heaven Have I found it what I've been looking for This must be heaven Have I finally stumbled through the door How could I have doubted I guess I must have lost my place You turned on the light And I saw my life Reflected in your face Sweet dreams of a child forgotten so easy oh yeah I needed your smile to bring it all back to me I see all of my life as the road that brought me here Must be something went right I just know when you're near (Repeat chorus) And I always knew that there was something more Come closer to me now You fill me up I'm overflowing Come closer to me now Come hold me tight and don't let go (Repeat chorus) You fill me up girl You fill me up and I'm overflowing This must be heaven Have I found what I've been living for This must be heaven Have I finally stumbled through the door This must be heaven Have I found what I've been looking for This must be heaven And I always knew that there were something more

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