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Charles Ray lyrics

Say No More

Original and similar lyrics
(Ronnie Bird / Pierre Papadiamadis) Say no more I think you'll never understand I have refused the same demand All my life ! Say no more In my book there can be no blame When you pretend I have no shame You're half right ! All along You kept trying to pin me down Turn me into your house clown ... If I don't fit the bill ... All the same I loved you then I love you still ! Chorus: Want to know the truth ? I caught a nasty bug And when it got ahold of me I could not shake it free ! A lasting blue note Has been haunting me ! It's like an old mistress Forever chasing me ... But say no more I may not be an easy man But the way you played your hand I couldn't stand ! It's too bad There is much more we could have done ! But now those days are dead and gone Nothing lasts ! All along You made me feel this useless guilt Can you look back on what we built ? I wonder what you saw in me ... Tell me was it real ? Was it love ? You tell me ... Chorus And though you think of it As the cause of my fall ! Never mind, I'm blessed ... I'm here ... at all !

God Gave Me You

Don Philip "Don Philip"
God Gave Me You Andy Goldmark/Jamie Houston/James Hicks For all the times I felt cheated,I complained You know I love to complain For all the wrongs I reapeted,though I was to blame I still cursed that rain I didn't have a prayer,I didn't have a clue And then out of the blue CHORUS:God gave me you to show me what's real There's more to life than just how I feel And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes And all that I live for,thought I didn't know why Now I do,'cause God gave me you For all the times I wore my self-pity like a favorite shirt All wrapped up in hurt For every glass I saw,I saw half empty Now it overflows like a river through my soul From every doubt I had,I'm finally free Now I truly believe CHORUS-repeat In your arms,I'm someone new With every tender kiss from you I must confess,I am blessed CHORUS-repeat

Bus To Baton Rouge

I had to go back to that house one more time To see if Camellias were in bloom For so many reasons it's been on my mind The house on Belmont Avenue Built up on cinderblocks off of the ground What with the rain and the soft swampy land By the sweet honeysuckle that grew all around Were switches when we were bad Chorus: I took a bus to Baton Rouge....etc., All the front rooms were kept closed off I never liked to go in there much Sometimes the doors they'd be locked 'Cause there were precious things I couldn't touch The company couch covered in plastic Little books about being saved The dining room table nobody ate at And the piano nobody played (Repeat Chorus) There was this beautiful lamp I always loved A seashore was painted on the shade It would turn around when you switched on the bulb And gently rock the waves The driveway was covered with tiny white seashells A fig tree stood in the backyard there are other things I remember, as well But to tell them would be just too hard Ghosts in the wind that blow through my life Follow me wherever I go I'll never be free from these chains inside Hidden deep down in my soul

Too Far Down

Hüsker Dü "Candy Apple Grey"
I'm down again And I don't know how to tell you But maybe this time I can't come back Because I might be too far down I wish for real That I could turn it on and off Like hot and cold and up and down Because I'm down again I'm too far down I couldn't begin to smile Because I can't even laugh or cry Because I just can't do it If it was so easy to be happy Why am I so down? All I can do is sit and wonder if it's going to end Or if I should just go away forever When I sit and think I wish that I just could die Or let someone else be happy By setting my own self free And you don't want the emotion Because the taste it leaves is for real But nothing's ever real until it's gone And I might be too far down And is this just another thrown away Or is this the end of the whole stupid road But you wouldn't want to know how I feel anyway Because the darkest hole is at the end of the road I'm down again And I guess I'm not the only one who dreams That there's not any way to tell you Because I might be too far down

Precious Little Meltdown

Adam Pascal
I'll put on the coat you want and pretend to rise above I'll carry the cross you bare and pretend to feel the love Tell you you're never alone, you're never alone You want the answers to be in a tongue you understand You're looking for someone like me to tell you when to throw your hand What battles to fight, what causes are right Then I drown in a precious little meltdown As you fly, riding the truth just like a butterfly You're all following me, as I follow you all Take a look and you'll see, that I lied to you all 'Cause this song is all I have Take all of the air I breathe and you hold it in your hand Take all that I want to be, it's more than I can stand Now I'm never alone, I'm never alone

The Knowing Dirge

In the shadow of what's real you dig a hole down in the sand. Where you know you left it all, the things that make you understand. And guide your hand. Then you turn with wattering eye, to the sky in your surprise. And the sand is your blood and the hole is so big and you shake and you pray and you beg. You know why. With your watering eye, you've got a hole inside, such a wretched life, don't look so surprised. You know why. You did this to yourself again. Gunning for a bluer sky. Swallowed the dose, cut your own rope, just to know it all. Do you know it all? Took down the dose, cut your rope, wanted to show yourself everything. You ran through the wires, tasted the fires. You can't feel anything at all. Shocked by the voice again.

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