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Canadian Bush Party lyrics - Just Add Beer

Two Cops In Tim Hortons

Original and similar lyrics
It's 3 AM and I'm waiting for the coffee perculating in the kettle in the back And there's no use getting all upset about who is degrading who when there is hockey on the set Chorus There's two cops in Tim Hortons and I'm just another shit to them maybe I'm just a good for nothing but did I have to hear it again? And they got two blue and whites parked in the back well out of sight in the hopes that I won't see And maybe I'm getting older a little more fat and slower but is there any other way to be? Not like I had better things to do, they're just wasting my time And now there's no use getting all upset about whos degrading who, When there's crullers to be had. Honey glazed and jelly filled Those chocolate sprinkles really fit the bill And won't it make those pig-boys mad?

Do It

Delbert McClinton "Genuine Houserockin"
Verse 1 Well I was feeling like hell and I was not getting well, so I went in for a physical check, and when I got to the doc, it was a hell of a shock, He said boy you're a physical wreck. He said your livers all swollen and your stomachs got a hole in it from drinking too much for too long, and that's a good indication you got bad circulation cause your blood pressures almost gone. And you got no reflexes in your solar plexus when I tap you on the top of your knee, and your pulse ain't steady and your lungs are ready to collapse anytime you breath. And at the rate you're going all the symptoms showing, boy you'll never live to get old. So I came up with a plan to make you healthy again, but boy you've got to do what you're told. CHORUS If you dig it, don't do it, and if you like it better leave it alone, and if it's too much fun that ought to clue you son that you're probably doing something that's wrong. And if it feels good to you, don't let it fool you cause you're playing in the danger zone. I kept waiting and waiting for the doctor to finish but he kept going on and on. Verse 2 He told me cut out the booze and put those muscles in use and don't be smoking no cigarettes, and you know love with a stranger might be fun but it's just like Russian Roulette. Get the grease out your diet boil it don't fry it and don't you eat no more barbecue. You better get you a pen I ain't gonna tell you again cause there's a whole lot more you gotta' do. Chorus Vrese 3 He told me cut out the meat(sweets?), and don't be crampin your feet and then he pointed toward Italian shoes. And he said boy lookit here you're gonna' damage your ear, listening to loud rock and rhythm and blues. and if a rabbit won't eat it brother you don't need it, that's the rules of your new menu. I wouldn't tell you no lie cause you will certainly die and there's a whole lot more you gotta' do. Chorus to end You better stand up straight, you better lose some weight Your postures a terrible disgrace You ought to suck in your gut; you need to pull in your butt And there's whole lot more you gotta' do.

Hard Life

TQ "Second Coming"
Introducing the hard life As if you all ain't know about it Just another one of them ghetto things Hard life living in the diningroom (Chorus) When I think about the days go by All the times You wish that you could fly away Into the clear bleu skies Just to live the hard life And when I think about the times we had I remember good as well as the bad I can hear sounds of laughter When the lays sweet cries In the hard life Dear mister president I was watching the news the other day You talked about a whole lot of issues But something about the neighberhood you never did I tooke it for myself to change the channel Figured out I was better of watching videos Now you trying to get a litlle fool for my soul. Late at night when they play to old tune (Bridge) I can't get no satisfaction another live lost on quick reaction Only time I think about calm and relaxing is when I write a new song (Chorus) Just a little some for my neigberhood Holla if you hear me Tough time in summertime feeling good Remenise about my partners who past away Just like little ronnie me and him and melinda Just wanna be somebody But to go now Asked me how I feel about Well I thank the lord who blessed him So I sang about it (Bridge) (Chorus) (Rap by E-40) (Chorus - 3x)

Sunday And Me

Jay The Americans
Girls, have you got the kind of man everyone looks up to? Well, if you don't, listen; I'll tell you what to do: Get your man, take him by the hand, and come on here to me I'm here to tell you about equal opportunity There was a time when the world was fickle And it may have been hard to succeed Well, times have changed now And school and training is what you really need It doesn't matter who you may be Everyone's equal with the same opportunity CHORUS: Things are changing for the better Things are changing for the better Now's the time for you to better yourself Life's got problems, but you can make it And I'm gonna tell you why Just like the early bird that catches the worm You gotta get up, go out and try Your race or color won't stand in your way Don't wait for tomorrow; today is your day (chorus) Good jobs are out there, just waiting to be found But they won't come to you, uh uh! You gotta get up and look around! (repeat last 2 lines of verse 2, then chorus) (repeat and fade): Things are changing for the better

Home Of The Brave

TOTO "Absolutely Live"
Everything's gonna be alright boys Help is on the way Hold your head up high now There's no need to cry now We're not running anymore Leave the politics behind boys They're not working anymore There's so much more at stake here It's make or break here Haven't we been here before? (Well come on!) Tell me what we're waiting for Chorus: You gotta remember You don't have to be afraid You still have the freedom to learn And say what you wanna say You gotta remember Don't let 'em take away The land we call the home of the brave Who sings the song of the people? You don't hear it anymore I heard it late last summer To the beat of a different drummer It never sounded quite like this before So you're trying to shake this feeling That trouble's right outside the door You lie awake each dark night Like a time bomb wound up too tight A storm in waiting, just offshore (Well, come on!) Tell me what we're waiting for Chorus (Instrumental break) Chorus repeats 2x


DAVID BOWIE "Diamond Dogs"
I'll make you a deal, like any other candidate We'll pretend we're walking home 'cause your future's at stake My set is amazing, it even smells like a street There's a bar at the end where I can meet you and your friend Someone scrawled on the wall 'I smell the blood of les tricoteuses' Who wrote up scandals in other bars I'm having so much fun with the poisonous people Spreading rumours and lies and stories they made up Some make you sing and some make you scream One makes you wish that you'd never been seen But there's a shop on the corner that's selling papier mache Making bullet-proof faces, Charlie Manson, Cassius Clay If you want it, boys, get it here, thing So you scream out of line 'I want you! I need you! Anyone out there Any time' Tres butch little number whines 'Hey dirty, I want you When it's good, it's really good, and when it's bad I go to pieces' If you want it, boys, get it here, thing Well, on the street where you live I could not hold up my head For I put all I have in another bed On another floor, in the back of a car In the cellar like a church with the door ajar Well, I guess we've must be looking for a different kind But we can't stop trying 'til we break up our minds Til the sun drips blood on the seedy young knights Who press you on the ground while shaking in fright I guess we could cruise down one more time With you by my side, it should be fine We'll buy some drugs and watch a band Then jump in the river holding hands

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