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Butchie Boys lyrics

Summer Staffers

Original and similar lyrics
Pardon me, your good ol' paycheck is showing (Mike) I couldn't help but note the lack of zeroes there I flip my lid over what I do not get Cause I see (that) Scott doesn't even care We gotta come together, and pull a giant Navy Seal (Chorus) *We're Summer Staffers, and we live in Victory Hall We live where guys and girls can't share the same floor We have history full of volleyball And we are Summer Staffers who decorate each others' doors* A day in pantry is only the beginning We take on charecter with every Navy Seal This thing of beauty is called Melvin's clothes heist. By Scott's design, we have lights out... GET REAL! We gotta come together, aren't we all related after all? (Chorus) Ignorance has wronged some pranks And vengeance is 220's If we aspire to own fish (tanks) S and C are plenty Well, just a day in the shoes of a conference guest Should make it easy for you to see That these wacko rules do more than make us druel As a part of our environment

If You Think I'm Jiggy

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Chorus) If you really dig me, and you think I'm jiggy Come on shorty let me know We can get together, we can do whatever But you cant get no dough (Verse 1) Yo, since the Mona video you been trackin' me down tryin' to figure out how I lookin'perso-nal, Baby forget looks tell me can you roll with crooks the three hot niggas rising in the Billboard books, nigga we look at things through the big lens, big picture big Benz we try and make CEO ends, the thick chicks love us, big dick style niggas Cristal niggas, ya'll finesse this quick style niggas you didn't love me when my name was Sean Now you should see how bitches act when the Benjamins come on but I ain't hatin' em, you gotta love the ways females play Quickly use a neglige to getta get-away Five stars where the willies stay, and Sheek pay for nothing but thats what ya'll herbs get for frontin' I spend wild chips gettin' drunk up in the China Club, while you up in Skate Key wit a minor (Verse 2) I know she wit it, I betta brick I could hit it Black tie affair I gotta fresh pair of British Ice Berg shirts with Ice along with it turquoise, 9-11 Porsche and it's tinted but honey got alot of jazz, You gotta philly You gotta bag, then she went inside the Prada bag Blew two and she said it was choice, like my voice my thug style made her cat moist that's the realest shit I heard, that's my word Regardless who she fucked, I'm the nigga she deserves I put her on the hole in Jerz, rockin' furs different ways to speak without using words And even though she proper I still gotta drop her Cuz Sheek dont like her, had a dream that he shot her I cant buy you ascotta, you get nada I'm the bounce with a chick that look a little bit hotter (Chorus) They was never mine for me to dump em its just like checkers, after they make a move then I jump em It's like this girlfriend I'm a keep it real, every nigga with a deal ain't able to peel I'm a Bad Boy so I'm caked up with whips And guess what, I got more nuts than chips And they gon' melt right in your mouth not in your hand, You know that you aint my girl I'm not your man But do you still wanna lick me? or is cause I'm a six figgy niggy, and I know Biggie and I dont mess with no fat ladies but if you pay like you weigh then you can stay baby PJ slide to tha mo like that with this honey named trout cuz she blow like that and when we finish dont look at me like I owe nothin' cuz if you really dig then let me know something (Chorus 2X) (extra verse) Styles: It's a drunk laid out in the V.I.P., can't talk about a 3 on 3 Heard a freak ask Sheek 'Big Luch why don't you pee on me?' And her friend is tellin' Jay 'I hold a key on me.' And I'm laughin' to myself, I got a key on me And they friend in my ear like Lean On Me Told her to get some bare backs and cream on me... Sheek: Yeak Sheek holler to these mommies 'Ven aqui...' Gas 'em up easily and take 'em home with me Who respect this, can't keep her hands off my necklace If it's good, next week I'll put her on the guest list... Jadakiss: This goes out to all ya'll There's too many names to call but ya'll know who ya'll are See me at the bar all eyes on the R... O-L to the E-X, sip the Henny and VS 112 sex styles baby, maybe we can fall in the L.O.X. files You betta believe we all scorin', yeah We can dance all night and do whatever all mornin'...ha ha...yeah... CHORUS (2x)

Ass Knockin

Bob Schneider "Live Shows"
(chorus 2x) All I wanna do is rock this motherfucker all night long ya'll Non stop 'till the crack of dawn ya'll Ass-Knockin till you can't go on Stop over with the goodies and get it on Rock the house party like Freddie King Dropping the big bomb like it's no big thing Fuckin up the system like a psychopath Bringing the knowledge like Sylvia Plath Get ___ like I was Aquaman Fling the funky fat far across the land Do the def nugget like I was born to do Holding it down like I was superglue (repeat chorus) Breakin all the rules like it's no big deal Eatin hot sauce til it makes me sick Hangin out with the fly girls at the laundromat Why their dickhead boyfriends wonder where they at I gotta drink a big jar of that jammy juice Doing all the things I was supposed to do Sleepwalking honey through the land of love While a hundred billion stars shine high above (repeat chorus) You gots to get on down like a kangaroo Maxing and relaxing in the booty groove I gotta sling the groovy gravy everywhere I go So I can flip the freaky deak and cold freak the flow Teach the whole world to sing my song So we can all get together and all get along (repeat chorus) Vive la fiesta in the old school way Bust out some old Scorps or some Kid N Play Creamy dreamsicle aphrodisiac Park my big booty where the beats is at I gotta take it up a notch to the 5th degree Like I was taught by the master gee People coming up and they askin me How'd a boy from Ypsilanti like you ever get to be Such a bad motherfucker on the M I C I said show me, shit it comes naturally cause (repeat chorus)

Too Hot

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Everybody listen up cuz I'm about to get my speak on Fools be trippin' when it's time to get their freak on Runnin' round town Puttin' it down Without no protection Funny erection When it's time for selection What's your direction? Before you make a choice you betta do some inspection If you don't know my aim, an' Don't know my game, then Let me explain now Aiesha slept wit' Mark Then Mark slept wit' Tina Then Tina slept wit' Javier An' the first time he seen her Javier slept wit' Loopy An' Loopy slept wit' Rob Cuz he was rollin' on beeds an' had a goodass job Rob slept wit' Lisa who slept wit' Steve, an' Steve was positive H.I.V. What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Ya betta cool ya ass off Cuz it's too damn hot.... (Chorus) Oooh It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot lady T o o H o t Gotta run for shelter Gotta run for shade It's Too Hot T o o H o t Too Hot homie T o o H o t Gotta make some sense from this mess that we made Your doin' everything momma told ya not to do Now you're tryin' to walk away cuz ya know it's true Your sister can't explain, an' Your mother's ashamed to admit you both had the same last name I don't have to ask you where you've been Cuz the matches in your purse say Holiday Inn A mind is a terrible thing to waste that was the slogan But now it's '95 an' it's don't forget the Trojan Explained it to her momma Before somebody get her got her Help her to the game with those smooth talkin' niggas 'Love' is the word So is 'remember' it often heard Latex Safe sex You better learn to get hip to the facts Before you be yacko End up in a box on your back Sometimes ya axed me what you wanted Get what you got Don't get up in the plot It's too damn hot... -Chorus- Another day in the city, an' Know what a pity Even though we did our duty things are still lookin' shitty Everybody in the packstack tryin' to make some scraps Walkin' in the rain but they ain't got no hat Understand how we livin' in the 90's loc Nuclear waste, cannibalism, and pistol smoke Sex, lies, and videotape an' rape Just a little public crime can seal your fate We need to do something drastic shit It's gettin' tragic And if you don't believe me Then go ask Magic Everybody an' their momma preaching abstenence, these Kids ain't checking for abster shit So put a condom in their hand and hope it don't bust Another victim of the lust In God we trust What started off as a plan Ended up in the plot Water can't cool it off cuz it's too damn hot.... -Chorus(extended)-

Sticks And Stones

I don't wanna be me anymore than I have to be cuz I've got too much pride in my false Identity I can't look in the mirror too scared of what's staring back at me chorus Sticks and stones might break my bones but I'll never live tomorrow all alone my hope is gone and my hate has grown but I'm not crying over sticks and stones cross my eyes so I seemed distracted and I'll think happy thoughts for awhile drown my ears in silence I'll just live this lie and fake a smile I'm a friend of a friend but no one cares about that I flexed my name and it got me nothing for each day that goes by I dunno which one's gonna be my last you know I prayed to God but he gave me nothing chorus someday I'll find the sun I'll see that light and it will make me strong till then I'll be no one at least that way I'll belong chours

Los Angeles

Lil Menace "The Bad Guy"
(verse 1) Los angeles the city of dreams where homies runnin up a mug if u know what i mean from LA to the bay we all blue raggin chillin at the park pelon is straight bangin rollin down theez streets get into the swap meets bitches lookin hella fine so we stay cleesed Im bald headed and damn near brown i got those J owls bumpin that gansta sounds steady rollin thru the county sun top down three wheels and now we havin some fun and you know the shit straight wont stop im on hundred spun datons and always ready to drop oh yeah now the party has begun if you drop a dime your ass better run cuz im on my third and straight ready to hit the first stupid mother fucker that tries to ruin my mix bitch (chorus) this is how we livin everday in LA in theez streets theres no peace cant you see this is how we livin everday in LA uuuuh yeah (verse 2) heres a toast for the homies doin life for the big south side up in the sky brown pride i keep this shit up to my days it takes alot of heart to bang in LA thru theez fuckin streetz aint nothin but a strugle hang tight and dont let no one burst your bubble keep it real and put down the straps and thank the lord for making you a man lets come together we all got to ride simone lets get toghether and represent that brown pride su calnitas is my home and this is where we're starting with the lil homies always up the trome rollin thru theez ghetto cayihornes creased up and ownin on they told us with ghettto birds always right behind us but fuck it cuz imma ride 4 my side (Repeat chorus) I cant forget the homies that i lost in theez streets you gotta pay the cost i pore some liquor and roll up some herb reminensin about the days we be posted at the curb remember nights we all used to party getting high and drinking some bacardi los angeles the heartless city everthing is like a story simone a new begining wonderin if we're gon make it to see another day well pinche one time always wants to see us locked away cuffed up like a sin i wish one day all this drama soon will change we gotta live we gotta hold our own and show the world how the southside roams in the union we straight focused soldiers ghetto mined and aint no one gon hold us (repeat chorus)

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