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BUBBA SPARXXX lyrics - Dark Days Bright Nights


Original and similar lyrics
[Bubba] Here it comes again [Timmy] Come on, come on [Bubba] Here it comes again [Timmy] Come on, come on [Bubba Sparxxx] Don't I look extra slick in this Nautica Just think, it was you that she bought it for Now you lookin through receipts tryin to audit her Man that shit ain't really happen, I thought it up, call her up Cuss that little groupie out anyhow (uhh) I coulda done it shit I'm fuckin with Timmy now (uhh) If I had her it just woulda been in and out (uhh) Back in that Escalade, we spinnin out, women shout Bubba brought some shit and we noticed it Got them hoes stuck listenin motionless Please don't think of me as a chauvinist But I am on fire and I'm knowin this, blowin this whole landscape to fragments And yeah you heard right I'm in Athens Can't hardly keep up with these fashions That's why forever Ralph Lauren's my passion, ask him [Chorus 2X: Bubba + (Timmy)] Just gimme a minute (gimme a minute) I betcha everything'll turn out lovely (lovely) Just gimme a minute (gimme a minute) I'ma be a-ight just trust me (trust me) [Bubba Sparxxx] Fuck weak cash, I get mine on the slow roll Beat Club eleven thou' is the logo I ain't too far removed from the hobos Tryin to help 'em so I gotta get more dough, oh no! Bubba K done got in the zone boy That's Timmy's Bentley dawg get your own toy And as far as ladies go J lockin that Now that that's clear, where the vodka at Bring it back I'll be takin drunkard to Stonewall Tell Jed hold my phone calls He say he wanna run but he gon' crawl You heard 'Get Right' I done told y'all, don't stall Let's keep this thang movin okay bud {Man Bubba ain't snappy} Now say what I can see why they gon' hate us Cause we all up in they grill like breakers [Chorus] [Bubba Sparxxx] Boy you ain't blowin nuttin but hot air All on the charts, how you got there Then again, ain't no secret it's not fair But Bubba got 'em single the top scared, stop there Met this little Betty through Demon Jones And she love to slurp it up 'til the semen's gone She must like the taste, she won't leave me 'lone That might sound sick but to each your own, freak it on All types of kinky lil' fetishes All stimulants and all sedatives Got interracial sense but I'm devilish And Betty when I aim I never miss, tell 'em this Bubba don't run with no lame ducks Think he got a big dick but he can't fuck That's why when you call us you hang up And I just shot a load on that same slut [Chorus - repeat 2X] [Timbaland] Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. trust me Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. lovely Gimme a minute.. gimme a minute.. I'm in this ugly

What Do I Gotta Live For

CAM'RON "S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)"
I aint got shit to live for anyway Yes you do I'll see these niggas in hell anyway You gotta lot to live for Man fuck all that I'm sayin, you live for me then Fuck that shit Bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed... [Verse 1] Yo, yo I'm ready to stick the gun to my head and bust a clip I want the world to see the blood to drip, pus to drip Crash the car crush the whip And it's one time I loved the six, fuck this shit Trust a chick Never that It's only to fuck a bitch to fuck a bitch Girl ran a circus on me Wrangling Brothers tip Fuck my connect, fuck I expect, I could get weight I'll take half of his cake, run, I would debate Father had the nerve to tell me I'm a mistake I said, dad I told my daughter that, I could relate And the beef up the hill, is real gettin live Still sittin by, still gettin high And I don't hold my tongue I was wrong enough to tell 'em That I could stop doing drugs long enough to sell em A proclamation, with intoxication [Ayo Cam' gettin high!] A three rock occasion Whoa, I'm so high, you're so high What the fuck these motherfuckers put in my lye Make a million dollars, yo I could if I tried But why the fuck I gotta pay him, him, and him Yo fuck around I'ma spray him, him, and him And fuck her when your girl lay, him, him, and him Man, that's why I'ma give it up The Benz truck driv' it up, every weekend did it up But tell me why, live for what What do I have to live for... What do I have to live for... What do I have to live for... What do I have to live for.. [Verse 2] Yo, yo, yo, I was wishin for knowledge But didn't have tuition for college So that mission abolished Straight street like power, politics, and policy making Give a fuck how I see bakin, gimme this, gimme that Gimme your hat, gimme your gat, gimme your shit Gimme your bricks, gimme your kicks Matter fact you pussy, gimme your bitch Cam' is clappin, I'm in Can't negotiate with Samuel Jackson It's A Time To Kill, what do I do My girl pregnant, rent is due, the phone is off The heat is off, no the heat is on nigga In the street is on, I'm about to beat upon A nigga til they deceased or gone, at least I'm gone What do it matter, they just relate to Binnis Girl fucked my man like Jada from Innis But I play to the finish, got blazed in a blemish Least I wasn't caged in a clinic In there, you age in a minute But you know the sharks, diplomat ho, we know the art Come through leave your shit wet like Noah's Ark We order the pies, you sort of a lie You aint 730 nigga you 'bout a quarter to five Life's on the line, wife's goin blind Tell me man, god, what type of a sign Take a nitrogen nine, man, that's why I'ma give it up Wrists stay glittered up, every weekend did it up But tell me why, live for what What do I have to live for... What do I have to live for...

Omaha Stylee

311 "Grassroots"
In a minute everything you have can all be straight gone In a minute things you though were tied can come straight undone How about some knocks on wood some so far it's so good any day What you think is solid earth can jump up and spread out To the north and south that's what plates are about Nature has no conscience no kindness or ill will The dreams they had make me sad because of the vides of them When one girl dreamt a fire in hers and then it happened To me and my family my bro's and I were driving The RV bleeding flames us leaping through fire surviving Zoned with no home there was fire all on it Umm let me have my life I want it I'm gonna let you know that I said We're coming in kill we're coming chill We've comin in how we will Gone to tell the whole world what's the deal And I say know no critical boarder cuz We do what we want Got more funky styles that my laser jet got font Not one to get over sounding like the norm Friendly to the radio all that shit is corn All we coming with is a little bit of swing And we go on like it ain't no thing Omaha stylee did not think there was one Where you know the radios weak and the shows are more fun But you know we fuck up the dance since 1988 Many did not think when they hear that we come from this state Still we're down like that [x3] Makin the funk that smells of skunk Such occasions occur back in the day It begins you're a raw kid all the way Son of a gun but they you drifted All are endowed but few are gifted At the break of dawn behaving like a spy Lampin in the light the cold world awakens Deeper is the light to open up the sky Look into my eyes see the dialatin' Omaha Stylee is the shit we come with man Embedded in out souls it breathes out from this band We always knew that we could Thank you if you too felt we would We will arise explore these worlds and find the grass roots How to crew to do the grinding of the grounds to brew My dude on the one come off like Teflon Rock your shit and you will rise on If you're a farmer outstanding in your field say Do as you eill do as you wish follow your bliss say We travel round the world giving it our best Like to see the people dancing and bouncing and the rest The hammer and the chisel and the rule it compass We forged the sword chariots of war our battle axe There's much power in anger but loves a bigger banger Complete props to my crew this is what we do

Signs In Life

KANO "Home Sweet Home"
[Chorus:] there are lots of signs in life some that you may not like you could be living this minute the next minute your gone away so hold up your heads my brothers and be concious my sisters and by the worse you will get paid [Verse 1:] true, you can move food on the streets did a bit of that got bored of that didnt move the brown or da crack use to pick up for the facts I could make more back by breaking down to scores n that Stack to buy out the stores n that Didn't give a shit about laws or that But I did give a shit about getting locked up Or get boxed up, sentenced you'll get about 4 for that Crap, you aint so rich now I bet you feel like a prick now Coz where's all your fancy shit now Where's your whips, chicks and your bits now Shit, you should have fixed up Fuck drugs, the mic you should have picked up And it was all for the big bucks Now you're sitting in a cell doing sit ups Blood I told you this shit's fucked The ghetto lifestyle's too much If I bust, be proud of me But you can't take it out of me So im a bit stuck But, I got too much to lose now Love my life, and I don't wanna lose out Im still about, Im home sweet home In the ends, like I don't wanna move out Im too proud [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Look, you can do moves on the street Id rather spit bars on the beat Id rather that than nick cars every week But jack is when I split scars with the heat So Im solo like the guitars and the beat But this rhyming shit is for me I live this, drink this, eat this, shit this And I've even writ bars in my sleep But I aint on hype, I've had enough phase Ghetto's probably inside, hope he bust K's That undergrounds like roll this, a tough race You can be living this minute, then gone again like mum you was right And I was wrong again But Im strong again Still moved on again Ten more minutes and I writ another song again If I can do it, you can im a true fan Up and coming MC's big up you man The doors open but I aint through man Im'a ball through like a cue dan Watch me, aint gonna let no-one stop me UK im gonna break you properly And If you aint gonna watch me do that, move back Who's that? K-A … I knew that And I know its not easy, and I know what you're feeling Just believe me [Chorus x2] [Verse 3:] I fear my safety, I fear im bait, but I cant put my skills to waste Because if you're living by the gun you surely will get blazed I still gon' blaze, refuse to smoke my life away Refuse to die before I try then put the mic away This life of K, is just one big hype for praise Right, night, record then start to write okay But Im just saying, back on hype of Kane But only Im to blame Today I saw the signs that came, and it's got a good look But that's life they say, crime pays And Ill stop crime whenever this grime decides to pay But grime aint making me mill's So Im picking up a 9 today And spittin' aint getting me deals But this shits just getting real [Chorus]

I Can't Swim

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Last Meal"
[Alien] I am Sir Dogg, DPG fuck... and I hate water. I never learned to swim.... AAAAH! PUT ME DOWN!!!! Let go of my leg!!! I HATE WATER!!!! I CAN'T SWIM!!!! AAAAH!!!!! [Snoop] Now matter where I go, you got'cha eyes on me, And everybody sittin' around waitin' on me, Show us how you do it Uncle Snoopy, So fluid wit' your technique, y'all niggaz gon' respect me, Man, I been doin' dis' shit before I even learned how to crawl though, Gettin' interviewed by mothafuckaz like Geraldo, And niggaz wanna know if I smoke Newports or Marlboros Man, I'm fuckin' wit' dat real shit, nigga can you feel dis' I make dat shit for the realest of millions, While I'm wheelin' and dealin' and feelin the feelin', Hmm... and oh what a relief it is, That Snoop is back in dis mothafucka handlin' his biz, Takin' care of his kids and makin' hits, oh shit, There it is again, you never know if your career might flop, fizz So, stay on your toes and keep a pair wit'cha foes, And keep a set of new hoes and floatin' and tie da bow, Fuck these niggaz and peep out Whitey Ro (), Somebody told Well then, somebody gettin' rolled on, And that's usually how the scenario rolls on, Baby girl said she wanna keep her clothes on, She either fuckin' gettin' stole on or gotta stroll home, Well number one, keep your hand on your gun, And don't (don't) trust (trust) anyone (anyone, one, one.....) Ohh... you can't trust nobody baby.... you can't even trust your own Mama!!! This is Snoopy Collins.... trust no one.... especially a bitch.... Or even a bitch-ass nigga.... Yo Ha!!!! T-R-U-S-T in me, I'm sexy but I'm pussy, The homies in the hood call me Lil' Bo Peep, And you da type a nigga I been dyin' ta meet, So Snoopy, what'chu tryin' to do Now hold on lil' mama, ain't no reason for me to lie to you, Now what I'm tryin' to do, and what I'm gon' do, Is hit this bud, I got a wife at home, Bitch I ain't lookin' for none, you might got kids for cuz, or down wit' bud Pushin' them dubs, look here cuz, Lemme tell you how it's gon' be If I was broke loc, these bitches wouldn't want me I'm tellin' you the good-god truth, you want proof Ask them hoes over there, 'Y'all wanna fuck Snoop' (yeah!) We'll take the money and the game away, I bet they won't say the same that day, But it's okay, cuz I don't trip, Cuz 'Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks', I thought I told you, bitch I'm a soulja, East side, long beach, gang-bang roller, From the solar, cuz this, is it, Can ya dig it (I can dig it!!!) Jelly Roll pulled a rabbit out his hat, I pull a strap out my mothafuckin' back (Aaah!), cuz I know it's like dat, I'm in a meetin' wit' these white folks talkin' bread, They want a contract on a nigga till' I'm dead, If I don't sign they gon' turn me over to the feds, They struck me out, now I'm pinch-hittin' for the Reds, But I'm a Dodger blue, so I gotta keep it true, I gotta home-run, nigga we long gone, I'm realizin', justizin', visualizin', Rip-ridin', put mines in, Takin' this game to the next level, Trustin' no one, especially them Red Devils, Keep ya head level, hand on my get-up, Stay on the red-up, pimpin' ain't easy, but there's a whole lot of fed-up, And like I told you from the get-go, don't trust no one (no one, no one), And like I told you from the getti, don't trust no one... [Alien] OH NO!!! YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!! I HATE WATER, I CAN'T SWIM!!!! I NEVER LEARNED TO SWIM!!!! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU!!!! I PUT ALL OF MY TRUST IN YOU!!!! AND YOU TOOK ME TO THE WATER..... OH NO!!!!

On My Grind

JOE BUDDEN "Halfway House"
[Opening: Joe Budden] Uh... Can't even really be rap. You can't even really act like you gotta' get it in wit'out a... uh. (Wait a minute!) Cocksuckers (oh ye'), pause. (Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2 [x4]) It's ya man, Joey! Reportin' live from the slums (wait a minute!) Reportin' live from the belly of the beast (wait a minute!) Reportin' live from a hood near you (it's... it's...) Or maybe not so near you. [Verse 1: Joe Budden] L-Look, look... First off, I'm not competin', I'm more like stampeding I'm more like steamrollin' (or...) More like puttin' my foot on the neck of the game until I see it chokin' I hol' on for dear life, (I mean uh...) the flow is air tight an' the bars are bar none Regarded as the one, fuck music, it's a art ta' son, let's rewind. See, I was born in the projects, left for a new hood Jetted ta' a new state, lookin' for a new pace. Diamond in the rough, I stood out amongst the food cache Swear a friend a mine headlined every news page (jhea'). Wit' dreams of bein' wealthy You now checkin' out the new Jersey version of Peter Petrelli. But wait! Wit' a lil' Travis Barker on the side 'Cause when it all falls down I normally survive. I'm try'nna see a new tax bracket So I'll never have ta' grab matics I ain't concerned wit' no rap racket. So y'all could take my name through the mud an' drag it Spread it ta' the masses, (I'mma) I still play it passive. I got no choice but' walk around wit' the lead on me Life is way too short, too many dead homies. (Or...) plus, wit' all the money I invest Everyday a nigga die for less! (So...) so, if a nigga wann' go ta' war, wave hi ta' Death I mean He lives right next ta' me, so He ain't a threat ta' me [Hook] He's a beast, he's a monster, he is insane! He's an animal, he cannot be tamed! What rapper you know'll straight feast on a lame An' rock on a track, beast on the game! (Damn right I'm on my grind, Look like some shit is on my mind. [x2]) Yeeeeeah! [Verse 2: Joe Budden] L-Look, look... I'm still livin' life in the fast lane (oh!) Still plottin' on my big money scheme like he Wesley an' Woody thinkin' how ta' rob a cash train. Shittin' on ho's that'll act fain 'Till the whole World know his last (wait a minute!) Still spit like it ain't no ta'morra' It ain't over y'all, underrated so I overcharge. Ol' Dodge, radio off, fuck a station Get ta' know me through the music not a publication (naw). It's no justification, (but a...) mean enough wit' the waitin' (I mean I...) I lost all my just an' my patience. That came wit'out the crown or the chair or the robe Nigga, I don't care what'chu sow (wait a minute!) They let the beast outta' the cage, look at the hunger Got'chur self inta' some shit, look at the plunger. I'm talkin' 'cause I'm livin' it, entrepreneur Steve Rifkind shit Though a few haters wann' Kinder it. I'm comin' wit' some different shit An' these offices all about my paper, that's that ?? shit. Rapper on 'roids, sick wit' the thoughts (but...) But managed ta' keep my name out the mention report. See I'mma inspiration for a whole generation Even when I'm gone, but my message is indication. Then you too can attain the unattainable (But...) fuck try'nna explain the unexplainable! [Hook] He's a beast, he's a monster, he is insane! He's an animal, he cannot be tamed! What rapper you know'll straight feast on a lame An' rock on a track, beast on the game! (Damn right I'm on my grind, Look like some shit is on my mind. [x2]) Yeeeeeah!

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