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BUBBA SPARXXX lyrics - Dark Days Bright Nights

Betty Betty

Original and similar lyrics
Uh-uh.. wassup ladies Bubba can't forget about y'all.. [Intro] Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K, the one your boyfriend bumpin' He Betty Betty, understand, see I ain't got no patience Hey Betty Betty, get in the truck, lets crank up these relations I left yesterday, and I headed straight, up 78, to the A-T-L These record sales done paid me well, so I'm smoking good, cant you smell Life is hell, till you drop a gem, now Bubba got hoes, jocking him Not cuz he cute, cuz he got that loot, wear polo suits, and that's hot to them I see your ass, over at the bar, try your best to fill up that bra A double-D, sippin' bubbl-y and you'd give your life just to fuck with me Reluctantly I walk on by, I'm not gon' lie, that Betty fine But I got to drank, cant even thank, unless I'm tanked, I'm already high So let it fly, miss Kimberly, I can see right now you into me Im'a holla at you bout 10 till 3, tryin' to switch from Beam to Hennessey But you know I cant, so give me Jimmy And sit right down till the bottles empty Then we cut, but now shut up, old stupid slut, I stated simply 4 AM, we back in Athens, rollin' balls, and the bitch is laughin' Chalk the first one, up to rappin' I waited years, but tonight it happen [CHORUS] Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K, the one your boyfriend bumpin Hey Betty Betty, understand, see I ain't got no patience Hey Betty Betty, get in the truck, lets crank up these relations Hey Betty Betty, I'm tryin' to see if you adventurous Hey Betty Betty, I only mess with 9's and 10's and up Hey Betty Betty, you got some things, I'd love to photograph Hey Betty Betty, you heard a while, but you don't know the half I missed you Betty, since I last, saw your ass at the Polo Club What's the matter, cant show no love I guess you here bout them photos of, you and me on the internet Get over there, we ain't finished yet I got a new, cam-er-a, miss Pam-el-a, and I'm fin to let Bobby introduce you to the helicopter, and when he through I bet its clear, why crackers here, ain't trying to hear, another word from you I'm certain to, attract a virus, cuz using rubbers, don't excite us If you ain't cutting, don't invite us, and I wont return, if you stole the nighters Don't deny us, we them boys, talkin' bout you sing with a pretty voice Just to fuck, and now your buck, all in my face, you made a shitty choice I get it moist every time I touch it, freaky deaky all out in public And guess where Mr. Sparxxx erupted In her grill, but still, she loved it [CHORUS] Now you might see me, ridin' 'Lac, with Rodney Black, on a coochie chase Or you might catch me with chunky Shan, at some slightly tan, white groupie's place Then booty shake, Betty's got, a special spot in Bubbas heart Puttin' cheese to her college degree, but a lot of fleas shake it up for free If it was up to me, you'd be with me, sippin' Beam, ridin' in between Lagrange and Athens, if you love me, engrave my name on your nipple ring I'm spiffy clean, when it comes to females, sex with me only ups your resale Blazin' quarters, up to ounces, keep the dimes, they done nixed the Sprewell How that weed smell Oh I know it, that's how these Georgia crackers grow it You getting high to every time you blow it, if you feelin' freaky, why won't you show it I don't mind, Shan don't mind, Jed don't mind, WE don't mind But if u scared, get on from here, cuz frankly dear, we don't need your kind [CHORUS]

White Gutz

DUNGEON FAMILY "Even In Darkness"
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Big Boi] Yeah So fresh so clean when I step in the booth they scream like they all tend to cheer () dungeon D-boy here in effect mode like Who's to Love it so slow motion like 3 wheels and triple cheeseburgers ATL coastin (say no more!) but the pimp is one of the coolest but I (pay no more) been known to rock the big blocks and colorful gay toys with the flip-flops, and the silk socks and a Kangol to the tip top I flow hard you drip drop cleaner than the urine of a two time felons piss test I'm sitting in some Monte Carlo curse right in the headrest [Bridge] White Guts White Wall tires Floor plush It's so fire! Fire meaning breathing like a dragon and it's seeming that I'm falling into a world of my own [2X] [Bubba Sparxxx] My own world too white thangs can't complain Bubba on them white guts custom made ain't a stain 0-2 Z-7-1 on them Mickey T's standing with ya man wanting me to sign your hickey please I don't need no worries keep ya white guts how I'm riding these days keep me with the right sluts he's just Bubba happen to love the D.F. you in the midst of history Betty take a deep breath sitting on the tailgate polo to the boxers Bubba is the truth you a homo if it shocks ya reppin loud and proud with my buddies from Atlanta you trying to live cleaner here's a study and example [Hook:(2X)] White guts white wall tires floor plush it's so fire brains blowed sittin on dubs come through could never be loved [Gipp] Sitting on 400 wides that's what they love Incense swingin from the mirror that's what they love Six course licked with the glaze that's what they love drive with the dealership tag that's what they love hairbone strayed on my shoulder that's what they love the smell of new leather in the cold that's what they love strawhat V-neck t's that what they love moonroof open blowing smoke that's what they love Romeo cologne every week that's what they love that's what they love that's what they love go from 12 to12 Monday to Sunday take the first two days and sleep like mummies and I'm out [Khujo] Who in the spot you move! play games with us you lose! mercy rules beat you make you say he mean as hell but the cutest nigga out the group gotcha head spinnin like tread on a spool clean as a fool with them gold shoes oooooh! and I got that pool make you wanna HOLLA! Seen in my impala hear them flow- masters duals amp tweeters and twos stay alert on this dirt don't be no fool I take you to school shoot you like pool rep with his I don't do expenses I dumped you! Outkast, Goodie Mob Dungeon Family I thought you knew [Hook] [Cee-Lo] There's this one in my stable Saville so motherfucking clean It's got a soda shade around the mean green these youngster have never seen it has a signature wood grain steering wheel such as yours but oh my God what are harder are the hard wood floors it's not coincidental all the glass was kept clear who's worried his or her first shit it's freezing it here the only heat is my piece to make it even at least I'll go to work without even catching a crack in my crease I guess the dubs out there do what they 'posed to do I'll ride 15mph to make a believers out of you I got a lawsuit, pending charge for wreckless blade spinnin I was riding through west end and killed two women UH-OH! [Hook] [Sleepy Brown] C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c you and me will grey so cleanly C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c blowing smoke so high and freely C-a-d-i-l-l-a-c you and me uh blowing smoke so high and freely


HARRY CHAPIN "Dance Band on the Titanic"
Mercenaries by Harry Chapin It's a slow motion night In the hot city lights Past time when the good folks Are snoring in bed On a loose-jointed cruise To recolor your blues With illegal notions alive, Alive in your head You are back from some war That you've been fighting for Some old blue blood bastard In a dark pinstripe suit and the word from your loins Has your mind in your groin And your back pocket burning with blood Blood money loot So, you walk past the glow Of the flicker-picture shows Where the raincoat men wait For a child to come by And the women in doorways Who have nothing to say 'Cause your money is talking To the ones that you would try She owns the block With the dead pawnshop clock She's the answer to dreams That you pay to come true She's got no heart of gold But that's not what she's sold She just sees herself doing what she What she has to do And she's all that you're hoping As her coat falls open Give her bread she leads you To a bed on the floor Where for ten million years And through ten billion tears The armies of bootmen have marched Back from their wars She's in that state of grace Before time finds her face With a mind of old wisdoms And a body still young And she tastes as sweet As a child's chocolate Before the butts and the whiskey Had wasted the taste of your tongue Play the music again Of the grey-stubble men That groaning blue symphony Moans evermore And you watch as she fakes it And of course you just take it She's better than others You never paid money for You've used up your booty The girl's done her duty The turnstile has turned And you learn you are done You're back on the street Joining fresh marching feet You see more soldiers coming And your girl chooses one And the medic has brought Shots for what you have caught Your leave is all over You're back on the line And the joke in the trenches Of the hot blooded wenches And the next thing that you'll do When they next give you the tim. And you're back in your army Back shedding red blood And you dream of the girl As you sleep in the mud And you know you'd swap with her If the deal could be made 'Cause you'd rather be working at love Love as your trade

9 P.m. (Till I Come)

ATB "Movin' Melodies"
9pm (Till I Come): Till I Come! Change it and say 'Till I Come'! Don't Stop: Don't's the real sound. The Summer: The summer is here... You wanna feel somebody Irrational impulses The Fields Of Love: Have you ever seen the fields of love? Have you ever felt the seeds of love? Killer: So you want to be free, to live your life the way you wanna be. Will you give if we cry? Will we live...or will we die? Tainted hearts heal with time. Shoot that love so we can stop the end aha Solitary brother Is there still a part of you that wants to live? Solitary Sister Is there still a part of you that wants to give? If we try and live your lives the way you wanna be, yeah. Racism in among future kings can only lead to no good. Besides, all our sons and daughters already know how that feels yeah yeah yeah SPANISH TRANSLATIONS: 9pm (Till I Come): (9 de la noche-hasta que venga-) Hasta que llegue... Cámbialo y di: 'Hasta que llegue' Don't Stop: (No pares) No pares. Es el autà ntico sonido! The Summer: (El verano) El verano está aquí. Quieres sentir a alguien. Impulsos irracionales... The Fields Of Love: (Los campos del amor) Has visto alguna vez los campos del amor? Has sentido alguna vez las semillas del amor? Killer: (Asesino) Así que quieres ser libre? Vivir tu vida como a tí te de la gana? Perdonarás si lloramos? Viviremos...o moriremos? Las heridas del corazón se curan con el tiempo. Acaba con ese amor para poder evitar a tiempo ese final. Hermano solitario. Hay alguna parte de tí que todavía quiera vivir? Hermana solitaria. Hay alguna parte de tí que todavía quiera perdonar? Si probamos y vivimos como vosotros quereis... El racismo en futuros lideres no puede llevarnos a nada bueno. Ademas todos nuestros hijos e hijas ya saben en que consiste. Si...


NAS "The Lost Tapes"
Light it, uhh Light it up, uhh [Nas] The whole, city is mine, prettiest Don I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers Why it's mentioned in my rhymes Fuck it, it's just an intro Hate it or love it, like it bump it or dump it Writing, across the stomach spell GOD son Life is like a jungle black it's like the habitat of Tarzan Matter of fact, it's harder than most can imagine Most of my niggaz packed in correctional facilities Half of them passed on, mack strong, couple of shots May the ghost leave a body, now they hauntin the block Where they used to stand at, somebody's takin they place A younger man perhaps, hand slaps, can't understand that Same walk, same talk, I wonder can that be possible A thug dies, another step inside his shoes And they will hurt you, layin low with a bottle I'm blowin circles, my state of mind purple Light it, light it, uhh Yeah.. light it up, light it up, uhh Y'all just wanna deal with drama Talk about niggaz who got things, y'all ready to kill his momma Everything you went to is underworld related You sell your man out, not even your girl is sacred You don't trust a soul, hold up, you moldin soldiers to pull guns quick and always look behind the shoulder Think of how many dudes died tryin to be down with you Everybody's under six feet of ground but you Still standin, still roamin through the streets, that's real You a survivor, knowin all the beef is ill You got a bunch of thugs witchu even now that's ready Trustin your judgment, quick to put it down, they deadly The hood love you but behind your back they pray for the day A bullet hit your heart and ambulances take you away That ain't love it's hate, think of all the mothers at wakes whose sons you killed, and you ain't got a cut on your face Unmarked police cars roam the streets hard, the heat is God Somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars Instead they tell 'em how to reach through the bars, holdin a mirror Lookin down a tear in jail, makin weapons to kill ya We smoke three tokes nigga pour more Henny He sighs with eyes that seen a war too many Cold-blooded murderers, universal Hood to hood, blowin smoke, state of mind is purple Light it up, light it up light it up, uhh Light it up.. light it up, light it up, uhh Uhh.. uhh, uhh, light it, light it, uhh These hot-headed youngsters, always get into trouble Reactin before thinkin, they easily irritated And murder's premeditated, it's a fact that we sinkin when we should be climbin, in a nutshell, it's just jail Drug sales, liquor and diamonds, niggaz rewindin instead of movin forward, to blow up so what's the science People shoutin, police pushin the crowd And on the ground's a young soldier, with meat hangin out him Am I hallucinatin off the hazin Or did I just see a nigga shoot another nigga's face in It's a ugly nation, cops circle the block with mug shots Photograph pictures of, suspect faces It's usually, two or three niggaz who innocent But if they lock the wrong ones up, then someone'll snitch A divide and fall strategy, they aren't fair I dig in my bag of weed that's covered with orange hair This Color Purple'll make Whoopi give me the pussy () Oprah and Danny Glover gots to feel me This is how I escape the madness, too much of anything'll hurt you So, my state of mind's all purple

Mind On Our Money

(Hook - Krayzie) 2x People ask me how do you maintain You got to keep your mind on money (T-H-U-G) Don't let the snakes ever short you for ya change Nigga, let 'em know how much you want it (Krayzie) Nigga 1993, hooked up with Eazy E 1994, rushin through the door with the Bone flow Nigga was creepin on a come up, doin it for the love of money 1995 we really let 'em know, Cleveland is the city where we come from Brought styles muthafuckas never heard before But we never got our props 'til we dropped that said song, see you at the crossroad But the man know, Eazy runnin with the lost souls, rest in peace That was 1996, we back in the mix I guess they thought that we'd gon' quit but we got love for this shit But everything started changin, business rearangin Then the time when Bone and Ruthless wasn't vibin Tried to keep my mind together through that industry shit Somehow I'm feelin like what I deserve I didn't get But I'ma stick it out, believe I'ma keep my head up And show my loyalty for Eazy E, even though I'm fed up 1997 hey, everybody grab ya weapon, its the art of war It don't stop, it won't stop until we drop, body rott Not to mention when we venture through the family scriptures 1999 nigga, still strugglin Tryna get some money with this mastermind I'm jugglin Sharpen up ya thug mentality And by the year 2000 I'll be thuggin, but so I'm ??? I gotta get some money, blast if I get hungry So if you read that I done flipped, then you know the story, about me (Hook) (Ed. note-I'm not too sure about any of this verse) Take a good look into my eyes, and all over my face your bloody death With a bloody bloody, mess, I'm servin you none the less ??? ???? ??? that crazy muthafucka from the world's most dangerous group Mo Thugs Nation, ??? ??? ??? on your life That's absolutley what I'm gon' do Blast at them niggas who thought they knew me Now I'm that muthafucka that be ??? ???, the nigga that bust all y'all My mission in life to be the coldest nigga that ever spit shit on the mic I'm comin in smooth, rockin this hip-hop music just the way you like Tellin all biters to please stop tryin Let it go fry fool, when I make my move all y'all gonna die Split up and fry, open his eyes ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? pop, shot one through his head Oh my, oh my, now look what you made me do, this nigga dead It ain't my fault, you niggas too soft, ain't got no skill Now look through the ???, stop steel Y'all some fake-thug livin tryna get notice by hangin with stars No need to say no names, niggas know who the fuck you are We all true sound, nigga united gatherin souls, how we roll And that's love for the paper, foldin, I saw these hoes But I had my ??? ???, nah nigga that's my nuts ??? ??? ??? don't touch that And then he won't hesitate to buck for the love You can't dust on these bustas, so they die They only got love for those who love me In the meanwhile I main to keepin my mind on my money And no, this shit that we spit ain't funny Especially when you hungry, nigga With no hustle, nigga, to get them funds (Hook) (Bizzy) In '91 I'm runnin from the fuckin cops, don't ya know it That bitch was tryna' find a hidin spot, he show it Know niggas that'd had no pussy Said that would never read or get to L.A. And niggas went cannibal on 'em, either Smokin that reefer, niggas know how I'm livin 'Cause I was havin children when y'all was lookin for women But mine aside, so why you tellin your same ??? When niggas ain't have shit, tell me who's the one that ride We gon' ride ride though, you can call me Mr. Murda-mo Get ???, burn the whole store down all by myself ??? ??? ??? ??? for fuckin with the Bone flow Heaven and Earth, God and my loved one, and ya gotta roll And what you want my people to hear, that I'm a fuckin sell-out? But who's the one on solo shit, and who want me the hell out? I'll bail out with a ???, that pussy makes me change Or expansion on the mansion or acres in the shooting range Shootin thangs (shootin thangs), it don't make you a villain The villain is chillin with his children Bitch, I keeps it real! (Hook) (Layzie) I keep my mind on my money, my money on my mind A straight up soldier in the field out here pushin my line Nigga designed a gold crime as I'm racin through this obstacle 007, Layzie Bone, knew it was possible Got shot, got out the hospital, started on my mission Listen, nigga pay attention Oh, and did I mention, had a tape before I crept on a come up, Faces of Death Blessin 40 o-z's, Lay and Leatherface and double z's (???) Niggas often wonder why my mind on my money Nigga these bitches all up on me, and half the industry phoney It's like this nigga, I don't even fuck around If a nigga ain't got no money for Lay, I'll come around Ain't it funny how niggas turn funny-style When they think they fall in trinkets, ain't even ran a mile See my niggas doin a damn thing, Flesh Trues Humbly United Gatherin Souls, just to let you know Heaven'z Movie, yours truely, Mr. Gambini (Kraaaayzie)It's the mentality, and next to the baddest, little Stevie And when you ask me how I maintain I watch my niggas rule, act a fool, and ace the game Mo Thug one, witness the Family Scriptures Mo Thug two, Family Reunion comin to get ya Mo Thug three, presentation of the mothership Niggas on some other shit, by smoke and maintain (Hook)

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