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Bryant Richard lyrics

Put Me In The Zoo

Original and similar lyrics
Richard Bryant There was a white man from South Carolina Dabbled in anthropology He took ship to the African continent In the year of 1903 Will you lead me through the jungle He asked the man who met him there To the pygmy man and woman do you dare Ota Benga measured four foot ten From his head down to his toe He could split the eye of the elephant With his poison arrow and bow And feed the village three times over On Father Elephant's jungle steak Wash it down with good palm wine down by the cane break He heard Phillips Verner and his guide Wriggle in the bush one day He'd never seen a man with skin like milk He could not turn his gaze away Phillips spoke to him in his own tongue I've been searching for a man like you Come sail away with me and I'll put you in the zoo Ota looked into his pale blue eyes As the man did cast his spell How else to explain when they started next day For the land where the white men dwell Yes I will travel with you, Verner But there is one thing you must do Return me safely home so I can put you in the zoo Forty thousand people in New York Traveled to the Bronx one day And stood in line in front of the monkey house To see the pygmy on display Ota Benga put on quite a show Said the Times in a mixed review But we're not sure we approve of a pygmy in the zoo They say that Phillips Verner was half mad But he was a man of his word He took Ota back to his jungle home A land that himself preferred They built a pen, put his rocking chair right in And his books and his magazines too Then Phillips Verner said now you can put me in the zoo The forest people came from miles around To see the cage Phillips occupied We leave him there as he rocks and he reads out loud To the assembled countryside Ota Benga never received his degree in Caucasian anthropology But he did get a laugh or two when he put Phillips Verner in the zoo He did get a laugh or two when he put Phillips Verner in the zoo And we dance like demons Down in the furnace room Spill red wine, green weed we might

Gimme Your's

AZ "Doe Or Die"
New yor undercover baby, whole lot of things done changed It's alot of people puttin black eyes in the game, know what I mean I had my glocked cocked, but took a fall now I'm off my feet I gotta eat, so its back to these fuckin streets And I will grow cause I'm an old timer I bring the drama to any nigga, his baby or his fuckin mama I gotta look like Tevin Campbell But still I gamble, hustle and scramble Cause money is muscle in this damn zoo And in order to make it You gotta take it Be the boom blast boom spin Don't break but don't fake it That's why there's no guilt for these trife niggas blood I spilt Took what they built, flippin their drug game on tilt Cause in New York, dealin drugs is a sport You either sell, smoke it shoot up or snort Anyway your caught And since I'm in it, now I'm in it to win it Skies sets the limit Ain't no being some motherfucker's lieutenant Shit, from this point that's how I feel, I wanna fly Yeah, its either doe or die Chorus: (Repeat 2X) It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes It's like a jungle sometimes, the weed smoke makes me wonder How I keep from going under And other hoods I hang with Mix slang in they language Love, kickin that gang shit Sellin on the same strip Hustlin hard, no matter how much we hated So dedicated, even our dreams are drug related Shit, puff bananas Not even the cops can stand us Cause of the way we vanish, everytime they come to can us 25 we get the money live Fuck all that funny jive The streets is our only source to survive And when corny teeny boppers think about tryin to stop us I rather put your head, through the propella of a helicopter Cause all my peeps be playin for keeps Straight out the litter, so bitter These bandits don't even need sweets Bringin the ruckus, like some mad motherfuckers Move at night like truckers When suckers see us, they duck us Shit, only the real can relate to the hungry man I try It's either doe or die Chorus And ever since I was a tarface Baby, watchin Scarface I dreamed of guns and tons of coke in a car chase A fat connect with a kingpin Colombian Plus props for crooked cops, payin him tops not to run me in Keepin my toaster in a shoulder holster Havin hoes playin me closer Sex on a silk sofa Livin the life of the rich and trife Rugged but sharp like a kitchen knife Without stress from some bitchin wife What a life That's why I be on what I be on Always ready a war for Score a shoulder put me on And until then, I won't sealin what I'm feelin It was inside that I cried, but now its spillin I'm goin all out Until I fallout So much of a menace, when I finish Bilkin New York, I'll have to call out On the run, cause I know feds will try and knock me And railroad my soul to a hell hole if they got me But not me I'm goin out fightin until I fry From hot lead no lie Like I said its either doe or die Chorus Realizin the realism of life and actuality Fuck whose the baddest Through personal status, through pimps or salary Chorus If not why not Either your in it, or your in the way Baby Pa New yields, no quills I want it all

Jo Jo Gunne

CHUCK BERRY "Chuck Berry Is on Top"
It was in ancient history, four thousand B.C. Back up in the jungle in a coconut tree Hanging on a branch up under the sun Was a meddlesome monkey named Jo Jo Gunne Old Leo the lion came down from the mountain To get a drink of water from the jungle fountain Jo Jo the monkey started tellin' the jag About the elephant who was gonna skin the lion Leo tried to reach and grab Jo Jo's tail Got mad and went roarin' through the jungle trail He ran upon an elephant beneath a tree And said, put up your dukes you gotta tussle with me An ol' eagle from Asia made a non stop flight Tryin' to make it in time, just to see them fight A crocodile phoned and reversed the charge Coming all the way from India upon a local barge Ol' gorilla heard 'em talking in the lion's den But Jo Jo bet him three bucks the elephant wins Jo Jo yelled at Leo,?O:P Go on, knock him down He don't outweigh you but a thousand pounds ?/O:P Leo left wailin' with a left upper cut The elephant took a snoop, grabbed a coconut Leo fired a beautiful short back cross That's when the coconut landed up against his jaw Leo grew tired, but he wouldn't give in The elephant all loose, beat his jawbone in The buzzard said, they fought furious all day He couldn't understand how Leo got away Jo Jo runnin' everywhere, spreadin' the news To the zebras and the leopards and the kangaroos A hoot owl reported everything he saw Had his eyes wide open, they called it a draw Leo limping back with his jawbone bruised Jo Jo in the trees started singin' the blues Laughin', meddling, jumpin' up and down Till his foot missed a limb and he fell to the ground Just like a bolt of thunder and a streak of heat Leo covered Jo Jo with all four feet Jo Jo was screamin' with tears in his eyes Said, please mister Leo, I apologize Said, if you let my feet upon solid ground I'll fight you close range, fifteen rounds Leo got back to the square of the fight Jo Jo took a leap and jumped... out of sight

Life In The Jungle

JARREN BENTON "My Grandma's Basement"
[Hook:] Live fast, die young in the jungle How the fuck you still standing? Gonna crumble if you tumble That's how they want you You can make it if you want to Learn to live with your regrets when they come haunt you It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye Don't let me die [Verse 1:] High school drop out, I was so young Just so I could rap, damn I was so dumb Met a coke head older bitch, I was so sprung Popped pills, then put a lot of dope in our lungs Damn, didn't mean to disappoint my mom Hit a couple licks, then throw away the gun Never doing time in the state, now we all fucked up Damn, I should've been on my way to prom Life of a young black teen Not my kids where the fucking vaccine Streets turn some niggas to a crack fiend Had dreams you would hit the line, like rapp-ing All my niggas so soft in heart I was in the basement, tryna practice my art Life is a beach with a ocean, with sharks Don't let em smell blood, they'll tear you apart Worst fear: I would turn to be nothin' Least in my kids eyes I would mean somethin' Paranoid like a motherfucker seen somethin' That a scared nigga straight, motherfucker I ain't frontin' Yes I'm king, young black teen Throwed off from the bullshit that I've seen Wait for my nightmare, I live my dreams Still here bitch, ready for whatever life brings [Hook:] Live fast, die young in the jungle How the fuck you still standing? Gonna crumble if you tumble That's how they want you You can make it if you want to Learn to live with your regrets when they come haunt you It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye Don't let me die [Verse 2:] Sorry y'all, but I was off that night High as hell, I could've lost my life What the fuck am I smoking? What you put in that pipe? That's PCP nah nigga that ain't right Confronted my fears right by the moonlight I was so geeked couldn't even move right I was so scared, felt God that night Bless you and me, ACHOO, Gesundheit Amazed how a nigga made it Without land on the pavement, and locked in cages We all go through phases And roam through hell and hopes someone saves us Came up from the east, lex, and gold teeth Chevy's, old school Capri's, running from the police Some didn't make it like Cochise My homeboy died over old beef Yeah, not Salmonella Rolled around that night looking for the killer Came back home, boy get it together What the fuck am I doin', boy chase somethin' better Try a whole new angle Levitate through the bullshit, Chris Angel Must be touched by angels Bro got a loose foot, gripping this angle Life in the jungle [Hook:] Live fast, die young in the jungle How the fuck you still standing? Gonna crumble if you tumble That's how they want you You can make it if you want to Learn to live with your regrets when they come haunt you It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye It's life in the jungle Aye, aye, aye Don't let me die [Verse 3:] Life in the jungle, we scrambling just to make it Dr. Conrad Murray niggas losin' they patients Can't find a decent job with good wages he's on probation Baby momma bitchin' 'bout paper, fuck he can't take it Stress is kickin' in, and this pain and his heart is achin' Don't wanna fuckin' lose it, his faith is slowing decayin' Momma constantly prayin', hope the angels can save him Poppa was never there, so these fuckin' animals raise him No decent role models, these dope boys they craze him Cops patrol the block with no empathy, they just gauge him Same old cycle, we been through this shit for ages We question the presence of God, shit is just never changin' In the jungle

Concrete Jungle

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Yo, it definitely is a concrete jungle And yet, there's more to life than misery We have to have unity in our community We have to work together brothers and sisters (I'm from the ghetto) Yeah this is Dr. Ben, I'm with Jim Jones (Lord knows, I was on the run confused) DipSet forever (shit) We're talking about a concrete jungle (yeah it sure is a jungle) Life or Death, you have to choose life (I done seen it all, at least I think I seen it all) [Verse 1] I'm with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes (no swinging from vines) Diesel by the bundles, and the hard grams of 'caine (we on our grind) D's when they come through; it's hard to get some change Smoking weed getting drunk, in the car for a flame (slow down nigga) Yeah I see the traffic, but we dipping on the shoulder (break laws) Winter start to set in, it's only getting colder (dress warm) And I miss you all my political soldiers Most are doing life for moving bricks or doing hold-ups Damn I know we caught up in the fast life Some life a fiend when they caught up on the glass pipe (we pookie out here) Me, I'm still caught up from last night Same clothes from the club, on the block getting cash right (I'm on my G though) Damn, you know this world full of misery (pray for me) Some get tore up 'til they hurl off the liquor B (gettin twisted) Somebody told me that the girls need the chivalry (fuck a bitch) That's why I cop ice 'til they ass get the shivers B [Chorus] Ain't nothing sweet living in this ghetto (ain't nothing sweet about it) Been there, done that, running in the streets (running wild) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride I'm trying to make the most of my hustler (I gotta hustle) Been there, done that, so I can live out all my dreams (live out my dreams) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride [Verse 2] For the coke I would sleep hard But the game drove me nuts, in the streets, I'm a full-fledged retard Was the city block overseer Man your life is Chuck E. Cheese, mine is a pizzeria How many pies I done flipped? I lost count How many guys I done gave shit? I lost count Holding, but I can't ignore cheating Any day your life could be the hot topic at that board meeting They discussing who'll stretch you for your trees For your thievery, you living, you breathing for no fucking reason That's how it is when you make a man That's why your man's gotta learn to make himself Then you shake his hand Man, I'm into catching heavy clams And when Dezzy cans when it comes to dumping I got heavy hands Ain't gonna be right for your picking jet This is ours, the square is where we eat, this our kitchenette [Chorus] [Verse 3] I let my temper hit the floor I be staring through the mirror as I serenade my halls I'm fond of the juices that marinate they drawers My shorty, she bank a carrot with the four, cause If you take us out, the streets will evolve Some niggaz they live to eat, some niggaz eat to survive And my conscience keep disturbing me, fucking with my energy Niggaz that I thought was friends, really the enemy Dear Lord please grant me the serenity To accept the things that I cannot change Locked up for eight years and ain't join no gangs Been converted to true nigga, I'm as real as they come And any moment I have you staring the barrel of my gun Put my dick up in the streets, but I'm married to the slums Put the chips up in the ante and tally up the sum I'm having fun, hitting the fiends in the allies with some jums [Chorus] Alright, yeah but in choosing life, you got choices (oh yeah) The jungle is full of everything It's the mother and the father of creation (ain't nothing sweet about it) But listen up, you have to choose something for yourself Do something for yourself, make something of yourself That's what time it is (don't let go) Go strong, be strong, stand for something in life (all my young soldiers) Yeah, concrete jungle I can feel it, I can smell it (sometimes it gets hard) Jim Jones is spitting truth, the power (don't let 'em pull your car over) Now and forever more Making life the way it should be Ain't nothing sweet about it Make me want to scream and shout it But I know I got to hold on, and just roll on

Jungle Fever

ANGEL HAZE "Reservation"
[Verse 1: Kool A.D] Yeah, anything every pretty penny Bring another pretty penny But a penny's still a penny Swing low, sweet anything Sweet everything, never a feathered friend Meaning that I never sing Dumb shiny radiator, shiny radiator Haters is alligators Meaning that I'll see them later If my feet fail me to Margelan tell me Tell a jailer man that he better never jail me Busters on their brag game but they still beat Me, I'm getting dirty money like I was Israeli Slave name, Vasquez Rap name, A.D Kool in front of that Somebody pay me I do dumb raps, dumb shiny daily Five hour energy High power Hennessy Anything you want to be you ought to be Except a cop cause a cop is wack though When I was a kid I had a cat named Jacko When I was a kid I cuffed a dog from a crack ho though Ten bucks, used to call it Coco But you know though Like Wayne Carter New Wayne shorter Shorter than a baller No Oscar no soccer But I kick game on the motherfucking lighters forever Yeah whatever (shut up) Pale Spanish, slept on like a stale jail sandwich Frail amateurs need to read Braille to understand half the passages Middle ones, little fun, riddles for giggly idiots Really it's just for the kids, nothing more than this No Roxy Music, twelve apostles, twenty four nostrils Twenty four laces, shoes at the precinct, new black hostel Raps written on smart phones Messages, the medium Drop-tops, you see me in Plebeian, but still use a word like plebeian SATCs and against all collegiates Scooping on easy tens Super with greazy friends Eazy E got murdered by counter-intelligence weasels Them schools don't teach us shit What we need is freedom Trying to get all that I can get You know that one? (You remember?) Trying to get all that I can get (remember?) See?, dumb shiny, come find me None I see run quite like me Dumb questions, run one by me Son, I stun like stunts, don't try me [Hook: Kool A.D] We got jungle fever You all got jungle fever We all got jungle fever We're in love We got jungle fever You all got jungle fever We all got jungle fever We're in love [Verse 2: Angel Haze] Super-sonic hedgehog Prepare to jump, ledge off Featherweight, bed soft And I'll guillotine to your head's off I'm in a never ending ark fight Shit, I was probably God in my first life When I created heaven, Satan and hell And I'm seashore, seashore, seashell I've got a bunch of friends and they're imaginary When I'm alone in my insanitary Mind frame, yeah, make shit up And I'm Hitler cause I was great to fuck This one guy thought I was a lesbian Lesbatron? Thespian? He was like a professional pedestrian He was like 'ride dick' um guess again Anyway I don't believe that death is alive I think we've got it all wrong maybe hell's in the sky Maybe I'm brainwashed, maybe jedi inclined Maybe this world isn't real Just a set I designed, my, mind Asian eyes, laces tied, chasing lies Zoom, zoom, zoom, zero Faces surprised, head-on straight, facing my thighs Internet, inter-death Brain cells, disconnect My papa was a rolling rock Headstone, since their death Darwin was the second coming Shit, fuck plumbing Give me freedom or nothing Zum, zum, zum, zum, bi-de-di-dum-dum Irrelevance is elegance Intelligence, what's fun? I'm letters, letters and one guns For tackling vernacular, Excedrin tum-tums I hate it when people wear toms I like rough sex and I never had none I knew one chick Such a dumb bitch In about a year I'll be dumb rich No, I run shit I ride, I sun shit [Hook: Angel Haze] We got jungle fever You all got jungle fever We all got jungle fever We're in love We got jungle fever You all got jungle fever We all got jungle fever We're in love

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