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Bruce Carroll lyrics - For The Record

Sometimes Miracles Hide

Original and similar lyrics
They were so excited it was coming to be, two people so in love and now soon there would be three, for many years they planned it. Now soon it would be true, She was picking out the pink clothes, he was looking at the blue. The call came unexpected the doctor had bad news, Some tests came back and things weren't right, said you're gonna have to choose, 'I'll wait a week for your decision' and then the words cut like a knife , 'I'm sure everyone will understand if you want to end its life'. Though they were badly shaken they just had no choice, Because they knew God creates no accidents and they were sure they heard His voice Sayin'. (chorus) sometimes miracles hide, and God will wrap some blessings in disguise and you may have to wait this lifetime to see the reasons with your eyes, cause sometimes miracles hide It seemed before they knew it the appointed day arrived, with eager apprehension they could barely hold inside, The first time they laid eyes on her confirmed the doctors fears but they held onto God promise they were sure they both could hear. (chorus) Though she was not like the other girls they thought she was the best, and through all the years of struggle neither whispered one regret. And the first day that she started school and took her first bus ride, they'd remembered the words that God had spoke and they both broke down and cried. You see to them it did not matter why some things in life take place, cause they just knew the joy they felt when they'd look into her face. They learned that sometimes miracles hide, they said God Has wrapped our blessing in disguise and we may have to wait this lifetime to see the reasons with our eyes, we know sometimes miracles hide. We've learned sometimes miracles hide.

Right Now

EPMD "Out of Business"
featuring Busta Rhymes [Busta Rhymes] Rap is outta control! Hey hey rap rap.. (for sure dude) wait what wait Aiy rap is outta control Hold on! [B.R.] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yi yeah yeah yeah yi yeah yeah [P.S.] Erick and Parrish Busta Bus check it [B.R.] This is one of my favorites [P.S.] Aight? So check it check it [B.R.] Yeah [P.S.] Outta control [E.S.] F'real rap is outta control, like that (For sure dude!) [P.S.] PMD, still Makin Dollars [E.S.] Uh-huh, rap's outta control (For sure dude!) [both] Yo, yo.. [Erick Sermon] I be pulsatin dominatin, up above Run-D.M.C. style, stop and show love E-Dub, I can't fall off, it's no way, I'm down low I stay in the cut with O.J. The fact is, some things got to change with eight or more rappers that sound the same With the, same game, like they all in the same gang and claim the same fame Suicide victims, quick to jump off and scream I have to die, I'm livin a lie Fake MC's no heart, get torn apart Messin with us? In ninety-nine, get smart I be the last one you wanna play with Rap committees call me, just to okay shit Focus on me, I grab the mic and drop gems on a ill rhyme, more flashier than rims Step in in tan Timb's, a pocket full of ends with a couple of friends and a couple of hens Never boring, keep shit rocking til morning with the bird, until the hawks start hawking Bounce with me, me and my man keep things hittin Hop in the Benz 2000 Benz with the CD skippin EPMD, who's fuckin with it Outta control like 2Pac in _Juice_, character Bishop Who's inferior? My Squad be Def and we ain't hearin ya, lounge in the black interior Because.. [Busta Rhymes] HAH! Yes.. ha, rap is outta control! Ha, hey hey rap is outta control! (for sure dude) Yo, aiy, rap is outta control! (for sure dude) Aiyyo, ey, rap is outta control! [Parrish Smith] Yo, they took our music and our beat and tried to make it street Then got in the magazine and tried to sound all sweet When it came to EPMD no one said a word So I called up Erick Sermon and said, This shit's absurd! Now we flip the bird, back-breakin MC's down like herbs Redlinin, bendin my chrome rims up on curbs So can you make a bill and chill and survive in the rap field? Flip deals, and cock back burners when the caps peel? I don't think so, then come next the car repo No mo' contract, just strictly handyman in Home Depot So don't front for me or the E, cause you know our steez EPMD, blazin shit, Def 2G's Cause we make tape and break MC's who wannabeez and gonna-beez, burn em down to third degrees You heard of me, ain't no one checkin or servin me I'll turn your 411 into the 911 emergency Surgeon see [Busta Rhymes] Hah.. hah, rap is outta control! Hey, hey rap, rap .. wait, what wait (for sure dude) Hey, rap is outta control! Hold on Wait wait, rap rap is outta control! And yes yes y'all (yes y'all) ay, yes y'all (yes y'all) Aiyyo kick it E! [Erick Sermon] I stand tall I won't fall, I recall ha hah, your rhymes stall when you bust caps Make sure they krytonite caps I'm made of steel, I swat bullets like gnats I'm like, (*singing*) Superman... fly high... .. way up in the sky .. And if you try to shoot me down clown I won't die I cremate [Parrish Smith] I hate, let's exterminate Wait for a second E, time to debate As we take our Fisherman hat off, there's no time to max on the crab MC, who's all on the bozack who knows that, 2000 Benz to shows that yo, sold out crowd, where's the hoes at? And the Old Gold black, icy cold fat Wack MC's yo, where's your clothes at? End the drama, that's word to your momma..

One By One

He stands alone outside a blooming yard All is calm out on the street The shadows pass him hung right over The pain on his face he knew he'd keep... His hair is long, and it's twisted, it's twisted Around the smile spread cheek to cheek Another child, another soul, grabs a hold To the metal that will end his misery... [CHORUS:] One by one We stand beneath the sun With arms high open wide Two by two He's getting you To watch him as he leaves this life he knew How much anger is set aside As each one of us cries Red lights they come and they take him away In the thoughts, he'll be better, some day... Tied tight, can't see out your eyes But he's sure to shine, sure to shine In this deep dark, played out, reality show So, who's the man, with the plan, eating up all that he can Don't you see, don't you see... [CHORUS] Do you ever think that things are meant to be I know we all have our reasons why And now the power of one human being Has gone and changed so many lives... [CHORUS] One by one We start to come undone... Two by two He's getting through to you... One by one we stand, we stand, we stand, over, over, you...

In Our Gun

GOMEZ "In Our Gun"
The first words that came could've been more inspired You must be hungry or tired or frozen So put up your feet, throw some coal on the fire And weave us a tale of delight So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn We'll be waiting all of the night So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn We'll be waiting all of our lives We're all to blame We hide away Let's take the sand from this bottomless pit It's hell to pay So run away Destroy on command all who came and then quit It's been carefully planned by the ones you won't see Send out the monkeys, they come out of the bushes To piss in the punch and then smash up the decks It's your party, we're all obliged So we sit in our gun and we wait for our turn I think you hurt him, there's blood on the floor So we sit in our gun, can I ask what you're on? If you made it there's hope for us all We're all to blame We hide away Let's take the sand from this bottomless pit There's hell to pay So run away Destroy on command all who came and then quit You're all the same So hide away Let's steal the sand from this bottomless pit ¡¡


BLINDSIDE "A Thought Crushed My Mind"
I will drive a thousand miles To escape the smog in this town I will drive although I don't have a license To escape the ideal that this city crowns Hide every little scar with so much make-up The skin can't even breathe Hide every little scar or become the food they feed Shift into a higher gear Place the brick on the gas On what I left behind I won't waste a tear My rearview mirror has got broken glass I will drive until I reach the desert And wait until I see with my own eyes again I will drive I'll head for the desert And wait until our minds speak the same words as back then This makes me into nothing in their eyes But I'm willing to pay the price

Fallen Angel

Flesh Field "Viral Extinction"
The eyes of the night see everything All my dirty deeds The moon up above, a god to me Fulfilling all of my needs Shelter me from capture Hide me from the storm outside I will keep you company And you will keep me warm inside They told me I would never be as good as anyone They forced the word of god on me, the word that burned my tongue Hide me from your wicked eyes And tell me some sinful lies Take me down, underneath Let me drown, let me bleed I can't forget what they did to me My wounds have yet to heal And I don't regret what I do believe And what I think is real

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