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Brother Alaska lyrics

Poor Man

Original and similar lyrics
I see him walking down the lonely street, Torn clothes and his bleeding feet, Walking the street with his head down, Sick of being driven into the ground, Can't walk five metres without an evil stare, Searching his soul for a bit of despair, Trying desperately to mix with the crowd, Suddenly he screams out loud, I am the poor man, I am the poor man, I am the poor man, Sitting on the corner watching people go by, Stomachs empty and his mouth is dry, Doesn't like doing it but he has to survive, He gets down on his knees and begs, Screams out with a ghastly plea, Why wont anyone bloody help me, They just walk past and stare and laugh at him, His life sucks, it's looking really grim, I am the poor man, I am the poor man, I am the poor man, Arrives at his shelter very late, Finds the doors locked no bed for the night, The sky opens up and it begins to rain, Grabs some papers and lid of a garbage can, Sitting in the rain soaking wet, Hating his life wishing he was dead, Can't stand the poverty, Sick of misery, Points to his heart with his poor mans knife, Doesn't need to think twice then takes his life, He was the poor man, He was the poor man, He was the poor man, I am the Lizard King, i can do everything


Devil Doll
I dread the great winged insects And the cat-headed butterflies; Above all the fleshy wings Of the birds Trying to clutch me At times I thought I was a glass bowl And I trembled Fearing ti be cracked Or I felt as if I had committed A horrible crime (But... which one?) Sinking off (only) At night Then I was in a vast garden And I cut the tree in the middle Tree of the knowledge Of dood and evil Building a vessel That I named Narrenschiff And I sailed through Black waves of clotted blood Closing my eyes... Whwn I opened them I was sitting on the throne With the terror Of an endless hiccup Anxiety Not to walk on the lines I carry on numbering things 'Till I forget how many Then I start again... I don't give a damn For Caligula: just his horse! And I'm bored by Julius Caesar's Thousands words To cross the rubycon only The mirror! The mirror! The mirrored life! Same and adverse The real and its stage Flesh and blood puppets In the scene of the game Bitches to power The army is a ballet Empty the treasure In everyone's hands! The mirror! The mirror! The mirrored life! Sitting along in the empty pit Me The laughing man Innocent or absurd Not as death Living one instant But as the planet Diverse and deformed Watching the earth Beyond the mirror Now you, just you: Child Staring at me from the world - Biult on eternal repetitions - Behind the mirror Crack my world from side to side Kill me with every day To walk together Upon the sea... Life Is a state Of mind

2 Frogs

FIVE FOR FIGHTING "...Message For Albert"
I sing above my vision. I sing above my face. A fat old amphibian speaker for the dead. Gather round ye animals. Gather round this lake. Take upon your vigil. Wallow in the wake. It was glorious of glories-a maple April day With a pocket full of horseflies and eyes as bright as rays They said walk away walk away if you can but one leap out the village and our caravan began Traveled to a forest, nestled in the sky. He ran beside the buffalo-wrestled with the lions Every day a saturday, a summer waking morn, His skin burned golden ember due the shine that toad had born. While riding back an eagle, laughing with the sun He spied an old hairy fairy man upon the river Young. and Sol said, fly away fly away if you can But he settled next the oarsman, said I'm my own man and this is my life... Heed above my meter, Heed above my fate. Can't go back again... I got a reason to be fevered-summer waking morn. Back back when the poor poor boy was born. Now cross into his fortune. While enchanted by the queen. A lone shady shelter stood beckoning his lean. And in the time it takes a pillow to figure out a face. Out from in the white tree she rose to take its place. And the battle for his spirit then caused him to remain. And he fought as a thousand Visigoths and he cursed the night in vain. She said run away run away if you can But last he heard a voice of...I'm my own man and this is my life... Off to in her castle, laid upon the stairs She showered him with daffodils and tied ribbons in his hair. He woke for bare a moment but she wouldn't let him weep. With lips of only roses kissed him down to sleep. So royal loyal subjects now let your ears unbend. For here ye this traveled tail must sadly meet it's end. What's fate done to our hero I cannot reply... The last that I saw him, a flection in her eye.

Isn't It Quiet And Cold?

Giant Gentle
Isn't it quiet and cold walking all alone, alone? Happened I missed the bus and found I had to walk, alone. What was that? Only me. Hear the echo of my feet Footsteps Are they mine? Hear the echo of the street. Wished I lived near at hand although I live alone, alone At least I'll find company, so why should I moan, alone. Movement By my feet Paper wind across the street Curtains closed Sleepy heads Wrapped together in their beds I used to walk with someone else I didn't seem to notice sights and sounds of the lonely street I used to talk with someone else Now the only answers are the calls of the night Look at that alley cat, it's winding home to rest, alone Half-past four and daylight shows itself once more Walking all alone Walking all alone

Autumn Rain

Day One "Ordinary Man"
Autumn Rain look around look around look around is there something I'm missing here is there something I should know and just listen to the sound all around there's people living their lives people passing by as I catch their eye it doesn't matter where you're from cos wherever you are from you got a long walk home you got a long walk on and I've walked for many years and I've never shed a tear for a place called home cos in this place I roam everyone's the same when you're walking in the autumn rain x2 when you're walking from your past you can never walk too fast think you got away at last x2 and we all have to live with our mistakes but what would it take to make things right to feel good inside it doesn't matter what you've done cos whatever you've done life has to go on x2 yeah and my conscience is always clear every time I am here because there is no blame when you're walking in the autumn rain ...

Satellite Blues

ASIA "Archiva 2"
Hey you, you're walking down a New York street Feel the tension in the midday heat You're walking on blood TV, it's all there on a Japanese screen East, West, there's no in between Now, we just love The Reds Everything is now because the past is dead You've got to look forward if you want to get ahead What kind of person sells a young person drugs? You bring them up good but don't call them thugs Third world stories, well they make the news It's a five minute wonder, call it... Satellite blues Any way the wind blows Dive, dive! Underground is just the place to be So cool, it keeps the city clean Now walk on by I said Walk, walk, don't run! Don't you know you've got to follow the signs? This life's so cruel, so cruel to be kind It's a one-way street You've got to live on the edge just to make a big deal This life's big fun, man, it's like a roulette wheel What kind of world would let these children die? There's so much money we could all retire We could all live happily if we choose But it's a five minute wonder, call it... Satellite blues Any way the wind blows

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