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Brave Combo lyrics - Process

For Me

Original and similar lyrics
You can have any life that you want Just as long as you know You're a slave to my desire from now on I'm not perfect or saintly There's an army to say I'm wrong To point out when I'm weak or too strong I'm no genius, no genius but I know What kind of message you send You're my crutch and enlightenment Precious gift, pirate's treasure opened up The sacred things are free Is it my fault that I thought they were just for me For me Anybody can be anyone Every problem's the same Every miracle of birth has a name Paris grew from the dust in my head And you found me alone I was looking in the dark for a phone I was almost tripping in your light On the night of the storm I believed I could feel safe and warm You were wearing a little white dress That was tight to your chest And I wanted you to take it off for me For me You can have any life that you want Just as long as you know You're a slave to my desire from now on Don't pretend. Why am I freaking out? This is not even close To the best it can be, but it's all for me For me

If Only

As the night begins to fade to just another day How I long to see your face again Memories of you and I, now I live another life That no longer feels like mine Tell me how I can go on now that you're gone All the days seem so long And the emptiness that my heart knows Won't let me go And if only you could see What my life has come to be without you're love I'm missing you so much And if only I had tried To find a way so you were still here with me It wouldn't have to be if only tonight I never thought I'd be the one wondering what went wrong Wondering what I could have done But now I'm standing all alone with nothing left to lose I wish that I could show you What would I do for that chance to take it all back To try to make our love last But there's nothing more for me to give How can I live? To take away my pain, to hold you once again These arms would never let go If only you could know If only you could know...


Michael Mcdonald "Take It To Heart"
(Ed Sanford And Michael McDonald) He was born on the wrong side Where hopelessness breeds Where pride is hard to come by And violence fills a need Lord, what can the future be Lookin' from his point of view 'cause here on these desperate streets Better a short lived legend Then a long life played for a fool Homeboy wants to rule the hot town And the innocent will fall When the santa ana blows across the killin' ground It sweeps away what mercy Is left to be found A child on a corner An instrument of greed Seduced before knowing The harsh reality Lord, what will the answer be Is there nothing we can do To save him on these desperate streets Better a long life of tryin' Than a short life playin' to lose

Billy The Kid

Guthrie Woody
Billy The Kid I'll sing you a true song of Billy the Kid, I'll sing of the desperate deeds that he did, Way out in New Mexico, long long ago When a man's only chance was his own 44. When Billy the Kid was a very young lad In the old Silver City he went to the bad Way out in the West with a gun in his hand At the age of twelve years he first killed his man. Fair Mexican maidens play guitars and sing A song about Billy, the boy bandit king How ere his young manhood had reached its sad end He'd a notch on his pistol for twenty-one men. 'Twas on the same night when poor Billy died He said to his friends: I am not satisfied. There are twenty-one men I have put bullets through And sheriff Pat Garrett must make twenty-two. Now this is how Billy the Kid met his fate, The bright moon was shining, the hour was late Shot down by Pat Garrett, who once was his friend The young outlaw's life had now come to its end. There's many a man with a face fine and fair Who starts out in life with a chance to be square, But just like poor Billy he wanders astray And loses his life in the very same way. Note: This song -- a pretty good one, I think -- is remembered mainly because Woody Guthrie used the tune for the verse of So Long, It's Been Good to Know You. From Lomax-Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads filename[ BILLYKID play.exe BILLYKID RG ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===


NIVEA "Complicated"
Verse1: Set up in the dark for so long Just living my life on my own Then right up out of the blue Bumped into you I was amused by ya smile boo Wantin you to call my phone, so me and you could talk just a little more I didn't know what to do I was feelin you hopin you'd be cool while hangin out too I don't know what happened Got people steady askin, How you go to sleep mad one day, the next wake up so happy love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it I'm just glad that I got you in my life Course: I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated Verse 2: If I'm lovin it don't long People speculating that it won't last long But that just can't be true cuz I been lovin you like you never knew that I could do I wil never let go gotta hold on cuz you done made me and you a happy home and I'll give all me to you, I'll do whatever you ask me too cus boy you're my biggest blessin They can keep on askin How I go to sleep made one day the next wake up so happy Well love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it! I'm so glad that you made me your wife I... Course Bridge: Boy you make me feel so beautiful and I ain't never gonna let you go People say this ain't how its suppose to go But I refuse to believe cuz it happened to me One day you're standin in the middle of the rode and you don't know where you goin All of a sudden your whole life change and life finally gives you some thing back ITs been a mean world without ya Boy I love ya I love ya Course and Bridge Combined!

Im Still Searching

Glass Tiger
The rumors are vicious My ears are burning It's been a long hard day Telephone rings I still got nothing to say Considerations tossed Out the window I feel a little bit wired The rules say anything goes But I don't want to play You said I could walk away Take me back to where My life burns I'm still searching for something I'm still looking for someone But I'm caught in the middle Of a broken heart And a life on the run Took a long walk I went down through the backstreets I heard the city scream Reminds me of the time I run wicked and free Now here I stand all alone But I'm back to where My life burns. One heart One home But I'm still holding on I've loved But I've roamed Now I'm goin' home goin' home.

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