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Boltz Ray lyrics

Ive Come To Serve

Original and similar lyrics
The disciples were assembled in the upper room, They didn't know that Jesus would be leaving very soon, They talked about His kingdom as they readied for the feast, Who would be the greatest, And who would be the least. One said if there's a greatest, I hope I'm the one, Others talked of miracles they had seen and done, No one noticed Jesus as He rose up from His seat, Till knelt before them and began to wash there feet. Chorus I've come to serve you, I've come to serve you, And if you know my Father's love the way you say you do, Then you will serve each other too. I wish I could have been there to see the look each man's face, A single act of service puts us all back in our place, But though we're called to minister, And do miracles in His name, Remember when you're sent by Him the reason that He came. Chorus Chorus Yes you should serve each other too.

Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day, Out in the yard with your wife and children Or workin on some stage in LA Did you stand there in shock At the sight of that black smoke risin' against that blue sky Did you shout out in anger and fear for your neighbor Or did you just sit down and cry Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones Pray for the ones who don't know Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble And sob for the ones left below Did you burst out in pride for the red white and blue And the heros who died just doin what they do Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer And look at yourself and what really matters *Chorus* I'm just a singer of simple songs I'm not a real political man I watch CNN but im not sure i can tell you The difference in Iraq and Iran I know Jesus and i talk to god And i remember this from when i was young Faith hope and love are some good things he gave us And the greatest is love Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day Teachin' a class full of innocent children Driving down some cold interstate Did you feel guilty cause you were a survivor In a crowded room did you feel alone Did you call up your mother and tell her you love her Did you dust off that bible at home Did you open your eyes and hope it never happened Close your eyes and not go to sleep Did you notice the sunset for the first time in ages Speak to some stranger on the street Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow Go out an buy you a gun Did you turn off that violent old movie you're watchin' And turn on 'I Love Lucy' re-runs Did you go to church and hold hands with some stangers Stand in line and give your own blood Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family Thank god you had somebody to love *Chorus* *Chorus* And the greatest is love And the greatest is love Where were you when the world stoped turning, that September day

What A Mighty God We Serve

chorus: What a mighty God we serve Angels bow before Him Heaven and earth adore Him What a mighty God we serve. Verse 1: He holds the wings in his hand and he is the great I Am He is the bright and morning star and without him I would fall (chorus 1) verse 1: repeat chorus 2: Jahovah Jirah , my provider Jahovaj Shiloh my Peace Jahovah sicanu my righteousness

Heart Of Every Man

To a world turning cold as stone To a world spinning out of control See the sigh of the times Feel the emptiness inside To try to hide the pain inside CHORUS May the love of Jesus fll the heart of every man May the hope of heaven touch a life with healing hands And may all who seek him find grace enough to stand May the love of Jesus fill the heart of every man To a soul that's too tired to fight To a heart that's too weary to try When all faith is taken away by the trials of the day When there's nothing left to say CHORUS BRIDGE For God so loved the world that He gave his Son and Whoever believes will know His love CHORUS

Mercy Said No

CECE WINANS "Throne Room"
I was just a child, when I felt the Savior leading I was drawn to what I could not understand And for the cause of Christ, I have spent my days believing That what He'd have me be, is who I am As I've come to see the weaker side of me I realize His grace is what I'll need When sin demanded justice for my soul (Chorus) Mercy said no I'm not going to let you go I'm not going to let you slip away You don't have to be afraid Mercy said no Sin will never take control Life and death stood face to face Darkness tried to steal my heart away Thank You Jesus, Mercy said no For God so loved the world, that He sent His son to save us From the cross He built a bridge to set us free Oh, but deep within our hearts, there is still a war that rages And makes a sacrifice so hard to see As midnight fell upon the crucifixion day The light of hope seemed oh so far away As evil tried to stop redemption's flow (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) And now when heaven looks at me It's through the blood of Jesus Reminding me of one day long ago (Repeat Chorus)

Carmen Christi

Card Michael "The Life"
Michael Card Phillippians 2:6-11 Who being in vary nature God Would not grasp equality with Him But made Himself nothing And took up a servant's nature Made in human likeness Found in appearance as man He humbled Himself, was obedient Even to death on a cross Chorus At Jesus' name every knee shall bow In Heaven and in all the earth To the Father's glory each tongue cried Jesus is Lord [Repeat] Jesus is Lord And so He has been exalted By God to the highest place And given a name as exalted Above every other name Chorus

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