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Boiled In Lead lyrics

The Fair Lady

Original and similar lyrics
The Lady smiles as you look into her face; She opens up her arms to you awaiting your embrace. What is your desire? Fame, or love, or gold? It's there in her hand, my friend But answer if you can, my friend What are you reaching out to hold? CHORUS Beasts and demons laugh and yell, The lonely midwife sings They dance about like puppets But the Lady works their strings Through a door that leads to a fire blazing red Where she makes no distinctions 'tween the living and the dead. She can find your secret madness, she knows your secret name; What demons do you hide, my friend? What creatures lurk inside, my friend? To her, you know, it's really all the same. CHORUS All your hungers there to sate, all your thirsts to slake Look what you've been given, you can't see what she'll take. Who can ever know her heart, who will ever tell? No one will believe, my friend All that you'll receive, my friend Before she locks you in your private Hell. CHORUS (2x)

Throne Of Desire Variations

(Written By Cohen, Performed In Night Magic ) Let me start with you Miss Shy Bundled up in your mother's lie Tip toe, tip toe Hiding your silky pleasure Miss Shy come to me Along the snowy paths of modesty Tip toe, tip toe Hiding your silky treasure Come to me with downcast eyes Come to me and claim the prize Of your outrageous pleasure How I like you Miss Shy Bundled up in your mother's lie Tip toe -- Claim your outrageous pleasure! o o o And you I want strong With your hatred intact With your father's pipe And your brother's bat And your quaint belief In holy authority With your discipline And your Darwin claws And your legal eye On the peacock's flaws I see what fallen man Was meant to be With your absolute No man can refute Your absolutely unique Contempt for the weak Down on our paws There are no laws Kiss me where I can not speak You I want strong With your hatred intact With your father's pipe And your brother's bat Now kiss me Where I cannot speak! o o o You I want for my friend To gossip with me and drink tea To walk down by the river's bend You I want for my friend To watch the water going by The swallows climbing above To tell me that I lie When I tell you I cannot love, Cannot love To know my heart better than me To be my friend in charity To speak of lovers old and new To say to me, what they've done to you You I want for my friend To make some sense of our difference To eat and drink together To comfort one another, And may our conversation never end! o o o And you I want your Beauty hidden From all Sight but my Own So none may know your womanhood Or hear you moan Your pleasures To an infant thumb You will be True to me There will be no Infidelity For I will weave A cloak so tight About your loveliness No man will ever guess The wild commands you whisper From your childhood to the night And what Drops the moon About a man And draws Him tidal to Your lips And lets your nipples harden I can Hear you moan Your pleasures To an infant thumb And you I want To wink at me And you I want To think of me You I want above I want you below You I want veiled And you to know I want you clumbsy I want you skilled You be ferocious You be mild... You be foolish You be wise You stay here You stay outside You comb out your hair You keep it curled I want, I want, I want I want to know the world You comb out your hair You keep yours curled I want, I want to know the world! o o o And you Who did not come tonight I will wait for you And you Who are not born I will write for you And you Who must appear In veils of chance And mystery I will kneel I will kneel Like a child Who's watching Mary As she stands Upon the air In gentle splendour In the black Mouth of a cave Open-armed and radiant To save mankind And all the broken World to mother And I swear By the obscure Truth Of this Enfolded heart I swear By The unrequited greed Of this Human heart And all Its Disappointed pleasures I swear By The deep light Of my soul Stained And covered over With Intrigues of pride Whose mercy is To let me sing I swear That I will be For the one Who will not come To me I swear that I will be Her lover Her eternal And imperfect Spirit lover.

Lady Luck

DEEP PURPLE "Come Taste The Band"
(Cook/Coverdale) She was a juke-box dancer A blue eyed gypsy queen She always had an answer For what she'd done And where she'd been A feathercane Lady Midnight For all around to see She spoke with words of wisdom And this is what she said to me Lady luck C'mon give me what I want Pull me up Lady luck If I see you again I will call you my friend I have always been a sinner But then the lady came along She stole my heart and turned me 'round 'Till I didn't know right from wrong She whispered words of kindness I'd never ever heard before Golden words and silver tongue Till I really couldn't take no more Lady luck C'mon give me what I want Pull me up Lady luck If I see you again I will call you my friend C'mon shake me

Everybody Is A Number One

Aztec Camera "Love"
Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards ROB MOUNSEY, PETER BECKETT. drum programming JIMMY BRALOWER. drums DAVE WECKI. bass synthesizer ROBBY KILGORE. background vocals TAWATHA AGEE, JILL DELLABATE, RODDY FRAME and DAN HARTMAN. produced by RUSS TITLEMAN. engineered by JOSH ABBEY and ERIC CALVI. Now love is a burning ring At the bottom of our being Done down and disconnected It lies like a sleeping thing Our task is to awaken Our mission it is clear With lips and arms and unity We've overcome our fear Chorus: That day will come When everybody is a number one Until that day Thy never will be done Some boss lickin' guy Who said he was your friend Tried to put me down But I'll still be around And for the people who would try Just to take it apart Let me tell it from the start For the second time Chorus If I was a poet I think I'd throw a stone In anger and confusion I would not be alone Chorus


Israel And New Breed
Friend there will never be a friend As dear to me as you There will never be another Closer than a brother Friend always worth the wait Faithful as the day You say we are friends You know all about me The good and the bad You know when i rise and fall You see my beginning You stand at the end And yet you remain Faithful to say I'm your friend (repeat chorus) Everytime you call me I receive your healing Everytime you call me friend (repeat chorus

One Step Closer

ASIA "Asia"
Heat of the Moment I never meant to be so bad to you One thing I said that I would never do One look from you and I would fall from grace And that would wipe this smile right from my face Do you remember when we used to dance And incidence arose from circumstance One thing lead to another we were young And we would scream together songs unsung {chorus} It was the heat of the moment Telling me what your heart meant Heat of the moment shone in your eyes And now you find yourself in 82 The disco hotspots hold no charm for you You can't concern yourself with bigger things You catch the pearl and ride the dragon's wings {chorus} And when your looks are gone and you're alone How many nights you sit beside the phone What were the things you wanted for yourself Teenage ambition you remember well {chorus x2} Only Time Will Tell You're leaving now It's in your eyes There's no disguising it It really comes as no surprise To find that you planned it all along I see it now Becomes so clear Your insincerity And me all starrey-eyed To think that I would have know by now {chorus} Now, sure as the sun will cross the sky This lie is over Lost, like the tears that used to tide me over {Only time will tell} One thing is sure That time will tell {Only time will tell} If you were wrong The brightest ring around the moon Will darken when I die {chorus} {repeat first verse} {repeat second verse} {chorus} {Only time will tell} You're on your own Inside your room {Only time will tell} You're claiming victory You were just using me And there is no one you can use now {Only time will tell} One thing is sure That time will tell... Sole Survivor When I ran from the hounds of hell Twist my foot, I nearly fell I was lucky I was alive One look back I could have died {chorus} I was the sole survivor Sole survivor Sole survivor Solitary fighter When I saw it I was amazed One time glory right in my gaze I saw the sorrow, I saw the joy Right in the darkness none could destroy {chorus} And from the wreckage I will arise Cast the ashes back in their eyes See the fire, I will defend Just keep on burning right to the end {chorus} One Step Closer Loneliness, a constant friend and lover I know well Crowded rooms the iron bar That surround me Trying hard to catch your eye Just once, you see Knowing from this moment if you did We could be {chorus} One step closer Closer than we are One step closer Closer than before So many lines, you've heard them all A lie in every one From men who never understand Your personality And though we never even met No talking needs to be done The hum of conversation will disolve you Into me {chorus x2} {chorus} Time Again Fate looks certain but there's nothing guaranteed Want for nothing, but is nothing what you need? Always pushing but you're never satisfied I did believe you 'til I found out that you lied {chorus} Time and time again Time and time again again For what I give you I get nothing in return Can't forgive you watching all your bridges burn All day long I sat and watched you do it wrong Have to say that's how you did it all along {chorus} But others wouldn't see things you could only see And someone showed you, then why was it always me You knew the limit you were always out of bounds How could I trust you when I caught you messing 'round {chorus} Wildest Dreams They decorated all the generals Who fought the wars behind the lines They had forgotten all the soldiers The brandy put them way behind the times Insanity has found its way to TV screens Vision seems impossible to me They fight {they fight} for king {for king} and country I never would have thought this in my {chorus} Wildest dreams Wildest dreams Wildest dreams Wildest dreams The evening comes, we sit and watch the VJs Clips and rushes come from who knows where From Washington across to California With fighting breaking out in Leicester Square We see the soldiers moving on to victory And children trampled under marching feet They fight {they fight} for king {for king} and country How many millions will they put to sleep? {chorus} Fly away... No, not in this world No, not in the next No, not in my wildest dreams They recommended euthanasia For non-conformists anywhere Some men's dreams for others turn to nightmares This never would have happened in my {chorus} Fly away... No, not in this world No, not in the next No, not in my wildest dreams... Without You Gazing at our sunriseReflected in your clear eyes Misty morning forest smoke fires Make our way through the broken day I couldn't stand to stay Without you We must keep moving While the light is clearing Leaving your dark world behind you You have to run Life is just begun I'll never be alone Without you One chilling thought Come screaming through the dark I saw a yellow moon at midnight And now you woke Glowing in the smoke I'm suddenly alone Without you Wanting things the way they used to be You don't know what that can do to me One more day, maybe never Might as well be forever Outside the light,fading as I write And another night reminds me As I sleep, memory that I keep It's just another night Without you It seems so long I've been holding on Since I felt my arms around you Time will go, both of us will know Never be a day Without you Cutting It Fine The door swings open but you won't go it You hate the movie that you haven't seen You couldn't see what I have in mind I see you laughing but you're Cutting it, cutting it fine You never should have done those things to me There's one thread left 'tween you and history And while our temperature is rising high I'm warning you that you are Cutting it, cutting it fine Cutting it, cutting it fine... You gambled all on one important game Now take the debt and don't complain Your game was up, I saw it all the time I saw that vice, girl, you're Cutting it, cutting it fine Your sole advisor watch out for yourself You never listen to anyone else You were the one who ignored the signs Dancing on a fine line Cutting it, cutting it fine Cutting it, cutting it fine... Here Comes the Feeling All through the winter I thought I'd never see you again Oh God where were you when I needed you I know that you, no, you would never have betrayed me I thought I'd die, why? All the reasons still evade me But you're back {chorus} Now I can see you Now I can feel you Now that I want you Now I can touch you Next to me Here it comes Here comes the feeling Here comes that same old feeling Here comes the feeling Here comes that same old feeling This is for real, I never felt so good before I see the world through different eyes Now that you're back, nothing in the least can overcome me Misery gone, plus all the doubt that overran me But you're back {chorus} {repeat first verse} {chorus}

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