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Blue County lyrics

Sunday Driver

Original and similar lyrics
aww....yea His left elbow, is hanging out the window His left finger, is sterring the wheel His right arm is, wrapped around his sweetheart And it's paradise inside his love mobile Well i am stuck here, right behind him I'm held hostage by the dobule yellow line This sign says 55, he going 30 And it's clear to me that he has no concern for time. (Chorus) He's a Sunday, a Sunday driver He don't won't to get his baby home too soon He's Sunday, a Sunday driver In the middle of my Thursday afternoon Oh I will not, a blink my headlight Oh no I will not honk my horn Cause i know, I know just what he's feeling Cause I have been in that sweet, driver's seat before (Repeat Chorus) Bridge There is a growing line of angry cars behind us It's the center fear of mental a single file I will not interrupt his romance Well, i'll be his gaurdian angel for a while (Repeat Chorus) Yea in the middle of my Thursday afternoon

Ark Of The Envious

THE VERVE PIPE "I've Suffered A Head Injury"
I hear the driving of the nail I hear the rain I hear the hail I hear the laughter of the People dancing 'round him As he forces his poor family to set sail If you don't care you will not cry If you don't dare you will not try And now I'm drowning in the dark With thoughts of building my own ark I feel my baby's on the rise Sits there examining her thighs In he comes all drenching clean And lays upon her hard and lean She comes when he never even tries (Repeat chorus) I'm sitting and wishing I were young The best lines they'd flow right off my tongue I'd believe that school is social banging in And banging out and hanging in And hanging out until we're hung (Repeat chorus) Of the envious I am one

I Will Be Your Friend

Nikki Webster "Follow Your Heart"
VERSE 1 When every moment Gets too hard, The end of the road Can feel so far. No matter how much Time we're apart, I'm always near you. I'll be the shelter In your rain. Help you to find Your smile again. I'll make you laugh At a broken heart, Wherever you are. CHORUS 'Cause I'm never Gonna walk away, If the walls come Down some day. All alone and you Feel afraid. Be there when you Call my name. You can always depend on me, I believe until Forever ends. I will be your friend. VERSE 2 So many people Come and go, But nothing can Change the you I know. You'll never be just a Face in the crowd, And time will show, Through the seasons and the years, I will always hold you dear, never you fear. REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 3 I'll be your rock when every Candle burns down low, And I want you, and I want you to know. REPEAT CHORUS

Nobody's Home

KANSAS "Point Of Know Return"
Centuries of backward ways, have many left behind us Who can count the good men gone away The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started We've come too far to end it in a day It seems that everything we do is wrong A one way trip to nowhere all along Just look around and tell me what you see Another stupid page of history (Chorus) No one together, No one is touching ground Look to each other, Chaos is all around Same situation, Nothing is really new No one together, No one is me and you Lo the horn of plenty is bursting at the seam The harvest of the world will be our prize We claim to know the secrets, the answers have been found But how can one fool make another wise 'Cause nothing's better than it used to be To live and die is still a mystery We take away and we give nothing back We just consume it all and still we lack (Chorus) Each day passed by so quickly now You can feel it drawing much closer now The signs are in the faces of the people in the street The signs are in the sound I hear The voices filled with hate and fear You can feel it drawing near you now The multitudes are searching, and wandering in vain For what they seek cannot be found in men The truth that lies before us now is plain for all to see To grow without is not to grow within For in the promise is a victory To see the way that everything should be To feel the joy that we were meant to know We should have realized so long ago We're all together, Harmony will abound' Look at each other, All that was lost is found New situation if our direction's true We're all together, Everyone is me and you

Not Alright

American Heartbreak "Postcards"
Pick up the pieces of your adolescent dreams Take what they give you avoiding the truth at all cost Someday someone will find you Teach you what you want to be You're killing me, well You ain't got nothin' for me I think I'm getting kinda sick of you You see what you want to see I've got a picture, a vision of you Alright, Alright Well you take such pleasure dismissing the obvious Counting stars in your eyes and you're acting surprised, it's unfair Someday someone will find you Be what they want you to be You're killing me (Repeat Chorus) Smash it to pieces, pretend it's alright Searching for better ways out (Repeat Chorus) Alright, Alright

Not Hurting Any More

not hurting any more yo here we go you left the door wide open it was getting cold you never came home last night and i was upset feeling lonley and old so i wept and cried you have cheated and lied (chorus) all i wanted was to be with you but you wouldn't have it you left me alone and i got used to it and now i'm not hurting anymore i screamed and i tried to get hold of myself get a grip girl because you need a new life and all i wanted was you but you were with your friends and thats were it ends repeat chorus i'm preparing to run away i've packed my bags and i'm ready to go then i see you and i stay Repeat chorus 2x

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