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Blue Angel lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Long ago a lonely man stood Off of a quiet avenue A pretty girl in passing chanced to look That's when he fell, fell for you I listen to the rain Pounding on the railing The beat's a sweet, soft refrain of how he found you Lorraine He's rocking on a porch you used to know Here where he swore his love was true He sips his drink and dreams the days of old Of when he fell, fell for you I listen to the rain...

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

LEVEL 42 "Standing In The Light"
I remember your goodbye and the late December sky seems so long ago you were standing on the quay and you blew a kiss to me I was sad to go the ship began to pull away then I heard a stranger say it's sad to see true lovers part 'cause sometimes lovers feel a change of heart out of sight and out of mind well the stranger's words came true and the prophecy went through I knew it would change my world 'cause when I called your home a whispered conversation I overheard I asked you what was going on you said that I'd been gone too long and the rain that fell in West Berlin was nothing like the rain that fell within out of sight and out of mind oh, Regine here am I so far away out of sight, out of mind love has gone but I will shine day after day I will take what love I find so I made some other plans took my life in these two hands and I know I won't turn around though I often see your face when I'm in a crowded place it doesn't get me down I met a girl with smiling eyes full of love and worldly wise she told me she knows what to do to help me put the memories of you out of sight and out of mind Chorus

I Need Love

LL COOL J "Bigger & Deffer"
I Need Love L.L. Cool J    When I'm alone in my room Sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call, telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove For the first time in my life I see I need love, there I was. Giggling about the games that I had played with many hearts, I'm not Saying No-names then the thought occurred, tear drops made my eyes burn as I said to myself look what you've done to her, I can feel it inside, I can't explain how it feels, all I now is that I'll never dish another raw deal playing make believe Pretending that I'm true holding in my laugh as I say that I love you. Sayin' amor kissing you on the ear, whispering I love you and I'll always be here. Although I often reminisce I can't believe that I found a desire for true love floating around inside my soul because my soul is cold, one half of me deserve to be this way until I'm old but the other half needs affection and joy and the warmth that is created by a girl and a boy I need love. Romance, sheer delight how sweet I gotta find me a girl to make my life complete You can scratch my back, we'll get cozy and huddle I'll lay down my jacket so you can walk over a puddle I'll give you a rose, pull out your chair before we eat, kiss you on the cheek and say Oh girl ! You're so sweet, it's deja vu whenever I'm with you, I could go on forever tellin ' you what I do but where you at you're neither here or there I swear I can't find you anywhere, damn sure you ain't in my closet or under my rug this love search is really making me bug and if you know who you are why don't you make yourself seen, take a chance with my love you'll find out what I mean. Fantasies can run , but they can't hide when I find you I'm a pour all my love inside I need love. I wanna kiss you, hold you, never scold you, just love you, suck on your neck caress you and rub you, grind moan and never be alone if you're not standing next to me, you're on the phone, can't you hear it in my voice? I need love bad, I got money , but love is something I never had. I need your ruby red lips sweet face and all I love you more than a man who's teen feet tall, I'd watch the sunrise in your eyes we're so in love when we hug , we become paralyzed our body explode in ectasy unreal you're as soft as a pillow and I'm as hard as steel it's like a dream-land I can't lie I've never been there maybe this is an experience that me and you can share clean and unsoiled yet sweaty and wet I swear to you this is something I'll never forget I need love. See what I mean I've changed I'm no longer a play boy on the run, I need something that's stronger friendship, trust, honor, respect and admiration this whole experience has been such a revelation it taught me love and how to be a real man to always be considered and do all I can, protect you, you're my lady and mean so much, my body tingles all over from the slightest touch of your hand and understand I'll be frozen in time, till we meet face to face and you tell me you're mine, if I find you girl, I swear I'll be a good man, I'm not gonna leave it in destiny's hands I can't sit and wait for my princess to arrive, I gotta struggle and fight to keep my dream alive I'll search the whole world for that special girl when I finally found you, watch our love unfurl, I need love. Girl, listen to me When I be sitting in my room all alone starring at the wall Fantasies, they go thru my mind and I've come to realize that I need true love and if you wanna give it to me girl, make yourself seen, I'll be waiting. I love you.


Hi Standard
When I woke up lonely in my bed, it was a rainy day and my lonely days started again. My dear love, I saw you last night in my dream. You told me, while shedding tear drops. I don't know why I am here, I'm leaving you. Is this mishief of God? I wanna see your smile, so long... Such lonely days My mom always said to me Take good care of your love and protect her. Even if we seperated, I'll never let go of your hand. Don't cry no more and hope that our dream will come true. I leave this song for you with all my heart, so long.... Such lonely days To carry out our dream I lock sweet memories in my mind. And when the day comes, go to church with you. Forever we'll be this way

Mary Lou

Your scrapbook's filled with pictures of all your leading men Well baby don't me picture in there with them Don't make me some little girl's dream that can never come true Oh baby, don't do it to me I won't do it to you Mary Lou, I'm not like all those other guys Mary Lou, I won't fill pretty head with their pretty lies Mary Lou, and dreams that never, never, never ever will come true Mary Lou, I don't deserve to hurt and make you cry like you do You seen all the romantic movies You dream to take the boys home But when the action fades you're left all alone You deserve more than this, oh your love that can grow And not playing outtakes, girl, from some late-late show, no no Mary Lou, you're not like all those others girls Mary Lou, so afraid to shake up that real world Every night you go out lookin' for true love's satisfaction But you'll end up setting for just lights, camera, action In another cameo role with some bit-player you befriended You're gonna go broken-hearted lookin' for that happy ending Mary Lou, I know all those movies too Mary Lou, now one wants the dreams, baby, more than I do But Mary Lou, you're gonna end up baby just another ticket stub Mary Lou, cryin' alone in the theatre as the credits roll

Summer Rain

JOHNNY RIVERS "Realization"
Summer Rain - Artist: Johnny Rivers as sung on Anthology 1964-1977 - Rhino Records R4 707093 - peak Billboard position # 14 in 1968 - Words and Music by James Hendricks Summer rain taps at my window West wind soft as a sweet dream My love warm as the sunshine Sittin' here by me, she's here by me-ee-ee She stepped out of the rainbow Golden hair shinin' like moon glow Warm lips soft as a soul Sittin' here by me, she's here by me-ee-ee All summer long we spent dancin' in the sand And the jukebox kept on playin' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band We sailed into the sunset Drifted home caught by a gulf stream Never gave a thought for tomorrow Just let tomorrow be, now, let tomorrow be-ee-ee instrumental interlude She wants to live in the Rockies She says that's where we'll find peace Settle down, raise up a fam'ly To call our own, yeah, we'll have a home All summer long we spent groovin' in the sand Everybody kept on playin' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The snow drifts by my window North wind blowin' like thunder Our love's burnin' like fire And she's here by me, yeah, she's here with me-ee-ee Let tomorrow be-ee-ee-ee instrumental to end

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