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Bizmarkie lyrics

Pickin Boogers

Original and similar lyrics
Can you feel it Nothin' can save ya For this is the seaon of catchin' the vpors And since I got time, what I'm gonna do Is tell ya how to spread it throughout my crew Wel you all know TJ Swan who sang on my records Made the music, Nobody Beats the Biz Well, check it Back in the days before this began He usually tried to talk to this girl name Fran The type of female with fly Gucci wear With big trunk jewelry and extensions in her hair When Swan tried to kick it, she always fessed Talkin' about Nigger, please, you work for UPS Since he wasn't no type of big drug dealer My man TJ Swan didn't appeal to her But now he trucks gold and wears fly Valley boots Rough leather fashions and tough silk suits Now she stop frontin' an' wants to speak And be comin' to all the shows Every single weekend To get his beeper number, she'd be beggin' please Dyin' for the day to get skeezed She caught the vapors (4X) I got another partner that's calm and plain He goes by the name of the Big Daddy Kane A mellow type of fellow that's laid back Back in the days, he was nothin' like that I remember when he used to fight every day What grown-ups would tell him he would never obey He wore his pants hangin' down and his sneakers untied And a rasta-type Kango tilted to the side Around his neighborhood, people treated him bad And said he was the worst thing his mom's ever had They said that he will grow up to be nothin' but a hoodlum Or either injail or someone would shoot him But now he's grown up, to their surprise Big Daddy got a hit record sellin' worldwide Now the same people that didn't like him as a child be sayin' Can I borrow a dollar, ooh, you're a star now They caught the vapors (4X) Now I got a cousin by the name of Von Lee Better known to y'all as Cutmaster Cool V He cuts scratch, transform with finesse ...(cuts and scratches)...and all that mess Well I remember when he first started to rock And tried to get his job in a record shop He was in it to win it but the boss fronted Said, Sorry Mr. Lee, but there's no help wanted Now my cousin Von still tried on and on and on 'Til the like break of dawn To put this j-o-b in effect But they'd look right past him and be like next Now for the year of '88 Cool V is makin' dollars so my cousin's like straight He walks into the same record shop as before And the boss'll be like, Von, welcome to my store Offerin' him a job but naw, he don't want it Damn it feels goo to see people up on it 'Cause I remember when at first they wasn't Now guess what they caught from my cousin The vapors They caught the vapors (4X) Last subject of the story is about Biz Mark I had to work for mine to put your body in park When I was a teenager, I wanted to be down With a lot of M.C.-deejayin' crews in town So in school on Nobel Street, I say Can I be down, champ They said no and treated me like a wet food stamp After gettin' rejected, I was very depressed Sat and wrote some def doo-doo rhymes at my rest When I used to come to parties they'd make me pay I'd have to beg to get on the mike and rap that day I was never into girls, I was just into my music They acted like I wanted to keep it Instead of tryin' to use it But now things switched without belief Yo, Biz, do you remember me from Nober Street, chief? We used to be down back in the days It happens all the time and never ceases to amaze They caught the vapors (4X)

R U Still Down (Remember Me)

2PAC "Disc 1"
R U Still Down [repeat 3X] [Verse One: 2Pac] Now up and at em it's on, I was raised to be strong And Mama told me be a Thug since the day I was born I came up, out the gutter never changed my style Got for real about my papers, cause the game was wild And the fame was a plot to try to change me And what's strange is nobody knew my name 'fore it came Now the whole world is calling me a, killer All I ever did, was try to reach the kids with the real All the time I was ballin, never heard my friends callin Couldn't stop myself from fallin, I'm all in Shit's gettin sleazy, believe me Best to take what ya need, but don't be greedy Cause in my mind, I see sunshine, I thought I didn't have to run, now I'm duckin from the gun yellin, 'One-Time' Take your time to feel my record, and if you did chill a second, my blind method, will still wreck it My young homies stay strong I wonder if they'll listen to a nigga when he gone, R U Still Down? [Chorus: 2Pac] Raise em up... R U Still Down? [repeat 5X] [Verse Two: 2Pac] I'm gettin high, so a nigga think he touch the sky Turn tough inside, in the rush to die Livin life as a Thug time to face the truth What's goin on with the wasted youth, please God come and save me (save me), had to work with what ya gave me And got a nigga goin crazy I can't read the signs, I'm blind, but a nigga know he need his nine, cause times, they ain't what they used to be Ain't a penitentiary built big enough for me and my niggaz on the streets, man listen Cause these ain't the old days Ain't no way I'ma bustin my ass and gettin no pay It seems I can't find my focus, and homey I ain't paranoid I seen the future and it's hopeless Lord knows, its hard on a young scrub It seems I had less problems when I slung drugs But since I'm tryin lace niggaz with the game wanna see me locked in chains, tryin to dirty up my name And them same motherfuckers that was callin me Will be the first to turn their backs, when I'm fallin, see I should have seen it from the jump, but now it's clear This one nigga got the town in fear, but R U Still Down [Chorus] [Verse Three: 2Pac] I wrote this for my critics and my, enemies Last year ya used to love me, huh REMEMBER ME Now ya hate me with a passion, tryin to get me stuck in the mix I'm stayin sharp, got no time for them tricks And now they wonder if I'm goin to jail Just as well, cause my life on the streets - a living Hell And I can't sleep, they got my phone tapped, and mercy Lord Come get me 'fore they hurt me Ran outta tears, and through the years couldn't change me My daddy left me alone, and so I'm angry I never did nothin wrong, my mama told me, 'Baby it's on' And now I'm hustlin and bustlin bones Never said it came easy, I'm makin cheese Buyin all the things on TV, and gettin skeezed Wish my homeboys could see me now Little bad motherfucker runnin wild through the town Please tell me, R U Still Down? R U Still Down, to raise em up? Remember me [repeat 2X] R U Still Down, to raise em up? R U Still Down, to raise em up? Remember me [repeat 3X] R U Still Down, to raise em up? R U Still Down, to raise em up? Remember me [repeat 3X] R U Still Down, to raise em up? That's right y'all, give them bitches the motherfuckin middle finger RAISSSSE em up These hoes can't fade me, don't these bitches know we crazy? Thug Life, niggaz, be, the sickest You feel me? Now get that shit written down God damn! Took four years and a motherfuckin case for these motherfuckers to feel me Ain't that a bitch? R U Still motherfucking down? Old hoe ass fake ass niggaz We out this motherfucker

Steal The Show

NELLY "Country Grammar"
(feat. St. Lunatics) [City Spud] Yo, 'for the nigga mention my name I let him know the deal I'm the nigga, same nigga, thought was a lame nigga Now I push a Range nigga, you know the name nigga Peep the Iceberg jeans, the ice chain nigga And if I got beef I let the whole world know it So if you got beef let the whole world know it Yaun take it to the streets let the whole world know it It's the chance for your big career, don't blow it Or get it blown from the top gun nigga I ain't finished talkin 'bout it 'till ya top gone nigga Dissin my crew you catch hot ones I'm hot son, yo that's why I carry hot guns I'm on a beach in L.A. fuckin fly misses While you niggas at the crib tryna' find misses Yo I'm gettin head from the Mexican dime bitches Them niggas mad 'cause they riches ain't like my riches [Murphey Lee] A yo, I'm Murphey Lee the school boy The civilized jewel boy I got not one, two, three, four, five, but six whores For equality, vocal and wallabies I smoke la like it got me boomin like bad-a-bing Rap, don't gotta sing 'cause I get my hum on Actually I get hummed on Hoes tongues be on my dong dong long, head at night, head in the morn Lunatic, five strong, king kong's are writin songs Cats be gettin gone thinkin they got it goin on Folks brought you a brawl, it all started in ya home Check the background, St. Louis clown from the U-Town Fourteen, pimp of the year like Dru Down Same crew now, it's too damn quiet but too loud Hoes be pretendin always sayin they too proud If I ruled the world, I do now Me and the 'Tics 'bout to rack 'em and move the crowd [Hook - (Lunatics) 2x] Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress Lunatics about to steal the show (Where you from) From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4 [Ali] I rip grass and smash, with a 44 mag This nigga jag, from the front to the back I heard it crash Nigga hurt 'em bad, you heard him laugh Talkin trash 'bout whoopin my ass I never let a nigga do that, who that Get his brains blew back with a new gat Yellin 'true that', hollowtips is goin cleeeeean through that And I didn't have to get my whole team just to do that In a blue hat, with a black baggy Karl Kani An iced out ring just to score on your eye Hard to die, like Bruce, Lee get a victory Cats is sick like H-I-V if they feelin weak We be , Jackie Frost, Danny Terrio, shows to the Motorola Money hold up, whippin the Rover, high roller dog What you holdin, I'm paid, so controllin y'all Yiggidy yes y'all like Das EFX, I's be next To rep that Midwest, it's sets and projects [Keyaun] Now once Keyaun say hit the safe, raise the stakes 'Tics in fifty states, might as well blaze the cake I got moves to make, transactions to handshakes Drugs for papes, now I'm sellin CDs and tapes Funerals and wakes caused by greed and hate A snake is still a snake no matter the size or shape Those that hate, anchored with weights, found in the lake Come off the chain my main, you tied to the gate First you caught a case, second you caught the babes Third, you caught me with your date, that was no mistake Good things come to those who wait So if you waitin on them 'Tics, huh, they gon' be late In your house with your spouse I'm doin the nasty I'm a felon, ask Jay, I rob industries and ashtrays Branson and hashy, and wrap somethin And burn the place, ya heard me [Nelly] Watch me load up the ammo, cock it back slow In the back door, infrared low Tell me somethin that I don't already know Like, which one of these closets contain cash flow Got three little problems I just thought you should know Peep, I'm addicted to 'yes' and I'm allergic to 'no' I'm obsessed with dough, money makin and the hoes Anything other than satisfaction gon' blow Heard through the grapevine you lookin for me Couldn't be, 'cause if it was you would be bookin from me Shook when ya see Nelly rollin in the GS-3 Hangin out the sunroof like 'bing, bing, bing' Back the car up, pop the trunk now Can ya hold ya breath 'cause I'ma flood this town That ass scream 'nine-second-five right here' Neighbors on the lawn like 'Nelly, why right here' [(Hook) 1 1/2x]

Butta Few Co

Kwest Tha Madd Lad "This Is My First Album"
Ursula where you at? Aiyyo Dan where you at? Yo nobody in here but me and Taj July 23rd watch me do it Now.. I flips like a stack of flapjacks from IHOP when I rock If a foe tries to flow I cast the glow like I was Tim ex Ease through MC's like a breeze through the trees He who disagrees please hit the knees complain to deez Well you know the rest but might not know Kwest, pleased to meet you If I defeat you at least you been beaten by the best Yo.. dammmm SKIP I be riding my own dick Those with that fly shit up in they head, get domes swollen quick Competition best pray for repentance, can't mention my name without one of these words in a sentence: Fat, Live, Lovely, Butter -- Bad Nice Nasty Wicked Raw yeah there's a lot of others Don't really know where my flow comes from yo, I just think Open my mouth and mmmmmm there it goes On the real to get with this you must be fast If your rhyme don't shine like mine, I get some bread for your dusty ass You better exit cause boy it gets hectic and I start to flex kid And wipe a big fat booger on your best shit I mean, how can you be expected to step up and wreck shit when the track was fat, but your raps is anorexic? Word to my momma bring drama and get trauma I'm a heavy bomber when I get a little bit of hit of marijuana Quick to let the gun smoke, no joke so don't provoke Ask Gimmy how the slimmy be, cause Gimmy got his neck broke Takin props non stops is how I operate, Hobbes My words stick witcha and fuck witcha like some transit cops So I suggest you find God or somethin, cause like Whitney Houston said You have nothing, nothing, nothing for me! I kept it clean but it coulda got gory You bore me there's the door G period end of story Ooh, I like that.. now let's see what else we can get into Now umm, A is for Apple, J is for Jacks but I got more flavor than that shit so go get your money back The skinny nigga's on the lam, so hold your daughter ma'am I WHAM! I slice that ass so fast you'd think it was a Christmas ham Shit gets flam when I start to rip shop, too large to drip-drop So I pour, the more, hundred proof, type umm, hip-hop Cute like a baby monkey lyrics got to be funky Long and lanky kinky never stinky don't wanna get chunky Pump me when I get out, cause without a di-doubt You think I'm a maniac mobster the way I put hit after hit out My A R man tries to sham, he'll get his heart bit out The company must have been constipated.. ..cause it took em a long time to get my shit out! But now that my product's on the market, it's time for a new flame to spark it, and my target is your ear, I wanna bust lyrical nuts on your drum And I'll be comin on your brain cells when I come Word up, sometimes I swear to GOD I think I'm a nut The type to walk into a room full of diesel niggaz and scream WHAT??!! Smoke a L, drink a Stout, then flip the fuck out Runnin up on homeless people askin, Who's in the house? Slick like Olive Oyl so tell Popeye to go up on the pu-tay I can get peppy or sleepy but not wimpy like Bluto I get scrappy with a script flipped here, a script flipped there Here a script, there a script til you be like, That kid's the shit! I know where my hoes goes when the hoes clothes goes off Go to a show and show my flow off for dough but never flow a doze-off Oh, wanna hear some shit that's funny? I'm SO skinny that if I sent my picture to Somalia, they'd send me money Hula-hoop with a Cheerio and I can probably dodge raindrops If I had dreads I could be a mop, okay enough brain STOP Wear my jeans droopy cause I'm not lacking in the Snoopy Never had a hooptie already got a group of groupies Either catch me girl hawkin, shoppin party stalkin or on the phone talkin, or checkin the latest raps on my Walkman Slide up in the clubs with BUTTER shit on See how many hookers I can hit on If there's a mic I'm like, Can I get on? Finessin with no type of stressin, peeps be requestin Kwest in every session but I gotta ask a few questions before I get in, or I Jet-son, hey yo George How's the spot, is it hot, is it well done, is it raw? What's the four one one on hotties? Do they got bodies? Someone gettin bizem with ism or smoke is there Coke and Bacardi? Is security loose like a hoe or tighter than a virgin? Can I risk bringin a biscuit or can my shorty get hers in? Yo that's how it runs it's all about gettin loot, gun, hons and fun from down sun to up sun Can't forget the lyrics cause that's my bread and butter, I make bread when I'm butter and wicked like a muhhhhhhhhhfucka! The nucca's top choice, even though I got tight-drop voice Rhymes tasty like Duncan-Hines, I puts lots of funk in mines No real reason for this rhyme, but then again it is a rhyme without reason, big up to Southside and Riker's Isle, guess I'll be breezin That's how it goes, July 23rd I flip shit and remember alla that was off the top of the domepiece kid Big shout out to everybody from Southside, 105, 106, Liberty, Suston? Baisley? and all that, and I'm up out this piece Representin kid, representin

Big Brother Beat

DE LA SOUL "Stakes Is High"
[Listen all you fellas here's what good love is] [Listen all you fellas the kind she understands] [Listen all you fellas then you won't have to worry no no more] [Listen all you fellas you betta listen] [you betta listen] [Listen all you fellas here's what good love is] [Listen all you fellas the kind she understands] [Listen all you fellas then you won't have to worry no no more] [Listen all you fellas, you betta listen] [you betta listen] Mummy I saw one day She was on some fume vapors Givin' me lip so I continued with the caper Cat litter had me sniffin Since outside the palace Eyes sicker than aids Game harder than a callous Tried to enter in her shit She had locks on the session Tellin me how her last man Taught her ass a lesson damn Well, i'm not the mayor I take care of my dimes But I excluded I had nickels Addin' up to her kind Short stacks with a wristful of jewels Sayin she didn't need a man To make her out for a fool Dig it, miss, my love is credited in cupid account And if you need that extra help Gigglin, figurin' I had jokes for her humor Then she broke out with the words About knowin all the rumors See, all you niggas rappin be like pedigree dogs Thinkin you can have me leashed Around your microphone cords Somethin 'bout her lit me up like july And with them onions in the pants I couldn't help but cry Seemed lost in the essence But i had to find my way to take Action for the digits just to set up a date Thought my shinin was on I had the skirts in the bag Until i took a bit of time To peep the price on the tag She said I'm that salt and pepa Who like pushin it to sisters You need to get to walkin with it mister, I think you betta listen [Listen all you fellas, here's what good love is] [Listen all you fellas, the kind she understands] [Listen all you fellas, then you won't have to worry no no more] [Listen all you fellas, you betta listen] [you betta listen] We was at some outside jam one saturday night When this pretty ass girl got locked in my sight She was a ghetto philosopher Yeah you know the type Thinkin' Mary J. and sade understood her strife Caught me lookin', Yo what's cookin? Nothin' from around here So don't approach or hope To be the man of the year I said listen deer or rabbit or whatever the hell you be I'm not the one to embarrass But the one to emcee I traveled the world q uarters on my relationships Used and abused by hoes So my royalty stubs But above all I brought my daughter into this earth So I understand the need Of women feeling of worth She glanced deep in my eyes And said oh shit, you're ill I like the way your mind Moves around at will Still, let me apologize for soundin so sassy But you niggas act as if my ass Has a sign that says harass me Her name was gail from the union of dale I made her remove the shades So her eyes could tell me the plan Yo where's your man? Oh that nigga's past tense, Painted bruises on my face Haven't seen him ever since Gave a pinch to my bottom And started rubbing my back She said i bet your ass is darker Than a mobb deep track Only one way to know it, And i was down to show it So we jetted back to my crib to set it She made it known I've owned thoughts of you Since that song 'meeny-meeny' Can't believe you're about To be all up in between me Man, the flag was lowered So my wood was raised Followed a shielding of my building To protect me from the blaze This granted access to Southern parts of her borders Did you have her comin'? Like the new world order I caught her with the right combination A good combination Keepin' it in her hard, man You betta listen [Listen all you fellas, here's what good love is] [Listen all you fellas, the kind she understands] [Listen all you fellas, then you won't have to worry no no more] [Listen all you fellas, you betta listen] [you betta listen]

Chrome Wheels

WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Hook: Madame D] Woke up this morning, smoked some sticky green to get me started Choclate thai, all in my eye, I'm never broken-hearted Bang us in ya cars, bang us in ya Jeep, bang that shit retarded [Intro: 12 O'Clock (RZA)] (Bob Digi) Sun Zeini (P. Sunn) 12 O'Clock Two On Da Road on this (12 O'Clock) I love my brother to death (That old hip-hop, catch this) (Hot Nix', you know Big tits) [12 O'Clock] I love my brother to death, nigga pussy to the rest Shared a pair of Guess and an Eddie Bauer vest A bitch named Celeste I met her when I was goin to cash a Def Jam check She had some big ass breasts I had to catch her like a shortstop on the Mets A nigga high off a dime from Gates and Best Remember grandmother live on Louis and Lex I remember Dirt Dog crashed his white Lex I remember me and Meth won a dice game against Ghost and Deck Remember Portland had Clyde Drex' Remember 12 O'Clock is a vet Big Dogs we put 'em to sleep, keep 'em on a leash I move like days in a week Niggaz don't know the face and names on my teeth Niggaz carry a cold piece, and separate the heat Ain't scared of the motherfuckin police [RZA] Yo, yo Guns jammed up, I'm cramed up in my lab Six niggaz, six bitches, two fifths and eight bags One toilet, three weedheads, an alcoholic And two niggaz hooked on pussy And in the corner, was this brother who would study his lessons And learned how operate the Smith and the Wesson Still cut class and played hookey Threw freshmens in garbage cans, gave 'em nookies Rolled the, back of the bus with a gun in his socks Big forehead, had ears like Spock He was mightier than a truckload of gats And bound to make a bitch cum in six minutes flat [Raekwon] What up kid Stay livin Seen you look good, you look live in ya linen And you survived ninth innin The hood got us off the prop without women All my niggaz that ride that provide to the end of this [Madame D] Ain't nothin but the real, yeah Ain't nothin but the real Ain't nothin but the real, yeah Million dollar deals, rollin on Chrome Wheels [Prodical] Yeah, uh-huh, yeah (Ain't nothin but the real) This one's on P. Sunn, word up Yeah, uh-huh We gamble the dice, remain humble, scramble through the jungle of life While the we rumble with the foul and trife Shots fired on the block in threes like Glen Rice Made men think twice about the sacrifice Black on white, write it for the world to hear Write it for my fam who not here who do care Glance and stare, why when you can't compare From the bottom of my feet to the end of my hair Move rear, cop the blue steel bare, groove to the snare Bass and drums, see my face in the slums Pedia Brown, media surround my sound When you see me in the hood of ya town, respect my sound Sample with black, criminal, mechanical rap Assemblin hat, laced in a suit from Phat Two On Da Road, got them bitches screamin, Who Dat Two with the plaques, two with the gats, it's like that [Hook] [Madame D] Two On Da Road, Bobby Digital He's a gangsta, yeah No, no, no, no, no, no Live it up, live it up Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no [Hook] [Outro: Prodical *over Madame D's singing*] Bang us in ya Jeeps Shaolin! Bobby Digital Uh-huh, Sunn who Yeah Haha! Yeah! Get that money y'all Get that money y'all Get that money y'all Shout in pain Uh-huh, yeah Weed blazin, cocoa hazin, cocoa hazin

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