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Bizmarkie lyrics

Nobody Beats The Biz

Original and similar lyrics
Now this may sound disgusting an' like very gross But it's sure to have your trippin' So y'all listen close It's not bright as the sun or sweet like sugar But it's rather on the bug tip and it's called Pickin' Boogers Now what I'm emceein' might not seem kosher to you But it's still somethin' we all have to do So go up your nose with a finger or two And pull out one or a crusty crew Yo, don't try to front like it's so gloomy and gray 'Cause we all pick our boogers sometime every day Whether out in the open or on a sneak tip With a finger, tissue, or even a Q-Tip Take it from the Biz Markie because I'm jokin' And also, remember this slogan Hey, ma, what's for dinner? Go up your nose and pick yourself a winner Pickin' Boogers Pickin' Boogers Let me tell you what happened on the train, man I was coolin' one say with my partner Kane Headed up to the rooftop, ridin' the D train When the man sittin' next to me was so profane He'd stick his finger up his nose, then do a drain (You should 'a moved) I was just about, but al of a suddern, homeboy just pulled out A big, green, slimey - naw, I'm not even gonna say it But it weighed a good pound if you tried to weigh it He sat there for a while with it in his hand So I tried to play cool like a normal man So I laid my head back to catch a quick nap All of a sudden he plucked it dead in my lap Now Kane sat there laughin' like it was all a joke But a brother like Biz Markie had almost choked So I dug up my nose and pulled out about five And plucked every last one of them dead in his eye Then the man jumped up and said what's wrong with you And wiped 'em off his face and said I can't mess with you Like if I did somethin' that was so full of shame But yo, you got to know the name of the game Pickin' Boogers Pickin' Boogers Now let me take you trippin' dow memory lane Back in public school with my partner Kane When I was class clown and he was my brotherr Sittin' at the desk, pluckin' boogers at each other Never do our work as we were supposed 'Cause we was too busy diggin' up our nose And in the lunch room, we would talk about rude God forbid the person that had to leave his food No matter who you are, we didn't give a damn We even put teachers down with the program Whether it was a woman or if you're a man We put boogers in our fingers then shake your hand Catch anyone from anywhere But the best part about it's catchin' Kane out there Especially we're out playin' ball in the gym I put boogers on the basketball and pass it to him Now we're grown up and things have changed But we still be playin' the Pickin' Boogers game Just last night when Kane was gettin' ready I slippped a litte green one inside his spaghetti Pickin' Boogers Pickin' Boogers Let me tell you what happened with this girl One night at Latin Quarters, I was standin' at ease And saw a gorgeous yound lady that I wanted to skeeze I didn't show enough that I really did want it So, no half-steppin', I pushed up on it Pulled out the gold cable and a knot that was fat Had a spotlight beamin' on my Biz Markie hat But when she stepped in the light and she got real close I saw a teeny-weenie booger on the tip of her nose She was dressed real def and her body was hook But that dried-up boogeer just ruined the look I wanted to tell her about it but I couldn't be bold So I played it off and said, That's a cute green mole I was hopin' from that she wuld wipe it away But she didn't do nothin', I guess she wanted it displayed I said, Before you get my number I don't mean to dis you but write it in your hand because you're gonna need the tissue

Cleaning Out My Closet

ANGEL HAZE "Classick"
When I was 10, shit, I believed I could fly I would just flap my fucking arms and meet with the sky And in my mind I would invision I was speaking with God And then I chop his fucking fist off and beat him with mine But this is just a fucking portion of the war with my mind So I'm a take you fuckers back into the vortex of time When I was 7 invision me at the bottom of stairs And I silently swear that this is the truth no falacy here See I was young man... I was just a toddler a kid And he wasn't the first to successfully try what he did He took me to the basement and after the lights would be cut He whipped it out in sight of my eyes and forced his cock through my gut See it was weird because I felt that I was losing my mind And then it happened like it happened like milions of times And I would swear that I would tell but then they'd think I was lying And now the power that he held was like a beacon in mine So now I got used to it, I put up with the shit And now my hate was so Vocanicly eruptive and shit But this is nothing 'cause I guess he told his friend what he do And they ate it up shit I was like a buffet for 2 And then it happened then at home where everybody fucking knew And they ain't do shit but fucking blame it on youth I'm sorry mom but I really used to blame it on you But even you by then wouldn't know what to do And now it happened so often that he was getting particular And I more scared every time I worked in my speed and ventricular One night he came home and I was asleep in my bed He climbed on top of me and forced himself between my legs He told me "Hey ray, I see you like them popsicle sticks So put your mouth on my dick and suck and swallow the spit" And I was confused but I was scared so I did what he said I had no idea the affect it would have on my head My heart was pumping it was stumping with like tons of my fear Imagine being 7 seeing cum in yo underwear I know it's nasty but sometimes I'd even bleed from my butt Disgusting right, now let that feeling ring through your guts I thought of offing myself I thought of killing these niggas Wanted to take a fucking brick and push their teeth through their liver Wanted to smash like the fucking world and burn it's leftover part Wanted to rip it out and just fucking step on my heart Then I grew up and I wasn't within a reach of these men But that didn't keep out of motherfucking reach of my sin And psychologically I was just as fucked as they come I was confused I had to prove I wasn't fucked from the jump I was afraid of myself I had no love for myself I tried to kill I tried to hide I tried to run from myself There was a point in my life where I didn't like who I was So I create the other people I would try to become Sexuality came into play and with as scarred as I was I was extremely scared of men so I start liking girls I started starving myself fucked up my bodily health I didn't want to be attractive to nobody else I didn't want the appeal wanted to stop my own growth But there's a fucking reason behind every scar that I show I never got to be a kid so that's as far as I grow My mental state is out of date and that's how far as I know My biggest problem was fear what being fearful could do It made me run it made me hide it made me scared of the truth I'm not deranged anymore I'm not the same anymore I mean I'm sane but I'm insane but not the same as before I had to deal with my shit I had to look at my truth To understand that to grow you gotta look at your root I had to cut off the dead I had to make myself proud And I'm just standing breathing living proof look at me now I made it through everything I made you look like a clown I'm fucking great k fucking hate you nigga look at me now And I'm just saying this to tell you there's a way from the ground The makings of a legend is often hiden in thorns So just move on and just be strong and just accept what you can Because it makes your story better when you read it, the end That's the story of every scar that I show I made it out this a mean nobody's goten before I had to open my wounds I had to bleed till I stop Thanks for joining me here as I cleaned out my closet I said I opened my wounds I had to bleed till I stop Thanks for joining me here as I cleaned out my closet

Verheieung Du Krone Des Todeskultes

Durch die hehre Finsternis des zukunftig Vergangenen sehnt das Raunen sich nach Licht nach einem Weg heraus zwischen zweierlei Welten Verstummt ist die gleichgultig' Andacht und es ward mir, als wurd' ich ein Unterkleid erblicken welches aufgeknupft an einen Baum den Niederen eine Stette der Zuflucht ist Heraufbeschworen durch die Kraft einer erloschenden, zweiten Sonne werden drei Finger meiner linken Hand erschlafften Samen in die Ungewibheit blutgetrenkten Schlammes entlassen Gestern meinte ich es noch genauso wie es morgen klingt es war die Beruhrung mit dem Nichts welche mir den dritten Finger tetowierte aber als der Lurch sich mir eroffnete ward ich ein anderer und schnitt mir den ganzen Arm ab Ich fange dich mit meniem Todesbringer und du denkt noch es were der Wahnsinn doch es ist versprochen: Ich werde mich weiter toten Oh Verheibung - Du Krone des Todeskultes! Wenn schwarze Regentropfen nur dem einen Ziel dienen, in nechtlicher Unbedeutsamkeit zu verbrennen Und der an sein eigenes Kreuz genagelte Mensch den Wunsch verspurt Dich Tod einem nie dagewesenen Leben vorzuziehen Dann ist der entweihte Zeitpunkt gekommen in Deine erlosenden Augen zu blicken und den eigenen Untergang mit offenen Armen willkommen zu heiben. English translate: Promise - Thou Crown Of The Death Cult Through the exalted darkness of the future past the murmuring longs for light for a way out between dual worlds Silenced is the indifferent attention And it seems to me as if I would see an undergarment that, tied up in a tree, is a sanctuary for the humble ones Conjured up by the power of a fading second sun three fingers of my left hand are set free weakened seed in the uncertainty of bloodsoaked mire Yesterday I meant it just like it sounds tomorrow It was contact with the nothingness that tatooed my third finger But when the amfibian opened to me I seemed to be someone else and cut off my entire arm I catch you with my bringer of death and you still think it was insanity yet it is promised: I will kill myself furthermore Oh Promise - Thou Crown Of The Death Cult When black raindrops serve only the one goal to burn in nocturnal insignificance And he who is nailed to his own cross feels the wish to prefer You Death over a life that never existed Then the distant point in time has arrived to gaze into your redeeming eyes and to welcome one's own downfall with open arms

Bad Dream

[martine:] This is a matter of utmost urgency You might even call it a police emergency Suckers got ill when they finally heard the G Wasn't sellin' out, they tried to murder me Reached for my jammy like a troop's supposed to do Never let a sucker get too close to you Heard 'em comin', ducked behind the wall Then saw the whites of his eyes, the first one had to fall Another bug creeped up the fire escape Trying to sneak, I guess he snuck too late Lookin' like a scene from Real Life Vice The way his head fell apart like a block of solid ice Uzi does it, come to think of it Dude had a nine, but his wasn't as fast as mine I heard the phone ring, should I answer? This is gettin' serious as terminal cancer And that is the final stage, my primal rage Began to rise and I started to fantasize How many more might try to rush the door And blast their way in, hell, I ain't stayin' I opened the back door and felt the summer night heat Saw a bunch of bugs wearin' white sheets What else could it mean? I know it ain't Halloween The cross in the background burnin' made a ill scene First I was panicky, then I was angry One creep even had a rope ready to hang me Now who am I supposed to be? Eddie Spaghetti? You come and vic Rob G any time you're ready? Fuck that, they had me trapped so I rushed back They tried to bust me but they don't have enough caps I dipped, dived, slipped, slid, they missed me I had to move quick or they was bound to get me One bullet grazed me, that didn't phase me What could I say? I was havin' a fucked up day Stood up and took aim, my finger on the trigger I shouted 'Now let me hear you say nigger!' Well anyway, nobody spoke or went for broke The place was all clouded up from gunsmoke And everything got quiet, I don't buy it Just a second ago we had a riot They must be plannin' attack or settin' a trap Whatever the case you won't get this black Now I'm on the edge and there's no denyin' it Whatever the hell might work I'm tryin' it Thought I was a target that they could get right quick But I ain't goin' out like no statistic Another number, made me wonder How many other brothers they've put under I sat in the dark real still for a long time Didn't make a sound cos I've got a strong mind Made my way to the street, it was daybreak Must've fallen asleep, but for Pete's sake I didn't see the enemy tryin' to put an end to me The night before, my finger trigger was sore I went in the house to get a fresh clip And then I woke up an' shit... (It's a bad dream, man. That's all, man, you know what I'm sayin'? Guess I was just buggin' or somethin', man...)

Little Green Apples

And I wake up in the mornin' With my hair down in my eyes and she says "Hi" And I stumble to the breakfast table While the kids are goin' off to school, goodbye She reaches out and takes my hand And squeezes it and says, "How you feeling hon?" And I look across at smiling lips That warm my heart and see my morning sun And if that's not lovin' me then all I've got to say God didn't make a little green apples It don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime No such thing as Doctor Seuss Disneyland or Mother Goose is no nursery rhyme God didn't make a little green apples And it ain't gonna rain in Indianapolis in the summertime When myself is feelin' low Think about her face aglow and ease my mind Sometimes I call her up at home knowing she's busy And ask if she could get away and meet me and grab a bite to eat Then she drops what she's doin' and hurries down to meet me And I'm always late but she sits waitin' patiently And smiles when she first sees me 'cause she's made that way And if that's not lovin' me then all I've got to say God didn't make a little green apples It don't snow in Minneapolis when the winter comes There's no such think as make believe Puppy dogs and autumn leaves and BB guns God didn't make a little green apples And it ain't gonna rain in Indianapolis in the summertime When myself is feelin' low I think about her face aglow and ease my mind To ease my mind, to ease my mind

Screwed Up Tape

[Rasheed] Ma, I'm sorry for the things I did And god thanks for all the times you let me live I should of been dead a long time ago Should of been me and not Guero Foot on the pedal while I race to the hood Go to revillations in your little black wood Mom is all worried and that fucking shit hurts I never fuck a friend unless they suck my dick first Creep and I crawl, ball till I fall Sell you an 80 I won't charge you for the straw They asked me how long I ever kept a job roughly Well, I worked six months in the county as a trusty I went to prison and came back an animal Southside, Houston's murder capital My crew is cursed, shoot you first Died next to a stupid nurse Put you in the bluest hearse I'll see your ass at Lucifer [Chorus - 2x] 6 in the morning police at my door Fresh, scoop of Coke across my bathroom floor Out the back window, I make my escape Didn't even have a chance to grab my screwed up tape [Low-G] My green light, aloe sayed chiquito cagapalo haters don't like me cause my name is hard to swallow Here he comes that 5-O asked me for i.d. Play on his computer and finds some felonies I was high, fly and a D.W.I. Every question asked I came back with a lie he was searching my ride and found my 45 That's when I started thinking had to bust him with my nine Instead I ran, now your boy got away That night we celebrate like it was a holiday I use to be broke didn't have big faces I had to wipe my ass with the yellow pages No T.V. and no cartoons My jefa in the kitchen washing plastic spoons I was a smoker tough on, green potent stuff No diamonds on my wrist only, broken cuffs [Chorus - 2x] [South Park Mexican] I don't know what the fuck, I'ma come have some bud Who want to fuck with us, brown like snuff or upper cuts Pro-tect my property, Hillwood prohecy I don't know how many times I got to tell y'all get off of me Balls and that's all I need, smoking bitches crossing me When I kill you niggas we can all live in harmony This ain't motherfucking breaking stone, I told you once leave us alone Known to kill my fucking own, blame Houston cause that's my home How can I make it when it won't clear My bud done look like daffadille 17 million a year, still I thug in my Cavilier My people come, like Babylon, mexican and african Few white boys that's family, asian and mohamilly Indian and that Navhoe, killers out that Navadoche Careful how your ass appoach, get busted like you pass a note All the hoes, camel toes, smoking on that ardachoke Bought the benz, bought the boat, in my kitchen rocking coke [Chorus] [Chorus 2] Crusing down the street with my 6 hoes Bumping my shit, riding on vogues Went to the park to get the scoop Young niggas out there cold shooting some hoops

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