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BIG TYMERS lyrics - I Got That Work

#1 Stunna

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile) [Baby] Nigga can't out-stunt me when it come to these fuckin' cars, nigga Believe that! You know me - I don't need no introduction and shit Ride Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch Arm hangin', wrist blingin' - just stun'n and shit Drop the top, block is hot Stay bumpin', ya bitch B. Atrice get it right, don't tangle and twist it Hit the club every night, drunk - drinkin' that Crissy Niggas mad - don't like it 'cause I'm bangin' they bitches When the light hit the ice, it twankle and glistens Baby, Brian, B., Bubble - you can call me what you feel Hoppin' out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill With the platinum pieces, and the platinum chains With the platinum watches, and the platinum rings (platinum rings) Last shit ain't changed Still doin' my thing Still do it for the block - nuts hang and swing You don't know another nigga that can stunt like me (stunt like me) Big Tymer representin', nigga - the U.P.T. [Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Baby] I'ma a hard stun'n nigga like Evil Knievel [Wayne] Jumpin' out Lex's and Hummers - showin' off for my people [Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] The # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch, MacGyver [Wayne] Private planes, Jaguars, Bentley's, and Prowlers [Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] The # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] I put dubs on cars - when I ride, I'm fly We thugs, not stars, bitch - ride or die Put bricks on blocks, nigga - cooked and cut Juvy 'bout to hold the rocks, nigga, hook it up Diamonds on my hoes' feet - when they walk, they spark Diamonds in my fuckin' teeth - when I talk, I spark Don't fuck around with beef - when it start, I spark Me and my Hot Boy creeps - when it's dark, we spark Just bought a new car, and I spent about a million The motherfuckin' driver seat sittin' in the middle Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches) [Lil' Wayne] I be hittin' they daughters [Baby] I like my dick sucked fast [Lil' Wayne] I like to play with them rookies [Baby] I like to fuck 'em in they ass while he beat up the pussy I'm the number-one stunna - you don't want my shit I'ma stunt 'til I die, bitch, the shit don't quit [Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Juvenile] Baby, pop the Cryst-al, and shine the jew-els Get the Cadillac from Sewell with twenty-inch L's [Lil' Wayne] Boss B., Slow down in the Jag, you lost me [Baby] [tires squeal] Slow down, Wayne - you know that's all on me [Lil' Wayne] But you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be Come on - you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be [Juvenile] Baby, give me the ki's, give me the weed, give me the G's, give me the Mack-10 Let me see happenin' To me, these niggas laggin' [Lil' Wayne] What's up, Boss B. You ever got beef with a busta, you can call me You know I keep a 'blucka-blucka' Hit 'em all week Give me the keys to the bubble I'm on y'all street Juvenile (Juvenile) [Juvenile] Baby, let me get the keys to the Rover Truck Man, let me get this beef shit over, bruh [Lil' Wayne] But wait, My nigga, Baby - he live on chrome My nigga, Baby - he get his shine on [Hook2x (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Baby {talking}] Now, it's plain and simple, nigga I ain't met a nigga yet could fuck with these Cash Money Hot Boys with these cars, nigga See that new Monte Carlo, that's hot and on fire that my dog, Fresh, had first We got 'em on dubs That Lexus - the new one - that come out in 2001 with the frog eyes I got that bitch on dubs And that Yu- the new Yukon, that's bubble-eye I got that bitch on dubs And that Mercedes Wagon, with the kit, that's kitted out look like it got frog eyes That bitch on dubs And I got that Benz that me and my dog bought for our bitches We got this shit here on dubs We all drive Bentley's on dubs I'm tryin' to put platinum eyebrows on these hoes I just bought me a platinum football field, nigga Ya understand Don't fuck with me with these cars, nigga (at all, playboy) We the number-one stunnas, nigga (Nigga, we don't give a fuck) Got that Viper with them rattlin stripes, with that kit Ya understand We ain't playin' TV's in all our shit Believe that, playboy (Fuck your whole hood up)

The Big Fuck You

PRIMER 55 "Introduction To Mayhem"
little bitch boys thinking nothing is going to happen hear you talking shit but i can't stop laughing a little psycho ego trippin' on your chin where you got caught slippin' two faces on the same head, rippin' one off to make the other see red i feel hate, just gotta destroy, one little, two little, three little bitch boys here i come, here i come, out of the blue, little bitch boy with the big fuck you here i come , out of the blue, talk enough shit, gonna see what the fuck i do bitch boys gonna stir up some shit, bitch turn around , turn around get your wig split pull the hammer back as i pop the fuckin' clip in just like double oh seven on a mission insane, godamn i think i'm loco, just another voice in my head that i don't know i still hate, i still gotta destroy, every last one of those muthafuckin' bitch boys here i come, here i come, out of the blue, little bitch boy with the big fuck you here i come , out of the blue, talk enough shit, gonna see what the fuck i do antoher track from the dark side, dark side of my psyche if you think i won't, muthafucker just try me steppin' on up , step, step, to the front line you got yours, muthafucker, i will get mine.

Burning Season

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
Get the vests; get the vests Word up, grab your nines Crazy head get out there God Blast that nigga hard It's all real over here Killa Sin, 9th Prince, what We don't give a fuck Yo, it's burning season Y'all thugs is guiltly of high treason Many of them bleeding Some getting sent to the brain for no reason On the streets niggas kill without a license, in Scarsville It's all for real cause everything is real Don't sleep on the average cat he's packing steel Ayo nigga I'm on the cash rules Wasted in my hand, half a hundred grand Injure that pretender in the black land Heard he be the crack man Selling major jums (?) by the pager son He the one sporting crazy tunes (?) lace 'em with your tongue So here's the plan Get the glock I got the doo-wop Follow him for two blocks And pop him if he do cock Scat back better snap his nap back for that black Pass the stacks to Fat Cat and find out where the crack's at Rolling out make sure you keep your phone out So I can reach your shit quick Get his whip stripped and take my own route For safety Mistakes be for hasty Many jakes who chase me But never have the space to embrace me A fool's game where all the rules change I never move the same But who's to blame My nigga Buddha came with the ruger aim Somebody screamed stop the violence So this nigga had the silencer spitting black talons at any challenger Yo, it was a ghetto Vietnam I tried to flee and harm Me and Har my nigga Buddha caught about three in the arm But one traveled to his abdomen I grabbed him and embraced him Had to see how bad this crab had laced him Yo, rapidly bleeding started pleading for his life Take care my seed and my wife Make sure she's feeding him right True indeed black I got your back I hold it down on the real May you rest in peace son I see you on the ground Many times I fought the urge to resort to crime But I find my criminal mind complying with the villain kind I'm feeling nines 'til they overflow Going blow for blow with the rest Cause them try and test the best It's a slug fest Round one sounds wrong I found one Lurking in the back now clapped him with my pound son The shells drop Old ladies yell for the cops and shorty shot shit Fell in the arms of his pops and didn't mean to Why he had them running away Should have taught him how to duck when he heard the fucking gun spray I say a prayer for the kid, keep stepping With my weapon cocked wetting up the block every section hot The gats flash out by leaps and bounds Now police and hounds making up grounds Cause they chasing me down I'm all alone in this war zone My brain's under stress Thinking I'm blessed if I can make it home Scared to death kid Catch my breath I bear left Hit the weeds and then rest to calm my chest But an undercover had discovered my plot and plan I shot the man so I dropped my glock and ran Get the fuck out the way, move, move Get the fuck out the way, oh shit Yo, I made a rally to a dark alley Where I bumped heads with crackhead Fred and his bitch named Sally She had a down low lab for me to go to Where I could relax and count stacks like I'm supposed to Keep my whereabouts on the hush hush I had to provide some heroin high, sick grooves, and five bags of dust I didn't wet up or let it slide because I was petrified If homicide got me they gonna watch me die Fuck that, I'm going all out No half stepping My last weapon is cocked to keep that ass jetting I lay low for like five days or so Put some troopers on the block round the clock to make me dough Yo out of sight and out of mind be my motto I promise myself I'm gonna make it to see tomorrow Word up, Killarm '96 Killa Sin, word up 9th Prince The saga continues For real though gotta let these niggas know To the rounds in the cut, all real niggas raise up

What You Gonna Do?

P. DIDDY "No Way Out"
It's a Hell Up in Harlem, fuckit, another day another dollar, wake up, to the barking from the Rottweilers Pull the collars, make em sit for the Godfather Then I holler, to Justin my son, run the water for the shower, trust fund scholarship sure to give him power Baby momma call, she pick him up, in about an hour Now free to go, free to blow, with the calicos and the navajos, it's just the way this player knows anything goes, finally caught up with my nigga Sam Sam Picked me up, in the tan Lex Land Wanted breakfast down at Pan Pan's, what's your favorite dish He ordered cheese eggs and grits, I had the swordfish What is this Three niggaz dressed in black Roleys on they wrist, feathers in they hat One tapped me on my back, then pointed at my stack Put my finger on the trigger then I asked him, Whatchu want nigga Chorus: Puff Daddy Whatchu gonna do when it's your turn to go Whatchu gonna do when you can't take no mo' You gonna cry like a bitch or take it nice and slow Whatchu gonna do when it's your turn to go (repeat 2X) Verse Two: Puff Daddy I pray to God that I'm dreamin, I know my family wouldn't take it, when the doctor said, He ain't make it Mom Dukes cryin, baby mom full of grief How she gonna tell her son his daddy is deceased Now she got beef with them bitches up the street All because I used to creep, with her girlfriend Sharese She knows, I keep the hoes, from nation, to nation On every radio station, Goodfellas in rotation, uhh That's why niggaz wanna twist my shit, flip my wig Attempt to murder me like Tommy Gills Before they draw, niggaz threw me to the floor Drill holes in my pocket, Sam launch the rocket They wanna rip my arms out the socket, fuckin heathens Love to see a nigga stop breathin I heard a voice sing out, Ain't you Sean Puffy Combs Here's your eulogy, meet you at the Crossroads G'night Bone Chorus Verse Three: Puff Daddy Nothing but clouds and white suits fill my vision Watching my life go down, like Christian Listen hear them bullets rang, shotguns and Mac millis spraying like a hurricane in this war called the terror game And deuce deuces can't stand the pain Little guns ain't got no business in this blizzard they just kibitz, here's five shots to visit, blaka Blowin bullet holes sizes of door knockers Three headed for my chest straight, the other two came a little late, and just barely missed my face I'm tryin to find a steady place between two cars One of us gon' either wind up dead, or behind bars Shit, I'm just tryin to live, so I can raise my kid and own the world, bone all the girlie girls That's when I finally figured out That's that nigga David Arthur, Sharese baby father And I didn't even bother to ask no further questions No more confessions only suggestions I think Sam set me up, cause them bullets squeezed up from the rear, and Sam was the only nigga there Then they all peeled out in the rental, aluminum Sam in the passenger seat, so I'm assumin them niggaz didn't even get to peep Lil' Kim and them, in the backseat, with the heat Clips they feelin em, to the top, shit ain't sweet Once the light turns red, nuff said, that's dead They fled, and they waved, hot lead If I aimed up, I'd be on my deathbed Sucker move, for that they don't get no props Lil' Kim and them, mad they ain't bust no shots We in the block, no Land posters just old posters of gangsta niggaz I see ghosts of gangsta figures I'm tryin to hold my own when they snatched me out the car Took me in the saloon and said, Puffy, there you are Them same cats we chased two blocks had new spots washin dishes, I guess for goin out like bitches I smacked em, gave a little speech, to mirth Happiness, cause me and all my peeps got hurt That night, I said a little prayer, me and Justin That's when I heard the bustin, yeah Chorus

Niggas Got Me Fucked Up

PROJECT PAT "Ghetty Green"
[Chorus-16x] These niggas got me fucked up [1st verse] These niggas got me fucked up I'm down for my crown mane If I go out I go out on yo' ass mane Lame ass niggas starting shit like some bastards When I catch ya mark ass slippin' I'm a blast ya Half of ya fools get high before a drive-by I don't need a joint to let me know that a hoe can die Through the eye blast of the elevated scope a Pull the trigger back Watch the bullets smack his throata Nigga starting shit is a nigga whose a coward Only starting shit cause he think he got some power Shower yo' ass wit' a full clip of hollow points When I start to blast bitch I bet yo' ass will get the point Point me tone right dead at ya dome fool Damn he from the hood Fuck that ain't nobody cool Foolish ass,jealous ass niggas know they ain't down You done met yo' match boy and The Patsta gonna clown [Chorus-8x] [2nd verse] Now everybody wanna play the hard role Talkin' bout a bitch,their money and a bank roll I know That if a fool steps to Patsta I'll serve ya I'll be downtown for yo' goddamn murder Jerk a nigga by his collar Pistol to his head When I pull the trigger Bet a dollar that tricks dead Dead on arrival wit' his weak boy at the club Trying to fuck wit' Pat In his back head caught a slug .38 Caliber however at close range Is very,very fatal mane to nigga's brain Train everyday I'm a motherfuckin' soldier When you come up missing motherfucker I done told ya Hold ya nuts up Got and get ya pop gun You must be a fool if you think this nigga's gonna run From yo' ass I'm a pull a jack move Niggas should've known dog Project Pat don't give a fuck [Chorus-1x]

Make Me Wanna Holla

ESHAM "Closed Casket"
[Esham talking] The wicketshit continues After I told these niggaz to stay off my dick They still on my dick trying to bite the wicketshit Niggaz still wanna know what Esham mean Esham stands for East Side Hoes And Money That's what I'm all about But for all y'all niggaz bitin the wicketshit And tryin to bite the style I want you to think about one thing [Samples Rakim] Remember me? The one you gotcha idea from Back in this bitch... yo for the 9-4 I gotta let these niggaz know once again That I'm comin like this They said the wicketshit was dead (dead) Some ol' wicketshit ain't never dead I gotta let y'all hoes know I'm comin back on yo ass I stopped believing in god about a year ago In god I can't trust but uh you don't hear me though Cause my life in the sunshine ain't sunny A suicidalist My memory's on the bliss But can you really dig what I dug if I drug The life of a thug caught a .45 slug I wish I was dead But I'm fucked up in the head Cause I'm kinda hesitant to kill myself But I hate life Life ain't nothin but money And it ain't funny when your honey gets runny I wish I was down but my mind spins round and around And how many times can dead bodies be found But you don't understand the tales of a madman Unholy comin at your ass once again Amen, and I don't give a fuck though Sometimes I feel like giving up yo It makes me wanna holla chorus 2x [samples prince] (samples Snoop Dogg) [I feel like givin up] (Make make me wanna make make me wanna holla) [When ever my sunshine turns to rain] (Make me wanna holla cause my dollas come in ozones) [Esham] It makes me wanna holla Life comes in dollas Doin dirt like ring around the collar I'll a Can't get paid if I ain't got a trade I dropped outta school, now who got played A fool, I'm just tryna get mine I'm sick a seein my moms in the welfare line A nigga, I grew up in the ghetto I live in the ghetto I'm never gonna get out the ghetto The place where black folks die And slangin them cracks is a way to get by There's nothin else a nigga can do And fuck the police because they only protect you You wouldn't understand unless you was a black man God damn It makes me wanna holla chorus [Esham] I'm still feelin funny ways On them sunny days when my honey plays The money stays Days go by and things seem to get no better Now the bitch wanna leave, I let her I don't sweat her Cause it ain't in my nature Bringing out the worst in me, I think I hate ya I can't deal with it hoe I gotta stay real with it though Swo yo My minds spinnin cause I'm drinkin that gin and juice Tryna forget about you, bitch You can call me crazy When every other nigga in the hood is a crack baby Maybe one day I'll be dead Bleedin in the sunshine hole in my head That's all a nigga need Fuck a bitch stankin ass pussy always wanna bleed I don't need that hoe Not in my life Not now Yo no It makes me wanna holla chorus [Esham] It makes me wanna holla Cause life ain't nothin but a joke Down in the ghetto Smellin the gunsmoke When every other bitch is on this dick I'm trying not to be a statistic It's hard, I can't get a job Mo niggaz robbin I'm steady mobbin They tell a nigga to look on the bright side It ain't the black side, must be the white side I gotta watch my back in case cops wanna act up Get ya punk ass smacked up Cause I know you wanna kill me Cause I know yo ass feel me It makes me wanna holla chorus

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