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Big D And The Kids Table lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
(All right) Hey where you going (hey where you going) Hey where you been (hey where you been) Lost in the world at the age where life begins You're all alone (you're all alone) In unfamiliar ground (unfamiliar ground) Scared and running that's how you get around Chorus: Hey where you going (hey where you going) That was 20 years ago now All alone alone for the first time All alone on your own for the first time Chorus Hey how'd you know (how did you know) It was all just for show How did you see through all lies (How did you see through all the lies) Since you've been gone (since you've been gone) Life's been going on (been going on) But I refuse to sit and cry go Chorus Chorus Don't push me around don't hold me down Don't tell me I'm wrong I'll do what I like Don't push me around don't hold me down I've gotta fight for my life go Don't push me around don't hold me down Don't tell me I'm wrong I'll do what I like Don't push me around don't hold me down I've have to fight for what's right Chorus Chorus

Never Make You Cry

ERIC CLAPTON "Behind The Sun"
by Eric Clapton Phil Collins It's so easy loving you With everything I feel inside, And holding me the way you do, It's here I'm staying all of my life. I'll never ever make you cry. I'll never ever say goodbye. Can't you see it in my eyes? I'm yours until the day I die. I'll watch you fall asleep at night, I'll smile and kiss you, hold you tight, I'll hold your hand and close my eyes, It's here I'm staying all of my life. Chorus Chorus

This Secret Life

JOHN HIATT "All Of A Sudden"
I dreamed I was being kept alive To bear the brunt of a family joke About which no one spoke To multiply and divide This hideous thing, this human kind With something else on his mind I was going to bed You were saying, I do Then I lost my head CHORUS: When I awoke I was living this secret life Complete with a secret dog And a secret wife In another zone Address unknown This secret life This secret life And I am chilled to be here Among these ghosts so heaven-bent With hell to pay for rent When I am holding you near I'm not so sure this world is real I'm not sure how I feel And I was going to say Not a whisper, dear Then I drifted away CHORUS Come out, come out Wherever you are You look so near You seem so far This scale's messed up The angle's wrong Your day will come Meanwhile, the night is long CHORUS

More Than Anything

HANSON "Live From Albertane-Hanson Tour"
CHORUS: I love you more than anything Than anything I do And I'd give anything and everything I have Just to be with you These feelings I hold inside Are emotions I cannot hide These feelings will not subside I'd give anything, anything When I look into your eyes I see something special about you And when I hold your hand You seem to understand that CHORUS When I think of life without you It brings me, yeah, it brings me right down to my knees, yeah Cuz I can't imagine life without you You are my strength The thing that keeps me holdin on Oh, I'd do things that can't be done I'd fly to the moon and then around the sun If you'll just say that I'm the one I'd do anything CHORUS More than anything

Stop Rushing Me

Ammo Poetic
Chorus *Fumi* 2x Stop rushin' me, (What you want right now?) Rushin' me let me finish talkin' (What you want right now?, What you want right now?) *Point* Calibrated souls somebody tell me where my foes My nemesis list expandin' ten folds 3-6-5 under pressure pschycopatic torture 'Bouts to make my head fracture Damn, professional certified madman What? I guess you can never understand Son, why my life's like that? Sociopath paranoia that's my life threat Fatal error lust infested terror Everybody take cover, defensive measure Better watch your back before this cerebral crack Hey, lay that smack down what the heck *C.Loco* I don't want no hassle, no fuss, now I gotta blast through Let me go professional, free my chains too I gotta lotta things on my mind I gotta lotta to settle but I got no time Chorus 2x *Moots!* Nobody knows nobody understands me How can I lose my grasp of reality Why in the world won't these brothers leave me be I do try but they still keep rushin me I need stacks and facts I'm on the counterattack Say what jack cos it's time for the payback I ain't the one lookin' out for a vendetta I'm just livin' my life la cosa nostra *C.Loco* What do I choose when I have to do so many Situation tensed up but you seem to think it's funny Come on just give me space and privacy I don't rush you so just stop rushin me Chorus 2x Break *Fumi* You make me so indifferent (Take it all down so you know that I'm around push your face in now straight to the ground) You make things come between us (Push your face in, push your face in, push your face) *Landslyde* This is the smack down Landslyde's comin' raw with this track now Don't rush me I'm involved rich choice hard boil tear u up hard coil So don't you play with me that gesture I work better under pressure So I floss if I have to I 'll be the boss if I got to That's right splash while I drive flash while I strive Closer as I reach for the sky exposure Rushin' into my eyes as I told ya who be victimised Show me the money I'll be satisfied. Chorus 4x

Carousel Man

CHER "Half-Breed"
I had a taste of bitter life At sweet sixteen I was growing up too fast If you know what I mean Met an older man Who taught me his own way to live And all I had to do to keep him Was to give and give CHORUS: The carousel man Kept me going around and round Carousel man always know That I'd stay around The carousel man Wouldn't let me off his merry-go-round I followed him around in traveling shows Along the main county lines Watching him drinking his mind away Not ever knowing my name at time Each night when the show closed down He used to tell me of his dreams He was wearing new French suits While I mended my torn jeans Chorus Then one night in Santa Fe The horses stop going around There he was my poor rich man Lying on the Mexico ground All the sad music of his life Is still spinning in my mind The carousel starts up again And I found my place in life Chorus x 2

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