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Bérurier Noir lyrics

Commando Pernod

Original and similar lyrics
Wrapped around each other Lying in each other's arms That first cold winter together Trying so hard to stay warm Watching those old movies Falling in love so desperately Honey I was your hero And you were my leading lady. (chorus) We had it all Just like Bogie and Bacall Starring in our old late, late show Sailing away to Key Largo Honey can't you remember We played all the parts That sweet scene of surrender When you gave me your heart Please say you it again Cause I love you still Baby this can't be the end. Chorus Here's lookin at you kid Missing all the things we did We can find it once again, I know Just like they did in Key Largo Chorus

Top Of The World

LEA SALONGA "Little Ms.Lea Salonga: Tomorrow"
(R Carpenter/J. Bettis) Such a feeling's coming over me There is wonder in most everything I see Not a cloud in the sky Got the sun in my eyes And I won't be surprised if it's a dream Ev'rything I want the world to be Is now coming true especially for me And the reason is clear It's because you are here You're the nearest thing To heaven that I've seen Chorus: I'm on the top of the world lookin' Down on creation and the only explanation I can find Is the love that I've found Ever since you've been around Your love's put me at the top of the world Something in the wind has learned my name And it's tellin' me that things are not the same In the leaves on the trees And the touch of the breeze There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me There is only one wish on my mind When this day is through I hope that I will find That tomorrow will be Just the same for you and me All I need will be mine if you are here (Repeat Chorus 2x)

Love's Taken Over

Honey, I know that you didn't know That Loving me could be like this But you're not alone My mind was blown I could not resist And now I find myself Taken over by the feeling And I know within my heart It's too late to say goodbye now There's a place in me That belongs to you, baby So relax and be mine Chorus Now that loves taken over me What will I do now Now that loves taken over you Baby, I'll show you How it feels to live in ecstasy Ecstasy, ecstasy Now that loves taken over Too Bad for you You can't free yourself from me Don't bother to You'll have to stay here forever And now you find yourself Taken over by the feelin' And you know within your heart It's too late to say goodbye, now There's a place in you that belongs to me, baby So relax and be mine Honey, I can't feel sorry for ya You've got me lovin' you so much I just can't let go You should've known one day That love was gonna catch up to ya And now you know Chorus Flyin' high in the friendly skies Feels so good sometimes it makes me cry This love's got to be here for always I can't give you up, I won't give you up No way Chorus


CHER "Prisoner"
I know you're a gamester I'm the queen of spades A ruler of hearts Clash at the moon I take my trips right from the start I'm a sucker for love Joker running wild My heart it can break Ooh it can break Frail as a child CHORUS: Whatever it is, it is Whatever will be, it's gonna be Whoever you are, you are But those games that you play Don't cha play'em with me You're a visionary dreamer Fool in a state, takes of chance Love is a hazard, ooh such a hazard When you flirt with romance It's like shootin' the dice Flip a coin in the air You running on luck Odds are against you You're not playing fair Chorus Stacking a deck, dealing the cards Watch what you take Standing on love

One Chance At A Time

KENNY LOGGINS "Unimaginable Life"
How do I know if I'm in love? Who could I ever learn to trust? I asked myself these questions for so long What do I only wish to see? What do I truly know to be? I told myself to hold on tight You never know enough But now I see what I believe 'Cause I'm believin' love Chorus: Whether my mind's sayin' it's crazy Whether my world's sayin' I'm wrong Wherever my heart goes, that's where I belong I finally found out what faith is I follow the way that it feels And heaven has never been more real When you looked into me And you laid your hands on me At once the deaf could hear The blind could see Now that I Know Love I was a child alone, asleep You came along and cradled me You took me in your arms And rocked me so sweetly I'd prayed for love To come to pass How do we know if love will last? And if it can't then someone tell me What we're livin' for I don't know what tomorrow holds But I know what I know Chorus Glory be, I believe Oh I finally see that love isn't blind 'Cause I've never seen more clearly in my life Now that I Know Love

Best Intentions

Russell Hitchcock
(George Merrill/Shannon Rubicam) I am not what I seem to be I mean no harm I'm not a fake There's a world alive inside of me Got a heart that beats And eyes that see So don't tune out this frequency CHORUS Best intentions don't guarantee Only love will set you free Makes no difference long as you live and breathe Like you, like me If I believe only what I see I kiss the dark I am the thief Stealing light from all of us in need Causing grief Ignorant conceit So show me love, give me some relief CHORUS I came from nowhere like this city street Everybody's walkin' to a lonely beat I don't know what they're saying But I know what they mean And all their good intentions Will only chain and fetter me Take me home To where I want to you, like me, like you, free CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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