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Berg Matraca lyrics

Waiting For The Sky To Fall

Original and similar lyrics
There's a firefly in love with a distant star Looking longingly up through the atmosphere Tiny beacon flies, finds his wings too soon I watch him make his way, blinded by the moon Chorus: I want to believe that the wind would know where to take me I want to believe that a dream could get me by But I'm just waiting here for you Waiting for the sky to fall You're far away, on the edge of the universe A galaxy swirling across the room Tell me, is it cold out there? Is there air for me? Would you even care if I could not breathe? Repeat Chorus The laws of gravity cannot tie down my soul How long can I hold on before I let you go Repeat Chorus

Someone Special

RICHARD MARX "Days In Avalon"
I've lived life in a single room Hiding my scars from the moon I dream my dreams in the light Rehearse the lines I already know Basking in the TV's glow And pray that tonight is the night Ooh, there's gotta be more than this A future hanging on a stranger's kiss Could it be I'm not so alone Chorus I'm someone special I'm just in disguise I may not be perfect In everyone's eyes It may not be tomorrow But I still believe There's someone special Waiting out there for me I guess the joke hasn't hit me yet Cause I'm still waiting on my Juliet She must be held up somewhere Ooh, she will be the air I breathe She'll come for good and never want to leave And I'll love her only, I swear People say there must be something wrong For me to be all alone so long And their words hit me like a stone Chorus Lying in bed in a cold, cold sweat Dreaming 'bout women I'll never get I won't always be sleeping alone Chorus

Live And Breathe

JOURNEY "Arrival"
I've been waiting for the sky to clear, to get me out of here Get me on my way and go I've been waiting for a sign to appear To show me the way to a place I've never known All I have are my dreams.... Your love and blind faith There... in the sky spins a wheel, it's giving' me the feelin' that my dream Came true today CHORUS: There's a place... where we two can be together Once the clouds are gone we'll both move on in search of all we've dreamed There'll come a day... Blue skies endless and forever Well, that time has come I've found the sun in you, I live and breathe From the moment that I close my eyes, feel the sun it rise, hear it echo through my soul For the first time in this young man's life, makes me feel alive Fills my heart and makes me stronger All I have are my dreams... Your love and blind faith There in the sky spins a wheel, it's givin' me the feeling' that my dream came true today REPEAT CHORUS Someplace closer to both our hearts Somewhere further than where we are Just as long as there's hope enough Long as I live and breathe REPEAT CHORUS Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Waiting On Your Love

RICHARD MARX "Days In Avalon"
How long is it s'posed to take Which song got the answer straight I thought I sang 'em all What face am I gonna make Which leg to I have to break To know I took the fall It's like I'm standing on the edge of madness Save me from crossing that line Sure that I'll never come back Chorus With the dawn, life goes on How long can I keep waiting on your love Hold my breath, give me strength How long can I keep holding on How long can I keep waiting on your love True love is a funny thing Too much for a diamond ring To guarantee applause Too late when you have to guess Which joke's taken as tenderness Penny for your thoughts Just like I'm hanging off the edge of madness Stop me from falling so far How can you let me let go Chorus I keep every moment frozen in time And if they're all I get, I'll be cold the rest of my life Chorus


There is a tremendous lover who would like to share His wondrous love story with all those who would care To listen to His still small voice He doesn't like to yell and if you stop and take a chance I know you'll hear him tell CHORUS I...your soul's friend I...your soul's love I...your soul's hope I wanna be your soulmate, your soulmate The search it will continue leading you down many roads it seems very attractive but in truth you're very alone It's a trick of deception of clever placed distraction leaving your spirit earth bound, never to soar REPEAT CHORUS There is a tremendous lover who would love to share His wondrous love story with all those who would care REPEAT CHORUS

She's Waiting

ERIC CLAPTON "Behind The Sun"
by Eric Clapton and Peter Robinson She's waiting for another love. She's waiting for another love. She's been waiting for another love, Someone that she can show into her heart. And when she finally finds a stronger love, Your whole world's gonna fall apart. Chorus You've been abusing her for far too long; Think you're a king and she's your pawn. Get ready now, 'cause pretty soon She'll be gone and you'll be on your own. Chorus I see the hunger burning in her eye; Any fool could see there's something wrong. You keep pretending not to care, But I will hear you sing a different song. Chorus Waiting for another lover, Hoping for the time that she'll find another...

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