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Berg Matraca lyrics

River Of No Return

Original and similar lyrics
All aboard The ship is waiting All aboard, you know I've finally learned That I don't need no farewell party I'm just gonna let my bridges burn Cause I'm going down the river of no return Well, I let it go Yeah, I cried myself an ocean Now I'm gonna pack up my dreams and sail away And my destination is none of your concern Cause I'm going down the river of no return I'm going down the river of no return A misty grey morning covered for me As I left you there sleeping All tangled up in your dreams And this morning I woke up And I knew I was free You may shed a teardrop But, oh baby, it won't be for me So all aboard The ship is waiting My ship has finally come in And I don't need no farewell party Just gonna watch those bridges burn Down, down the river All the way down the river of no return

Down To The River

Ghost Space
Zorak: I'm going down to the river Honey that's where I'll be Gonna hold my nose and jump right in Cause you don't care about me Take me to the river, where the water's dark and deep I'll be down where the fishes sleep Cause you don't care about me You don't care about me, you don't care about me Going to the river to take a dip Cause baby, you just don't give a flip I changed my mind about the river I ain't a gonna jump right in Gonna go out tonight where the lights are bright And find a new bugfriend And...we'll go down to the river And you know I'll jump for joy When she looks at me with those great big eyes and says Zorak, you're my boy.

River Of No Return

Well, you know you're gonna have to steal it, If you want your cake and eat it, too There is no one less believin', Than the guy who's been deceiving you You got to pay the piper, In the end you will be so much wiser Got to use your best endeavor, When you're kissing to be clever 'Cause it's a hard, hard lesson, That you're gonna learn, On the river of no return You been burnin' all your bridges, Like a child with forty wishes, On the river of no return Well, you got your finger, On the trigger, It would help if you was-a bigger Now, it's not easy, I know, it's not easy 'Cause it's a hard, hard lesson, That you're gonna learn, On the river of no return Yes, you have done your share of cheatin', Now you're gonna have to take a beatin' You been acting like a sucker Now, you're gonna have to suffer, yeah 'Cause it's a hard, hard lesson, That you're gonna learn, On the river of no return Say, say, say It's a hard, hard, lesson, That you're gonna learn, On the river of no return It's a one way to go, It's on and on you go On the river of no return. Say it again! It's a hard, hard lesson, That you're gonna learn, On the river of no return Got swept out in the tide, With no one on your side, On the river of no return

I Will Always Return (Finale)

BRYAN ADAMS "Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron"
I hear the wind call your name The sound that leads me home It sparks up the fire - a flame that still burns To you I'll always return I know the road is long but where you are is home Wherever you stay - I'll find a way I'll run like a river - I'll follow the sun I'll fly like an eagle - to where I belong I can't stand the distance - I can't dream alone I can't wait to see you - Yes I'm on my way home Now I know it's true My every road leads to you And in the hour of darkness darlin' Your light gets me through You run like a river - you shine like the sun You fly like an eagle You are the one I've seen every sunset And with all that I've learned Oh it's to you - I will always return

Good Morning Midnight

JANELLE MONÁE "The Electric Lady"
Good morning, midnight. This is DJ Crash Crash, your favorite robotic, hypnotic, psychotic DJ, here bringing you the jam. Caller you are on the air? What’s up, y'all? I just want to say power up to the Droid Rebel Alliance and the Get Free crew. Yes, yes, sister, power up, power up. Also I wanna say The Droid Control can kiss the rust of the left and right cheek of my black metal ass. We gonna take to the club tonight and break some rules in honor of Cyn-di! To the club, I love that, I love that! Which rule you gonna break? We're going to break all of them. We're going to start at the top, and we gonna work our way down. Woo! Can I come with you tho? I wanna work my way down with you.Caller you’re on the air. They call me Ninja Bat Leeroy, otherwise known as BaBaBaSayWha! I just want to say that I’m tired of all these folks messing with us droids, kicking us all up in the head and wonder why we don't sit straight. Messing with Cyndi, got this shit crazy. That’s why we're going down to Dark Park tonight! We're gonna hit somebody in the head! And we [?] Woah, woah, woah! That’s that ignorant rusty-dusty nano-thinking nonsense I been warning y'all about. Please stay away from fools like that. Love not war, we're tired of fires, quiet no riots, we are jamming, dancing and loving. Don't throw no rock, don't, break no glass just shake your ass. Ooh just shock it shake it baby with the Electric Lady. Here at 105.5 WDRD.

Goin' Home

ELVIS PRESLEY "Collectors Gold"
(Words music by Byers) This proud wild land where the wind blows free Has always been a part of me It's in my blood, I just can't get it out For a hundred miles a man can see And be about as wild as he wants to be If he feels like shouting all he's gotta do is shout Where the purple mountains reach up high And look like they're gonna touch the sky Where the canyon walls have stood for a million years Where the days are hot, the nights are cold The desert sand looks just like gold These trails were carved in sweat and blood and tears Where the painted desert as you pass by Looks like a rainbow in the sky The cactus blooms in the early morning sun Where the nightwings sing and eagles fly The clouds paint pictures in the sky The coyotes howl tells you when the day is done I'm coming home, this time I'm gonna stay I'm coming home and I ain't never goin' away My feet are itching to get back home I've had the desert fever since I've been gone I need some loving so bad that I can't see When a woman looks a man in the eye You know it takes a man to satisfy Thinking about them girls is killing me I'm going home, going home Going home, I'm going home Going home, going home Going home

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