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BEACH BOYS lyrics - Smiley Smile

Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)

Original and similar lyrics
Silken hair, more silken hair Fell on her face and no wind was blowin' (She's goin' bald) Silken hair, more silken hair Lay near her pillbox down at her feet (She'd been on a trip) I peeked in and when I saw she'd Lost her hair I thought I would keel (she's goin' bald) When she saw her shining forehead Didn't stop she swooned to the ground (Really flipped her wig) Laughed so hard I Blew my mind I blew my cool I blew myself over Oh oh oh oh oh oh Sha na na, sha na na na na na na na na What a blow Sha na na, sha na na na na na na na na What a blow Sha na na, sha na na na na na na na na What a blow Sha na na, sha na na na na na na na na What a blow Sha na na, sha na na She drew her comb acrost her scalp And brushed what she had left I tried to salvage what I could And threw it in a sack She made a b-line to her room And grabbed all kind o' juice She started pourin' it on her head And thought it'd grow it back Ah ha haaaaaa You're too late mama Ain't nothin' upside your head No more no more no more no more Upside your head Too late mama Ain't nothin' upside your head No more no more no more no more Upside Upside your head You're too late mama Ain't nothin' upside your head No more no more no more no more (What about it, dude?)

It All Comes Back Someday

JOHN HIATT "Mystic Pinball"
You shot bolt upright in the middle of the dark As she drove her motorcycle through the trailer park A hundred miles an hour, no helmet on her head 'Til that concrete drain was runnin' cherry red Used to sit and drink coffee at the Waffle House Had to spin up her wheels just to get it out [Chorus:] Now it all comes back to haunt you Yeah, it comes back anytime it wants to It all comes back through the holes and the cracks Where you thought you let it slip away Yeah, it all comes back some day Feelin' bad about yourself, you were seven years old So you got her in the bushes where you had some control Tied up her hands so she couldn't fight fair Threw a jar of silver model car paint in her hair After all these years does the shoe still fit? Have you only just now started wearin' it? [Chorus] The way she combed her hair Straight across a minute where you could have died You thought love was something that you had to hide To survive All those lives you thought you lived away There ain't a one showin' any kinda sign of decay They're all stacked on your head like infinity's crown The truth is you ain't never lived anything down You're bound up forever to the blood on the trail To the tires on the gravel to the rust on the rail [Chorus]


VERSE 1 Slippin in through the back door Booty MC's get ambushed Rammed and squooshed Slammed and pushed Crammed and mushed Then I'm movin on down from the right to left So wipe the meth and prepare to fight to death You get jacked and tackled and cracked in two Smack them through 'till ya black and blue Or actin true I'm dreaded like a man who's hair is all strands Who's badder when sniffin on aerosol cans I'm stompin 'em, kickin 'em, chokin 'em, stampin 'em, clockin 'em, stickin 'em, pokin 'em, clampin 'em Who'd elect ya kids, indict their votes Hit 'em with vicoden doses of lighting bolts I'm zappin, ??? Faster than you can snap your fingers for answers Cancer is in the flesh Alight a breather Survived it by the knife and the thievin' VERSE 2 I had a dream I was gettin jacked by biters It felt like I was being attacked by spiders Developin' a fear from biterphobia I'm holdin the gas can and lighter over ya If I detect ya I'ma pulverise disect ya brain Diggin in ya skull for lies that I'm a torture With material iller than a stark raid or mass serial killer I'm more dangerous Than a loaded chamber is A major is to a plagiarist So beware of the aura A terror, the horror Will scare ya tomorrow Ze-ero?? assault for rappers Hear the start of developin' skills A head full of Porter We run or gallop on hills??? The choice is yours Decipher these noisy force minutes Scream ‘til my voice is hoarse Cuz I'm sick of these debators That grab like repertoires and saboteurs And bite like Labradors Hear the range of my double barrel And your life is in danger troubled and perilled VERSE 3 I can't understand flyers Second?? with camp fires Cuz vampires bite on my balls and clamp pliers It's swinging my big thing-a-ma-jig So I'm ringing my neck Proof will backup when I sing at my gig Cuz biters are fallin head over heels in love With every rhyme that I set over ears That's how I became paranoid Chewing my fingernails Pulling my hair annoyed ...

Death Blow

Kool Moe Dee "Funke, Funke Wisdom"
To the Break of dawn To the, to the, to the Times up punk yea yea Time to settle the score To the break of dawn, another dumb move Ha, ha, ha this time it's over boy This is me and you, head to head, let's go Here we go, beat down round 2 Heads up punk 'cause it all comes down to Me and you, face to face, head to head Mic to mic, I like the weak shit you said To the break of dawn, beats nitro Lyrics weak, say goodnight 'cho Star Trek shades, man cut the joke Let's get serious and go for broke You still got a lock on my jock like a pitbull Victor before you pull it off you thought Mr. Pitiful Here's some mouthwash, g Your mouth smells like my jockstrap, C- A-U-S-E, you're ridin' me, T-O-D-D, junior Moe Dee Stop biting, chewing, swallowing Who in the hell told you that you could do what you were doing Raise up son, I need jock relief Here's a toothpick, now get my jock out your teeth You swallow it, yea, finish, burp Now let a real man go to work 'Cause I'm a whip you like your daddy, beat ya like a baby Sick ya like a dog, dropping lyrics wit rabies Cut ya like a knife 'cause you're nuthin but hype You slice and dice and ice twice for life I'm a treat ya like a hooker punk, change your clothes Put you on the streets wit ya jingling hoes Keep talking about me and I'll keep pimping Just bring me that money and take this last whipping How can one man be so dumb You're trying to come off and don't know how to come You're young and dumb and quick at the tongue You high strung bum come and get done I'll do you wit a death blow (Chorus) Kill 'em kill 'em I'll hit ya wit a death blow My lyrical beatdown will leave ya in a coma 'Cause you can't hang without a high school diploma Your brain is fatigued, you're out of your league You're running out of gas and you're tank is on E Somebody buy him a heart 'cause he's petro Take you're whipping like a man brother let go No apologies, tears, or violins Get your black suits 'cause I ain't smiling I'm shooting the gift of gab, brother you're ripped in half Soon as the mic is past, you won't live to laugh If there's laughter, I'll get the last one You loafed on the lyrics and you caught a bad one So who's got no style, look at your profile You can't dance, can't dress and you're so foul Still wearing played out 4 finger rings Played out fat gold chains and things You changed your look now change your gameplan Trying to dress but you still wear name brand Brother, you look crazy weak And it gets worse when we hear you speak So you ain't got a chance in hell You'll be known as the late LL The man who lost one, one too often Came wit a soft one and went to his coffin A close casket they won't show ya When I finish, you're mama won't know ya 'Cause I'm a rip you limb from limb You tombstone read he had no win So RIP, Rest in peace, rip 'em D.I.D., dead indeed, did 'em A H-I-T, hitman, so whatcha hit 'em wit A rhyme silencer, I hit 'em wit a death blow Chorus If mama said knock me out, come do it You can't win and that (record scratch) knew it I'm a send you home in a body bag Wit the mic in your throat and a jock for a gag You're out of here, over, finished, all in And Marly marl can't save you from fallin 'Cause as soon as you came back what did you do To the break of dawn, another dumb move You can't go hard, you're just so-so Todd I'm that type of guy, oh my God It's gets no rougher comes no weaker marly hooked the beats so now you need a Writer to bring you back from hell Because I'm a rock up L Low life loser, life like luna Lafidasical, lispless luna Tic liver lifeless, living likeness Lusting longing lyrics like this Little league, lard larsonist liar Label ledger, left the leper liar Bull, lull, lateral learning Laps language latent lurking Language, language, local logo Light laboring, limited local Now LL's a laughing stock 'Cause I bit that ass to the last stop I watched you fall like Hitler fell And now you're down to a broken L You're records ain't hot and you're shows don't sell Yo, tell 'em how you fell L, hard as hell You came back and you thought you had me But think about it, whos' your daddy Kill 'em... Big daddy, I don't want none... I did 'em wit a death blow To the break of dawn To the, to the, to the, get him out of here

Snoop's Upside Your Head

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Doggfather"
[Intro:] I think it's bout' time that we hit these n***as upside the head with some of that west coast gangsta' sh......... Ooh.....Wee!!!!!!!!!! [1st Verse:] It's a whole 'nother day I'm back up in ya' Snoop D-O-Double G I representa' Been away for a while but you all know I'm still doggystylin' on Death Row Got shit locked down Sewed up So If you plan on comin' out nigga hold up. This a stick up dick up They got yo' shit on the shelf, oh mine is too and guess who they gon' pick up Some niggas think they know they shit But they don't Some M-A's escape Some won't Bumpin' heads with niggas Where you from East Side Long Beach, nigga, 2-1 The homie just got paroled And he got more stories than the highway patrol Tellin' me about the money Suge Knight stole But I'll make that shit late Cause nigga I get swole Niggas tryin' to get in, to get out. Put me up on game tellin' me who gon' jack me But ever since I was a puppy till I was paroled I never had no other dog pullin' on my chrome. [Chorus:] Say Snoop's upside yo' head, say Snoop's upside yo' head. [4x] [2nd Verse:] Niggas in the game be doin' way too much Akin' tough with this east-west coast stuff. See Me I'm all about my money mane I stay fly and dry I don't get caught up in the rain Cuz game recognize game No matter where you from We all can get dumb, insane and turn the party out without a doubt Unless you them niggas who ain't got no clout LBC and B what Uh, my crew Cuz uh, we out there smokin' on the krazy glue Upside yo' head like oops Snoop's The shit, that you hear them bumpin' in the hoops. Can't afford it homeboy This is finished I represented From V-A to Venice So when it's timid And cold outside Rely on the Doggy Dogg To put the heat in yo' life [Chorus] [3rd Verse:] It takes a whole lot to be number one I can't walk down the street without my gun I can't trust these niggas fool It ain't no fun I'm sittin' up in court Cuz somebody got dumped What really counts is how the crowd bounce Go home and say Snoop rocked the parte' Nobody got kilt It's what got annouced I guess they got a chance to see Dr. Bombay But I keep my heat in case niggas get cold Warm you up with the sheet Zip you up and roll Now Doggystyle records is now official Gettin' money at the Pliz-ate with my initials Shippin' weapons overseas I'm makin' G's What who you make call enemies But I See nothing funny about makin' money Cuz uh We all know it don't grow on trees So I Gotta' get what I gotta' get when I can Up homie in the mo'ning wit' the gat van Burning rubber down to get a new car So don't get jealous when you see me in the double R. [Chorus (3x)]

Top Of My Head

David Wilcox "East Asheville Hardware"
The top of my head shines through my haircut Even when I brush, shape and style Top of my head smiles at the young man Telling me I must have been alive awhile The top of my head shows up in pictures Don't it make me look so strange I guess I only see my used-to-be And everybody's seen me change On the top of my head I got a suntan My top's down for the sunny day It's so strange to be a grown man Wonder how I got that way I can't believe all that time I wasted Worried 'bout the hair I lack Sometimes I catch myself lean in the mirror Wonderin' if it's growing back On the top of my head The top of my head Never mind telling me all about distinguished company Yeah well, well sure it looks great on them But that's a few great men who made a difference in history See it only looks right on a great man With a lifetime of great things done But time has got tight It's gotten late, man I'd like to think that I've just begun But there's no sense riding in a big black stetson It's nothing I can hide away And they say every hair on the head is a counter But so is every single day, anyway On the top of my head Top of my head The top of my head

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